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My Loving Grandma Pt. 02

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After secretly getting caught by my grandma, jerking off into a pair of her sexy, lacy boy short panties the week before. Then getting so drunk at the neighbor’s birthday party the next day. (At least I didn’t make an ass of myself) That I passed out when I got back to my room at her house.

My grandma snuck in and locked my cock and balls in a cockcage without me waking up. It was her way of not only punishing me for jerking off into her panties. But to also secretly make me her lover.

After a week of being locked in that cage and not able to jerk off and cum. She finally released me but with a catch. Now my grandma and I, with the help of a pill she gave me before we started. Just had the hottest four hours of nonstop fucking in our lives.

As I turn over on my back, on her bed. My sexy 65-year-old lover has promised me the greatest blow job in my life.

“Now, honey. You have to realize, that just ramming this monster of yours in my mouth and down my throat is not a blow job.” grandma tells me as she’s moving down my body toward my growing erection.

“That’s something most women can’t do or even handle, honey. But I can.”

“Ok.” I reply.

Then she straddles my legs and sits up on them. Her 48D cup rack sags down under their weight. But I don’t care. I just want to feel her up, grab them, fondle them, drop my cock in between them and enjoy titty fucking them.

“Now honey. since this to be your very first real blow job ever. I’m going to make it a memorable one for us. What I’m about to do to you will be worthwhile.”

“Okay grandma. I believe you.”

“That good honey. I want you to close your eyes and don’t open them until I tell you. I also want you to do everything I tell you to.”

“Okay, grandma.”

“Honey you are just too sexy and cute. Now don’t move and don’t say anything honey.”

I do as she tells me. I feel her sit up and slide off the bed.

“No peeking.” She whispers in my ear.

I hear her open the night stand drawer on my right. By the sounds she’s taking things out and setting them on the bed next to me. She grabs something and moves to the foot of the bed and does something. She goes to the other side and again does something.

My grandmas bed has two posts at the foot and a headboard made of wooden bars that look like a bridge. Each part is made of thick and heavy maple.

“Honey. Put your arms above your head. Then grab one of the bars on the headboard. and don’t let go.”

I do as she says. Then I feel her get on the bed down at my feet. I feel her hand on my calf and she gently lift it up. I have no clue what she’s about to do.

I feel her wrap my right ankle in something soft and fuzzy. She does the same to my left while she lets out a soft chuckle. I still have no clue what she’s doing or putting on me.

Then she starts to crawl on my right side. As she’s near my chest I can tell she grabs something off the bed and it makes a clinking sound. I feel her then lay down on top of me. Her large breasts and body are pressing down on my body. I feel her spread her legs open causing my 10.5 by 3.5 erection to popup and land on her pussy. Her face is above mine. As I feel her breath and smell her perfume.

“Fuck…It’s so tempting to sit down on top of that monster of yours right now. But we can do that later. I promised you a blow job to end all blow jobs. That’s what I’m going to give you.” Grandma tells me.

She slides her body up and now my face is buried in between that massive rack of hers. I feel her reach up and hear her slide something between the headboard bars. I feel her grab my wrist and place them in the same soft fuzzy material as my ankles. But I don’t move. Still ignorant to what she’s about to do to me.

Now she slides down my body again. I feel her mouth on mine. Then she sticks her tongue in my mouth and I stick mine in hers. We’re locked now in a deep French kiss.

It was only a few hours ago my grandma taught me how to French kiss for the first time.

As I move my hands to reach down and grab her ass, I realize what she did. So, she sits up and my cock presses against her pussy. Its throbbing, pushing against her opening wanting to slip inside again.

“Surprise honey! I’ve handcuffed you to the bed. But I’m not done just yet.

I feel her weight shift back and now her pussy is right on top of my cock. I thrust my hips up to shove my growing cock in her tight pussy.

“No sir.” Is all she says as she slides off my cock and off the bed. I feel my cock stand straight up, now. Its throbbing and I can feel it continue to slowly grow as I get harder.

“My…what a beautiful cock. To think it’s all mine to enjoy.” my grandma said with a joy in her voice.

“Now just relax your body, honey. Let it all go limp. Except that cock of yours. Just say ready.” Grandma tells me with an obvious smile in her voice.

I let my body go limp.

“Read…” I barely finish the word when I suddenly feel my legs being spread apart.

“Grandma! What are you…”

“Hush now etiler bdsm escort honey. Trust your Grandma. This is all worthwhile. Since this is going to be your very first real blow job.” She answers. “Especially with that monster of yours. You need to be tied up.”

“Come on Grandma. Do you really need to tie me up?” I ask her.

“Yes. I do honey.” She replies.

“Fuck…What a sexy fucking sight you are! That cock of yours just sticking straight up throbbing. It’s turning me on so much!! My pussy is just leaking like a faucet.”

I hear my grandma move around the room. I hear her open a drawer and take some things out. Then she walks across the room and I can tell she picked something off the floor.

After a few moments, I hear and feel her crawl back into the bed. I also hear something made of hard plastic bang together as it she sets it down on the bed. Then she straddles my waist just above my cock causing it to throb and grow again. I let out a groan.

“Ooohh…my oh my!! So that’s the monster you took your Grandmas anal virginity with!” She said with a lust tone to her voice.

“Sorry Grandm…mmmmmfffff.” She stuffed her panties in my mouth!!

“There now honey. I made sure to get those sexy panties really wet with my pussy juice. That way you can taste me as I blow you. I also did it so that way if any of the neighbors happen to show up they can’t hear you scream. Lastly, it will keep you from biting your tongue as well.”

“mmmmffffmmfff” is all I could say. Her panties were really soaking wet. I could smell her sexy, musky scent as it filled my nose. I could also taste her honey on them. It was a little bit salty but sweet. Again, my cock just throbbed from the sensory over load.

I never imagined I would be tied, naked, spread eagle on a bed by any woman. Much less by my grandma. I let out another groan thru my panty gag as I felt my foreskin slide back over my engorged cockhead. Again, I felt my cock continue to grow. I could tell by the feeling it was the same size when I blew my first load.

“Yes.” My grandma hissed out full of lust. “Now just need one more item.”

She straddles my chest. I feel her slide something over my head. I feel the snap of two rubber bands on the back of my head. Then suddenly I feel something made of soft cloth material cover my eyes.

“Now. You’re all set with that blindfold. It’s going to make your blowjob that much more intense honey.”

With those words. My cock is now back at its massive 10.5in long x 3.5in thick size. Not to mention throbbing and already leaking pre-cum.

“That’s what I was waiting for. For your cock to get to its full size again. Now your beautiful cockhead is exposed and ready.”

Grandma slid down my body like a stripper would. As soon as my cock was between her 48D rack, she gave me a quick titty fuck.

All I could do was just arch my hips up and down in a fucking motion.

“No honey. This is just a warmup. The best is yet to cum.” She told me. “So, relax baby. I want to go down on you. Just so you know. This isn’t my first time to break in a young man like this.” She told me.

“Whaaaa?” I could barely get out thru her musky panty gag.

“That’s right. You’re the third 21-year-old I seduced and taught them the wonders of sex. But you are the first male family member. But you are very special since you are the only boy.”

My head starts to spin. My grandmother also fucking other 21-year old’s is quite a shock. It explains why she has all that sexy underwear then.

“After I was done with them. I knew no woman would be safe from them. But you are the only one I used the pill on. The other two weren’t anywhere as hung as you honey.”

As she finishes her sentence she wraps her hand around the base of my cock.

“You definitely inherited your grandads cock but much bigger and thicker.”

Now she slowly starts to slide her closed hand up my cock. I shudder from the sensation. As soon as she reaches the bottom of my head. She starts to slide her hand back down.

“Do you want to know where that pill came from?” She asked.

I just nod my head.

“You know that your grandad and I studied bio-chemistry and agriculture while we were at the university right.” She tells me. not stopping her slow strokes up and down my cock.

I can feel her reach over and grab something on the bed. Not breaking her stroke on my cock. I hear a popping sound. Like the one a tube of toothpaste makes when you open it. Followed by the typical spurt of something coming out. I suddenly smell mint!

“Okay honey. This is going to be just a bit cold.”

Then she wraps her hand around my cock and I feel a cold cream on me.

“Mmmmmmm.” I moan out as my body shivers from the sensation.

Grandma just giggles and I feel her slowly side her cream covered left hand up my shaft. Then wrap her right hand at the base.

As her hand slowly get to the top, right at the bottom of my throbbing head, where my foreskin is folded back to, etiler elit escort she stops.

“Nooooooooooo” I moan out of my panty gag and arch my back. As I do I feel more precum start to ooze of my head.

My grandma just chuckles as she slides her hand back down my shaft. Once at the bottom she lets go of my cock it stays straight up for a moment. Then It doesn’t fall back on my stomach.

“How sexy, honey. Need you to keep your cock right there. All nice, erect and rock hard.” She says in a very sexy voice.

Again, I hear the spurt of the tube and smell more mint.

“Honey. Your cock is very big. Normally one squirt of this cream will cover an entire cock. But you need two squirts.” She tells me.

Again, she puts her hand at the base of my monster. Then I feel her wrap her cream cover hand right below my foreskin.

“Just relax honey. If it’s too much. It’s okay to cum. We have a lot of time left.”

Then she slowly slides her hand over my foreskin and on to my supersensitive head.

The sensation of her hand sliding the cream over it is like getting shocked by electricity. I groan out in both pleasure and discomfort. She slowly covers my cockhead with the cream. I feel her take her finger and start to tease my cock opening. As she does I start to spew more precum.

She again giggles in delight. She slides the precum and mixes it in with the cream on my cock head. The sensation is exquisite now as my cock starts to throb. I pull on the cuffs and I can’t move my hands down as I arch my back from the sensation. I try to move my legs as well but can’t as they are tied spread open. All I can do is let out along groan of pleasure.


“The other two boys did the same thing as you just did. But they came instantly. I figured you would have too since you’re not circumcised like your Granddad.” She says in her sexiest voice.

“But I see its throbbing now and more precum is coming out. So, what to do with you now honey?” She asks.

“Of course. I know what to do.” she exclaims.

Again, she reaches over my leg and grabs something else.

I feel something silky run across beneath my ball sack. Since taking the pill, just like she told me what happened to the bull. I could tell my balls were bigger and hanging down. The pill put them on sperm production overdrive.

I feel the silky material now wrapped around the top of my balls. This snaps me back from my thought.

“Now honey. I need you moan when this becomes uncomfortable okay and I’ll stop.”

Then she starts to slowly tighten the silky band around my balls slowly. I feel my ball sack start to spread out and the pressure grow. The sensation begins to turn me on. Then I felt a slight pinch and I groan out.

“Is that okay honey?” My grandma asks me.

I nod my head in a yes manner.

“Now I’m just going to tie it off. You’ll understand why and what at the end.” she tells me with her chuckle.

“The other two boys couldn’t handle this part at all. It’s such a turn on for me to do it. It makes my pussy soaking wet. But even more so now that I’m getting to do this to my own grandson with his monster cock. Gawd I’m such a sex freak and pervert.” She says.

Once she’s done tying off my balls I can tell she sits up on the bed.

“Honey you have no fucking idea just how sexy you look all tied up! That monster cock standing straight up, throbbing and oozing out so much precum. My pussy is just so fucking wet and running like a faucet. I just want to impale myself on that cock and fuck myself silly. But I promised you a blow job and I want to go down on you.”

“Once I start my oral art on you. You’ll understand why I tied you up. Remember to relax and breath since I want this to be very special for you. One of the other boys hyperventilated and nearly passed out. The other did pass out because he held his breath. So, enjoy, honey cause here we go!!” My grandma squealed out.

I could now feel my heart racing in my chest, like it was about to burst. My head was spinning. My whole body felt like there was electricity running thru it. I tried to move but couldn’t. The thought of what was about to happen was over whelming.

I suddenly felt her hot breath on my cock and I felt the cream she put on it start to tingle. I instantly thrusted my hips up to try and put my cock in her mouth as if by instinct. I pulled on my hands to try and grab her head as well also as if by instinct but couldn’t. They were securely in place, locked behind the headboard. I knew at that moment I was at the sexual mercy of my Grandma.

“Nope. That’s not how it’s going to work this time. You just can’t always grab a woman by the back of the head. Just ram your cock in her mouth and down her throat. Especially when they tell you they want to go down on you, right?”

I just moan in response. Ironically in a few years I would have another older woman utter those same words to me. “I want to go down on you.” It would be my lover Beth.

“You etiler escort have to relax and let the woman please you.” Grandma tells me.

A moment later I feel her breath on my cock. I resist the urge to thrust up again.

“Good…” She says softly.

Then she kisses the bottom of my cockhead.

“mmmmmmmmmmm” I groan loudly the sensation causes me to involuntarily arch my back and try to close my legs. The handcuffs force me back down into the bed and the cuffs on my ankles keep my legs open. I’m breathing hard now.

Relax honey. Just breath slowly.” She tells me softly

Again, she kisses the bottom of my cockhead. I don’t react this time. But she surprises me by licking me with her tongue. Again, I have the same reaction and again the cuffs keep me in place.

I start to think about the moment my Grandma will take my monster cock in her mouth. I let out a loud moan and I start to breath faster. In that instant I understand why one of those other boys passed out.

“Breath honey. Just breath.”

I take a few slow deep breaths and try to calm down.

“Good honey. Good.”

After a few moments I relax as well.

“Very good honey.” My Grandma tells me softly.

Then I feel it. She takes just my cockhead in her lips and then wraps her mouth around it. Putting pressure on my supersensitive head.

I start to scream thru the mouth gag from the overload of stimulation on my head. I try to thrust up in her mouth but can’t. I arch my back, try to close my legs but I can’t. I try moving my hips but my Grandma keeps her mouth locked on my cockhead. Following my body and cock, keeping her mouth in place on my cockhead.

She adds more pressure on my cockhead and starts to suck it. I feel more precum ooze out, it like she’s trying to milk me. I thrash on the bed even more now. I desperately pull on the handcuffs, trying to get free. I so badly want to grab the back of her head and shove my cock down her throat.

In that instant she frees me from her mouth.

“Nooooooooooooooooooooo” I yell out thru the panty gag. I didn’t want her to stop now!

“Gawd your head is so big. I love how your precum tastes mixed in with the mint smelling cream. Ready honey?” She asks.

Again, she takes my cockhead in her mouth. Again, I start to thrash in bed. But after a minute or two I’ve gotten used to the sensation. I relax and stop thrashing. But my body feels like it’s on fire. She puts pressure on my cockhead again. I feel my cock start to throb even harder. She flicks her tongue slowly over my cock slit. Then even slower over my entire cockhead.

It’s too much for me now. I feel like my cockhead and head are about to explode. I’ve never felt anything like this before. I start to shake from her oral art on my cock head. My balls now feel like they are about to burst from being tied up. My body starts to move on its own now with each swirl of my Grandmas tongue on my cockhead.

I know she been performing her oral art on me for only a few minutes now. But I can’t take anymore I try to tell her I want to cum. That I need to cum badly. That it’s going to be a massive blast. Bigger than the first one.

I try to speak. but from the sensory overload she’s giving me, it just comes out as a series of groans and moans. My body continues to move and thrash in bed on its own.

I feel my precum start to flow out like a faucet into my Grandmas mouth. She eagerly starts to swallow it. She then adds more suction, pressure, and moves her tongue faster around my cockhead.

My body starts to shake like never before. My grandma must have sensed I was ready to literally blow. I feel her hands on my balls and she untie the silky cloth wrapped around them. As she does she groans out what sounds like a “huh-huh.” She slides her mouth lower on my cock. Taking me deeper in her mouth. She’s now swirling her tongue all over the top half of my cock.

I feel my orgasm about to begin and my body continues shake. My cock feels as it’s about to explode.

I feel my grandma gag on my cock, she stops and continues to swallow me down her throat. A moment later I feel her lips at the base of my shaft. She lets go of my balls and puts more pressure on my whole cock. Then she slides her hand in between my asscheeks. Slowly working her way to my asshole.

Once she’s reached my asshole she slowly works her finger in and up my ass. By now I’m thrashing on the bed. Pulling on the straps and cuffs holding me in place as hard as I can. Trying to get free, but I can’t.

Then I feel my grandmas finger press again what feels like a gland inside if me. I arch my back, snap my head back, my arms and legs go stiff. I let out a loud groan of lust as I being to explode again.

My cock begins to throb violently in my grandma’s mouth and throat. I hear and feel her gag when my first massive load shoots out. But she stays on my cock taking and swallowing every bit of cum she can. I feel some slide out of her mouth and down my balls. With each pulse of my cock she presses on my prostate as she would later tell me. Each time she did that I would shoot even more cum.

It felt like I came for 30 minutes nonstop with how my grandma was milking me. Then she slowly starts to make her way up my shaft. Swirling her tongue like a snake around it. As she does I hear her moans of pleasure and raw lust.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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