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My Loving Mother-in-Law

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Mother, this woman was no more a mother, in the pure sense of the word, than I am. Jean was a very self-centered woman. She was always thinking of herself. Delivering my wife when she did at 31 was a terrible inconvenience for her. Calling her birth a mistake, or maybe it was her conception that was the mistake I can’t be sure which.

Be that as it may, she always had to be the center of attention, the best dressed and so on, you know the type. She knew what she was doing when she picked her outfits, which always seemed to accentuate her best feature, namely her breasts. A real set of heavy hangers, 38D.

Cleavage galore and her nipples always gave her the appearance that she was cold. She is an attractive woman at 56, a little extra padding, but all in the right places. Her hair, platinum blonde, out-of-a-bottle of course, and just about 5′ 5″ tall. Nowadays they call women like her a MILF.

She has a real flirtatious manner about her and always making sexual references about every situation. That’s why everyone always figured that she was playing around on her husband. They did live separately and that only added to the mistaken belief. He lived behind his store and she in their house. It was a marriage of convenience, but for whom I don’t know. Maybe they figured that it was less costly than a divorce.

Anyway, I came to find out that it was all an act. She just talked a good game. You know the old saying, “All Yak and No Shack”. She always seemed to like me a lot though. More than just a son-in-law but I’d never picked up on it. I just figured she was just one of those huggers and kissers.

Little did I know that she was using me to get rid of some of her sexual frustrations by hugging, kissing and snuggling her unsuspecting son-in-law. She was sly about it, always sitting next to me, rubbing my leg, she’d hold me around my waist, fixing my hair when it became wind-blown.

Stuff like that and I never caught on. I really didn’t mind her showing me that affection because she’s a good-looking woman and she’d rub those big tits on me and I just love big tits. I married her daughter for her tits too but that’s another story.

Her daughter and I had been married about seven years when it happened the first time. I was 28 years old and we’d just had a family get together for my son’s birthday Sunday night. Jean had given us some leftovers from the party to take home and my wife had her chaffing dish washed and ready to return. She asked me to stop by her Mom’s house on the way home from work and drop it off. I said that it would be no problem. It’s nothing that I hadn’t done a hundred times before. Only this time was going to be a day that I’d not soon forget.

Driving to Jean’s house after work was an automatic thing. Pulling up the drive, getting out of the car and heading to the back door, as usual. I gave a little knock, no answer. When I tried the door, it opened, so I walked in. What the hell, I’m family aren’t I? I poked my head in and called,

“Mom? Where are you?. Huh, no answer.” I thought, “That’s strange”.

Walking into the kitchen I put the dish on the table and I thought I heard talking coming from the bedroom. I can’t quite make out what’s being said, so I tiptoe towards the bedroom door, which is ajar, and I hear Jean’s voice. I have to listen real close to believe what my own ears are hearing.

“Oh fuck. Oh fuck. Mmmmmm yeah baby, canlı bahis fuck me. Fuck me with that big cock”.

“You gotta be shittin’ me.” I think to myself, “What in the hell did I walk in on”?

“Did someone finally catch her with her lover? I’ll bet that my wife didn’t call her to tell her I was coming over. Oh my, I think I caught dear ‘ole Mom in a compromising situation.”

“Uhhhhhhh, Ohhhhh, Fuck Yeah Baby. I’m Gonna CUM.”

My cock starts to swell listening to her.

“God Damn, this is really hot.” I say to myself, “I gotta see who’s fuckin’ her”.

Gently pushing the door open enough to see, the sight I see takes my breath away. When I peek in and see that it’s Jean on the bed, all alone masturbating. Her legs spread-eagled and she’s got one of those little vibrators pressed against her clit. She’s really givin’ herself a workout.

Those giant tits heaving up and down as she breathes heavily. Her nipples were as hard as they could be. She was pumping two fingers of her other hand in and out of her sopping pussy. Her fingers were coated and her pussy hair matted down with her juices.

By now, I have a raging hard-on and it’s pressing against the front of my pants. I’ve never seen a woman masturbate in person.

Listening to her moaning and groaning, it felt like my pants were going to explode, but what I heard next really blew my mind. Her body starts to shake and spasm as she reaches her orgasm. She screams,


“Michael!?! She’s fantasizing about me? I can’t believe it. Why not? I’m pretty hot, for a guy.”

Everything became crystal clear. I must really be dense not to get the hints that’s she’s been givin’ me all these years. Gathering my senses I decide to go for it. She starts to relax as her orgasm subsides I softly say,

“Where did you learn to talk so filthy?”

Jumping up as if she’d been jolted by 50,000 volts, she sits up and pulls up the sheet to cover her nakedness and she shrieks,

“MICHAEL? OH MY GOD!” “What are you doing?”

I answer her, “I’m watching you cum.”

“You’re what? Oh My God! I’m so embarrassed.” She said starting to sob.

Covering her face with her hands, her cheeks burn with shame. I sit down next to her on the edge of the bed and say,

“There’s nothing to be ashamed of Jean. What you were doing is quite normal and natural for anyone. You’re just a human being.”

Removing her hands from her face I say,

“Look at me Jean, listen to me. It’s normal to have sexual desires and you should fulfill them.”

Wiping her tears and pulling the sheet down to expose her breasts,

“Look in the mirror, look at how lovely you are and how desirable you are.”

Rubbing her back with my left hand, her skin feels like velvet. I reach out with my right to cup her ample breast, my thumb brushing her rigid nipple. A shudder runs through her from my touch.

“Oh Michael, you shouldn’t be here. You shouldn’t be touching me like this.”

“Shhhhhhh, calm down, it’s okay Jean.” I soothe.

“I like being here with you and touching you like this. I’m really turned on that you want me.”

“Oh yes Michael I want you. I’ve wanted you for such a long time.” She said taking my face bahis siteleri in her hands and kissing me, but not like usual.

Oh no, she kissed me like a long lost lover and I kissed her back with the same level of passion.

Her hands, covered with the aroma of her sex, and the smell only heightened my need for her. I continued to knead her breast and tweak and twist her nipple. She moaned into my mouth as we sucked on each other’s tongue.

I broke our embrace long enough to stand up next to the bed. I held her hand, which had just been in her pussy and sucked at her fingers, tasting her.

She told me later that her heart skipped a beat when I did that. She didn’t expect me to do that at all.

Standing before her, I didn’t have to say a word. She instantly went for my belt and started to unbuckle it and almost in one motion pulled my zipper down.

When my pants dropped around my ankles she stared at the bulge in my underwear. I’m not enormous by any means but right then I’ve never seen it or felt it any bigger or harder.

She hooked her thumbs into the waistband and peeled them down while I pulled off my shirt. My cock slapped against my stomach and pulsed inches from her face.

She looked into my eyes and without breaking her gaze, took the head of my cock into her hot wet mouth.

“Ohhhh Yesssss Jean,” I hissed. “Ahhhhh Yessssss Suck My Cock.”

She didn’t need any coaxing. Her head bobbed up and down, she licked the underside, she was a blur of licking and sucking.

“No hair on your balls? Very nice, I like that. Really soft and smooth,” she remarked.

Saying that she took each of my balls, in turn, into her mouth sucked them tenderly.

I’ve had my cock sucked before but never like this. Wantonly she sucked, like she was getting nourishment from my cock. She sucked like a baby nurses at a mothers breast. She made love to my cock with her mouth. My head was spinning.

“Jean, Jean, wait baby wait.” Pulling my cock from her mouth.

It made a slurping sound from the suction when she let it go.

“Let me give you what you want.”

Reminding her what she said before,

“You want me to fuck you? Don’t you?”

“Oh Michael, yesss I do. I want you to put it inside me.” She said.

“Put it inside you? I thought that you wanted me to FUCK you with my big cock?” I reminded her.

“Yes I do, I really do but….” She hesitated.

“But nothin’ Jean, you’re gonna tell me. I want to hear you say it,” I ordered.

Laying her on her back, her ass on the edge of the bed, she grabbed her legs and held them open for me. Taking hold of the base of my cock, I rubbed the head over her clit and between the swollen lips of her dripping wet pussy.

“Look Jean, look down here and watch”, as I continued to tease her.

“Michael please, please put it in me. I want it and need it so very much” she pleaded.

“C’mon Jean, let’s hear it. Talk to me like you did when I wasn’t here.”

“Yes Michael, yes fuck me with that fucking fat cock. Fuck me Michael, fuck me, fuck me, fuck, fuck, fuck.”

Before the last fuck left her lips I pushed the head into her and then inch by inch I slid into the depth of her fuck hole.

“Ohhhhhh Yesssssss Michael, deeper baby, deeper,” she demanded.

Feeling the head bump into her cervix, I held still savoring the feel of the heat of her bahis şirketleri clutching pussy.

Dipping my head down I took one of her massive erect nipples between my lips and sucked, nibbled and bit lightly on it.

Jean put her hand on the back of my head and pressed me into her. She squirmed and wiggled her ass trying to fuck but I wasn’t ready to move yet.

“C’mon baby fuck me. C’mon start fucking. I wanna cum again baby, but this time because you’re fucking me. This time with your cock in me.” She said urgently.

I supported myself on my hands I started my stroke, looking into her contorted face. Contorted by her lust.

Pulling my cock back all the way until it was almost out, I plunged it back in. Slowly and steadily I fucked.

Rising back up to a standing position with my hands on her knees, pushing them further apart. I started to quicken my stroke.

“Oh Michael Baby, I Wanna See Your Cock Fuck Me.”

Lifting her head off of the bed and looking down between her legs she watched as my cock plowed into her. My cock sawed in and out like a piston. I was fuckin’ her as hard and as fast as I could.

“Oooooooo Yeah, it’s Sooooo Big and Fat and Feels Sooooo Good Baby. Keep Fuckin’, Don’t Stop Fuckin’, Don’t Ever Stop Fuckin’ Me,


She had lost it. She was caught up in her lust. Her hand pounced on her clit and rubbed it feverishly. Her body shook and trembled. I had a hard time holding back and seeing her cum was enough to put me over too.

“I’M CUMMIN’ JEAN. I CAN’T HOLD BACK ANYMORE. AHHHHH YEAHHHHH.” I roared. Signaling my imminent release.


My balls tightened and my cock erupted with an orgasm that I’ve not felt in a long time. Stream after stream of my hot seed shot deep into Jean’s contracting pussy. I felt her pussy jerk and grip my cock.

I collapsed on top of her and she locked her legs around my waist, wrapped her arms around me, holding me to her tightly as she rode the waves of her orgasm.

She squeezed my cock with her pussy muscles, milking the last drop of cum out of me as my cock stopped twitching.

“Jean you were great. You are a great fuck. I had no idea.” I whispered into her ear.

“You’re everything that I imagined Michael and more.” She whispered back.

“I don’t know why you’re so surprised, I gave you enough hints.” She giggled.

“So, what do I tell your daughter?” I teased her.

“Don’t you kid me like that Michael. That’s not the least bit funny.” She scolded.

“I see a long-term relationship that’ll be good for both of us.” She continued, “I get what I want, whenever I want.”

“With-in reason.” I interjected.

“Yes, with-in reason.” She agreed, “And my daughter can never ever cut you off.” She laughed.

“Then we have a deal.” Giving my approval.

We sealed our arrangement with a kiss. I hurriedly got dressed, fixed myself up and left.

Arriving back home my wife greets me with,

“What took you so long?”

“Well, when I got there your Mom’s sink was clogged and I had to snake the pipe out.”

I explained smirking to myself.

“Well you know that place is old and probably most of the pipes need to be cleaned out.” She continued,

“Tell your Mom the next time you talk to her that if she has that problem again, just call me and I’ll stop over there whenever she needs me.”

She called and hasn’t stopped calling.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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