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My Mom and Sisters are my Nurses Ch. 02

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This story is part of a series, please start reading chapter one before going through this if you are new to it!

Chapter two of My Mom and Sisters are my Nurses has arrived! So sit back, relax and enjoy it!

Also, this story takes place in the same universe as The Best Cure is Love, so if you have read those (Which I highly recommend to do if you haven’t) then you will be greeted with some familiar faces!


“I watched her.”

“I watched her straddle me as I laid back on the bed, looking and worshipping every inch of her incredible, erotic body.”

“She looked deep into my eyes with her hypnotic gaze, those eyes of her that said it all. Love, lust, passion… She wanted to take the next and final step of our secret and forbidden coupling.”

“She slowly rubbed her wet sex against mine, up and down, up and down… She placed her soft little hands on my chest, steadying herself to begin the next step.”

“Her body sweaty, her perfectly shaped bust, nipples diamond-hard on each of her breast. She kept on looking, a cute smile on her face followed by her biting her lip in anticipation.”

“I placed my hands on her hips as she slowly sank down onto me, her wet lips touching the head, softly gyrating and coating it with her juices.”

“I felt her fingers digging into my skin as she kept on looking at me, and then we both felt it. I had entered her… One inch… Two inches… Three inches. The intense inside structure of her made me moan… Made us moan.”

“She kept on sinking down, her eyes never left mine. I watched her breathing harder and harder as more of me disappeared into that tight and wet special place of hers… Before I knew it I could feel her warm, sweaty body fully connected onto me. She had taken the full length; she had done it… We had done it.”

“She leaned forward, her breasts mashing onto my chest. Her face now close to mine, she kissed me and I kissed back… Ten seconds… Twenty seconds… Thirty seconds… It felt like an eternity.”

“She then moved her head to the side of mine, her breath striking my ear…”


“Yes my dear sister?”


“Yes Casey?”



“WHAT!” Shouted Jake as he flew awake out of his sleep.

“It has been fifteen minutes past our wake-up time little brother.”

He looked to the opposite side of his bed to see his sister standing next to him. She was already fully clothed, and by the looks of it ready for a meeting. Her dark-raven hair pulled up into a ponytail, a white loose blouse and a tight black knee-high skirt followed by a pair of black four-inch-high heels, she even had her sexy glasses on.

“Damn Casey, you look mighty fine in those clothes, you sure you can’t stay any longer?”

Casey started to giggle. “You really enjoyed your night together with your big sister, didn’t you?” She leaned forward and gave him a big kiss on his lips. “But to answer your question… Nope. I wish I could but this an important client for me Jake.”

Jake laughed. “I understand; I was just teasing you.” He grabbed his wheelchair that stood on his side of the bed and pulled himself into it. “So, need some help to get rid of the ‘evidence’?”

She giggled again. “I already opened your windows and took off the blanket that we soaked up pretty good. The floor that I managed to wet has already be done too, so all there is left is the rest of the bed that I couldn’t take off because a certain Mr. Sleepyhead was still exploring dreamland.”

“Remind me too marry you in the future Sis.” Said Jake with a big smile.

She started to blush and laugh. “Alright Casanova, let’s clean this mess.”

They both went to work and in few minutes Jake’s bed was as good as new.

“Aaaand done! So hubby, did missus Wilson do a good job or what?” Asked Casey with a grin.

“Well wifey, I’m glad to have such an incredible woman at my side!” Answered Jake.

“You know what? Let me make you some breakfast Sis. You deserve it.”

She sighed. “That’s really sweet of you Jake but I have to go now, it’s already pretty late and I want to be there on time. Why don’t you prepare something for Mom? You know how much she loves surprise breakfasts.”

“That’s a shame Sis, but no problem, I will make you some next time. Any idea how late you will be back?”

“No idea, but I know that I won’t be done before diner at least. So, late in the evening I guess.”

“Alright, thanks for helping me Casey, and thanks for last night…”

She blushed again while she walked towards Jake. “It was great little brother, so, thank you.” She gave him another deep kiss. “I love you Jake.”

“I love you too Sis, good luck today and see you later.”

Casey went off to her client while Jake had his sights set onto the kitchen. He took his sister’s advice and decided to make his mother a big breakfast, one that she usually got on mother’s day. Jake had a special stool in the kitchen that could adjust heights, with that he was able to reach bursa escort everything he needed to prepare the morning feast.

About fifteen minutes later he could hear his mother coming down the stairs, just in time as he finished setting up everything.

“Good morning sweetheart.” She said as she walked into the kitchen area while yawning. “I woke up to all these delicious smelling things, I must say that it looks incredible darling.”

Jake watched his mother walking up to him, she was barefoot and was only wearing her fluffy bathing robe. “Morning Mom, you still seem kind of sleepy, had a bad night?”

She looked at her son with a seductive grin. “Something like that, I had trouble falling asleep because I woke up a couple of times through the night. Were you up late? I kept hearing noises coming from your room.”

“O-oh uhh… That probably was my television, sorry…” Responded Jake with a slight blush.

“Oh honey, you don’t have to apologize, I know young men need to ‘help’ themselves from time to time.”

“M-Mom!” Yelped Jake as his face became more red by the second.

Cynthia started to giggle. “Just teasing you sweetie… So, shall we start our morning feast?”

“We should, don’t want the croissants to turn cold.”

“Alright… but before that… Mommy needs her morning kiss!”

Cynthia’s morning kiss was somewhat of a ritual for her, she always hugged or kissed her children on the cheek in the morning to start their day off.

Jake watched his mother coming closer to him, he noticed that she walked rather strange, her hips swayed seductively and she had that same grin on her face as before. She placed her hands on his shoulder and brought her face to his. “Thank you for this amazing start of our day together darling.” She said softly before kissing her son full on his lips.

Jake couldn’t believe what happened, his usually calm and shy Mom was now kissing her own son full on the lips instead of a peck on his cheek. He felt her soft lips exploring his own as she softly moaned. The kiss lasted what felt like for an eternity. As she parted after a while Jake noticed that her nipples had become erect.

“W-Wow Mom! That was some kiss to start the day!” Spoke Jake nervously while blushing hard again.

Cynthia blushed too. “A special kiss for my sweet boy… I’m just so happy that we will be together today without any interference. Let’s make it a great mother/son day shall we?”

She took her chair and sat down next to Jake. He noticed that the top buttons of her robe were undone and that a good amount of cleavage was showing, Cynthia noticed him peeking and waited a little bit before talking.

“Honey, is there something bothering you?”

Jake snapped out of his gaze. “Oh! N-no Mom… It’s just… You look really beautiful today…”

She brought up her hand and caressed his cheek softly. “Well look at you Mr. Charmer, But I can say the same for you… Look at those arms… My baby is becoming a strong man.” She now stroked Jake’s right arm with the hand that was just on his cheek.

They kept on looking at each other for while without speaking, Cynthia kept softly stroking his arm while her bright blue eyes pierced those of her son.

“S-shall we start breakfast now Mom?”

“Oh! Yes… Of course, would be a waste to not eat any of this deliciously made food.”

They both started their breakfast as if nothing happened.

“So, did you have anything particular planned out for us today?” Asked Jake.

Cynthia nodded while she chewed on her croissant. “I have something in mind yes. I was thinking that we could visit the park first since it’s such sunny weather today and after that do some clothes shopping, we both need some new stuff to wear.”

“Sounds good to me Mom, together with you at the park, just like when I was little.”

“I just wished we could all go together, but your sisters are busy ladies nowadays… You know it has been a long time since I went to that park, after the whole fiasco with your father we could never find anytime to just… Relax I guess.”

Jake took his mother’s hand and held her softly. “That’s all in the past now Mom, today we are going to enjoy ourselves, me and you.” He said with a smile.

Cynthia blushed again. “You know, you’re absolutely right. I should stop thinking about everything that happened and move on. Let’s start our new beginnings today.” She held onto her son’s hand tight.

“I still meant to ask you… Why this special breakfast al of a sudden? Don’t get me wrong, I love that you do this for me Jake but usually this only happens on mother’s day.”

“Why? Because you deserve it Mom, you have done so much for me in the past few weeks and I want to show my gratitude. You did everything you could to make it as easy as possible for me to deal with this sudden change of our lives. You are an amazing woman Mom and you deserve every praise in the world.”

“Oh sweetie…” Cynthia stood up teary eyed and embraced her son bursa escort bayan with a tight hug. “You really know how to cheer me up darling, I love you so much…”

Jake hugged her back and felt her voluptuous breasts mash against his chest. “I love you too Mom, together with Casey and Debby you are the most important woman in my life.”

They held each other for a while before Cynthia separated them. She then made a cute, funny face and stuck out her tongue a little. “Honey, you still smell a little… Morningly? Haven’t you washed yourself yet?”

Jake laughed at her. “Nope, not yet. I was so busy with breakfast that I decided to take a bath after we are finished.”

“Then let’s us finish our breakfast now. I will clean up here after we are finished so you can take that bath Mr. Stinky!” She giggled.

Without any further disturbance they finished their breakfast. Cynthia cleaned up the kitchen while Jake took his much needed bath.


“I wonder what’s up with Mom today… I mean she’s cheerful like always but also very… seductive towards me? She never dressed like that before in the morning, usually she wears her underwear under her robe but I’m pretty sure that she was naked under it today. And then that kiss, she kissed me like a lover… Not that I complain but it’s so not Mom for her to act like that, even her nipples were clearly erect after that kiss.”

“Wait a minute… She did mention that she woke up several times last night… Could it be tha-“

Jake was deep in his thoughts while taking his bath before someone knocked on the bathroom door.

“Sweetie? Can I come in please?”

He snapped out of his thoughts before answering. “M-Mom? Uh… Yes, sure, it’s unlocked so you can come in.”

She came inside and walked up next to the bath. “Is the water still warm?”

Jake looked up to her slightly confused. “Uh… Yes, I just got in…”

“Great!” She said with a cheerful voice, she then did something totally unexpected. With one simple movement she disrobed her robe and now stood fully naked in front of her son.

Jake’s eyes widened and his jaw dropped. He took in her amazing body, staring at every inch of it. She had her hair in a short ponytail making her look really cute. Her large breasts stood proudly and firm on her chest with only a little bit of sag, accompanied by two cute small nipples that were already hard. Casey had impressive breasts but she was no match for her mother. Her stomach was flat followed by an amazing waist and hips that perfectly showed off her extra ‘meat’. Her mature pussy was amazingly tight looking and to his surprise totally shaven bald. The rumors were true, his own mother was a Milf, a very, very good looking sexy Milf.

She seductively looked at him with her bright blue eyes. “Cat got your tongue sweetie?” She giggled.

“M-Mom! W-what are you doing?”

“I’m going to take a bath together with you, just like we always did when you were younger. It has been sort of a nostalgic day so far, so why not?”

Jake gulped. “Nostalgic huh… So does that mean…”

Cynthia nodded and spoke before Jake could complete his sentence. “Scoot a little forward so I can get in, you are going to lay against Mommy between her legs.”

Jake did as she asked and pulled himself forward a little. Cynthia entered and sat down behind her son against the end of the bath, she spread her legs so he could fit between them.

“Okay honey, I’m in so you can lay back against me.”

Jake used his arms to push himself back against his mother, he could feel her large bust press against his back and her more than hard nipples digging into his skin. She then closed her legs a little so that Jake was snuggled more tightly against her, her pussy rubbed against his waist just above his butt. She wrapped her arms around her son’s muscular torso and caressed him with her soft hands.

Cynthia purred softly. “Oh sweetie, this is just what Mommy needed. Me and you together just like when you were little… Do you like it baby?” She asked with a seductive voice as she pressed her breasts harder into her son’s back.

Jake could feel his cock stir and started to harden. His own mother was seducing him and he knew it, their bath now was nowhere near the same as in the past.

“Y-yes Mom, it feels great to be together like this again.” He answered nervously.

Cynthia giggled and then snuggled her face against the back of his head, her hands kept on roaming her son’s torso and she made sure to press her breasts into his back once in a while.

Jake was almost ashamed to admit it, but he enjoyed his mother’s sexy body against his, her hands caressing his chest. His cock was almost fully hard now; he knew that she could not see it from back there but he was certain that she knew what she was doing to him.

After a couple of minutes snuggling together Cynthia spoke softly.

“Honey… It wasn’t the television that I heard last night… Was it?”

Jake could feel escort bursa his heart beating faster and faster as his body temperature started to rise immensely. “I… I…” He started to stutter badly.

“Sweetheart you can be honest with me… Mommy has not only heard it; she has also seen it… My baby boy and baby girl together.”

Cynthia then softly kissed his neck while her hands caressed her son’s body lower and lower. “I’m not mad Jake, but please don’t lie to me…”

“Y… Y… Yes… We were together…” Said Jake quietly and ashamed.

“Good boy…” Answered his mother, her right hand wrapped itself slowly around her son’s now throbbing hard cock.

Jake said nothing as he felt his mother’s hand softly caressing his cock, he could feel her calm breath in his neck right next to his ear. Her other hand stroked along his side, comforting him. He was amazed at how his mother always found a way to calm him down, so lovingly and tender.

“It was bound to happen sooner or later… I always knew that you and your sister would become this close…”

Jake finally had the courage to speak. “Y-you are not m-mad Mom?”

“No honey… I’m not, Casey and you clearly make each other happy, just like the two of you always did. I could see it, feel it, whenever I saw you both together. My motherly instinct’s first told me to intercept and to not allow you two to become so close… But I… I couldn’t… Deep inside I felt that it was okay… I was happy, happy for you and Casey to be so close together. And then… Then last night…”

“You… Saw everything, from start to finish?” Asked Jake curiously and a bit more relaxed.

“Yes… I heard Casey going to your room, and I wanted to confirm the feelings I had… And my feelings were right…” Cynthia started to slowly stroke her son’s cock up and down, his precum leaked from his tip and dissolved into the warm bath water.

“M-Mom… Ugh…” Moaned Jake.

“Does it feel good baby?” Asked his mother.

“Y-yes but why?”

She let out a sigh. “I got jealous… Jealous of you and Casey together… I masturbated and came together with the both of you Jake…”

“I don’t understand Mom… Ugh… I love you too.”

Cynthia softly kissed his neck again before speaking. “And I love you too sweetie… More than you think…” She pushed her tits harder against his back while her hand now gyrated around her son’s cockhead.

“Casey sees you as her hero you know, after everything that happened she finally had the courage to go on with her true feelings for you… But… Now Mommy wants to show you her true feelings too.”

Jake panted softly as he kept on listening to his mother, her left hand was now stroking the area just above his cock while her right hand stroked in gyrating motions along his throbbing shaft.

“You have always been Mommy’s hero Jake… You were always there for me, in good and bad times all together. After the divorce with your father you showed me how amazing you are, not only to me but also to both your sisters. You kept me on my feet whenever I was sad or lonely, you always cheered me up, always dried my tears whenever I cried… You were there for me, every time I needed my sweet boy by my side you were there for me… I love you Jake, I love you more than a mother should love her son… And deep inside I hope you feel the same way.”

Jake couldn’t lie to himself, the three most important woman in his life were everything to him and he could feel that his love for them went way beyond that of just normal family love.

He slowly started to rub his mother’s soft thighs with both of his hands, one at each side. “I love you in the exact same way Mom… So please…”

A tear trickled down the side of Cynthia’s face as she heard her son saying the answer that she wanted to hear for so long. “Sit back and relax baby, let Mommy make you feel good.”

She pushed herself tighter against Jake, her firm breasts now mashed against her son’s back while her right hand started to jerk him off faster, with her left she started to fondle his balls softly.

“Ooooh Mom… Your hands feel so good, please keep doing this.” Moaned Jake loud.

Cynthia felt her pussy leaking her juices, her son’s hands on her thighs had an amazing effect on her as was his hard cock that she assaulted with both of her own hands.

“You are so big baby… Show Mommy how hard you can get for her.” She started to kiss all over his neck again, both of her hands were now wrapped around her son’s hard cock.

She started to giggle. “Oh my… Look how big my baby’s cock is, both Mommy’s hands are needed to jerk you off.” Jake then surprised her as his hands cupped her ass-cheeks softly. “Oh baby yes… Play with Mommy, play with her body while she tends to her son’s fat cock.”

Jake started kneading her ass while Cynthia now fully pleasured his throbbing cock, mother and son were now fully drifted away into their own world of pleasure, forbidden pleasure that they both embraced.

He then started to move his waist up and down, trying to gain more pleasure. His action did not go unnoticed.

“Ooooh sweetie… You want to fuck Mommy’s hands? Go ahead then, fuck my hands! I’m all here for you baby, show me how much you want to cum from my hands.”

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