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My Mom – My Lover Ch. 18

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Brady lay in bed reviewing the events from yesterday in his head as his mom and aunt slept like babies on either side of him. After they’d returned from having his ladies branded Kevin and Sue gave them all a great show after dinner. Kevin had voiced his plan to make his dad, John, his cuckold as he took Sue in front of him. After dinner all six gathered in the living room. Brady and his mom and aunt sat on the couch with Brady sitting between them. Kevin brought a kitchen chair in for his dad to sit in, positioning it just outside the center of the room, right in front of where he was going to take Sue.

The first thing Brady noticed on Sue was how Kevin had her tattooed. He had the initials “KS” tattooed on the inside of her right tit. Then just above her panty line he had “Kevin’s slut” tattooed. At first he was taken aback by the stupidity of their impetuousness. These two had just met and she was already submitting to something that was permanent. He just shook his head. ‘These two are grown adult.’ He thought to himself. ‘If this is what they want, not my place to second guess them. See if it lasts.’

The next two hours were some of the most emotionally intense and sexually charged Brady had ever experienced. Kevin took Sue as hard as he’d ever taken his mom or aunt. The whole time taunting his dad and hurling all kinds of insults at him. Kevin’s anger towards his dad became more obvious to Brady as the evening progressed. Brady had always known Kevin had really struggled with his attitude towards their dad. That became more evident as the evening progressed.

John sat in his chair submissively throughout the entire ordeal. It was evident to everyone in the room he couldn’t get enough of the humiliating treatment being thrown at him. HIs hand clenched the arms of the chair the whole time. Kevin had forbidden him to touch himself.

Dena and Jean moaned and gasped softly as the erotic coupling that was taking place on the floor in front of them increased in intensity. Brady reached for each of their pussy’s, sliding their skirts up. He rubbed their swelling clits, occasionally slipping his finger in their pussy as far as the angle would allow him. Dena grabbed his arm and pulled it into her body, rubbing her tit against it, as Brady rubbed her clit to her first orgasm of the evening. “Oh fuck baby!” She moaned softly, not taking her eyes off the fucking her other son was giving his new slut. But what turned her on even more was watching the reaction coming from her husband, John, as he sat there obediently and became Kevin’s cuck.

Brady felt his mom’s fingernails dig into his arm as her body began to shake and spasm. “OH FUCK! OH FUCK!” Dena squealed as her body shook through her first orgasm. Then Brady felt his aunt digging her nails into his arm as her body spasmed in her first orgasm. Tears streamed down her face as her body responded to the visual and physical stimulation it was receiving. Jean had always been the more emotional of the two sisters. Brady had grown accustomed to her sobbing whenever he took her. He came to realize it wasn’t that she wasn’t enjoying whatever he was doing to her. To the contrary, her enjoyment of his ownership of her body was so all consuming she couldn’t help but feel it emotionally whenever he took her.

Kevin put Sue on her knees right in front of John. He grabbed a fistful of her hair as he took control of her body, staring at his dad the whole time. “This bitch belongs to me now.” He leaned over and slapped her tits. “These tits are mine. My initials. My slut.” He pointed down to her pussy. “My pussy. Every time you fuck it or eat it, you’ll be reminded who it belongs to. From this point on, you only get to fuck my slut when I give you permission. And you WILL ask for permission whenever you want to taste this slut.”

Kevin then put Sue on all fours, her head just a foot from John’s knees as he continued to sit in the chair. He mounted her from behind, sliding his cock into her gushing pussy. He then reached forward for a fistful of her hair and yanked her head back. He looked at his dad. “Now watch as I fuck your girlfriend and make her my slut once again.” He pounded her pussy, their bodies slapping together with each thrust of his pelvis. “Your bitch is my slut now!” He grunted. Kevin could see his dad’s excitement growing as he watched Sue moan and grunt through the fucking she was being given. “You want this slut, don’t you?” Kevin taunted him.

John’s breathing was labored. He panted as he answered Kevin. “Yes!” He couldn’t bring himself to say anymore. He wanted to grab his cock and jerk it off, giving himself some relief.

“Not while I’m home.” Kevin grunted as he felt his orgasm building. “While I’m home, this slut is all mine.” He chuckled. “You get to watch and wait like a good little cuck.” Kevin moaned as he felt his orgasm about to explode. “OH FUCK!! HERE IT COMES!” He grunted.

“Fuck me baby!” Sue screamed as she stared at John, her head held back by Kevin with a fistful of hair. “Fuck your slut!”

Dena and Jean’s bodies began to spasm again. The combination of watching Kevin and Sue along with Brady’s relentlessly playing with Bycasino their pussy pushed them over the edge again. Jean grunted as she pled, “Please don’t stop! Don’t stop!” Her body convulsed as she ground her pussy into his hand. Both of Brady’s hands were soaked with his ladies juices. Dena moaned as her body responded with her second orgasm. “Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” She squealed as she dug her nails into his arm again.

Kevin pumped his seed into her pussy, grunting with each thrust. Sue’s tits swayed back and forward hanging under her body as Kevin slammed his body into hers. She’d already cum twice since the evening’s festivities had begun. His cock felt like it was on fire as he filled her womb with his seed till it was oozing out around his shaft and running down the insides of her legs. Kevin’s pumping slowed as his orgasm began to wane. He looked at John and pointed to the floor beside him. “On the floor. On your back.” John hesitated. “NOW!” Kevin screamed.

John got up and did as he was told. He laid down on the floor on his back wondering what Kevin was going to do next. He had no backbone to stand up to either of his sons. He knew he was the family cuck now. As much as his brain screamed against it, he couldn’t help himself. He was drawn to it like an addict who is drawn to heroin. This was his new identity.

Kevin pulled out of her pussy and quickly lifted her head up, still holding a fistful of her hair, and led her on her knees till she was next to John’s head. “Straddle his face.” Kevin commanded her. Sue threw her leg over John’s head and held her pussy directly over his mouth. Kevin looked down at his dad who was staring back up at him. “Now clean her pussy out. Make sure you swallow every drop of my cum. And you keep sucking that pussy till I tell you to stop.”

Sue lowered her pussy till she was smothering John’s face. The sucking and slurping sounds filled the room as John cleaned out her pussy, drinking in Kevin’s cum.

Kevin stepped in front of Sue as she knelt. John looked up and saw his son’s cock and balls in Sue’s face. Kevin grabbed a fistful of hair and yanked her head back to look up at him. He smiled down at her. “I’m not done with you yet slut!”

Sue moaned as she returned his smile. “I hope not. I didn’t know how much I craved this till now. Don’t ever be done with me baby!”

Kevin held his deflated cock against her lips. “Suck it babe! Suck your new Master’s cock!” Sue opened her mouth and sucked his manhood in, savoring the mixture of her juices with his cum. Kevin moaned his approval as he stroked her head with his other hand. “Mmmm! That’s it baby! Damn your good!” He looked at Brady smiling. “Enjoying the show?”

Brady chuckled. “Very much. But I think they’re enjoying it even more.” He said as he nodded to his ladies on either side of him, both his hands moving in a constant circular motion between his mom’s and aunt’s legs. Both ladies had a glazed look on their face as Brady worked their clits without stopping.

“You three settle in. I plan on being here for a while.” Kevin looked down at Sue smiling. She was looking up at him, her mouth stuffed full of his cock. She steadied herself with her left hand on his thigh while she gently massaged his nut sack with her right hand. “I hope you’re comfortable. You’re going to be on your knees for a while.”

Sue remained straddled over John’s mouth as she sucked on Kevin’s cock and balls. Time became a blur as John sucked on her clit and pussy, bringing her to one orgasm after another. Every orgasm bringing her to a squealing climax, even as Kevin’s cock remained stuffed in her mouth.

“Oh please baby! You have to stop! I’ve cum so many times it’s beginning to hurt.” Dena moaned softly as her body twitched and spasmed uncontrollably. She grabbed his arm, trying to pull his hand from between her legs. “Please baby! I’m so swollen. It’s so sensitive. It hurts.”

Brady looked at her. The look on her face told him all he needed to know. Her discomfort was being trumped by the intense pleasure coming from her throbbing clit. “I’m not stopping slut.” He pinched her clit between his thumb and index finger causing Dena’s body to lurch forward as she grabbed his arm and tried to pull his hand out from between her legs. “This clit belongs to me. I’ll play with it as long as I want.” Dena almost wailed as he pinched her hyper-sensitive clit and then began to stroke it so lightly the tip of his finger was barely touching it. Brady looked at Jean. “You got anything to say slut?” He asked as he pinched her clit.

Jean had already been sobbing softly, overwhelmed with the mixture of pleasure and pain. She screamed as it felt as though an electric shock coursed through her body. “OOOHHH PLEASE! NO!” Her body erupting in yet another orgasm. She began to shake and convulse uncontrollably. If she hadn’t responded this way before, Brady would have thought she was having a seizure. But he knew better.

“Both of you sit back and spread your legs like the sluts I know you both are!” He commanded them. “I’ll decide when you’ve both had enough.” Both ladies sat back and continued to watch Kevin feeding his cock to Sue. Bycasino giriş Brady was rock hard. But he was determined to push both his ladies harder than he’d ever pushed them before. Both his mom and aunt continued to moan and sob softly as he pushed their bodies. Both their clits were so engorged they felt like they were the size of golf balls. He alternated between rubbing them hard and gently stroking them with the tip of his finger. He loved hearing them gasp when he hit that nerve in just the right spot. He played with their clits for another hour before releasing them. When he finally did his mom and aunt just sat there with clits throbbing. As much as they’d wanted him to stop, their bodies continued to crave his touch.

Kevin watched his brother in silence as he plowed Sue’s mouth. Even though he now had what most men fantasize about, a slut at his disposal to serve him however he wanted, he still felt a pang of jealousy as he watched Brady take his mom and aunt. Seeing the wantonness on both their faces only made him want them all the more. He grabbed Sue’s head with both hands and began to fuck her mouth with a fury he’d never shown before imagining it was his mom’s mouth he was fucking.

Sue began to choke and gag as his cock swelled to a full erection once again. Her saliva began to drool down her chin and onto her tits, ultimately dripping on John’s forehead as he continued to suck on her pussy. Her pussy too was beginning to feel like raw meat as John sucked and nibbled on it. Every time she tried to lift off his mouth Kevin would push down on her shoulders. Kevin finally released her and pulled out of her mouth after pumping his second load down her throat. Sue’s tits and stomach were covered with her saliva.

Brady finally sat up in bed and scooted down to the foot of the bed as his mom and aunt slept hard on either side of him. He was rock hard from replaying the previous evening in his mind. If this had been any other day, he’d wake one of them and fuck them for relief. But he wanted to save it for what he had planned for the ceremony later in the afternoon. The ladies were still sleeping after he showered and dressed. He went downstairs and made himself some breakfast and coffee.

He thought about what he wanted to say at their little ceremony later in the day. He hated these kinds of ceremonies. He’d hated every graduation he had ever been forced to go through. Subconsciously, this is probably the reason he never thought about marriage. The thought of standing there in front of who knows how many people making promises to someone knowing they would probably be broken somewhere down the road. He knew he had become jaded about the whole marriage thing. He’d seen too many fall apart over the years, his parent’s marriage being the primary one. And now here he was contributing to that failure in some sick way. He knew societal norms condemned what he had with his mom and aunt.

In his mind the ceremony was for two reasons. The first reason was for him. It was his way of giving the finger to everyone who thought the relationship he had with his mom and aunt was wicked and sick. His mom may have still been married to his dad. But as far as he was concerned, a roll of toilet paper had more value than the piece of paper that said they were married. They’d both broken those vows years ago. The second reason was for his mom and aunt. He knew how much they needed this. The three of them had voiced their commitment to each other numerous times already. But this would be different. He was going to collar them, taking ownership of them completely, but also committing himself to them. They needed this ceremony more than he did.

“Morning.” Kevin mumbled as he walked into the kitchen rubbing his head like he was recovering from a night of drinking.

Brady chuckled. “Morning. You look like shit.”

Kevin smiled as he poured himself a cup of coffee. “You think I look like shit? You should see Sue.”

“How late did you keep that poor girl up last night?”

“Poor girl my ass! That slut has an insatiable appetite. The more I pushed her last night, the more she wanted it. After you went to bed I had her give dad a lap dance.” Kevin laughed. “It was fun watching him squirm and not being able to touch her.”

“I told you he really gets off on being treated like that.” Brady said.

“After the lap dance I had her suck on my cock till she brought it back to life. Then I fucked her tits while I had dad jack-off watching us.” Kevin looked at Brady smiling. “It was a good night!”

Brady held his coffee mug up in a mock toast. “To you little brother. Every man needs a good slut at his disposal. She sounds like a keeper.”

“She is. I branded her. I plan on keeping her. Fuck dad.”

Brady shook his head. “You’ve got some serious anger issues bro. You hate dad that much?”

Kevin sat quiet for a couple minutes thinking about how to reply. “You’ve been gone for the last ten years. You haven’t had to deal with the shit I did. Do you know how many times I just wanted to scream, ‘Would you just grow a pair and be a man?’ Watching him cower to mom day after day. I guess Bycasino deneme bonusu being away at school helped me push all that shit to the back of my mind. But last night brought it all back. Seeing him sitting there while I took his girl friend and doing nothing about it.” Kevin looked at Brady expressionless. “Yeah! I enjoyed every fucked up minute of it.”

“Do you understand mom’s frustration now?”

“Yeah, I get it. I think I’ve always gotten it.” Kevin glared at his brother. “I just wish I’d of gotten to mom first.”

Brady stared back not wanting to escalate things. But he also wanted to remind Kevin where things stood. There was no way in hell he was going to share his mom or aunt with anyone, especially Kevin. “Well you didn’t. So let it go brother. I don’t want this to come between us. But they both belong to me now. And you know how I hate sharing my things.” He said with a smirk.

Kevin snorted. “Yeah, I know! You were a selfish son of a bitch as a kid! Haven’t change a bit.”

“When you heading back to school?” Brady asked wanting to change the subject.

“Later this afternoon. I have a big project I have to present tomorrow.”

“Why don’t you take Sue back with you.” Brady suggested, just trying to be as conciliatory as possible.

Kevin shook his head. He was slowly getting over his fit of anger. “I thought about that. Maybe someday I’ll do that. But if I walked in the dorm with her, my room would be full of guys 24/7 hoping to get a piece of her.”

Brady laughed. “What? You’re not into sharing her?”

Kevin just stared at him. Then he laughed as he stood up and walked away. “You son of a bitch! That’s different.”

“You’re fucking full of shit!” Brady yelled laughing at Kevin as he walked upstairs back to his bedroom.

Brady was working on his third cup of coffee when his mom and aunt came downstairs. He chuckled as he watched them walk through the kitchen towards the coffee maker. “You two are walking kind of funny.”

“Ha ha! Very funny!” Dena said still groggy, not having woken up completely yet. Her eyes still had that glazed look from the night before. “I’m still swollen. It won’t stop throbbing.”

“I feel like a piece of raw meat down there.” Jean shared her condition. As much as her clit hurt and throbbed she fought the urge to beg Brady to take her again and play with her more. “I lost track of time last night. How long did you play with us last night?”

Brady watched them as they poured their cups of coffee and then sat down at the table. “It was a little over two hours last night. But you both still want more, don’t you?”

The sisters looked at each other before Jean responded. “You know we do. As much as it hurts. . .” She couldn’t bring herself to admitting she wanted more. “Please! No more!”

“Yeah baby.” Dena chimed in. “Last night was intense. I just don’t know how much more of that I could take.”

“But you want more of it! Don’t you? Admit it!”

“I do admit it baby!” Dena said almost pleading with him. “But something happened last night that scared me.”

“Tell me.” Brady wasn’t sure what she was talking about.

Dena composed herself as she felt her hands beginning to shake. “I want to belong to you baby. You own me, and I don’t want it any other way. But last night took it to a whole new level.” She paused. “I don’t know how to describe it. It was deeper. I felt like I was losing all control. I felt like I was losing my identity, who I was. The more you pushed and maintained control, the more I felt like I was falling down this black hole. My mind and body were just a mass of feelings and emotions that were inseparable from you. It was like,” she paused again, “without you I don’t even exist. Does that make sense?”

Jean was sobbing softly now as she listened to her sister describe her experience. “Oh sweetie! That’s exactly what I was going through last night. It makes perfect sense to me.”

Brady reached across the table and took their hands in his. “It makes sense mom.” He looked at both of them as he spoke tenderly. “I’ve read about what you two experienced last night. I was wondering if either of you would experience it. But you both did. Knowing how connected you two are it doesn’t surprise me you both experienced it together. I don’t want either of you to lose your identity. But I also don’t want either of you to be so afraid of losing your identity in the intimacy of what we share that you fight those feelings when they sweep over you. I’ll say this again. I can’t say it strong enough or emphatic enough.” He squeezed their hands harder as he spoke. “You both belong to me. I own you. I don’t know how else to say it more emphatically. I’m not letting either of you go. I don’t want either of you to be afraid of embracing what we have together and what you are to me and to each other. Any hole you fall down, I’ll be there to catch you. I love you mom. I love you aunt Jean. Neither of you are going anywhere because I’m not letting either of you go.” Then he thought about the ceremony in a few hours. “I’m collaring you both in a few hours. If either of you are having second thoughts, now is the time to voice them.” He wanted to give them one last chance to back out. Although he knew neither of them would. “Because once I place that collar on you, you belong to me. I’ll own you as completely as any man can own a woman.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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