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My Mom vs. My Sister Ch. 01

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My Mom vs. My Sister

Chapter 1

My mother, Cathryn, is a 47-year-old emergency room doctor. She is the smartest person I know. And my older sister, Caitlyn, a 19-year-old high school dropout, is the dumbest person I know. And they hate each other. And not in that “Terms of Endearment” way. They truly hate each other and always have. And I have been stuck in between them all my life.

My name is Carter, an 18-year-old nerd one step away from leaving this dysfunctional family in the rear-view mirror. I just finished high school and surviving my last summer at home before I pack off to college. As you can see, we are one of those families where all the first names sound the same. You know, assholes. People avoid families like ours. As does our father. He divorced my mother sixteen years ago, and I see him every leap year.

Since my mom has not had a boyfriend for a very long time, I have become her de facto boyfriend. And since I’ve never had a girlfriend, I’m always available for “dates”. We go out to dinner and see movies together. And she likes to hold my hand in the theater. And now she’s kissing my cheek when she says “goodnight”. It’s like having a girlfriend in the sixth grade.

But lately, the sexual tension has been noticeable, at least by me. Two weeks ago, at a sushi restaurant, she dropped her purse on the floor, and when I picked it up, I got a close-up of her panties. And since that fateful moment, she’s been popping into my head while I’m masturbating.

While my mom is a great mom, my sister is her exact opposite. Her problems have nothing to do with having a bad father. It’s very simple. She’s selfish and lazy. And you don’t get that way from having a bad childhood. And true to her sloth-like nature, it was right after lunch when she finally woke up. I was sitting in the study working out my curriculum for the upcoming semester, when she opened the door and poked her head in.

“Hey, dweeb,” she said, “when is mom coming back from work?”

My sister has “hot chick syndrome.” That happens to very beautiful girls that always get away with murder because they’re so sexy. They’re like rock stars. They expect special treatment, and unless your rich or beautiful, they don’t talk to you.

Guys are always falling for Caitlyn. That is, until they spend a few hours with her. Then they inquire about the Witness Protection Program. She has not kept a boyfriend longer than seventeen days. I know. I’ve been keeping track.

She’s five feet six and 110 pounds, with a sexy French face, dirty dyed-blond hair, pierced eyebrows, green eyes, and a pierced lower lip. She’s very pretty, but in a nasty way, and I’ve had quite an anatomy lesson watching her walk around the house in various stages of undress. It’s like living at a strip club. And today, she’s got on her Daisy Mae white trash outfit, which means her new boyfriend is coming over. I couldn’t help but take my usual glance at her studded nipples that are sharply pointed and poking through her sheer white top.

“It’s her regular shift, stupid,” I said. “Why do you care?”

“I need you to get lost in about an hour.”

“Is your boyfriend coming over?” That was a rhetorical question. “Just take him to your bedroom, I won’t tell mom.”

“No, asshole. We’re gonna use the pool.”

So, this was another photoshoot. My sister loves to be photographed, and according to her, her new boyfriend is a photographer. But she says that about all her boyfriends when they don’t have jobs. And most of them don’t. This is their third date with this new guy, and so far, he photographs her for about an hour, then they go upstairs to her room and fuck.

“Fine. Just clean up after you’re done.” Wish me luck on that one. So far, I don’t believe she’s ever lifted a finger around the house. My mom still cleans her room for her.

“You can’t say a word to mom. It’s not just my boyfriend this time.”

“Who is it?”

“Just stay in your room.”

“If you don’t tell me, I’ll call mom right now.” My sister fears only one person in this world, and that’s my mom. All I have to do is pick up my phone.

“You fucking little mommy’s boy. You two came home late last night. Did you go to a motel?” She’s always accusing me of having sex with our mom. And I could see why she might think that. We spend a lot more time together than we probably should.

I picked up my phone. “Okay, you asked for it, calling now.”

“It’s another girl,” she said quickly.

I put down my phone. “Oh. Well, what have we here?”

“Just stay in your room and keep your fucking little perverted eyes to yourself.”

“If mom catches you, you’re dead. She’ll kick you out.”

“She will only find out if you tell her. Then you’re dead.”

I’m six-foot-one and have fifty pounds on my sister. But she has a violent temper and scratches me with her sharp claws when she gets really angry. She’s even pulled out a butcher knife and threatened to kill me when I stole a slice of queenbet yeni giriş her six-dollar Little Caesars pizza.

“Oooo. I’m soooo scared,” I said sarcastically, even though I truly was scared.

But my phone vibrated. “Speak of the devil. It’s mom.”

“I don’t want to talk to her,” pleaded Caitlyn. “Tell her I went out for a walk.”

I smiled like I didn’t care. “Hi mom.”

“Hi honey,” said my mom. “I’ve been trying to reach your fucking sister all morning. Is she still asleep?”

Living with my sister was a lot more complex than it needed to be. Caitlyn waved her hands, expressing her extreme desire not to talk to mom. But that didn’t mean anything to me. I was going to hand her my phone.

But my sister stepped it up one level and pulled up her top. She showed me her tits. This was a ritual now. Mom always calls me when Caitlyn doesn’t answer her phone. And my sister has figured out the only way to circumvent that process. She shows me her tits. It was payment for services rendered. And even though I hate my sister, she has very nice tits.

“I think she went for a walk.” I have to say, they are not big. Her nipples are small and pointed. With studs. She has a new tattoo, and it’s right under her left breast. It’s three words, in cursive, but I can’t tell what they say. “Anything I can do for you, mom?”

“Tell her to call Triple A. The claims adjuster is trying to get a hold of her. I can’t believe she is so fucking irresponsible!” My sister rear-ended another car yesterday while texting. It’s her third auto accident in the last seven months.

“Will do, mom.”

“Thank God I have one good child,” said mom. “Otherwise, I’d kill myself. Anyway, honey, see you tonight.”

I disconnected, and my sister quickly moved her top back into place. The show was over.

“Fucking perv,” said Caitlyn.

“Hey, what does that new tattoo say?”

“It says ‘fuck you forever’.”

“Why would you put that under your breast?”

“None of your fucking business. Now you can go upstairs and jack off to your gay porn like the loser dweeb that you are.”

“And you’d better call Triple-A, Caitlyn, or mom is going to really kill you this time.”

“Oh, I’m so scared. Mommy’s little fruitcake all upset that mommy might get mad?” She then gave me her obligatory middle finger, which I’ve seen a million times, and walked away.

* * *

I rarely spy on my sister. I really don’t want to know what she is up to, because it’s surely something I would have to report to my mom. Or the police. Besides, she now has six tattoos on her erogenous zones and is slowly ruining her beautiful body. It seems like she gets another one every week. And I don’t know who is paying for them, because she has no money, as mom canceled her credit cards months ago.

So, I decided to get out of harm’s way, and went into my bedroom to play video games during my sister’s backyard orgy. And in about fifteen minutes, a brand-new white BMW M235i drove up into our driveway and parked. I’ve never seen this car before, and the first person out was the driver, who was in his forties, with a chiseled face, goatee, arms full of tats, and thinning black hair. And then out stepped three other guys dressed like new Dollar Mart trainees, all somewhere in their twenties.

Finally, a very sexy and petite Asian girl popped out of the car. And I’d know her anywhere. She is a porn actress. Her name is Kaho Ling. I’ve only jerked off to her about a hundred times. She’s Asian American, five feet one, and about ninety pounds. She has muscular A-cups, a gorgeous face, high cheekbones, full lips, and bright brown eyes. She looks very sweet, except when she’s having sex. Then she’s a freak. The last video I saw of hers was a lesbian movie that ended with her pissing on her scene partner. It is extremely disgusting. So I guess I should probably stop jacking off to it.

Now, I don’t know how many times I’ve seen my sister naked. I’ve even seen her have sex in the jacuzzi, the pool, and on the pool deck. But I’ve never had her pop into my head while masturbating, and I believe I know the reason. I hate her. It’s funny how much hate can neutralize sexual feelings. I know why people get divorced.

Since Kaho is one of my two favorite pornstars, I’d have to watch this, even if it involved my sister. I moved to my mom’s room, which has a perfect view of the backyard. They were going to shoot the scene behind the pool next to our red Japanese maple tree. There was a camera mounted on a tripod and several photographer’s umbrellas set up to manage the light. One of the guys was in a swimsuit holding a camera on his shoulder. But so far, I have not seen either my sister or Kaho, which meant that this will be a lesbian scene.

And I’m not surprised. Caitlyn watches a lot of lesbian porn on her laptop. She is constantly asking me to help her with her computer, but she doesn’t know how to clear her search history. So, it’s always eye-opening when queenbet giriş I get to see the latest kink she is into. Lately, it’s been double penetrations.

After a few more minutes, Kaho and my sister finally came out of the house and walked around the pool toward the maple tree. Kaho was wearing a white sundress and sunhat, and my sister was wearing a sheer black camisole. They both briefly spoke to the driver of the BMW, who apparently is the director. And after their short talk, Kaho and Caitlyn took their places next to the trunk of the maple tree.

The director said “roll ’em” and my sister and Kaho said a few lines before Kaho removed her hat, and they shared their first kiss. Kaho is a gorgeous actress, and her lesbian porn is very authentic. Her silky black hair falls almost to her waist, and she is delivering several artfully protruding tongue kisses into Caitlyn’s mouth. And for the first time in my life, I’d give anything to change places with my sister.

Caitlyn seems to be enjoying every second of her new job. I guess it was just a matter of time. She loves to be photographed. She takes about a hundred selfies every day. Since she can’t keep a regular job, porn is the best solution for her. But this will destroy my mom if she finds out, and I’m not going to say a word.

And I’d have to worry about my mom later. Because, right now, I have a more immediate problem. This is a gorgeous kissing scene. Forgetting for a moment that Caitlyn is my sister, I admire how she’s working this scene. The camera intensifies her emotions, sexual and otherwise. Point a camera at Caitlyn, and she’ll either fuck you or start yelling at you. In my case, it’s always the latter.

Kaho’s sundress came off, as did Caitlyn’s camisole. Holy fuck. I had a throbber that had to be relieved, and quickly. And I’m the right guy for the job. I pulled my cock out of my shorts and began to work it. And based on my level of arousal, this would take about a minute.

Caitlyn leaned over and focused her studded tongue onto Kaho’s engorged nipples. She knelt on the grass, her lips just inches from Kaho’s hairless mons. She pushed her nose into Kaho’s cameltoe and sniffed. Then licked her clit as the cameraman moved in for a close-up.

I was stroking slowly, trying not to cum. After all, I was still in my mom’s room. I certainly didn’t want to cum on the wall next to her bed. Caitlyn’s tongue finally began its intense probing of Kaho’s slit. She tilted her head to get a better angle. And that was enough for me.

I’ve got to get to the bathroom, and fast. But I wasn’t going to make it. I was next to my mom’s dresser, and this was an emergency. I quickly opened the nearest drawer, which was on the top right, and reached into it to grab whatever I could to catch my cum. It was soft and silky, so I covered my spurting cock with it. And came hard. I shot into the garment with a lot more sperm than was convenient, then realized something. These are my mom’s black panties.

Oh, fuck. Now what do I do? How do you wash panties? The regular wash? Or by hand? I have no idea. I’ll have to Youtube this one. But that can wait, because Caitlyn is really convincing at eating pussy. Dammit, I wish I didn’t have such a terrible relationship with Caitlyn. Because she’s gonna be famous one day.

When excited, I can cum twice in about fifteen minutes. So, for lack of a better idea, I held onto my mom’s soaked black panties and continued to enjoy the show. I’m not sure how much my sister is getting paid for this, but she’s worth every penny.

But now it was Kaho’s turn to go down on my sister. She knelt on the grass, looked up at my sister’s deviant eyes, then placed her lips right on her shaved mons, before inching her way down into her slit. I’ve seen the pink between my sister’s legs a handful of times. And that was when she was doing her nude yoga in the bonus room. She didn’t even stop when I walked in. She just held her head between her ankles, called me a pervert, then told me to go get her some water. And when I came back, ten seconds later, she was still in the same position.

As Kaho’s tongue continued its inward advance into my sister’s photogenic pussy, I was definitely recharged. I was hard again, and simply wrapped my mom’s soaked panties around my cock and stroked. Kaho’s demonstrative tongue probing was getting me off again. I stroked it more normally this time, as I didn’t feel the intense urge to cum like the first time.

But Caitlyn turned around, bent over, put her hands on the tree trunk, and let Kaho put her tongue up her ass. Well, that was that. My second orgasm. I unloaded into my mom’s panties again, but this time the load was much more manageable. But the panties were completely soaked. And as I contemplated what to do with the mess, the director finally ended the scene.

“Okay, that was good, ladies. Take a fifteen-minute break while we set up for the pool scene.”

Kaho stood and they both briefly talked to the director queenbet güvenilirmi before heading back toward the house. Then Caitlyn just remembered something. She has a younger brother. She looked up at the upstairs windows and caught me peeking out. I ran back into my room, locked the door, and put my mom’s panties in a very nice ceramic bowl I made in eighth grade. I was going to hide inside my room until the camera crew left, then try to wash the panties. But Caitlyn is out to get me.

And sure enough, she tried the handle to my bedroom door. But it was locked.

“Hey asshole!” she shouted through the door. “Open up!”

“Go away.”

Since it is only a privacy lock and she routinely steals money from my room, my sister quickly got it open. She stomped into my room wearing a white cotton robe that was loosely tied in front.

“Why were you watching us? Were you jerking off?”

“Why are you shooting a porn here? Mom will kill you.”

And Caitlyn saw it. Right on my dresser. Wadded up black panties, all soaked in cum, sitting right in the ceramic bowl. Surprisingly, she picked them up between her thumb and index finger, and held them up for me to see.

“You jerked off into mom’s panties?”

“It was an accident.”

“How do you accidentally jerk off into mom’s panties?”

“I pulled them out of her drawer by mistake.”

“Yeah, right.”

And just then, Kaho Ling appeared at my door. She was also in a white cotton robe and had a question for Caitlyn.

“Do you have a sewing kit? I’m having a problem with my bikini.” And then she caught my eye.

“I’m sorry,” said Kaho, “is this your brother?”

Caitlyn was still holding up mom’s panties and turned to show them to Kaho.

“Yes. The little pervert just jerked off into my mom’s panties.”

Kaho was stunned. Disgusted. She looked scornfully at the soiled panties and then at me. “Your mom’s panties?”

“It was an accident,” I refrained.

“Well, listen, you fucking little pervert,” said Caitlyn, “you say anything to mom about today and I’m going to show her what you did. You got it?”

“Got it.”

Caitlyn smiled victoriously and finally answered Kaho’s question. “My mom has a sewing kit. Follow me.” Caitlyn walked away, keeping possession of the soiled panties.

“Where are you taking those?” I asked.

“Evidence, pervert. You open your big mouth and mom isn’t going to think you are her golden boy anymore. She won’t even want to be in the same room as you. You’ll be an orphan.”

“It was an accident.”

* * *

That was a mistake. You never jerk off into your mom’s panties under any circumstances. And knowing my sister, she’d hold it over me for the rest of my life. After all, to my mom, my sister was the devil, and I was her angel. So, Caitlyn’s waited her whole life for this. And all I could do is sit in my room and try to think my way out of this mess.

Fortunately, the only way she could get me in trouble was to get herself in trouble. I’m pretty sure my mom would kick her out of the house if she found out about the porn shoot. In my case, my mom would probably just yell at me, then feel creepy for the rest of her life. So, after another two hours had passed, I stood at my bedroom window and watched the camera crew pack up into the BMW.

But this was one of those days. It was half-past four in the afternoon, and my mom just pulled up into the driveway. Two hours early. She normally parks in the garage, but this time, she parked right next to the BMW. What was she doing home so early? Her shift isn’t over until six. Holy fuck. She quickly got out of the car and approached the BMW.

“Excuse me, who are you people?” she queried.

“Oh, just friends of Caitlyn,” said Kaho.

“Friends?” said my mom, who immediately rushed into the house for her showdown with Caitlyn.

“CAITLYN!” she screamed from the top of her lungs. Getting no answer, she immediately rushed up the staircase. I heard her footsteps run right by my bedroom door and down the hall to Caitlyn’s room. She shoved open the door, and the screaming started.


“What the fuck are you doing home so early?”

“You didn’t call Triple-A like I told you to. And now I know why. You’re shooting porn.”

“No, I wasn’t, they’re friends of mine.”

“No, they’re not, that girl is a porn actress! Kaho Ling.” How my mom knew this, I could only guess. Kaho Ling is a semi-popular actress that specializes in lesbian and fake incest porn. But you’d probably have to watch a lot of porn to recognize her that easily.

“She is?” said Caitlyn. When my sister lies, she sticks to it, no matter how ridiculous she sounds.

“Okay, you’re out of here! Go live with your father!”

“I can’t live with him, he’s a fucking perv.”

“That just means you’re meant for each other. Now pack up your shit. I’ve had it with you, Caitlyn! I’m driving you over there right now.”

To my sister, this was the disaster scenario. My father lives in Antioch, in a trailer park. With his fifth wife, who is from the Philippines. And according to her, he makes passes at her every time she sees him. And she’s not lying about that. I’ve witnessed it.

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