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My Morning of Light (The Story) Ch. 03

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I lent against the door, staring at my son as he slept. The past few weeks had been traumatic as well as hot. I had been raped by my son who now slept in slumber land and then I had made love to my daughter’s girlfriend and my daughter.

What had happened to me. I had been so conservative about my sex life. I made sure no-one was around when I masturbated until the day my son caught me fingering myself against the kitchen bench.

I didn’t know who he was or who’s cock had penetrated my pussy from behind until I managed to look back and he was there. He said he couldn’t stop even though I screamed at him to stop. In the end, I actually didn’t want him to stop as his thrusts became more urgent and the need in my pussy became twice as bad as the size of his cock thrusted it’s way, in and out of my pussy.

“Why son…..why” I said to myself as I watched Billy’s chest rise and fall with every breath he made.

I scanned my eyes up and down his body. The sheet he lay in barely covering his waist. Once or twice I noticed his cock twitch against the sheet that covered him. He was stiff and I want it but I couldn’t. Some part of me was screaming out for him to bury that large piece of manhood inside me, the other part of me said no, it was wrong, he was my son, family members don’t fuck each other.

“Why not….I’ve made love to my daughter, Jessica twice now since then, why not finish it off by having sex with Billy, he did start all this anyway” I thought to myself.

“Got bed, get some sleep, you could end all this now, Jessica won’t be mad if you don’t make love to her ever again, she has Sylvia to make her happy, find yourself a man, you’ll be happy then, everything will turn back to normal, you’ll see” the voice inside my head said.

“I know but I need to see it one more time, to feel it, just to have his cock inside me one more time…..” I said to the voice as I slowly walked up beside my son’s bed.

The voice inside my head screamed “NO, DON’T DO IT, YOU KNOW IT WRONG” as I reached down and pulled the sheet slowly off my son’s cock.

It was hard alright, laying there against his stomach. Billy moaned and turned his head towards me. His eye’s were still closed and his breathing turned into an even rythmic quiet snore.

I reached down again and ran my fingertips over his ball sack and up the length of the shaft until they rested on the bulbess head. To my surprise and delight, precum slowly oozed it’s way out of his cock. I felt my own juices begin to flow as I dipped my finger into the slivery fliud.

It was like I watching someone’s hand slide into my panties to press their fingers against my wet pussy as the other hand slowly and gently made little circles over the eye of my son’s cock, sliding his pre-cum over his hugh gland.

Billy moaned in his sleep at the same time as I did when the hand that was in my panties slipped two fingers into my now yearning pussy.

All I could think about was this must of been a dream, I was dreaming but I wasn’t. I could feel the heat coming off my son’s cock as I slowly left it up sp that it bursa escort was pointing skyward. I saw his fliuds glistening in the light of the moon as I looked at the bulbess head.

“God you are big, no wonder it hurt so much” I thought to myself as I began to slowly and very gently stroke my hand up and down the shaft.

Something inside me made me bend down and take the gland in my mouth. The muscles in my mouth and throat began to suck. The fingers that were inside my pussy pumped in and out of me faster. The yearning grew.

“I’ve got to have his cock inside me” I thought to myself.

“No, you’re going to far, stop now Tracey, go to bed and finger fuck yourself, make yourself cum there, not here” the voice in my head said.

“I’ve got to have it now” my thoughts said pleading with the voice as I pulled my panties off with one swift motion, kicking them aside as I slowly straddled my son waist.

“No tracey, don’t do it, remember he’s your son, you could get pregnant, you haven’t taken the pill in weeks” the vice said trying to stop me from what I was about to do.

“Fuck up and fuck off” I growled back at the voice as the tip of my son’s cock slowly penetrated my aching pussy.

Oh man, did it feel good as I slowly inched my son’s cock into me. inch by inch his cock sunk deeper into my pussy, stretching my pussylips to accomodate him. I could feel my orgasm building inside me. the floodgates ready burst when I had only half of him inside me.

“Not yet……oh god not yet pleaseeeee” I moaned as I lowered myself down onto my son’s cock, pushing more of his manhood into me.

For one glorious moment, I was in heaven when I felt his pubic hair brush against my clit. I was in esctasy when I felt the entire length of Billy’s cock expand inside my pussy, pushing hard against the opening of my womb.

“That where you came from…..and that’s right where I need you…..now son” I moaned as I began to fuck my pussy with his cock.

Billy started to moan as I lifted and lowered my pussy onto his cock. Pushing gently down onto him, burying his stiff cock inside my pussy. I massaged my clit with two of my fingers as I squeezed an pulled at my nipples, massaging my tits as I slowly plunged my pussy up and down onto Billy’s cock.

“Mmmmmm……mmmmmmm……aaaarrrrrhhhhh” Billy moaned in his sleep, his cock twitching inside me as I felt his cock explode inside me, filling my pussy with his cum.

“Oooooohhhhhhh yyyyyyyeeeeeesssss” I moaned as my own orgasm ripped through my body, flooding my pussy with mine and my son’s jiuces.

My body was still trembling as I lifted myself off from Billy’s cock and staggered out of his room and into mine, closing the door behind me. I fell onto my bed and vigoruously massaged my clit with one hand as I drove two of my fingers into my pussy and fingered fucked myself to another earth shattering orgasm with my other hand.

By the time I blacked out, I was totally satisfied. The burning desire for my son’s cock I had inside my pussy subsided down to a pleasant ache even though I still bursa escort needed more.

I woke from a pleasant dream to the feeling of someone’s tongue running it way in and around my pussy and a pair of lips sucking gently at my clit. I finally opened my eyes when I arched my back and came.

“Oooooohhhhh god” I moaned sitting up to find my daughter’s head between my legs, licking at my pussy as she sucked my juices into her mouth.

“You had someone’s cum leaking out of your pussy so I decided to clean it up for you” Jessy said licking her lips.

“I wonder how that happened” I said as I dressed myself.

“I wonder too” Jessy said as she walked out of my room.

When I was making myself a cup of coffee, Billy stumbled into the kitchen, rubbing his and yawning a couple of hours later.

Jess got a call from Sylvia saying that she needed her urgently and to rush over there now. I told her she probaly need my daughter’s mouth probing her pussy and that she needed to cum to get her out of bed and off to work, that’s why it was so urgent. Jessy just laughed and kissed me before she left and now it was only Billy and I left at home.

“Good morning or should I say afternoon” I said noticing the very large bulge in his boxers when I handed him his cup of coffee.

“Yeah good whatever” Billy said sitting down on the couch.

“Sounds like you had a bad night out with the boys” I said getting back to my work on my laptop.

“Denise stood me up at Joe’s Place, found out she likes Brian better than me but didn’t have the guts to tell me…..bitch of a slut” Billy said showing me how pissed off he was with his now ex-girlfriend.

“A slut is someone who will fuck anyone and a bitch is someone who will fuck anyone but you” I said trying to lighten he mood.

“Thanks mum….I’d wish you’d fuck……..” Billy said cutting himself off when he realised what he was going to say.

Billy and I hadn’t spoken about that day when he raped me, even though I had turned that day into a memory I re-ran over and over in my mind, liking every minute of it, making myself cum twice as hard when I finger fucked myself or pumped my vibrator in and out of pussy.

“Billy…..I probaly would of let you fuck me if you’d have asked….I was in heat and needed to cum but you didn’t…..”.

“You let Jessy make love to you…I’d heard you and her going for it when she’s walked into your room late at night when you two have thought I was asleep, I’ve said I was sorry, I haven’t tried to have sex with you since then so why have I been punished for keeping my word” Billy said cutting me off.

I held my son tightly in my arms for a long time. I hadn’t realised how much he was suffering. I had thrown myself at Sylvia and my daughter Jess to hide the fact that it was my son’s cock that I really craved for. Last night had been the first I’d had his cock inside me since Billy had raped me. I still yearned for him to make love to me. I could feel his hot breath on my breasts. His hand slowly rubbing my thighs. I didn’t want this to bursa eskort happen his way. If I had with him, I wanted it my way but as I hand neared the crotch of my pants, my legs began to open. Billy slid his hand further up my thigh till it touch my crotch. I was hot. I had felt my juices beginning to flow and I knew he knew I was was in heat again.

Billy’s hand pressed hard against my pussy. I breathed in heavily, feeling the pressure he applied against my clit. Billy undid the top button of my shirt and began to kiss the soft flesh of my breasts, flicking his tongue between the grooves of my tits.

My breathing got heavier as he applied more pressure to my clit, never once reaching up to undo my zipper, even though part of my mind wanted him too. I wanted to reach down and slid my hand into his boxers and stroke that beautiful cock of his.

Now I really wanted to cum as he slid his hand down further, massage my entire pussy on the outside of my pants.

“Ooooohhhhh son…..oh Billy…..no…..please don’t……stop….please” I moaned kissing the top of his head as I held him tightly to my breasts.

Billy didn’t say a word. He just spread my legs further and applied more pressure to my now aching pussy.

The voice came back into my head when Billy started to undo the zipper of my pants and push his hand into my panties. I didn’t listen. I didn’t want to listen. I lifted my ass off the couch so Billy could pull my pants down so they were only halfway down my thighs. I looked down between my legs as Billy pulled my panties to one side and put his hand back onto my now exposed pussy.

“You have a wonderful cunt mum….so hot….so juicey” Billy said as two of his fingers disappeared inside me.

“Just….make me….cum…son” I moaned as he drove his fingers deep into my pussy.

I did want him to fuck me but I had to show him that I’d let him have me when I wanted it, not when he wanted it. “I’ll let him finger fuck and probaly let him fuck me later on but right now, I’ll only let him go this far” I thought to myself as my son pumped hs fingers in and out of my pussy.

“Mum I want to fuck you” Billy moaned driving his fingers deep into me.

“No…..maybe….I’ll…let…you….later……maybe”I moaned my reply.

“Please mum…..let me fuck you….” Billy said driving his fingers in and out of my pussy as I pushed against his hand.

“Later…….baby……laterrrrrrrrrrrrrrr” I moaned as my orgasm rocked though my body, flooding my son’s hand with my juices.

“Okay maybe later” Billy said as he continued to finger fuck my pussy.

“Thank you…..mmmmmmm…..son” I moaned jolting on his fingers, driving them right up into my pussy as my orgasm began to subside.

When I had calmed down, Billy took his fingers out of my pussy and licked them as I pulled my pants up.

“I’ve got work to do” I said going back to my laptop and went back to work.

Billy got up, stared at me and went and made us both another cup of coffee.

“Here you go mum” Billy said handing me my cup of coffee.

On the handle was a rolled up piece of material. When I pulled it out and gave it a shake, it was my pair of white cotton panties and in the crotch was a pool of dried semen.

“Maybe you’ll let me fuck you when I’m awake next time” Billy said as he walked back to his room.

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