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My Mother in Law

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Solo Male

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a story so here’s a quick one that I hope you enjoy.

So it all started when my mother in law was sitting across from me while I was horny one day at the cabin. I was there alone until her and my father in law showed up. I was just wearing my sleep shorts and a tee sitting on the couch sprawled out relaxing when they walked in. I didn’t move. I just sat there while she sat and he went about doing something outside. We exchanged some conversation before she began playing games on her notepad, and I just went back to watching TV.

They’re both nice people that I get along with very well, and for a woman in her late fifties she’s not bad to look at. I’ve definitely liked her rather large chest from day one. She has to be DD at a minimum. Today being overly horny and being alone all week my thoughts were more on her tits than the TV. It’s not long until I’m stroking my dick letting my shorts ride up so she can see.

I glance at her occasionally as the tip of my hard dick pokes out for her to see, and I see that she’s stealing glances. This gives me the courage to show a bit more so I pull my shorts to the side letting my cock and balls free while I stroke my shaft while watching her from the corner of my eye. I see her rubbing her right Lefkoşa Escort thigh while she watches and pretends to play games.

My cock is rock hard when I see her finger slip into a hole in her jeans near her crotch. Her hand moves slowly up and down telling me that she’s rubbing her clit with my rhythm. Her legs open and her hand moves deeper into her pants. I hear a faint moan before I grab my cock firmly to stroke it properly. I don’t say a word as I turn to watch her.

She just looks at me while we masturbate together watching one another. I see her body tense, and watch her legs clamp tight as she shakes in her seat. It’s too much to see, and I nut all over my leg. We come down together before I go to clean up. When I walk out of the bathroom my father on law walks in. He’s none the wiser as he makes himself something to eat. After an hour or so he announces that he’s running into town for something.

As soon as he walks out my mother in law tells me that I shouldn’t have done what I did. I just walk over to her. She stands up in front of her chair, and I pull her close kissing her. She returns my advance letting me kiss her passionately. I feel her inhibitions give way with her in my arms, and I reach between us grabbing a handful Kıbrıs Escort of her huge right tit.

It feels so soft and heavy. Her nipple pokes against the palm of my hand. Feeling it I pinch it gently at first, but then I increase pressure until I’m pinching it hard making her moan into my mouth as our tongues dance together. I know we have at least an hour before he gets back so I take my time warming her more and more until she doesn’t hesitate when I unbutton her jeans and lift her shirt.

I don’t let up kissing until her naked breasts are filling my hands, and then I just lick and kiss down to her nipples after pulling her shirt and bra off her to thoroughly enjoy ever inch of her massive melons. They’re even better than I imagined. Her large areola and rock hard nipples poking from the center almost a half inch make sucking them even sexier. Her hand on the back of my head pulling me tight when I bite drives me wild.

After a while I slowly pull down her pants and underwater, and run my fingers through her hairy mound finding her slit and exploring it’s moist depths as she moans and her legs get weak. I ease her back into the chair as I kiss down her belly pulling her to the edge when I get to her mound. I place her legs on my shoulders Lefkoşa Escort just before I drive face first into her wet pussy.

She tastes so good, and I revel in the moment teasing and tasting as deep as I possibly can making her grind her crotch against my mouth. I don’t want it to end, but I want to tease more. I want to taste her orgasm, but I want more. I lick deep from her asshole to her clit, and I nibble just labia just enough to make her whine in pleasure. My dick feels like it’s turning to stone, and I know I need to be inside her.

I kiss my way back up to her sexy tits, and just as I bite down on her left nipple I slide my cock all the way into her pussy making her moan loud in delight. I grind it deep feeling her heat and wetness driving me wild. I had all I could do not to nut right away. I grab both her boobs massaging them while I suck and bite. Her hips rock fucking my cock so nice.

In a few minutes I hear her moan loud saying, “Oh Fuck”, and I feel her pussy quivering around my cock as she shakes in orgasm. My nuts clench and I know I’m done. I hold back as much as I can, but it’s only seconds before my cum shoots deep into her clenching pussy making me shake to my soul. I hold her tight until the last waves ebb from us, and then I kiss her lips as I stand.

“You’re such an ass doing that to me.”

“I wouldn’t mind taking your ass too, but I think I’m good for now.”

She just sits back catching her breath, and I return to my chair watching her naked chest heaving. It’s the beginning of something nice, and I know it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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