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My Mother in Law

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My first wife and I lived in California. Like most Midwestern transplants we had a hot tub and used it. It set on the deck and was sheltered by acacia bushes. The neighbors might be able to see us but it was through the filter of the bushes.

We had settled into a comfortable routine. We would have drinks on the deck each evening while I fixed something on the grill. After dinner and more drinks we’d have sex on the deck or in the hot tub or both. She particularly loved to sit on the edge of the hot tub while I licked her pussy to orgasm. Then she would slide down into the tub, straddle me and we’d fuck slowly while the water jets forced bubbles up between us. We would then stagger off to bed. Usually we slept spoon fashion and would fuck one last time like that before drifting off to sleep.

One day she announced that her mother was coming to stay with us. Her mom lived in the Midwest. She and her husband were divorcing. She needed someplace to stay while the property settlement was worked out. The mother in law and I had never got along. She never felt I wasn’t good enough for her “baby”. I felt she was just a worrisome big tit old drunk.

Things were no better when she moved in. The liquor bill looked like the national debt. My ex-wife spent most of her time refereeing the spats the mother in law and I had. We eventually settled into an uneasy truce for the sake of the woman we both loved.

The mother in law was a functional drunk. She could drink all day and, aside from slurred words, move about the house. Then abruptly she would pass out. The ex-wife I and settled in to a new routine of less sex on the deck and more in the bed because of my mother in law. But one evening the mother in law had gone to bed. The ex-wife and I had our drinks and dinner on the deck. After dinner we had drinks sitting on the edge of the hot tub. I slowly slid into the water and buried my face in that fantastic pussy! The ex-wife protested a little at first…worrying about her mom seeing us. I held tight to her hips and kept licking and sucking her clit.

As she was giving herself up to my pussy licking and grinding her pussy into my face, I glanced up and saw her mom standing in the hall leading to her bedroom. With one hand she held up her nightgown while the other was buried in her pussy! She was getting off watching me eat her daughter! She saw me watching her. Our eyes met as I licked her daughter to orgasm. I moved across the hot tub and sat down. The lust in my wife’s mom’s eyes was obvious. Her daughter slid into the water, walked across and straddled me, her back to her mother. While we fucked I watched her mom work her fingers into her hairy pussy. It was strangely erotic to be fucking the daughter while her mom watched masturbating.

The old bitch slumped against the door as she came. She tottered back into her room. Her daughter had an earth shattering orgasm. Her pussy gripped my dick like a vice, forcing me to cum. We hugged and kissed. Then we staggered upstairs to our room. We were a lot drunker than we normally would be. Instead of our normal spoon style sex session, she passed out. Still semi hard, I walked downstairs for a nightcap.

Her mom was behind the bar fixing herself a drink. Without a word she fixed me one and handed it to me. We got into a whispered argument about her watching me and her daughter.

“You perverted old whore, I saw you getting off watching your daughter have sex!” I hissed

“I noticed you didn’t kurtuluş escort stop when you saw me watching you”, she fired back.

I was wearing PJ bottoms. The mother in law had on one of those nightgowns that were like a long muscle shirt. Her huge tits poked out of the side.

At one point in our whispered fight, she went to stand up. She was too drunk and slumped to her knees. I tried to break her fall but ended up with two hands full of big ass tits. They both popped out of the side of her gown. She was easily E cup. I put my hands under her armpits in and attempt to lift her. All I succeeded in doing was forcing her head into my crotch.

And then, unexpectedly, she reached into my PJ bottoms, grabbed my dick and began sucking! I was stunned and pushed her away. My cock came out of her mouth with a faint popping sound. I staggered past her and leaned my back against the bar. I was a lot drunker than I usually was.

“What the fuck are you doing?” I said.

She was on her knees in front of me. She wore that loose lopsided grin all drunks have. My cock was rock hard now. She crawled over on her knees and took me in her mouth. I made a feeble attempt to push her away again. But I was too drunk and she was too good. I didn’t want her to stop. She made loud slurping sounds as her head bobbed back and forth. Her saliva was running down the length of my dick. I could feel her saliva dripping off my balls into the crack of my ass. I reached down, grabbed a big tit and pinched her nipple hard!! She moaned and reached one hand back to her pussy. She balanced herself on her knees with the other hand while her head continued to bob back and forth. I could hear the wet sounds her pussy made as she furiously rubbed her clit.

At some point I slid to the floor. I was pinching both nipples as hard as I could. She was moaning and groaning. I felt myself starting to cum. So did she! Her head bobbed faster and faster. I unloaded into her mouth. Spurt after spurt filled her mouth. It began to ooze out of the side of her mouth and down her chin. It dripped on to her big jugs. She was gulping madly trying to get all of my seed. At the same time she was bucking against her hand, cumming.

We both collapsed on the floor, spent.

I got up, using a bar stool to balance myself. My mother in law was on her hands and knees trying to stand up. The combination of the alcohol and the excitement had her blowing like a steam engine. I thought she was going to have a heart attack.

“You ok?”, I said

“Help me up”

I squatted behind her, put my arms around her waist and attempted to lift her. My semi hard cock was rubbing her ass through her night gown. She pushed her ass back against my dick.

“You going to fuck me?”, she gasped, trying to catch her breath.

“Not so loud, you old bitch! You are going to wake up your daughter.”

She reached behind her and grabbed at my dick. I moved back so quickly that I fell backwards, banging my head against a bar stool. A little stunned and still very drunk, I sat sprawled on the floor. My wife’s mom crawled over and grabbed my dick. She started slowly stroking me. Despite myself, I was getting hard. I pushed her away and walked out onto the deck. I motioned for her to follow me.

As she struggled to get up to one knee, I could see the hair on her pussy was wet and matted. She struggled to her feet and staggered out to the deck. I closed the sliding glass levent escort patio door behind her. We took seats in chairs facing each other, our knees touching.

“I whispered urgently, that can never happen again. If your daughter had caught us it would have been devastating for her and our marriage”

She leaned forward. The smell of scotch wafted over me.

“Oh yeah, it’s going to happen again. I ain’t had no dick in months. We are going to have to be careful. I don’t want to hurt my baby, but we are going to fuck”

“Have you lost your mind or has all the alcohol softened your brain? I don’t even like your drunken ass. We have never gotten along. You don’t appeal to me. There is no way we are going to fuck.”

“I’ll tell her myself, she said, unless you agree to fuck me whenever I want,”

I was too drunk to argue. I nodded my head in surrender. She finished her drink and tried to stand. She over balanced on the chair and fell back on her ass, legs splayed. I realized she was too drunk to walk. I grabbed her around her waist and lifted her to her feet. She sagged heavily against me. Her bedroom had an entrance on the deck. I duck walked her to the sliding glass door. I managed to get her in the room. I dropped her face down on the bed. Her gown had risen up around her waist. Her ass was surprisingly full and round for a 60 year old woman.

I tried to ignore my hardening dick. I closed and locked the patio door. I walked out into the hall. I had to balance myself on the walls as I stumbled upstairs to my room. My wife lay face down in the bed. She was butt ass naked. In the dim light I noticed how much her ass looked like her mom’s ass. I leaned down and kissed her full firm ass. She didn’t move. I knelt down and gently parted her legs. She stirred a bit but didn’t wake up. I pulled her ass cheeks apart and licked her asshole. She moaned a little. Licking her asshole always drove her wild. I forced the tip of my tongue into her rosebud.

She mumbled sleepily, “I’m sorry baby; I am too high and too sleepy.”

Frustrated and still aroused by my unexpected blowjob from my mother in law, I stripped off my pj bottoms and crawled in bed. My wife rolled to her side and scooted her luscious butt over. I rolled to my side. Lying spoon fashion, she began to softly snore. My hard dick was pressing hard against her ass. We had sex like this before. I would slide into her delicious pussy and fuck her while she slept. Sometimes she woke and it turned into a raging all-nighter. Other times she slept through it. The next day she would tease me about stealing pussy while she slept.

I couldn’t stop thinking about her mom in the downstairs bedroom. I rolled to my back, slowly stroking my dick. The old drunk gave great head. Her daughter was an enthusiastic cocksucker and pretty good. Her mom was better. My dick hurt it was so hard. Pre cum coated my hands as I stroked. I reached over in the nightstand and got the lube we kept there. My first thought was to lube my wife and fuck her ass.

Instead I stood and walked softly to the bedroom door. I opened it and went downstairs. It was barely 11. A lot had happened in a few hours. I grabbed a beer. I was naked. My dick stood erect. So the old bitch thought she was going to blackmail me, did she. I downed half the beer in a swallow. I had brought the lube with me. It lay on the bar. I picked it up and walked the short distance from the bar to my mother in law’s maçka escort room. I opened the door to her room. She was still on her stomach snoring loudly. But she had taken off her gown.

Her huge tits bulged out of each side. That full ass was on display. it was slightly wrinkled but still full. The room stank of old alcohol. I closed the door behind me. I walked over and opened the patio door. I walked back to the bed. I was a little unsteady on my feet. I sat on the side of the bed. I reached over and stroked the mother in law”s ass. I was startled when she said, what the hell do you want? She rolled to her back. Her tits sagged to either side.

“Well, “she said, “what do you want?”

Her lips turned down in a sneer. I went to finish my beer. She grabbed it and drained it. I reached down and eased a finger into her pussy. She kept leering at me but spread her boney legs. I added a finger and stroked her G spot. Very quickly she was soaking wet.

“I knew you would be back for some of this pussy!”

“Not your pussy, I said, I want that fat ass!”

“Nobody gets my ass!”

I squeezed lube onto my finger. I stroked her pussy, spreading lube from her pussy to her asshole. Quickly, I rammed my finger in her ass while my thumb entered her pussy. Her ass rose off the bed. She struggled feebly but the alcohol made it an unfair fight.

“Leave my ass alone!”

“No, you old bitch, if we are going to fuck, I’m going to fuck your fat ass!”

She struggled to get up, turning on her side. I pushed her over on her belly. I straddled her, pressing the head of my rigid dick against her rosebud.

“No, you bastard!, he said, Nobody gets my ass.”

She struggled as I pressed harder against her asshole. The tip of my dick was pushing into her ass. I squirted lube on her ass and my dick.

“Shut up, you old slut. You’ll wake your daughter up and she’ll see us.”

“You motherfucker, she hissed, stop!”

I slipped my shaft into her ass. Fully half of my 8″ was in her. I waited. I could feel her sphincter muscles tightening. I squirted more lube on her ass and my dick. Her face was buried in the pillow. All I could hear was muffled curses and moans. I slowly pulled back and then eased back in.

“You said we were going to fuck. If we do, I want this old flabby ass!”

I stroked slowly in and out. I could hear her cursing into the pillow but I couldn’t make out what she was saying. I continued to slowly stroke in and out, squirting more lube on her ass and my dick. Somewhere in the first 2 or 3 minutes, the curses changed. I was still a motherfucker but with moans. Her ass was now up in the air. She was on her elbows. She was thrusting back into me. I slapped her ass as hard as I could.

“You like it, don’t you bitch?”

She thrust back hard into me starting to match my rhythm. I squirted the rest of the lube on us. She was making sounds like a wild animal, grunting, groaning and cursing me. I grabbed her ass with both hands and pulled her back into me with each stroke. She was thrusting hard now. One hand has between her legs, rubbing her clit. We fucked like this for nearly 10 minutes. I was close to cumming. She had shuddered to at least one orgasm. I started to cum and was thrusting hard into her tight ass. She buried her face in the pillow and screamed as I came. I collapsed on top of her. We were both breathing heavily.

“Get off me, you bastard!”

I got up, walked to the bedroom door and left. I cleaned up in the upstairs bathroom. I got in bed with my wife. She was still lying on her side; I embraced her and fell asleep. Little did I know that this would begin a ten year affair with my wife’s mom. Nor did I suspect that anal would become our preferred way to fuck!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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