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My Mother-In-Law’s New Nightie

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The people in this story are real, although the names have been changed. The main events with my mother-in-law are just dreams, wonderful dreams.

I was married young. I was a month short of 21 years old and my wife was 19. We had been engaged for some months but both our parents asked us to wait to finish college and get a secure job before getting married. However, our doctor changed all that because he made a very bad diagnosis and said that Margaret, my fiancé, was pregnant. That came as one heck of a shock as her periods had been regular, but he told us that it was still possible to be pregnant and we, being young and innocent, believed him and so, after telling our parents, it was decided that we should marry as soon as possible and the wedding was arranged from start to finish in one month.

We had a small church wedding at the end of February and, gosh, it was a cold day! Two days before the wedding Margaret went to hospital to have a check and they said that she wasn’t pregnant but she had a massive ovarian cyst and it was arranged for her to go to have it taken out the day after our wedding. I’ll not go into the details of what happened as it’s not a part of this story. Suffice it to say that we still got married because we had wanted to, and the thought of starting our married life earlier filled us with joy and both sets of parents were over the moon when we told them that she wasn’t pregnant but they, like us, were still very happy that we were going to get married, particularly without the worry of a baby to cope with as well.

We then settled down to a very good married life and we both got jobs and life was good. Margaret’s mother was a wonderful woman who I liked from the start and I know she liked me, in several ways.

Let me explain.

Not long after Margaret and I had met she wanted me to meet her parents, so I drove up to the north of England to meet them both and we hit it off well from the start, particularly with her mother Noreen who, Margaret told me later that evening when we were alone together, said that she thought I was “rather dishy!”

As I’ve already said, I liked her too. There are some people who are instantly likeable and she was one of them.

How to describe her though?

She was the same height as my wife, about five foot four tall, but built for comfort, certainly not speed. My wife was slim and had small but delightfully pert breasts and an exquisite round bum. Her mother Noreen, on the other hand, wasn’t so much fat as curvaceous and very cuddly looking. She wasn’t incredibly pretty but had a lovely warm face with eyes that spoke. She had a high neck dress on (I later found out that she never ever wore any kind of trousers, always skirts or dresses) but her breasts were gorgeously round and full and I knew that it wasn’t just the bra doing that, it was also natural. What’s more she had a round bum to match the fullness of her body. It was incredibly touchable and desirable.

The parents were of mining stock, very down to earth but honest and good. Cheese was either red or white and the only wine known in the family was Blue Nun. All very different from my family where, because of my father’s job, we often dined with gentry.

I was given the son’s room to sleep in (very strict upbringing in the family, particularly with the ideals of Alan, the prospective father in law) but, as it was just next to Margaret’s bedroom, I crept in when every one was asleep and left early in the morning to go back to my room. That soon changed though because we both slept in one morning and were woken by the door opening and her mother coming in. This was one of the reasons that I went back to bed early every day because her mother always came in with a cup of coffee to wake us up. We both feigned sleep and heard a light “oh!” from the door as Noreen surveyed the situation and then quietly left and shut the door. Margaret and I looked at each other and smiled with worried smiles because we hadn’t a clue as to what would happen next.

After just a few minutes there was a tap on the door and Noreen came in with two cups of coffee and said that, whilst she could accept us being together, there was no way that her husband would accept us sleeping together before getting married. So, after that, the three of us lived under the knowledge and acceptance of what was going on and her husband just continued thinking that I slept separately and all was good.

Then came the wedding and we were married the next time that we went back to her parents house and, this time, we could openly sleep together all the time.

The first morning that we were in bed Noreen (whom I now called Mum at her insistence) came in with the usual cups of coffee. Alan had already gone to work but, this time, she had an ankle length blue and white quilted dressing gown on buttoned up to the neck and that was the first time I had ever seen her not dressed in day clothes. I’d still not seen her in a swimming costume either but that would bursa escort bayan come later. She stayed and chatted for a few minutes and then left us to our devices and we all got up. This practice of coffee and dressing gown continued for quite some time when we went to stay with them.

However things changed after a few months. Quite often, when I was sitting downstairs reading, Mum would come up behind me to ask a question and she always pressed her lovely breasts against me. She didn’t do it gently but deliberately so that I really felt the full softness of her flesh (always in bras though) pushing against me. Nothing was said but it was an opening of the door.

Another time we were in the lounge and I was sitting on a pouffe in front of the sofa and Mum sat down on the sofa and just let her legs open a little bit. I had often wondered if she always wore stockings and this time I saw that she did. Her legs were open just a little bit and I saw up, past the stocking tops and the white suspenders, to some light violet covered panties that were like fine lace and see through enough to see her black pubic triangle. It didn’t last long and I don’t think she did it intentionally but it was a lovely vision, her lovely full legs, the stocking tops, the bulge of her sex pushing against the panties and the dark triangle through the fabric.

One summer we were there for our holidays and there was the usual morning knock on the door and Mum came in with our coffees but, this time, she wasn’t wearing a dressing gown. Instead she had on a very pale yellow nightie of two layers of fabric. The shoulder straps were wide but the neck of the nightie was low enough that I could just see the start of her cleavage and, what was even nicer, the fabric was just see through enough that her breasts were enticingly visible and I could see the shape of them and the dark mark of her small nipples. I was right in my thoughts of the shape of her breasts though right from the beginning. Even though they were a good size they were full and round with very little sag and I’m afraid I already started having visions of seeing them in all their glory. Her nipples were small and, just now, not a sign of being hard, but I could see them, even if only just.

Also, as my gaze travelled down her body, I saw the dark triangle of pubic hair leading down between her legs. What a gorgeous way to be woken up. This then became the norm and the dressing gown was never seen again when she came in with our coffee, although it was always worn anywhere else in the house. She had two other nighties the same make but different colours, one pale blue and one pale pink, but all just as see through as the others and that’s all she wore every morning when waking us up.

I had a tendency to drink at this point in my life, not a lot, but I got drunk fairly easily when I did. I was an amenable drunk and would just suddenly have to go up to bed and fall asleep. One night with the in-laws I got in this state and so went up to bed but didn’t get undressed, I do remember that bit, but lay down on the bed and fell asleep. Margaret put me to bed when she came up later and she said that my trousers were undone and open and that I’d pulled my underwear down but that was all. She was a bit surprised because she said that her mother had come up to check on me after I’d gone to bed just to make sure that I was alright. I presume she thought that her mother had seen me in my slightly undressed state.

Now I know with absolute certainty that I did not get half undressed before falling asleep and so I knew, there and then, that her mother had pulled my trousers down when I was fast asleep and had had a look at my cock. I have to say that, when soft, my cock isn’t at all impressive but, when hard, it grows to a good six inches plus and is quite fat. My wife was very happy with it when it filled her up when we made love which was normally about three times a week.

Apart from feeling Mum’s breasts pushing against me from time to time, seeing up her skirt just the once and having the pleasure of seeing her nude body every morning under her nighties and her having a peek at my cock when I was drunk, nothing else happened. There were no suggestions on either side, no innuendoes and life was as it should be. Life with Margaret was good and we enjoyed sex. She loved me eating her out but, having tried fellatio once, she refused to do it again and spat it out the one time that I did come in her mouth. We also tried anal sex, me because I wanted to and she because she wanted to please me, but she didn’t really want to and, after I’d come inside her, she said that she didn’t want to do it again and she didn’t even like me playing with her little rosebud between her gorgeous buttocks.

About nine years after we were married, when I was 29 and Mum was 52, and a very good 52 at that having stayed the same size through all those years, my work took me down very close to the in-laws and so it was only natural that gorukle escort I go and stay with them for ten days. Margaret had to stay home and work, so I would go down on my own. My work was evening work, so I’d have most of the days free, getting home at about eleven each evening. The first night I arrived at eleven having driven down from our house straight to my work and then home to the in-laws afterwards.

She was there to greet me which was nice. Alan was already in bed as he left for work each morning at eight. She was wearing a nice blue dress that she often wore with buttons all the way down the front and I had remarked before that she looked nice in it. The dress itself revealed nothing at all as it was fairly tight round the neck with sleeves down to the elbows and the dress itself went down just below the knees, but it was nice and showed off her figure nicely. I liked that she was wearing it and said that she looked good and she smiled and said thank you to me.

She gave me a light peck on the lips to say hello and we had a coffee and chat in the kitchen for a while before going to bed. I asked if I could have a shower as it’d been a long day and she said of course I could. We said our goodnights, I cleaned myself and then went to bed and was almost instantly asleep.

The next morning I heard the knock on my door at about half eight and Mum came in as usual, but not as usual. Gone was the usual double layered nightie and in its place was a short black nightie that was just so out of character, or so I thought, that I couldn’t say anything apart from “Gosh.”

The nightie was just one layer of very fine cloth down to the knees with a light hem and thin straps over the shoulders. No arms and the cut of the nightie was half way down her breasts and what breasts they were too. For the first time I could see everything because the fabric was so sheer and see through.

This was no cheap nightie, it was an expensive item and she looked stunning in it. In that split second of her coming into the room I saw her beautiful breasts in the minutest detail and I saw, for the first time ever, that her nipples were hard and pushing against the fabric.

I then glanced down at her pubic bush and the fabric was so thin that I could almost see every single pubic hair and the bulge of the lips of her cunt between her legs. I sensed an explosion of emotions and sexuality in that fraction of a second that was indescribable. I’d always had naughty thoughts about Mum but that was all. I’d never ever thought of anything happening, just usual fantasies that we all have from time to time to spice up life a bit.

In response to my “Gosh,” Mum quickly said “I’m sorry. Don’t you like the nightie? I’ll go and change it if you like. I just saw it a while back and liked it and so I wanted to buy it to please me a bit.”

“No mum,” I said. “It’s absolutely fabulous and I love it. It’s just so totally different to the other nighties that you wear that it’s taken me a bit by surprise to put it mildly. Alan must really love you in it because it’s so…it’s so…incredibly sexy and sensuous.”

There, I’d said it and all without thinking, without planning. I just opened my mouth and said what I thought which is one of my traits and it can either sometimes get me into trouble or it can sometimes produce results.

“No,” she said. “He doesn’t know that I’ve bought it. I don’t think he’d like it. It’s not his sort of thing. He’s a bit too conservative for something like this.”

So, here was my mother-in-law in an indescribably sexy nightie that she’d obviously put on after Alan had gone to work. Why had she bought it and why had she put it on? Well, to me, it was obvious. She’d bought it because I was coming down on my own and she’d put it on for me and she wanted me to see her body.

“So you bought the nightie for me then, because I was coming down on my own? Am I right?”

“Yes,” she said. “I know I shouldn’t have, particularly when you’re married to my daughter. But, when I saw the nightie in the shop, on the model in the window, I knew that you’d like it. I just knew. You do like it don’t you?”

“Oh Mum, I love it. I can’t describe it apart from what I’ve already said. It’s incredibly sexy and so sensual.”

I wasn’t at all afraid to say that again now because she’d just told me that she’d bought the nightie for me and so, whilst the door had been opened a bit before with her pushing her breasts against me, it was now swinging wide open and it was up to us to take the steps to see what happened from now on.

“I just thought that it’d spice up my life a bit,” she said “because, as much as I love Alan, life really is very conservative with him in many ways and I thought a week with you would cheer me up and I thought this would make things less formal and easier in some ways.”

So here was Mum saying that life was conservative with Alan and she wanted to liven it up with me. She had opened the bursa merkez escort bayan door wide open by buying this gorgeous nightie and then having the courage to put it on before coming into my bedroom and so I thought it was now up to me to push further and see if there were going to be any rules, any taboos, any can’t do or don’t want to do situations.

“There’s just one little problem with this nightie,” I said.

“Oh dear,” she said with a suddenly very crestfallen look in her eyes and a worry in her voice. “What’s that?”

“Well, I’m afraid I’m going to find it impossible to stop staring at you and thinking naughty thoughts from now on, particularly with this gorgeous nightie showing everything so sexily.”

“Gosh, you had me so worried for a second there,” she said. “You can look all you want. I like you looking at me. I want you to look at me because it makes me feel good when you say things like that and, besides, I want you to say things like that because Alan never does. I told you he’s conservative.”

There was a slight pause and I didn’t say anything else because I felt she wanted to say something more but I didn’t know if she had the confidence to say it. “Do you like me breasts?” she asked.

“Oh Mum, from the first day I met you I’ve loved them and I always knew that they were a beautiful shape, even when encased in a bra. I found out that they were beautiful when you started coming into the bedroom in just your nightie at the start. You knew I could see your body then didn’t you, even if it was only a little bit. You did didn’t you, and you wanted me to?”

“Yes,” she said. “I wanted you to notice me, even though you’re married to my daughter. I often used to imaging you making love to her and what you’d be doing together. I imagined you doing it to me, I still do. There,” she said “I’ve finally said it.”

Suddenly I decided to take control and I thought it was the right thing to do.

“Every time you came in in your old nighties I prayed that you’d stand up sideways in front of the window so that I could see the shape of your breasts, but you never did.”

“I always wanted to,” she said “but I wondered what Margaret would have said if I did, and so I never did. Do you want me to do it now for you, just for you?”

“Yes Mum, very much indeed.”

So she turned to her left so that she was sideways on and there were her breasts in all their glory, sticking out proudly, full and firm and her small nipples sticking out hard like two pencil erasers. I then looked down at her round stomach, not ugly but cuddly as I’ve said before, and the dark thatch of her pubic hair. I also had the sideways on view of her gorgeous bum which I’d never had the pleasure of seeing before from this aspect. God it was fabulous. Two gorgeous round melons and I wondered how firm they’d be to touch and squeeze. I knew that I was going to get my chance at some point.

“Is that alright?” she asked. “Do you like my breasts like that? Do you like my body?”

“Mum, your breasts are incredible, better than any I’ve seen in any magazine. I love Margaret’s breasts as they’re small and incredibly sexy as well as being sensitive and sensuous. Your breasts are totally different though. They’re big and round and they look so firm and, with your nipples pointing out like that, incredibly sexy too. Are your nipples sensitive? Are your breasts sensitive?”

Before she had a chance to reply I added “I’m sorry if I’ve offended you by speaking as openly as that. Lots of women don’t like talking like that.”

“Oh no,” she replied. “Alan has never ever talked like that to me but I’ve always imagined what it would be like to talk so intimately and it’s making me feel very excited and nice inside. Don’t stop.Yes, my breasts are very sensitive and I want you to say and do lots of naughty things to me if you feel like it. If you offend me I’ll tell you but I’m sure you won’t. In fact I know you won’t” she said with a little smile.

‘Say and do’ she had said. So she was opening the door wide open for me and there seemed to be no holds barred then. I also realised it was up to me to take the initiative, mainly I think because she was obviously so naive.

“I’ve never seen your bum before. It’s heavenly, like your gorgeous breasts. It’s round and looks so lovely and firm. I love it.”

“You can touch it if you want.”

She was still standing sideways on to me and her bum was was only about two feet away from me and almost at eye level as our bed was a high one. So I reached out and the final barrier, if there ever was one since she’d walked in a few minutes ago, was about to be completely broken. I touched her right arse cheek and caressed it gently through the fabric of her nightie.

“Mmmm, that’s so nice,” she said. I then started squeezing it gently and I pushed my fingers into the crack of her arse, just above her arse hole, and more noises emanated from her throat.


“Yes,” she said, looking sideways at me as I caressed her arse cheek.

“I want to see your breasts hanging down. Will you bend over for me so that I can see them like that?”

She didn’t say anything but just bent over horizontally, my hand still caressing her bum, and looked and me and said “Is that what you wanted?”

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