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My Pleasure, Sir

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He sat in the chair, one leg crossed over the other, elbows on the armrests, fingers steepled together beneath his chin. His posture was relaxed almost sloppy but his eyes seemed alert, waiting. He watched her as she moved about the room.

She wore a short, pink dress that looked more like underwear than outerwear, a slip almost. She moved to the bench next to the vanity and sat down. Reaching down she unbuckled the strap around her ankle on first one high heel and then the other. She kicked the shoes aside. He leaned forward a bit in his seat, dropping his hands to the armrests. She stood and pulled her dress up over her head and tossed it to the floor. She wore pale pink panties and a pink bra, so pale they were almost flesh toned. She still wore her stockings, the black of the material stark against her skin.

She walked towards him until she stood directly in front of him. Reaching down she placed her hands on his knees gently urging them apart. With her hands still on his knees She knelt down on the floor between his legs. He put his hand to her cheek and she turned her head slightly causing his thumb brush against her mouth. She parted her lips, the tip of her tongue darting. He moved his hand down her cheek and over her neck until it rested at her collarbone. She reached out and began to undo the fastenings on his pants. Reaching into his pants like a magician reaching into a bag of tricks she pulled out his cock. It was heavy and thick, but not yet fully erect, She smiled up at him hoping to remedy that.

She pressed her body closer into the “v” of his legs and leaned forward. Again the tip of her tongue darted out, this time to taste the tip of his cock held firmly in her hand. Trailing her tongue down the length of his quickly hardening shaft she found the base of him. Her tongue was wet and hot as it wove its way down to his balls, feeling them move with the touch of her mouth. She cupped them in her hand and then drew one gently into her mouth. Above her she heard him take a small breath and felt him tense, slightly. She ran her tongue around the first then moved to take the other in her mouth for it’s share of attention. She moved her mouth back up his cock, turning her head slightly sideways so she could place her lips on both sides as she worked her way up. When she’d reached the head she quickly licked the glisten off the tip and wrapped her mouth around him. She sucked slowly and firmly as she moved her mouth around and down his now fully erect tool. He lifted himself in his seat, pressing into her mouth, barely resisting the urge to fuck her mouth. He put his hand in her hair, pendik escort curling his fingers into it, pressing her head down onto his hungry cock. She moaned a little and he felt the vibration on his cock as it filled her mouth and hit the back of her throat. She swallowed, almost convulsively as he began to push harder into her mouth, His length more than she could handle.

He leaned down towards her ear, whispering, “I need to be in you. I wanna fuck you.”

She pulled her mouth off of his cock, a trail of saliva lubricating him, “where do you want me”?

“On your knees,” he smiled wickedly.

She leaned back and then stood. Reaching behind herself she undid her bra and dropped it to the floor. Her nipples were swollen seemed to beg for his mouth. He pulled her back to himself and wrapped his mouth around one. It was hard and hot in his mouth and he couldn’t resist the urge to bite down, just a little. She made a little squeak and he smiled to himself reaching his hand down to rub her hot pussy through her panties.

“Take these off. Now”! He smiled darkly and leaned back to watch her finish undressing.

She hooked her thumbs around the thin band that held them to her waist and slid them down, over her stockings. She raised one leg up, placing her hand on his shoulder for support and slid them off and then let them drop to the floor, kicking with her foot to free herself of the small fabric.

She stood in front of him with one hand on his shoulder and smiled, “stockings, too”?

“No, leave them on,” he grinned, “Now, down on your knees”.

She turned and got on the floor, her ass towards him, looking up over her shoulder, “well, fuck me then big boy,” She smiled naughtily.

He stood and pulled his shirt over his head then pulled his pants and boxers off. Her eyes narrowed a bit and her smile deepened seeing him naked over her. Getting down on his knees behind her he put his hand to her hip and then trailed it along her lower back and down to her ass. Unable to resist the urge he slapped her round cheek eliciting another squeak and a jump from her. He laughed under his breath at the look of mock outrage she shot him. He slid his hand down her ass to the cleft between her legs and felt the smooth skin of her shaved puss. He placed his hand flat on her warm pussy then pressed a finger to her clit. He felt her jump again, and heard her short intake of breath. He rubbed her button gently and felt her move almost like a cat against his hand. He pressed the same finger into her wet slit and felt her body tighten on it. She made a soft moaning sound and he tuzla escort pressed another finger into her, holding her hip with his other hand. His cock pressed against her body, as if it demanded entrance and he moved his other hand around her waist and down and pressed her thighs apart.

Then he reached out and put his hand on her shoulder pushing her upper body down into the carpet, so that her ass was higher up and her cunt was fully exposed to him, “Stay like that, I wanna lick your pussy till you beg me to fuck you”.

She turned her head sideways on the carpet and reached her hands out in front of her, digging her fingers into the fibers. Likewise, he bent down low between her spread thighs. He put his hands on either side of her wet opening and held her in place. She didn’t move, waiting, barely breathing.

He put his mouth to her and lightly touched the tip of her with his tongue. She shuddered and waited. Then with a slowness that was agonizingly sweet he ran his tongue along her pussy, starting at her clit. When he reached her opening he put his tongue in and was rewarded with a moan that road the fence towards a whine. She was so fuckin wet he knew it was a practice in the redundancy to eat her like this, she needed no preparation. The way she ever so tentatively pushed her body towards his now slick mouth was enough to let him know she wanted him…near her, around her, on her, in her. He repeated the path from her clit to her hole twice more, each time drawing that almost begging whining moan from her throat.

He rose up, grabbing her ass with both hands and digging his fingers in, “stay.” His heavy cock didn’t need any coaxing, either. Her pink twat and tight asshole were all the invitation it needed. He slid just the head into her puss and held steady, his hands firmly on both hips.

Without lifting her upper body from the floor she pushed herself back, hard She begged, “fuck me, fuck me, please, please” with each hard thrust from him in answer to her push back on him. She was tight and with each push into her body he felt her squeeze him and urge him as deeply as he could go. He filled her up and fit her like a glove. The feeling of “hitting bottom” was sweet.

She leaned up onto her elbows to get better purchase. She shoved herself onto him hard and fast, the sound of their bodies hitting slapped together. She fucked him as surely as he fucked her. Driving himself into her body while she welcomed him and drew him in.

“Fuck me in my ass and make me cum”, she said from a million miles away. Her head down, the sweat glinting off her shoulders and back. “Make kartal escort me cum.”

He pulled his cock out of her well used pussy but before he could put his dick in her ass she crawled away and towards the vanity. Reaching her hand up into the drawer she pulled a bottle out and knee crawled back to him.

“I like you on your knees.” He said, rubbing his mouth with his hand, thoughtfully a dark look in his eyes.

She moved right up to him and looked up into his dark eyes, her own heavy lidded and stained with smudged makeup.

She sat down, her legs folded under her and opened the bottle, pouring the clear fluid onto her hand.

“Right now I’d do anything you asked,” she said, almost to herself. She took his still incredibly hard dick in her hand and stroked down the length of it. He closed his eyes and let her cover him in lubricant.

She stopped and turned back around, getting in position to take him, “Go easy, you’re big…”

He put his hand back over her hip and guided himself to her ass-hole. The idea of putting all of him in what seemed an entirely too small space gave him pause, “I don’t want to hurt you.”

“It’s okay, I want you to hurt me…just a little,” she said on a breath. She leaned back and he pushed the head into her. She moaned and dropped her head. He reached around to finger her cunt, pressing her clit and feeling her body relax and let him in. Almost as soon as his head was fully in he felt her press further on him. He started to draw out and she followed him forcing him deeper into her.

“Go all the way in first,” she commanded and he allowed her to lead the chase. When he’d gone as far as he could, he slowly pulled to the rim of his head then pushed back in with more aggression, his finger continuing to work on her clit.

Her breathing was fast and erratic and he was surprised to realize that she was already close to her orgasm.

“Go faster, I’m close, ” she panted. “I don’t want to leave you behind.”

He smiled , “Go ahead and leave me, I’ll catch up.” He moved faster feeling the tightness of her opening squeeze him with each pull back.

He could hear her breath combined with the pleading sound again and knew she’d beat him to the end.

“Oh fuck me, yeah! I’m cumming,” she leaned down towards the floor with her upper body giving him even more access to her ass. He pushed his 2 fingers into her pussy and fucked her in both holes, as his cock pulled out his fingers went in – as his fingers came out his cock pushed in. It was too much! The double penetration pushed her over the edge and she cried out in a hoarse voice and he felt her body completely let go. He slammed into her and fucked her ragged making her cum on his hand as her ass squeezed his shaft. He came hard and heavy into her. They collapsed in unison…..

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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