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My Rewarding Mistake

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Any addresses and names are completely a figment of my imagination.

I had been chatting with Jack for about six months. Due to the distance between us, meeting was not an easy thing and talking on the net and on the phone was fine for a while, but with Valentines Day approaching quickly I felt that it was about time for us to meet and I wanted it to be on Valentines Day.

So I sent him an email letting him know of my decision, saying simply, “Hi Jack, I have been doing a lot of thinking about meeting up with you. I heard a saying one time on a movie and it really seems to apply to this situation between us. It was…”The Heart Wants What the Heart Wants” and I think that my heart wants to meet you on Valentines Day. If you’re interested in finally meeting me send me your address and I will send you a package, a gift and tell you of a halfway point that I will meet you at. Kisses.”

Jack’s response came quickly in email. “Yes. I would love to meet you. I had thought of it but was unsure how to go about it. So I am pleased that you suggested it. Not sure why you want my address when you can send me details here but I am willing to play along so here goes… Jack Smith, 14 Duneberry Rd. Brooks, Ohio 32688. Kisses to you also.”

Pleased with Jack’s response I began to prepare a package for him. I threw in a feather from my feather pillow, just to imply the idea of what it could be used for. I also included a small bottle of massage oil, and a scarf. In the package was also the note telling him that for the few days before Valentines I have to be in Tn., with and aunt and that I wouldn’t be able to talk to him again. However I would meet him at the Days in right off exit 69 in Tn. I would be looking forward to meeting him for the first time.

I quickly wrote the address on the package since it was so close to Valentines Day I had to get it started on its journey to him and complete my packing since I would be leaving for Tn., the next day.

During the time I was in Tn., I could not stop thinking of my up coming meeting with Jack. Nervous anticipation kept me distracted from enjoying my time with my aunt. Since you had never got your scanner worked on there were no pictures for me to know what you would look like, just a voice over the phone and typed words crossing the net.

Wondering if he would really find me attractive and how I would feel about Jack upon the actual meeting. Thinking of my courage upon sending the box to him in the first place filled with its romantic treats. Maybe I wouldn’t even want to make love to him when I saw you in that hotel room.

Early on Valentine’s Morning I headed towards exit 69 to begin my preparations for Jack, getting the room and a bottle of white wine, all the simple things that I hoped would continue the special ideas I had planned for his arrival.

About noon you finally arrived with a soft knock on my room door. Breathing in deeply and letting it out slowly to control the nervousness inside my stomach, I opened the door for you, taking in my first sight of the man who I spoken to for the last six months.

Once that door was opened I couldn’t believe my good fortune, as you were much better looking in person than I had pictured in my mind. I noticed as well that you carried the package I had sent to you, opened of course, and I wondered what you might have included inside it, if anything.

You were the first one to speak, saying simply, “Hello”.

I stammered out a quick hello and finally invited you inside the room.

I asked how you had been and you asked me the same. Both of us trying really hard to come to grips with the fact that we were both here and of the things that may come.

I watched you as you spoke to me, your eyes never leaving my face, but when I spoke to you your eyes would travel down the length of me. I would watch as your eyes took in my white sweater and down lower where my black jeans outlined the shape of my hips and legs. Your stare making me feel as if you could see the shear white lace bra and panties I wore underneath my clothes.

While you seemed content to just look at me, I began my survey of you again. Starting with your eyes and noticing for the first time that where you had said they were light colored, I now see they are dark eyes, with a bit of mischief in them as if you knew a secret that you weren’t sharing with me. Shrugging it off as my mistake I continued to let my gaze slide down the length of you.

Noticing strong arms and chest, narrow waist and strong hips, at the end of my eyes journey I began to think of other things you had said about yourself, including that though not marmaris escort fat you weren’t in that good of shape. Now, figuring that you must have just been modest or had began to work out in the six months since we had met your body looked firm and hard. I was about to say to you that I had pictured you completely different than what I now see you are, when you broke the silence before my thought could be spoken.

“Why did you send the feather?” you asked.

Laughing for the first time in your presence, I asked a bit mischievously “Wouldn’t you like to know?”

You laughed back as you commented, “Well, when I found it in the box, my first thought was; ‘Why did you send this because in my opinion it was just too small to do anything with!”

Upon hearing that I laughed even harder sensing in your words the confusion you must have felt upon opening the box. So I began to explain that I had wanted to send it to imply things that could happen if you met up with me today. That it hadn’t been meant to use but to just imply that it would be a romantic thing for us to do.

You said that you understood and had found it completely impossible to not show up today, needing for me to tell you why it had been included, also going on to explain, “Since I felt it was too small, I decided to upgrade it for you. I brought a bigger one to play with. Where do you want to start?”

I stared at you shocked that you would phrase it that way, yet could feel myself beginning to tingle at the thought of what you may have in mind for a bigger feather.

Sensing my shock, you smile and add, “Its okay. If at any time you decide you want for me to stop with the feather I will do so. No questions asked. I see how this could be weird and hard to do since you don’t know me, but I don’t want for us to regret not trying it out.”

I smile, knowing you are right and nod my head saying, “Yes.”; and then telling you that I have a robe in the bathroom and would like to go put it on.

You agree to wait for me to do whatever I need to do to make myself comfortable.

I step into the bathroom and begin to undress myself. Part of me wondering why I am going through with this and the other part of me knowing that I needed to share this with you if only this one time.

Finished undressing, I put on my robe, take another deep breath, and open the bathroom door.

I am shocked to see you standing just outside the door, scarf in your hand and I consider backing into the bathroom and closing the door once again.

Your words stop me; “I won’t hurt you. I just think it may help you to relax with me.”

“What are you going to do?” I shyly ask with some misgivings as to what I have gotten myself into.

“I want to put this over your eyes. I won’t hurt you and you can take it off any time you wish to do so.”

I nod my head yes that it is okay.

You take my hand and pull me forward, then step behind me and I watch as you drop it over my head and around my eyes, taking away my sight.

When you have tied it behind my head, I hear you move around and take my hand in yours. Tugging me forward towards the bed. When you stop pulling me forward I assume that we have reached our destination. I feel your fingers at my waist tugging on the loose knot I have tied there to keep the robe closed.

I begin to protest when you say, “I need to see what is underneath to give the feather a purpose.”

I know you are right and take my hand to do it myself. You sensing that I needed to do that, you let me and just watched my fumbling efforts.

Now undone, I reach up and pull the robe down off my shoulders and let is slowly begin to slide down my arms. Dropping suddenly at my hands down to the floor to pool at my feet.

I want so much to see what your eyes say about what you are viewing. I want to know if you like the view and consider taking the blindfold off but know that if you didn’t like what you were seeing, then I would be hurt. Better to find out if I can feel by your hands if you like me still or not.

I am standing there barely breathing, waiting for a touch or a word from you and fearing that none will come, when I feel your finger brush against my erect nipple for the first time, causing me to jump. Then nothing touches me again and I am left waiting for your touch again.

Surprising me again, it is your voice I hear telling me to lay down on the bed. “Lay on your belly. But, I don’t think I want to use the feather right now.”

I lay down wondering what you will use if not the feather. I hear you moving around the room, shuffling something around. Then I hear your clothing rustling around marmaris escort bayan and then something hits the floor with a soft thump. I half fear you are undressing and half look forward to knowing that if you are naked, I wont be the only one exposed and vulnerable.

Next, I feel your weight on the bed with me. Sitting down around my hips. I hear flesh rubbing against flesh a sound like to hands rubbing together and wonder what you are doing.

Then, I feel your touch upon my shoulders as you begin to massage them. Your hands are slick and I know that is why I heard your hands rubbing together. You had warmed the massage oil between your hands before applying it to me.

I sigh in contentment as your fingers work magic upon my back, moving down from my shoulders and caressing the middle of my back and then further down to the small of my back and then lower towards my butt, but only the top and no lower. Making me wonder why?

The bed creaks and I feel you shifting position and wonder what you are doing when I feel your bare leg against one of my hips and then the other leg onto the other side of me, straddling my upper thighs with yourself. I know now you are completely naked as I feel the warmth of your semi-hard cock resting on my ass.

My pussy begins to moisten with the knowledge your cock is so close to me, when I feel your hands covered in oil, upon my back once again massaging. Starting at my shoulders and working your way down again. Your cock sliding in the oil that ran down between my ass cheeks, your cock growing harder, as you continue applying pressure in all the right spots to relax me as well as heighten the sensations flowing through my pussy.

You then grasp my hips, urging me to raise them up. Your slickened cock sliding down my ass cheeks over my asshole on it’s way to my dripping pussy, entering just slightly as if asking if it was alright for you to plunge in. I push my ass back at you hard forcing your stiff cock into me giving you my answer.

You thrust your cock deeply into my pussy, pulling out only to drive back deep inside me again. Fucking me hard, making me ride the full length of your cock from behind me. Making me want desperately for the cum that is nearing. You seem to know how close I am and how much I need it, and reach around with your fingers to make contact with my clit. Your touch sending me over the edge, my pussy trying to milk your cock of your essence as I fall back onto the bed, weak from the force of my release.

Suddenly, you stop and shift your weight once again, picking yourself up off me. I hear your voice again; “Can you turn over?” surprising me with your request.

It is hard for me to turn over with you still straddling me but I manage to turn. Bumping into your upper legs, balls and still hard cock as I am on my side. I am surprised and a little embarrassed from the wetness dripping from my pussy since I have never come so much and so fast before. I wonder how I will possibly hide the wetness leaking from my pussy.

Finally, I am shifted around and feel you lower yourself back onto my upper legs. Your cock nestling onto my pussy making my clit beg for its touch again, no longer worried about the wetness of my pussy, just knowing I need you there.

I am waiting now on your hands to rub on my chest as they had done on my back when I feel something light flicking my nipples. I can’t begin to guess what is causing that light touch until I feel you sawing it back and forth on my nipples, first one and then the other.

I had never known how good a feather could feel upon me, soft and firm all at the same time. Making my nipples pucker up in even tighter little nubs. When suddenly you stop teasing them with the feather and lay it on the pillow by my head and shifted to your tongue teasing one nipple and over to the other.

Then to my surprise and delight, both at once. Having both sucked and nibbling on at one time was a first for me and one that I’d be more than happy to have you do more of but eventually you do stop. Reaching out to pick up the feather again, brushing my cheek with your fingers on the way.

I then feel the soft feather up at my neck, teasing it back and forth. Then it begins to lower, still sliding back and forth as it moves down between my breasts, over my slightly rounded stomach, and down further to tease my slit.

I feel it sliding back and forth over my clit, touching yet in such a gentle way that I am not sure it could really be called a “touch” when I hear you say, “If you want me to make love to you, take off the blindfold so you can see me love you.”

I lifted my head up just enough escort marmaris to reach behind me and untie the one thing keeping him from making love to me, knowing now that I needed to have him inside me. No longer worried about anything other than the feather flicking back and forth over my clit and your cock sitting so close to that special place wanting to hold you.

Now, lying under you with newly uncovered eyes, I am able to catch my first glimpse of your nakedness. See the hair lightly covering your chest, the little trail of thicker hair running from your belly button down to the thick patch of hair at the base of your proudly standing cock, and seeing your strong thighs holding me still.

My eyes making their way back up to yours and seeing you look down at me with passion shining in them, showing your approval of me, mirroring the emotions I feel are probably in my eyes as well.

I watch as your head lowers to touch my lips with yours for the first time, gently caressing them. Then, teasing them into opening for your tongues invasion. I open for you, allowing you to enter my mouth and enjoy the feel of your rough tongue exploring all the secret places in my mouth.

Just when I think you will never stop discovering all the secrets of my mouth, you stop kissing me only to begin the downward journey over my neck, nibbling with teeth and then soothing away the slight pain with your tongue.

Further down, giving the same treatment to each breast and then nipple. Back and forth between the two of them. When to my surprise you again repeated the heavenly double nipple suck again. Making me wonder if you read my thoughts earlier?

I am withering underneath you, trying to get something to make contact with my aching center and thinking you will make me wait forever, when you shift your weight again and move one leg in between mine and then the other.

You lower yourself so your cock is in line with my soaking pussy and I raise myself up off the bed, hoping to show I want you there.

As your cock begins to gain entrance into my waiting pussy you prop yourself up on your hands and look down into my eyes. Slowly sliding your cock deep inside me.

Once your cock is buried inside me, rather than pulling back out, you leave yourself inside me. Rotating your hips in tight circles, forcing contact with my clit and to my surprise and pleasure I cum again! I wonder how you are able to make me do that so easily since it has never happened before.

I begin to beg you with my hips to begin thrusting, moving my body as much as I can back and forth onto your cock and I groan in frustration when you just smile down at me. I think to myself “you’ve made me cum twice and you haven’t came at all! How do you do that?”

Finally, you relent and I feel you pull your cock out of me as slowly as you entered me only to drive it back deep inside me again, as if you didn’t want to stay away from my moist heat for to long. You move out of me slowly and thrust yourself back deep inside me, over and over again. Taking me to the edge of my orgasm and holding me there as you thrust deep inside me again. Making me feel if I don’t fall soon then I may surely explode from need.

You seem to sense my need to find my release soon as you increase your pace to a steadier and faster one. You lean further up resting your ass on your feet and pulling me up to meet your cock, my legs around your hips. Your pace is faster now, trying to send me over the edge.

I can feel myself so close yet needing an extra push in that direction. It comes when you put one of your thumbs on my clit. I call out your name as my body begins to close and release on your cock, soaking you with my body’s wetness as my orgasm finally claims me.

Your cock feels my pussy pulsing around it, sending you over your own edge your cum pumping out deep inside my womb.

Afterwards, you are lying beside me, holding me, when I hear you whisper next to my ear, “I’m sorry.”

“Sorry? For what?” I ask.

“I have a confession to make.”


“I am not who you think I am and I know my timing isn’t so great, but I am not Jack.” I open my mouth to say something and you place a finger on my lips to shush me as you continue, “I received the package and curiosity about it caused me to open it. You didn’t put a return address on it, otherwise would have sent it back. I came here because of the package. Was going to tell you that he didn’t receive it, so you wouldn’t think he stood you up. Then I saw you, and I resented that he had you. I couldn’t resist playing along and making love to you. I hope that you can forgive me.”

I feel in my heart that you are sincere in your apology and your words are honest. I know that I can’t be mad at you after what we had just shared. So I ask simply, “Well what is your name and how did I mess up the address?”

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