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My Sister Cassie Ch. 04

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Big Dick

Cassie announced she was going to bed early. I went upstairs to my room to ‘read’ but really I just lay there with my head spinning, and my cock trying to get my attention.

Cassie came in, wearing summer pyjamas – cotton shorts and a cotton button-up short-sleeved top. She sat on the side of my bed with one leg under herself, I was under a single sheet in just cotton shorts. We weren’t concerned about her being heard or even seen in here, it wasn’t unusual, and dad was crashing about in the garage while mum’s sewing machine hummed downstairs.

“OK Mikey-boy. Come closer.” I did, and she whispered: My cock rose as she spoke. “I can’t tell you how horny I was when I peed on you. With you almost in me… oh god Mikey. I even enjoyed it when you showered me back. A ‘golden shower’ isn’t it?”

“Yeah, that’s it. I could feel your pussy heat through my shorts, and then when you let go, well. Hot wetness out of you and cold wetness out of the clouds. Surreal!”

“Yeah. Same for me. My whole front was warm-washed then instantly cooled by the rain, then warmed again. Shit Mikey, I love exploring stuff with you.”

I gulped. My cock twitched and she saw it.

“Oooh, Mikey,” she teased, “Does that mean ‘me too?'”

She laughed out loud, patted my cock, then let her hand linger there. Cassie looked behind her to make sure the door was closed even though the noises told us we would not be taken by surprise. She pulled the sheet off, and put her hand up my shorts leg to grasp my enraged dick. I took her hand out of there, but when she cocked her head ‘why?’ I answered by pulling my shorts right off. She smiled, and went back to work with her hand. With her other one she touched herself between the legs and immediately the thin cotton showed dampness.

Cassie scooted over, and popped Alanya Fetiş Escort my rigid dick into her mouth. I gasped. She took it out, put a finger over her lips to ‘ssshhh’ me, then licked my shaft and encased my cock in her mouth again.

She learned to grasp on the out stroke and release a little tension on the down stroke, and it sent me wild. My thighs were jerking within seconds and I grabbed her head, pushing my hips up. Her mouth on my cock was electric wetness. Heat and lust. I lasted about two minutes. So lost in a fog of lust was I that I didn’t even give her the chance to choose, I just pushed, grunted, and blew my load in her mouth, five, maybe six strong jets followed by little twitches.

I collapsed back onto the bed. Cassie’s mouth let my cock go and I watched as she slurped, swallowing my jizz, wiping her lips and chin with her fingers. I looked into her eyes apologetically but I needn’t have worried. She whispered through wet lips: “Jesus bro! What a load! I nearly drowned!”

I was silent, basking in spent sexual tension, gazing with awe at the sexiest creature imaginable. And she was my own little sister.

She smiled, straightened up, and put the sheet back over me. This time I sat up against the backboard and she sat facing me with her legs crossed. Her shorts were loose around her legs and I could see one side of her pussy. She pulled the cloth over so I could see it all. I’d just spent my erotic energy and yet still I desired her, to do things with her.

And she, the little object of my desires, just seemed to want to show me everything, anytime. There was no overt sexuality in her showing me her pussy. It wasn’t a come-on. It wasn’t even a request for reciprocity. She just wanted me to look at her pussy, and I just wanted to look.

She Alanya Gecelik Escort cocked her head coquettishly, the gesture that melted my resolve, and said: “You like my pussy don’t you, my big brother?”

“Hell yes. It’s perfect. You’re perfect. I can’t get over how easily you turn me on, and when you do it wouldn’t matter what I do I always cum quickly. Girl, you’re pure sex. That’s it. You’re just fucking hot.”

She blushed at my outpouring, even looking away in embarrassment. Then she looked back. She began gently stroking her clit, not like she was trying to get herself going, more like because she just wanted to.

“Mmm. What we do is wrong, but completely right. And I don’t care. I won’t tell anybody because nobody would understand. When we started this again, I was worried. I thought we’d fall in love or something, something we couldn’t deal with or live with. But, um, I don’t love you like that. I still love you deeply like my brother. But I also love getting off with you and getting you off. It’s pure pleasure, not boyfriend-girlfriend love. Do you see what I mean?”

“Y’know for a wee snippet of a girl at 18, you’ve managed to sum up what I’ve been trying to get clear in my own head. You’re right. Maybe we can lose ourselves in each other because it’s not that kind of love. It’s powerful, but different. Yep. That’s it.”

She moved closer, straddled me so that her pussy was where my cock would be if it was hard, still gently stroking herself.

“What if I peed on you right now?”

“You wouldn’t! That would be impossible to keep secret!”

“Not if I took the sheets down and washed them straight away…”

She was looking down at me from her perch, rocking against her fingers. I really didn’t know if she was serious. Alanya Genç Escort

“But the mattress?!”

“Your problem. I need to pee and I’m going to.”

“No, please, I…”

Cassie hopped off me, giggling at how easily she’d tricked me. “Did you think I would?”

“Baby girl I never know what you’ll do these days…”

She blew me a kiss and went through the door. I made a snap decision. I jumped up and ran after her, catching her at the bathroom door as she tried to close it. She looked around the door at me, then smiled, ‘sshhhed’ me with one finger and let me in. I listened – dad was grinding or drilling something, mum’s machine was whirring. Cassie dropped her pyjama shorts to the floor, sat on the toilet and opened her legs wide. I took out my cock and kneeled as close as I could get. She realised what I had in mind and lifted her pyjama top out of the way. I started first, a thin stream of clear piss hitting her low down on the belly then re-aimed at her pussy lips. She giggled so it splashed about, then released her own muscles and peed too. Our streams collided just at the exit of her peephole and splashed all over the place. It was fun, erotic delight. She giggled again and looked up at me. I was smiling, then we looked down at our streams again. Mine finished first, so I just watched her stream pulse as she pushed three or four times while my cock dripped its last offering.

Cassie let hers fade then reached for the tissue. She had to wipe around her thighs and her lower belly. She said: “Fun?”

I replied yes.

“Good. Now fuck off while I have another shower.”

“I want to watch that too.”

“No. We won’t hear them coming. Another time, li’l brother.”

I kissed her forehead and left the room like a spy leaving the bunker. I heard the shower start, lay on my bed, and wondered if she was masturbating. I hoped she was. I was twenty years old and had the recuperative powers of youth. I didn’t expect to cum, but I did get a respectable stiffy and stroked it gently. Damn, my sister got me hot so often and so easily. I hoped summer would never end.

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