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My Sister is Getting Married

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My sister Marie is going to be married in a couple of weeks time. The guy she is marrying is a dolt as far as I am concerned. His name is Bruce and I thought my sister could do much better than him. Marie knows my feelings and we have spoken about it. One Saturday I popped over to her apartment. Luckily Bruce was nowhere in sight. Marie was doing some wedding day preparations when I showed up.

My sister opened the door and let me in. I sat down in one of the chairs and watched as my sister was getting things ready for the big day.

“Are you still going through with the wedding?” I asked her.

“Stop asking me that Terry, you know I am not backing out.”

Marie was tired of having this conversations with me. I gave my sister a good look. Marie had dark hair down to the middle of her back. She had a pretty face and although she was on the thin side she had good sized breasts. I often thought what it would be like to bed down with my sister.

“I am always available if you drop Bruce,” I said.

She gave me this look that said I was acting like an asshole. As I sat in one of her chairs I moved a hand down to my crotch. I touched myself outside of my pants. My sister looked over at me.

“Are you playing with yourself?” She asked.

“I was just thinking about you and me.”

“Don’t be stupid,” she told me.

I wasn’t being stupid at all, I said to her. We would probably be good in bed together. My sister just shook her head. I decided to test my theory. I pulled my pants zipper zonguldak escort down and I reached in and pulled my cock free. Marie turned her head and caught me with my cock in my hand.

“Stop that!” She scolded me.

I told her to come over and make me stop. She walked closer to me and I reached out and caught hold of her arms. I forced her to kneel down on the floor in front of me. My fat cock was dangling just inches from her mouth.

“Suck on it Marie,” I told her.

She looked at my prick for a few moments and then she parted her lips. I moved forward and my cock was now in my sister’s mouth. Marie gave into me. She was now bobbing up and down my prick. I placed a hand on the back of her head. I was making her go right down to the root. My sister knew exactly what to do. She had one hand on my balls and the other at the base of my dick. It didn’t take long before I was fully erect.

I pulled away and then stood up. My sister’s eyes went wide when I started pulling her clothes off.

“Stop this Terry,” she pleaded with me.

I wasn’t stopping for any reason. I got her naked and then I got undressed as well. I was looking at my naked sister now. Her pubic patch was trimmed down and the nipples on her ample tits were erect. I wasn’t taking ‘no’ for an answer today. I sat down on the chair once more and I pulled Marie down on top of me. The tip of my dick was brushing against her opening. My hands went to her hips and I pushed her down onto my raging dick.

Marie zonguldak escort bayan let out this loud moan as I filled her pussy in one quick motion.

“Oh fuck!” She cried out.

I was completely inside my sister now. I began to bring my ass up and give her my cock strokes. Marie placed her arms around my neck. She was holding on as I gave her what she needed, a real man’s cock. Marie was now pushing down on me. I could tell she wanted my cock inside her. I circled my pole around. I wanted to scrape my dick across her pussy walls.

Marie’s chest was in front of my face. I leaned in and took a nipple in my mouth. That seemed to get Marie worked up.

“Suck on them Terry,” She begged me.

I did suck and chew on the tips. I could feel my sister’s body starting to shake. I doubted she was getting this kind of attention from Bruce. We must have gone at it for at least forty-five minutes. I could feel I was getting close. I knew I probably should have pulled out. I couldn’t do it. I let go and filled Marie’s tummy with my seed.

Marie’s body stiffened. Her pussy muscles gripped me like a vise. That made me cum even harder. I knew she was having these tremendous orgasms. I held her hips down and made her feel my exploding cock. It took some minutes before we started to calm down. Marie was still shaking as she pulled free from me. She quickly ran back to the bathroom. I heard the toilet flush and my sister walked back into the living room.

“What escort zonguldak made you do that?” She asked me.

I said she needed fucked by a real cock before she got married. She didn’t deny that what we did was hot or the right thing to do. That was it for that day. Bruce was supposed to arrive later that day. I wanted to be long gone by then. I gave my sister a hard kiss as I went out the door. I said I would call later that night. It wasn’t me that called but Marie that evening. She said that Bruce had wanted sex but she had said no. He got mad and then left.

Marie said she was too fucked out to have sex again. I just laughed as she told me her story. She said it wasn’t funny. She couldn’t have sex again when she could feel my cum swimming around in her belly. I asked her what she was going to do now that her brother had taken her ripe pussy. She sounded like she didn’t know what was going to happen now.

Time was short but Marie met up with me a few times before the wedding. Marie needed my cock. She would get on all fours for me. I would take hold of her long hair and pull it back. I would slam her pussy with my cock strokes. Marie wouldn’t tell me to stop. Oh no, she begging for me to use her tight pussy. She wanted to feel me explode inside her. I ended up giving her multiple loads before Bruce got her in the matrimonial bed.

The wedding day finally arrived. Everyone looked so happy except for my sister. She had this sad look on her face. When it came time for the dance with the bride, I pulled her close to me and whispered in her ear.

“I can’t wait to be fucking you again.”

Marie gave me this weird look. I was quite sure she wanted my cock buried deep in her greedy pussy. I just had to wait until her wedding trip was over. I knew I would have my sister again and again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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