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My Sister’s First Love Ch. 02

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Group Sex

(A note to my readers. Thought you have noticed the spelling is not pure English, bare in mind this is written mainly using “Irish Slang” and will remain that way through out my other stories)

I listened to Mom’s gentle snores as she lay in the hospital bed, unaware of my presence. I had decided to give her a surprise visit but, as usual, she spent most of her times now sleeping away in dreamland. Probably thinking everything that happened before when Dad died was all just a dream. The nurse had suggested that I’d come back later when she wass awake, but… after everything that had happened last week on Friday, I needed someone close to talk to.

Jenny and I hadn’t been talking much ever since that night, when she saw me with Aunty Bella – I wasn’t surprised. Though frankly I was actually surprised Jenny hadn’t reported me to the police yet, but after I’d heard her in her room, pleasuring herself whilst calling my name, I had my answer.

My mind kept going back to the events of that night: Aunty Bella sleeping drunkenly in Mom’s bed, having my way with her, taking advantage and finally Jenny, still frozen in the door way with a look of great horror upon her face.

Shite… could things have been any worse for us?

‘Derek… is that you?’ asked a soft, tired voice.

I lifted my head up and saw Mom just sitting up from the bed.

‘Oh, Mom, you’re awake.’

She had a look of exhaustion on her face as she moved slowly and rather weakly, like her body was made of thin wooden sticks.

‘How long have ya been here?’ Mom asked moving some of her dark brown hair covering her eyes aside.

‘About an hour or less. Sleep well?’

‘Aye. I’ve no complaints ’bout the way things run round here, but… I still miss sleeping back in me bed.’

‘Ay, try not to miss it too much. Aunty Bella’s turning it into a right state: mess everywhere.’

Mom gave off a bit of a smile.

‘Aye, that’s sounds like Bella, alright. How are you and Jenny doin’?’

My heart went to a sudden pause as I though about my dear little sister. What could I say? Jenny saw me fucking Aunty Bella and masturbated to the thought of me. If I told her that it would make a right bloody mess of things, and leave Mom with more than just Dad’s death and her cancer issue to worry over.

‘Fine, we’re doin’ fine.’

‘Any problems?’

‘Nah. Just the issue of keeping the house clean after Aunty Bella’s done with her bottlesl of beer.’

Mom and I shared a laugh together.

‘Well then, better get used to it. Yer the man of the house now, lad. I’d do it meself but… as you can see; I’m in no position to do a thing.’

I smiled at Mom for a moment, then got up from the chair i’d been sitting this whole time.

‘Well, I’ll be off then. I really hope you get better, too.’ I tapped Mom’s shoulder and was off.

When I returned I found the house still empty as it was when I left, but there was something I hadn’t seen earlier ago. A note on the fridge from Aunty Bella

“Gone out of town for a few nights. I’ll be back before the end of the week. I’ve left some money for you if you need to go shopping. Love you both. Aunty B.”

This was new of Aunty Bella to be quite generous, but the only part of it I didn’t like now was she was leaving us here all alone – with Jenny especially. I can’t bare the thought of saying I hated my own sister now after what happened, but being alone with her was just a tad bit shivering. But nonetheless she was my little sister, and I loved her with all my heart. I placed the note down on the kitchen table and got a can of Diet Coke from the fridge.

It was just after seven. Jenny had told me this morning before she left in a hurry that she’d be back later on in the afternoon. But this was a bit too “later” than usual. She wasn’t much for staying out late, even at her friend’s house, and would always call to say whether she was going to be out longer. I was just beginning to worry about her when I heard the door open and quickly turned my head to find Jenny, locking the door with a big load of bags in her left hand.

‘Ay there. Been out a wee bit late haven’t ya?’

‘Sorry, I meant to call but me phone died on me. Typical eh?’

‘Ah well. So what’s in the bags?’

‘I went shopping with my friends’ and I bought some food for the house too.’

‘OK, I’ll help ya with it.’

Jenny görükle escort didn’t seem so uncomfortable now that she was here, back home with me. In fact she seemed more lively than usual, and I noticed her face was practically glowing with delight. Anyways, I helped her out with the shopping and took some of the bags’ into the kitchen, resting them on the kitchen table. I noticed something quite odd about one of the bags though. It was from an erotic ladies underwear store just in town. Inside I spotted a pair of see-thought bras in different designs of all types: sexy, naughty and even dirty. Her selection of panties mainly consisted of Tangas made of silk with very thin linings. Whatever Jenny was thinking of doing with these undergarments’, it definitely involved something erotic.

Question was: with whom?

I left the bag alone and just carried on with putting away the rest of the shopping. Jenny was actually quick to take the bag off the table and place it aside, while she then continued helping me put away the rest of the shopping. After we were done Jenny rushed off to her room and took the bag with. She didn’t even say a word after helping me. What was she up to I wondered? But right now I felt too tired and too sweaty to think about what my little sister was up to, so I decided to take a shower.

The warm water covered my body as I stood with my arms out, pressed against the wall with my head facing down, watching the water flow down the drain. I took the soap from the side and started to rub it all over my body. The warmth of the water relaxed my mind and for a while I stopped thinking about the events on Friday, when, all of a sudden… I spotted my sister in the mirror peeking through the door. I would have jumped and turned to face her, but the shock of it just numbed me and I couldn’t respond to it. But I’m sure Jenny noticed I could see her because moments after she then moved away from the door, I then heard her bedroom door close.

I can’t believe it, I thought. Jenny was watching me in the shower.

afterwards I hurried out of the shower and got dressed into my sleeping bottoms and T-shirt. Inside I felt as though I should go inside and talk to her, but then she’d think I was angry with her, and Jenney was a rather fragile thing to say the least. So instead I just returned down to the living room and watched TV for a while before I went to bed.

The next morning I asked Jenny if she wanted to go for a walk with me down to the pier, and maybe walk along the beach. We hadn’t done that since we were kids with Mom, and I figured it would be a nice day to go for a walk with her – for old time’s sake.

We walked up along the pier and stopped at the end, resting against the railing staring out at the sea. We both stood relaxed as we felt the freshening sea breeze blow against our faces, whilst smelling the ocean from right under our noses. The day was calm and, though it was a bit windy, very peaceful.

‘I know ya haven’t forgotten about Friday, Jen,’ I started finally getting to the point of confronting Jenny. ‘I know ya saw me with Aunty Bella and I know ya masturbated to me shortly after.’

Jenny remained quiet, her head low buried inside her scarf with her hands gripping down hard on the railing. I placed my right hand along her shoulder and rubbed it tenderly against her back.

‘Look Jen. I’m not mad with ya, and I don’t hate ya or anything. It’s just that…’ I sighed for a moment. ‘I didn’t know ya felt that way about me.’

Jenny looked up. A slight tear was flowing down her right eye as she looked at me with wide open eyes. Her breathing was steady but behind all that there was still a side of sadness within her. Jenny wiped away the tear with her left thumb, blinking her eyes for a moment and then turning slightly to the right, facing the sea again.

‘I’m sorry about what happened that night, Derek. But… I can’t hold it anymore.’ Jenny closed her eyes once more as she lowered her head down to face the bottom of the pier. ‘I’ve felt this way ever since that time when I was twelve, and we were at the beach. You rescued me from nearly drowning.’

I remembered that day like a nightmare impossible to forget. We were just packing up and getting ready to leave. whilst Mom and Dad were taking our beach umbrella and beach chairs to the car, Jenny thought she’d have one last swim karacabey escort before we went. The waves were quite rough that day and I begged her to get out of the water but… it was no good. She was lost in the fun of it all and before she even noticed, the waves had buried her beneath the strong water. Without a moments waste I’d dived in after her and used all my strength to battle the current, and bring her back to the surface. Eventually I’d managed to bring her back up but she was unconcious. I carried her out of the water and laid her down on the sand, she had a massive cut along her forehead that was bleeding. She must’ve hit her head against a rock and got knocked out? i thought. I attempted CPR on her, as I’d seen in the movies’, and then after a while of getting to response from her, I preformed mouth-to-mouth. I blew in some air back into her lungs and after the fourth blow, Jenny opened her eyes just as I had my lips against hers.

‘It was the scariest of me life,’ said after having just remembered the day. ‘I thought I’d lost ya that day, Jen.’

Jenny sniffed. ‘Ever since that day Derek, I’ve cared so much for ya. All I’ve ever thought about was you and you alone. I’ve rejected so many boyfriends in the past, I almost thought I’d never be with anyone, ever!’

Another tear began to fall from Jenny’s eye; I quickly rubbed my thumb against it and dried the tear away. I wrapped Jenny around my arms and caressed the top part of her head, above the material of her wooly hat. Jenny gave off some gentle sobs and I continued in smothering her with love, to take away the feel of guilt and sadness inside her. After a few more moments we walked down onto the sand and walked along the beach. Finding some stones we threw some at the sea trying to skip the furthest away. Jenny was naturally a pro at this and I could never do a forth skip like she could. At least I was starting to see a bit of happiness returning into her as she kept smiling at me.

We walked further along the beach and all of a sudden Jenny came up with the craziest of ideas.

‘Ay Derek, why don’t we go for a swim? The sea seems pretty calm.’

‘Err, we ain’t brought our swimming kit, Jen.’

‘Doesn’t matter. We’ll go skinny dipping.’

My face went a bit blushed at the thought of it.

‘Are you sure that’s a good idea Jen? I mean it was OK back then when we were little tykes, but now… it’s just a bit embarrassing, don’t ya think?’

Jenny began to remove her jacket. ‘C’mon then, Derek. I thought ya were the second best out of your swimming lads back in school?’

She had a point, I was the best and I still was. And I figured since no one was around to see us, it was OK. I began to remove my jacket, T-shirt and jeans when I finally spotted Jenny in her new underwear she’d bought yesterday. Her breasts were clear to see and with the tang she wore being so thick, her hips were as smooth looking as they always appeared. She was definitely getting turned on considering I could see her nipples were hardening – as was something else in my pants.

‘Well, what d’ya think?’

‘Wow. You look… well, really sexy Jen.’

Jenny giggled. ‘Ta, I bought ’em yesterday just for you. You like?’

‘Yeah… well, I mean, you look really hot in ’em.’

I took off my boxers and then watched as Jenny took off her bra and pants, reviling to me her clean shaven pussy. Instantly my dick began to harden and Jenny just giggled at the sight of it hardening towards her, to let her know just how attractive I found her. ‘C’mon then,’ she said. She took my hand and together we ran into the cold water. As our feet splashed against the water, the shock waves from the cold water ran through our bodies. So to warm each other up quickly we grabbed hold of each other before we dived in together.

As we surfaced we gave out a slight yell towards the cold, but then found ourselves laughing as we continued to hold onto one another. We smiled and looked into each others eyes, and for a brief moment, we truly felt like an actual couple, falling in love. Jenny jumped a bit as she felt the tug of something down below rub against her thigh. She smirked at me whilst I went blushed and moved away a bit. With our bodies now heated up Jenny swam out for a bit, I watched her and kept a close eye out incase she got into any trouble. After a while Jenny swam back mudanya escort to me and wrapped her arms around me, she lifted herself up a bit so that her breast would press against my chest area. I peeked down for a bit and felt the warmth of her chest as she held n tight to me, no intentions whatsoever in letting go.

‘Do you… like me Derek?’

I kept quiet for a few moments. Gazing into her bright blue eyes she lost herself in my dark blue eyes completely. What I felt inside was wrong and almost felt like a bond within my heart breaking up into pieces. Was this right? Could I live with myself if I did this?

I guess there was only one way to find out?

Without a word I leaned my head in and before I knew it, felt her soft, warm lips rub against mine. I wrapped my arm around her head and pulled her closer whilst Jenny too brought my head closer to hers. We continued to kiss without ever stopping and without ever wanting to stop. But I knew of course after this, the bond between us as brother and sister was never going to exist between us. We could still act like brother and sister around the family, but even so, it would never be the same again.

One minute we were naked in the sea kissing each other passionately, the next we found ourselves in my bedroom. The blind was just open half way, the door only a gap opened and our bodies covered up to our waist in my bed. I continued to kiss Jenny in such passion I felt strong thugs inside my heart, as did Jenny. I stopped for a moment and looked at her. I still wasn’t sure if she wanted this, for me to be the one to take her virginity. But the look in her eyes and signs of courage in her assure me she was ready for this.

I aligned the tip of my dick with the opening of her vagina, and as gently as I could, I started to push in. Jenny flinched a bit and closed her eyes whilst grinding her teeth lightly.

‘Are ya OK, Jen? Do ya want me to stop?’

‘Nah… it’s OK, Derek… keep going.’

I kept moving in until I applied a bit of force at the end to break through the wall of her Hymen. I could feel the oozy blood clover the area of my penis that stuck out. Jenny stopped flinching and opened her eyes with a look of joy on her face. I started to thrust in and out slowly while Jenny was still recovering from the pain. As I did so I gazed in her eyes and rested my arms on the sides of my head, keeping my lips as close to hers as I could. After going in and out for a few moments, whilst feeling the pleasure run through our bodies, Jenny lifted her legs up and wrapped them around my back. I kissed her and then hugged her as I fucked her passionately.

I eventually started to go harder and Jenny could no longer hide her groans, so she let them out in a gentle way.

‘Oh my God Derek… I, I… I love ya. Oh God I love ya so much.’

Her breathing got louder and deeper.

‘I never knew I felt this way about ya, Jen. But I love it, and most of all, I love ya.’

We rolled to the right and as I lay back on the bed, my hands holding to Jenny by her hips, Jenny sat up and moved up and down. Her breasts bouncing as she leaned in a bit and pressed her hands flat against my chest. I continued to pump up harder and faster as Jenny begged me to do so. Eventually could feel all the pleasure in her body driving her to orgasm.

‘Oh my God, Derek. I’m com… I’m coming!’

‘Aye, me too!’

Jenny leaned as far back as she could with her head facing the ceiling, her hands held tightly to my waist and her body acting in a gentle spastic state. I sighed deeply as she then fell forward and landed on my chest, wrapping her arms round me and resting her head down. I held her close by her shoulder with my left arm and rested my right hand beneath my head. Sweat was forming all around my forehead and my breathing was going deeper and deeper by the second. I looked at her sweet, gentle face as she lay there resting on my chest, and with my right hand caressed her cheek and gave her a kiss on the head.

I left Jenny asleep in bed when morning came and went down to the kitchen for some breakfast. Walking over in a sleepy state, I yawned as I opened the fridge and opened up the carton of apple juice. When I finished and turned round to put it back in the fridge, I heard a voice from behind.

‘Morning there lover boy.’

I turned my head round whilst keeping my body forward, and saw Aunty Bella sat at the kitchen table. Wearing a pair of light blue jeans, a pink top and a thin purple leather jacket with her arms crossed.

She looked at me with a rather devilish smirk. ‘So… enjoy your fun with me on Friday, or was I just practice for your sister?’

I remained silent.

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