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My Sister’s Secret Desires Ch. 03

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My boss and lover, Melissa, called to ask my sister and I to come to her office. When we arrived, she said a model agency had an interest in Sarah to model some eyewear for an up and coming eyeglasses company. Sarah was excited about getting her first modeling job, but modeling eyeglasses wasn’t exactly the sexy, glamorous photo shoot she had envisioned. She didn’t even wear eyeglasses!

When we arrived at Melissa’s office, she told me she had three women who were very interested in having some boudoir photographs. She explained to them that I was extremely busy right now, but I would have my receptionist call them to schedule an appointment. Two things were wrong about that statement. First, I wasn’t extremely busy, and second, I didn’t have a receptionist to call them back. I explained that to Melissa and she said, “Oh, John. You’re a very good photographer but you have a lot to learn about business. You don’t want people to think you’re sitting around waiting on someone to call. These women are used to calling for restaurant reservations and being told it would be a three or four day wait. They want to feel like you are doing them a favor by taking their business, not the other way around. They want to feel like they’re dealing with an exclusive photographer. They will tell their friends that they had some great photos taken, and when their friends show an interest, they will be told that you are very exclusive, and they should expect a delay before you can see them. If someone calls and asks for photos, and you tell them they can come in the same afternoon, they will think you are some hack who sits around all day waiting on someone to call. Understand?”

“Yeah, I guess. So, what should I do? Should I call them back and set up an appointment?”

“No. You should never call your clients. Give your schedule to your receptionist and have her call back to make the appointment. Make sure to have her tell them you are not available until next week.”

“Uh, Melissa, I don’t have a receptionist.”

“Oh! You haven’t met her yet? Have Julie take you next door so you can meet her. Give her your class schedule and go over any other appointments you might have and have her call the first name on the list. I already gave her the names and phone numbers of your first three clients.”

Melissa continued, “Okay. Now for Sarah. I have a photo shoot arranged for you to model some eyeglasses. I told them I would get back to them, so I need your class schedule so we can set a time and date. I know it’s not a sexy swimwear shoot, but it’s your first job. In the beginning, you need to take whatever you can get. The job didn’t come directly from the eyeglass company, it came from an advertising agency, so if they like what they see, they may have you model some other products.

John, go meet your receptionist and then come back here so we can chat some more.”

I got up and went through the door to Julie’s desk where I asked her if she could introduce me to my new receptionist. “Sure John, I’d be happy to. She’s an old friend of mine. Follow me.”

We walked next door to my new office where Julie introduced me to my new receptionist. “John, I’d like you to meet Amy. We went to college together for two years, then we dropped out and went to secretarial school. Amy, this is your new boss, John.”

Amy flashed me a million-dollar smile, and I swear her eyes were sparkling. I hate to guess a woman’s age, because I’m usually wrong, but in my mind, I guessed she was between twenty-five and thirty. She was very well dressed, or more accurately, professionally dressed. She had dark brown hair that hung to her shoulders and green eyes. She was beautiful. I said, “I’m very glad to meet you Amy. Do you mind if I sit?”

Amy and Julie both laughed and then Amy said, “Go ahead, sir, but you don’t need to ask. It’s your office!”

I blushed as I realized how stupid that must have sounded. I answered, “Yeah, I guess that’s right. You’ll have to forgive me, but I’ve never had my own office before. Oh, and you don’t have to call me sir. John will be fine.”

Julie said, “I’ll leave you two to get acquainted. I should get back to my desk.” When she walked out, I said, “So, Amy, tell me a little about yourself, if you don’t mind.”

“Of course. My name is Amy Hayes, I’m 31 years old, and for the past six years, I worked for a lawyer. I grew up in Encinitas and, like Julie said, I went to San Diego State with her for two years until we discovered we could make more money as a secretary than we could with a degree. Plus, we didn’t have to worry about paying back a huge tuition loan debt. I’m single. I have never been married and have never had children. That’s about it.”

“Wow, forgive me for being so bold, but I can’t believe a woman as beautiful as you has never been married.”

“Thank you, John. Julie said you were sweet. I met a guy my first year in college and he asked me to marry him. I accepted, but before we could get married, he died in a skydiving accident. It took me a long time to get over that, and I just istanbul escort never got serious with another guy.”

“I am so sorry, Amy. I didn’t mean to bring up old wounds.”

“It’s okay. You didn’t know, and I have gotten past that.”

“So, you said you worked for a lawyer for six years. What happened there?”

“He just got indicted for jury tampering. Apparently, he was paying off jury members to swing decisions his way. He was disbarred and is looking at ten years in prison. The FBI came in and seized his computers and shut down the office, so I found myself out of a job. This job came along at just the right time.”

“Well, I’m glad we could help. Let me tell you a little about myself. I grew up in San Jose, came down here for college, and I think I’ll probably stay. I like San Diego County. I’m a Junior this year, studying Fine Arts, and more specifically, photography. I never thought I would have my own photography business before I even graduated, but I was encouraged to get started early. I assume you’ve met Melissa?”

“Yes, Julie introduced me, and, as a matter of fact, Melissa interviewed me and then hired me. I know I will be working for you, so I hope there wasn’t a problem with her hiring me before you got a chance to interview me.”

“No, not at all. I trust Melissa implicitly. She told me she gave you the names and numbers of three women who want to have some photos made. Let me give you my class schedule, then you can call them and schedule an appointment. Tell them there’s no way I could fit them in until next week. Whatever you do, don’t let them know I’m still in school. Melissa said they should believe that the reason I can’t fit them in until next week is because I’m so busy with other clients. She said they should believe I’m an experienced, much sought after photographer. Also, schedule their appointments for after 11:00 am, and before 4:00 pm. Any questions?”

She said she was good, so I left and went back to Melissa’s office. When I walked in, I noticed Sarah didn’t look happy. I asked, “What’s up?”

Melissa answered, “Sarah’s not happy about doing a photo shoot unless you’re the photographer.”

I sat down next to Sarah and said, “Sarah, you said you wanted to be a model. You have been given a chance and you have to take it. You can’t expect an agency to hire you and then hire me to take the photos. After all, the name of my business is ‘Intimate Portraits’. I don’t do advertising photography. Just arrange for the shoot, follow the photographer’s direction, just like you did with me, and you will be great. Just think, if they like you, this will only be the start of a long career.”

“Okay. I guess you’re right. I just wish you could be the photographer, but I understand that’s not possible. I’m gonna dazzle them so much, they will be begging me to model their other products.”

“That’s my girl. I know you’re going to do a great job.” I then looked at Melissa and said, “Thanks for hiring Amy. She has a lot of experience and I’m sure she will do a great job. Thanks also for getting Sarah this job. Oh, and thanks for getting me my first three clients. I did what you said. I told Amy to call them and tell them I couldn’t see them until next week because I was so busy. She has my schedule and will set up the appointments. It seems like I could sit here all day and think of other things to thank you for. Just let me say thank you for everything and leave it at that.”

“I appreciate your kind words, but you don’t need to thank me. Like I told you before, I am a very good businesswoman, and I can spot a potential for making money. I have no doubt that you will be successful, and once we sign a partnership agreement, I will be more successful, too. Now, let me tell you about your new clients. The three women you will see next week are not what you would call ‘young chicks’, but they have enough money to keep themselves looking good. They have personal trainers, so they maintain a great body, and I’m sure they have probably had some Botox treatments. In other words, they are vain. Keep that in mind when you are taking their photos. Try to stroke their egos and tell them how great they look. Offer them some wine to make them comfortable. I’m sure that if you can make them happy, they will tell all their friends. In a couple of weeks, you will have more business than you would ever believe possible.”

Melissa let that sink in for a minute and then continued, “You need a website. Do you know anyone who can help you with that?”

“Probably. Part of the Fine Arts program involves designing advertising, including websites. Of course, the geeks from the computer programming department actually develop the websites. I’m sure if I ask Amanda, the girl who designed my logo, she would be able to help me.”

“Good. Get started on that. Most of your business will come from word of mouth, but every business should have a great website. On another note, are you available for a private party Thursday night?”

“Sure. My last class ends kabataş escort at 4:00, so I’m free after that.”

Melissa gave me the details for the party and she and Sarah discussed a time and date for her photo shoot. Sarah and I left and went to lunch. We then went home and had a small celebration. Okay, actually we just fucked for an hour, but it was still a celebration to us.

The next day, I caught up with Amanda at the student union and explained that I needed a website designed. She said she could do that, and she had a friend in the computer department who could set it up for me. She said, “In order to design the website, we need to include some examples of your work. Are you willing to use the photos you took of your sister?”

“Yeah, sure. I mean, I don’t think she would have a problem with that.”

“Okay, if you could send me copies of the photos, I will get to work on it. If you don’t mind, I would like to use some of my photos, also.”

“Wow! You would do that?”

“Of course. I love my photos. I have never felt so beautiful and sexy. I don’t think I will use the ones in the transparent negligee, though. I mean, the bras and panties don’t show anything more that a bikini would show, but the see through shows a little too much. Pick out some photos of your sister and email them to me. I’ll get started right away.”

On Tuesday of the next week, I did a photo shoot with the first of my new clients. Her name was Sherrie, and while she wasn’t, as Melissa had said, a ‘young chick’, she was absolutely gorgeous. The term ‘MILF’ immediately came to mind. She had a well-toned body with curves in all the right places. She had brought a variety of very sexy underwear, including negligees, and when she laid them out on the bed, I chose a black, shorty negligee to start with. She asked me if I wanted her to wear a bra and panty set under it, and I told her it was her photo shoot, so she should wear whatever she was comfortable with. She stepped behind a screen to change, and when she came back, I was surprised to see she wasn’t wearing anything under it.

I had her lie on the bed and talked her through several poses. I had her pout, lick her lips, open her mouth slightly, and she followed all of my directions like she had been modeling for years. I had her change into the other items she had brought with her and again, I talked her into numerous very alluring and sensual poses. I could tell she was very comfortable with her body. When we were finished, I popped the media card into my laptop and showed her a slide show. She was sitting behind me, still wearing a lace bra and thong, and rubbing her hand along my neck and shoulders as she watched. She said she loved the photos and didn’t find any that she would want erased. I told her I would print them on high quality photo paper for her.

She said, “I hope I don’t offend you when I say this, but I’m horny as hell. If you have the time, would you like to fuck me?”

“Sherie, you are a very attractive, sexy woman. Any man with half a brain cell would like to fuck you. But I don’t want you to do something you might regret later. After all, you did say you were horny. Don’t you think that might just be your hormones talking?”

“Look, the only way I’m going to regret anything is if you turn out to be a lousy fuck, but I don’t think that’s going to happen. I’ve been rolling around on that bed for almost two hours, while wearing next to nothing, and having you tell me to cup my breasts, raise my ass, spread my legs, and doing whatever you told me to do. I’m wet as hell, and I really want you to fuck me. Now are you going to do it or not?”

The only thing I had ever learned about business was, the customer is always right. I stood up, led her over to the bed and unhooked her bra. I reached down to take one of her hard nipples in my mouth while rolling the other one between my thumb and forefinger. She moaned really loud, and I thought she was going to pass out, so I helped her sit on the edge of the bed. I pulled my shirt over my head and unbuckled my pants to allow them to drop to the floor. I already had a raging hardon, so Sherie reached out, took my cock in her hand, and then guided it into her mouth. This was not how I normally started when making love to a woman, but it felt so damned good, I let her continue her blowjob. When I didn’t think I could take it anymore, I pulled my cock out, kneeled on the floor, and pulled her thong down. She was right when she said she was wet. I pushed her back on the bed and planted my mouth over her tasty pussy and began to lap up her nectar. When I stuck my tongue in her, she immediately had an orgasm. I continued licking, lapping, and sucking every part of her pussy. When I started licking her clit, she started thrashing around on the bed and moaning loudly. When I stuck two fingers in her, and started stroking, she had another orgasm.

Apparently, she couldn’t take any more of my oral ministrations, because she pulled my hair and growled, “Come fuck me!”

I moved up, rubbed kadıköy escort my cock up and down her very wet slit, and then pushed in about halfway. She screamed out, “Oh, fuck!” I took that as a good sign and began thrusting in and out at a steady pace. She started fucking me back by lifting her ass to meet each of my thrusts. She began to moan, squeal, and say things like, “Yes. Just like that. That feels so good. Fuck my pussy. Give it to me baby.”

She had a big climax, and as I continued pumping, she said, “Fuck me harder. Faster.” I started thrusting in and out faster and harder, and just as she had another climax, I warned her, “I’m gonna cum!”

She answered, “YES! CUM IN ME! LET ME FEEL IT!” That’s all it took. I couldn’t hold back any longer. I pumped what felt like a gallon of cum in her before rolling over and breathing hard. After a few seconds, she rolled over to me and gave me a deep, wet kiss. She whispered, “Just so you know, I don’t regret shit. That was fucking fantastic. Believe me when I tell you, I have experience when it comes to sex. That was the best fuck I have ever had.”

I asked her if she would like to take a shower before she got dressed, and she said, “Only if you join me.” We had a nice shower where we washed each other all over. When she was getting dressed, she said, “I don’t need more photos, but I would be willing to pay you to fuck me again.”

I answered, “Sherie, I thoroughly enjoyed fucking you, and would be more than happy to do it again, but I don’t fuck for money. If you feel like you would like to see me again, call my secretary and make an appointment.”

“Would you be willing to come to my house sometime?”

“I thought you were married.”

“I am, but he travels a lot. Plus, I know he fucks around on me. If you come to my house, we could have dinner and then spend as much time as we wanted to in bed.”

I explained that I was really busy, but if she would call me, and if I was free, I would be more than happy to meet her at her house. I told her it would take several days to get all the photos printed off on photo paper, so I would have my secretary call her when they were ready for pickup, or I could send them to her by FedEx. I told her to stop by the reception desk and Amy would handle the payment which was $2,000. She thanked me without even batting an eye at the price, and then left.

The next day, I saw the next client, another MILF named Rita. The photo shoot went much the same as the other one had. She was very happy with the photos, told me she was horny and wanted me to fuck her, which I did, I charged her $2,000, which she happily paid, and she left. The only difference was, she didn’t ask me to come to her house. She did mention that she would like to fuck me again, and I told her to call for an appointment.

On Thursday, the third woman came in for her photo shoot. Again, she was a very attractive MILF, she was happy with the photos, and we fucked. I again charged her $2,000, which she didn’t complain about. I couldn’t believe that I had not only fucked three beautiful women, but I had made $6,000 in three days.

* * * * *

The next week, I ran into Amanda and she showed me some website pages she had designed. Like every website, it had a home page and a section about me. I noticed it said I had a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography and I had been a photographer for five years. When I asked her about it, she said everybody fudges on their resumes. There were several pages with examples of boudoir photography using Sarah and Amanda’s photos. They were beautiful. Then she showed me a page for intimate photography that was blank. She said I didn’t provide any photos so she couldn’t complete the pages until I did. That was a dilemma because I didn’t have any. I approved the pages that were complete and could be used in the actual website. I told her I would get back to her about the intimate photos.

Amanda called me the next day and asked me to meet her. Over lunch she told me she had talked to a few of her sorority sisters about posing for some intimate photos with their boyfriends. She had three that were interested, but she said they wanted $100 each, plus a copy of the photos. She explained to them that they would have to sign a model release that would allow me to use the photos for my website, and they had agreed. $300 was a small price to pay to help me get my website up and running, plus it was a business expense so I could write it off on my taxes.

Two days later, two of the girls came to my studio with their boyfriends and Amanda. The first one was a little nervous, but as I started directing her and her boyfriend into different poses, she relaxed and started to get into it. I started them off with her wearing a bra and thong and him in his briefs. I had him behind her, cupping her breasts, kissing her neck, and other poses. Then we went through several poses with both of them nude. In one, she held his cock in her hand with her mouth open, like she was getting ready to suck it. In another, she had his cock just below her pussy. The photos came out really well. When we were finished, the second couple was raring to go. Their photos also came out well. I thanked them, paid them and told them I would give Amanda a copy of the photos to give to them later. When they left, Amanda asked, “Are you busy?”

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