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My Step Mom Ch. 02

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It has been four years since I first started receiving the abuse from my Step Mom Leslie. My dad passed away earlier this year, and since I had no one else, Leslie let me stay with her. Since she still needed servicing and “Her” house kept clean. In all actuality it hadn’t been that horrible, I began to love the way she treated me. And was eager to please her to receive my reward, my own orgasm! And she didn’t mind letting me know who was boss either. My failing to please her resulted in immediate punishment, which by this time had really gotten quite sadistic at times!

After my dad died, Leslie went to a lingerie store and bought me a French Maids outfit, requiring me to wear it at all times unless someone visited us. She had also purchased a small riding crop that she had handy 24 hours a day. I now had to sleep at her feet like the shit eating dog I had become to her. And I believe I had fallen in love with her! But not so with her, I was a disgusting cunt lapper to her, which I had to do daily, if it was her time of month or not! I only got to come by jacking off when she told me I could. And if my dick wasn’t hard at all times, she hit me with the riding crop making me jack it until I was hard, the way she wanted it.

She was left well off from my dad’s life insurance and her being the only beneficiary, so at 48 years old she didn’t have a worry in the world. She kept me at her beck and call at all times. One evening she told me she was going out, something she hardly ever did, and for me to be ready when she arrived home! After about 5 hours she came home, drunk as shit. I had never seen her not sober and helped her to her bed. As I undressed her, I noticed her panties were soiled and it looked like Cum to me.

Unfortunately she wasn’t totally out of it and asked me.

“What the fuck are you looking at you sick little bitch!”

Slurring her words as she spoke in her usual tone to me. I answered with my head bowed like she had taught me.

“Your panties Maam, they look soiled!”

She screamed at me, “You sick mother fucker, Now your checking out my dirty panties, you want to see what’s in them?”

With that she grabbed them from my hands and shoved them in my face. “It’s fucking Cum, a Real fucking man’s Cum!” she hollered. “But you wouldn’t know anything about being a Real Man would you? You worthless Bitch!”

Her anger was raging so suddenly it scared me, and then she stuck her panties in my mouth.

“Clean them out you little cocksucker, Suck that Cum out of them so they don’t fucking stain!”

I could only şişli grup yapan escort do what she had commanded or face her wrath. She looked at me with a disgusted look, and saw my dick was getting hard.

“So, you’re a little faggot now are you? You like to eat another man’s cum do you?” I shook my head no, but she didn’t care.

“You want some more of it? Get over here and lick my cum filled cunt then Bitch!”

I crawled over to her and she shoved my face in her cunt, I licked it clean for her, sucking out who’s ever cum that it was, as she had told me to!

I loved the mixed taste of her cunt and that cum, so when she passed out I went and jacked off, hoping she wouldn’t find out I had not wanting to be punished again. The next morning when she got up, she looked like hell warmed over.

“Go make me some fucking coffee!” She told me sternly.

I had learned long ago how to cook and keep her semi-happy with my services for her. As I brought her coffee to her she told me her feet hurt and me to clean and massage then. She had not had her morning’s shower yet and I could see that she had been dancing barefoot on the dirty floor at where ever she had gone.

The bottoms of her small feet almost black with filth. I got on my knees and kissed them then began licking them clean before massaging them for her. As I raised my eyes I could see some cum left on the outer lips of her pussy. Thankfully she could only concentrate on her hot coffee.

At 8 PM that night she again told me she was going out, I was to have the house spotless when she returned. At 11 PM I heard her pull up in the drive and then I heard another voice, a man’s voice. And they both sounded drunk. I went to change since she had company and I was in my maid’s outfit. They went to the kitchen and made drinks then into the living room, when she called to me.

“Get in here Bitch!” She screamed to me.

As I arrived she saw I was in my regular clothing and got up, stumbling as she did and slapped me, telling me to go get in my uniform. I asked her if I should since we had company. She slapped me again.

“Do what I tell you too you fucking idiot!” she screamed as her “Date” laughed.

I came back in my uniform, and my dick wasn’t hard so she got her crop and hit me with it, reminding me of my duty. I was ashamed but jacked off until I was hard for them. They laughed at me and then started kissing each other and feeling each other off. As he got more excited she got on her knees and began to suck his cock, şişli masöz escort something she never did for me anymore. Then he threw her on the floor and ripped her panties off roughly.

All I could do was watch as she cried out in her pleasures and he slid his large cock in her. She spread her legs wide telling him to fuck her good. He slammed his cock in her for about 5 minutes then came hard. She had not had her orgasm so she had me eat her pussy until she did, his hot cum oozing out of her gaping gash from where they had fucked on the way home. He lay there laughing at me with my maid’s outfit on, my ass bare and dick hanging out.

He made some lewd comments about me and she laughed with him at me. Then Leslie did something I never would have thought she could do to me, She made me jack him off so she could watch. I was afraid he would beat the shit out of me, but he told me.

“Hurry up Bitch, get my cock hard for her!”

I ate her pussy and wrapped my hand around his cock and jacked it off. He was uncircumcised and it was at least 9 inches long and fairly thick. He was having a difficult time getting another erection since he had just had an orgasm and was pretty drunk also.

“No wonder you beat this bitch, she can’t even make my dick hard!”

She held my face in her cunt.

“Maybe we can cure that! GO suck his cock Bitch, I want his cock hard!”

This was too much, I didn’t want to do this and told her I would never do that. She went ballistic, slapping me with him laughing, I even tried to defend myself and he held my arms behind my back while she beat me. I finally gave up and gave in. He stood up shaking his soft cock in my face, telling me to be a good cocksucker or I would be sorry. I was on my knees and moved my face to his cock, then put it in my mouth.

I thought I would gag or something, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I began to suck it as far as I could in my mouth his hands holding my head. Leslie was laughing at her cocksucker, I had my eyes closed as he fucked my face. His dick was now hard. A couple of times he stabbed it too deep and I gagged, but he backed off. He was telling Leslie what a good whore I was. I had my hand wrapped around the base of his cock jacking it as I sucked. I was hoping he would stop and go fuck Leslie but he didn’t. I felt his balls tighten, he never said anything he just shot his hot cum in my mouth. Spurt after spurt, filling my mouth faster than I could swallow it ran down my chin making Leslie get mad!

She hit me with şişli otele gelen escort her crop on my ass for wasting his cum, while he sat there laughing. She asked him if I had satisfied him?

“Yes, but I have something else for him, I am going to fuck him in his asshole!”

I broke down crying begging them not to do this, it was no use, they were drunk and could care less about me. Leslie got that evil look in her eyes and grabbed his dick jacking him off.

“Comon baby, get it hard, I want you to fuck my little whore for me, Get it hard mother fucker!”

She then started sucking it, as I sat there in tears. He had a hard look in his eyes and a hard dick now as he told me to bend over and get ready.

I had sat there in a state of shock that Leslie would let it go this far, but as I tried to get away they grabbed me and she held me by my arms as he raped me. I call it rape because he used no lubrication, he just jammed it in my virgin ass. I screamed out in pain as his large cock tore my anal membranes. Leslie got in front of me.

“Eat my cunt.”

I did it only hoping that it would take my mind off the pain. As my ass wore open from his anal assault on me, Leslie urged him on.

“Fuck him good, make him a good whore, use that big cock on him!”

I was still crying, so ashamed, mainly because I was starting to enjoy this abuse.

My hips started to buck against his forward thrusts, as they pushed me into Leslie’s cunt. My tongue would dig deeper in her wet dripping pussy as he did. He was grunting as he kept fucking my asshole, Leslie started cumming cramming my face as deep as possible. Then I felt his hot cum hitting my inner anal walls, spurt after hit spurt as he grabbed my ass cheeks squeezing them so hard that it hurt. Then without warning my cock started shooting my spunk out, without anyone helping it. I shook as my orgasm came from the bottom of my stomach out my cock.

Thankfully they finally passed out, I went to take a shower and as I was showering his cum dripped out of my asshole. The sight of it plopping on the showers floor got me hard again, so I jacked, off as I remembered the abuse I had received making me cum with such intensity that I fell to the floor, letting the water shower on me.

I went into my room and packed all my clothes that I could carry and left. I am now a male prostitute in New Orleans, Look for me there. They call me Leslie!

Authors Note:

This story is Pure Fantasy, it never happened. It was only written for, You the Reader, and my own enjoyment only! I do NOT believe in, or participate in Incest, Violence towards Women OR the Sexual Abuse of a Child of any age, consenting or not! If you enjoyed this story, please drop me an email with any suggestions or fantasies you would like to read about. Yes, I am a warped individual, but at least I still have my sense of humor! 😉 Thanks, mustanger7up

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