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My Summer of Awakening

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Hello! My name is Jake. I am 18 years old and I am currently a freshman in College. The summer between High School and College changed my life forever in a very wonderful way. I grew up in a very conservative home in rural Oregon. My Dad was a very strict, disciplined, by-the-book kind of professional. My Mother was the proper, PTA, Sunday school teacher, faithful, stay at home wife. I am the middle of three children. I have an older sister who decided to follow Mom’s footsteps and got married shortly after High School to one of the local boys from our town. I have a younger brother who is a High School Senior and will graduate next summer.

The College I chose to attend is in Washington and is several hours away from my parent’s house. My Grandparents on my Mom’s side have a small ‘ranch’ about 20 minutes from the campus so it was decided that I could stay with them while attending college. They call their place a ranch but it is only 5 acres with a small barn, a couple horses, some chickens and a dog. The very back of their property backed up to a small lake that was shared by a few of the neighbors. When I was younger and we actually got to visit Grandma and Grandpa, I remember swimming and fishing there with my cousins. The house is older, but nice and they have a built in swimming pool that I am sure I will get a lot of use from instead of that dirty old pond out back. My Dad never really seemed to me to like my Mom’s parents much and it took a lot of coaxing on her part to get him to agree to let me stay with them. In the end, I am sure that the financial benefits were what swayed him the most. I always liked my Mom’s parents. They were my favorite set of Grandparents but I never got to see them as much as I would have liked. They were the ‘FUN’ Grandparents. My Dad’s parents were the serious, boring ones. Mom always took several trips each year to visit her parents and usually stayed a few days each trip. Dad never went with her and none of us kids were allowed to go either.

In order to help earn my keep, I moved in with my Grandparents just 2 weeks after graduating High School. Since their place was already furnished, all I had to bring was clothes and personal stuff so the move was easy and painless. Dad stayed home and Mom came with me. We made the drive to the ranch on a Saturday. She only stayed one night and was crying when she hugged me “Good-bye” after lunch the next day. Grandpa saw her crying and told her, “Don’t worry! We will take good care of him.”

Mom’s eyes narrowed at him and she said, “I know, but remember your promise!”

“Hmmm… I am having trouble remembering that promise. Do you have time to remind me?”

“Oh Harold!” Grandma chimed in, “I’ll remind you. Let’s just let her get on her way.”

Mom looked at her watch and said, “That’s OK, Mom. I have a few minutes. I WANT to remind him. C’mon Dad, let’s go inside and talk.”

As Mom and Grandpa walked into the house I turned to Grandma and asked, ‘What promise?”

“Oh, don’t worry about it Jake.” she answered with a wink, “I don’t plan on keeping it anyway.”

Grandma and I made small talk until Mom finally came out of the house after about 12 minutes inside. Grandpa followed but stayed on the front porch. Mom gave me another hug and then hugged and kissed Grandma also. We all said our good-byes and watched Mom drive away down the old dirt driveway. Grandma and me walked up the steps onto the front porch with Grandpa. “What was the promise, Grandpa?” I asked.

He smiled and winked at Grandma and replied, “Damned old age… I forgot it already” Grandma smiled and winked back to him and then ushered us all inside.

Grandma cleaned up the dishes from lunch and Grandpa gave me a tour of the ranch and explained my duties. It was all pretty easy stuff. Take care of the feeding and grooming of the animals, some painting, some gardening and a few repairs around the place. Grandpa reserved the right for him and Grandma to add stuff as time progressed and other needs developed around their place. He let me know that there wasn’t really a whole lot to do and I would have plenty of free time for playing and relaxing. Grandpa told me that he and Grandma worked hard all their life and deserved the relaxed lifestyle they were now enjoying and that they were glad to be able to help me out and expected me to enjoy relaxing as well. “You’ll be joining the Rat-Race soon enough. Enjoy your free time. Play hard and play often!” he said. “That’s the philosophy your Grandma and I tried to raise your Mom and Aunt with. I hope you adopt it as well.”

My Mom had one sister and no brothers. Of course, my Dad didn’t care for Aunt Barb or her husband Samuel either. Aunt Barb was a couple years older than Mom and definitely played hard and often. Uncle Samuel was a large black man. Her ‘play hard’ lifestyle and the fact that she married a black man both contributed to my Dad’s attitude toward her. Dad was a successful professional and Uncle Samuel moved from job to job for years until finally settling into one of the local mills. He always seemed to do a good job providing for Aunt Barb and his kids but Dad always looked down on him as a lesser person. I never really heard Dad say Porno anything racist about anybody. One of his golf buddies was black. I think he just liked looking down on Mom’s side of the family and used any excuse he could find. As I said earlier, Aunt Barb is a couple years older than Mom. That, plus the fact she had her first kid at 17 put all three of my cousins my age or older. The oldest, Sam JR was 21 and went to the same college I was about to start. He was a local football hero so he made the college team as well. The next oldest was Grant. He was a 20 yr. old bookworm and went to college in Boise. The youngest, Alicia, was my age(18) also just graduated and I hadn’t heard what she was planning, if anything. I have not seen any of them for several years so all of the information I had on them I got through Mom.

Grandpa and I walked back to the house. Grandma had finished the lunch dishes and already started working on dinner. Grandma and Grandpa were pretty modern and had High Speed Satellite Internet. Until I got mine set up in my room, I could use the one they had in their ‘study’. I spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing and goofing off. I was able to chat with my friends so all seemed pretty normal for me. At dinner, Grandpa informed me we needed to go into town in the morning and get some supplies. As soon as dinner was over I got back on the computer. Grandpa came in a few minutes later, “Just so you know,” he said “We have a few rules about the net that you need to follow.” I looked at him expecting a lecture about Internet porn. “If you are gunna be looking at porn” he continued, “You gotta show me any good stuff you find” he finished with a smile.

Out of the kitchen I heard Grandma yell, “And me!” Not exactly what I was expecting.

“Yeah…right” was all I could answer.

“We’re serious.” He responded “We may be old, but we aren’t dead. Everything still works and we still like to ‘play hard and play often’. There’s nothing wrong with porn or sex.”

Grandma was now standing behind him. “Besides” she added, “You might be surprised what these two old bodies are capable of.”

“Ummmm…. Yeah….” I replied.

“Good porn makes your Grandpa hard and me wet.” Grandma said as she turned and went back to the kitchen. Grandpa put his hand on my shoulder and leaned in to whisper in my ear, “And Oh-Boy! does your Grandma get wet!” This conversation was making very uncomfortable so I was extremely glad when Grandpa turned to walk away. He stopped a few steps out, turned and asked, “Say… are you still a virgin?”

“No! Grandpa I’m not!” I answered. He finally left me alone. No, I was not a virgin. I didn’t have a lot of experience but definitely enough to get by.

Around 10PM Grandpa told me it was time for bed cuz we had to get up early in the morning. I told my buddies g’night, logged off the computer and went up to bed. I was thinking how great it would be to get the net in my room and avoid Grandma and Grandpa’s embarrassing conversations. Of course, I was also looking forward to the privacy and being able to look at porn again. That night I jacked off to the sounds of Grandma and Grandpa going at it in the next room. They definitely were NOT dead and apparently their bodies still worked quite well. They went at it for quite some time. Surprisingly, hearing Grandpa talking to Grandma about how hungry and wet her pussy was and hearing Grandma begging for Grandpa’s big cock was extremely sexy. They were going at it so long I actually ended up jacking off and cumming twice.

The next morning Grandpa woke me up at 7AM. Not exactly the ‘early’ morning I was expecting, but considering how late they were up fucking I guess 7AM could be considered early. He told me Grandma was using the shower in the hall bathroom and I could shower and come down for breakfast when she was done. I had just gathered my stuff for my shower when I heard the bathroom door unlock. I headed to the hall and ran into Grandma there. She smiled and said ‘Good morning” before turning to her room. She had a towel wrapped around her that barely covered her and she was carrying a handful of clothes and stuff. I never really thought of Grandma as a sexual being before, but after last night I started to appreciate what she had under her towel. Besides not seeing any visible tan-lines, Grandma appeared to have a nice set of boobs for a lady her age. She was 62 and did a good job of taking care of herself but I began to suspect implants. I think I might have even over-heard Mom mention them to Dad once now that I think about it. Grandma also had some very shapely legs for a woman her age. She almost made it all the way to her bedroom when I heard her drop something. When she bent over to pick it up, I got a perfect view of her well-tanned, perfectly round ass. Not only her ass, but her shaved bald pussy as well. I stood there and stared, my cock was at immediate attention and was straining against my flimsy pajama bottoms. My arms were full and I had no way to ‘adjust’. I could have gone into the bathroom to hide my hard-on but I didn’t want to miss any of what I was seeing. Grandma stayed bent over for quite a while and I continued to stare. Her voice Altyazılı Porno startled me. She was looking back at me between her legs, smiling. “I am going to go down and fix breakfast in a minute. Can you think of anything special you would like to eat?” I couldn’t respond. I stood there staring. “Hmmm?” she asked, swaying her ass back and forth. “Can you think of ANYTHING you are hungry for?” All I could do was stand and stare. I couldn’t believe what was happening. My Grandma was coming on to me! Right? That is what was going on? NO! It couldn’t be. She stood back up, looked at my straining hard-on and said, “I know what I want. But I guess I have to wait.” Then she turned and went into her bedroom. I didn’t move. I was waiting for reality to set in. It never did. I walked slowly into the bathroom and closed the door. Images of Grandma’s pussy filled my mind as I jacked off again and then showered.

Breakfast was a bit awkward. Grandma fixed eggs and bacon and toast. “I hope you like eggs.” She said, “We eat a lot of eggs. You will too. You’re gunna need lots of protein this summer.”

“I like eggs.” was all I could say.

“How did you sleep?” Grandpa asked. What a relief to talk to Grandpa and get my mind off of what happened earlier.

“I slept fine, Grandpa.” I answered.

“Good!” he said, “I hope all the noise we made didn’t keep you awake too long.”

“Umm, no… I didn’t hear anything.” I lied.

“Really? Huh? You must be a sound sleeper. Everybody else always comments on how loud we are when your Grandma and I fuck like we did last night.” He responded. “It’s good to know we can do that and not bother you. We might have to step it up a notch or two.” “Ohhhh… sounds fun to me!” added Grandma. I hurried up and finished my breakfast. “Go ahead and do the chores I showed you yesterday.” Grandpa said, “I changed my mind. We will go to town after lunch.”

I was glad to finally be outside, away from THEM. I needed the fresh air that being outside provided. And the solitude. I finally had a chance to think clearly. Well, as clearly as I could under the circumstances. Where do I start? The talk about porn? Listening to them fuck? Seeing Grandma’s pussy? Grandma hitting on me? Grandpa talking about fucking Grandma? Even if Grandma was hitting on me, it didn’t seem to me that Grandpa would even object. Part of my mind was screaming “NO! NO! NO!” and another part was yelling “HELL YEAH!” Before last night Grandma was… well… Grandma! Now she wasn’t just Grandma anymore. Now she was an incredibly sexy lady with a hot body. More importantly, a sexy, hot lady that acted like she wanted to fuck me. How do I handle this? I was planning on staying with them for at least a couple years. I couldn’t go home. What would Dad say? How would I tell Mom and Dad the reason for coming home? They would ask. They would demand and answer. How would Mom take it finding out her parents tried to seduce me? So much for fresh air and solitude. I was more confused now than I was earlier. I had to figure something out. This was going to either be a very short summer or a very long couple of years. At best a very long, enjoyable couple of years.

I took my time finishing my chores and walked back up to the house about lunchtime. Grandma met me on the porch. Handing me the cordless phone, “It’s your Mom. I think she’s checking up on you.” She joked.


“Hi, Honey! It’s Mom. How are you?” Mom asked.

“I am doing just as well as I was yesterday when you last saw me.” I responded.

“I know.” She said, “It’s a Mother’s job to worry so get used to it. I love you! Be careful.”

“Be careful?” I asked, “What can happen here?”

“Nothing, I guess. You’re a good boy. I trust you… Just be good and make me proud.”

“Yes, Mom.” I sighed. “I need to go now. I love you”

“I love you too, Jake. Bye-bye” Mom said and then hung up.

I walked into the house where Grandma was. “I think your Mom is worried that we might corrupt you.” Grandma giggled.

“Are you?” I asked.

“Grandpa and me? No.” she answered “We are just being ourselves, how you respond is entirely up to you.”

“Oh really? You treat all of your guests this way?”

“Hmmm… maybe” she responded and then changed the subject. “Your Grandpa already had his lunch. After you finish yours, meet him out in the driveway.”

Lunch consisted of a ham sandwich and some chips. Considering the big breakfast, it was more than enough. “Finish your lunch and then go find your Grandpa. He wants to head to town. I’m going up to change into my tanning outfit.” Grandma said, “It’s a nice day and I want to get some sun this afternoon. Leave your plate on the table and I will get to it later.” And she headed upstairs.

I finished my lunch and headed outside to find Grandpa. He was leaning over his truck, talking on his cell phone. He finished his conversation when he saw me coming, “Ready to go to town?” he asked.

“Sure.” I answered and he motioned me into his truck.

He started it up and we headed down the driveway. Right when we were about to hit pavement he stopped. “Oh Crap!” he said. “I forgot that Brazzers the phone guy was coming this afternoon to put a line in your room.” He paused for a minute. “Why don’t you walk back and wait for him. I’ll go to town alone.”

“Are you sure?” I asked.

“Yeah” he answered “Your Grandma gets lost on this kind of stuff and I can handle this alone. You don’t mind walking back do you?”

I told him I would be fine and got out of his truck and started back toward the house. It wasn’t that far and just gave me a few more minutes alone to think. When I got back to the house, it was empty. Then I remembered that Grandma said she was going to get some sun. I looked out the back window toward the pool. Sure enough there she was lying completely naked on a lounge chair. She was on her back, sunning her front side. Her boobs were as glorious as I had imagined. My cock started to get hard again. I knew nobody was around so took my cock from my pants and started stroking it. Grandma was even sexier without her towel. I was really enjoying watching Grandma and playing with myself. Then the phone rang. “Crap!”

I answered the phone. It was Grandpa and he wanted to talk to Grandma. I stuffed my cock back into my pants and tried to make it as least noticeable as possible before heading out. I called to Grandma, wanting to give her a chance to cover up. She just called to me and waved me over. She was still on her back and made no move to cover as I handed her the phone. I continued to stare. After a brief conversation she hung up and put the phone down. “The phone man called your Grandpa and cancelled. Looks like it’s just you and me, Kid” she stated “And just in time. I was about ready to turn over. You can put some lotion on my back. Unless you are still too afraid to touch me.” Grandma rolled onto her stomach.

“I’m not afraid. You’re just my Grandma.” I replied and grabbed the lotion from the table next to her. I started on her shoulders and back and worked my way down.

“Make sure you get my ass and legs good. I don’t want them to burn.”

My cock was so hard it was aching to be let back out. Grandma made soft moaning sounds as I rubbed the lotion onto her body. “That’s good enough,” she said, “Now it’s your turn”


“Take your clothes off.” Grandma insisted “You are going to join me and get some sun too”

“B-b-but… ” I stammered.

“Stop being bashful. You can leave your underwear on if you want” and she started lifting my shirt over my head. I took over and finished my shirt as she dropped to her knees and started undoing my belt.

I reached down and stopped her “I can do that.” I said.

“I know you CAN” she replied, “But I WANT to. I’ll do this and you can kick your shoes off.”

I removed my shoes and Grandma undid my belt. Then she unbuttoned my fly and began to lower my zipper.

“How far is she going to take this?” I thought “and how far am I willing to go?” My cock was straining against my zipper, which made it hard for Grandma to unzip all the way.

“I don’t want to break anything. You might want to shift your package a bit.” She said.

I reached into my boxers and grabbed my cock. Ohh how I wanted to just take it out and feed it to Grandma. I am sure she would oblige with little or no hesitation. I moved my cock to the side and Grandma finished unzipping my fly and slowly pulled my pants down to my ankles. I kicked them off to one side. I was standing there in only my boxers and socks with my naked Grandma kneeling with her face mere inches from my cock. She was licking her lips and breathing hard. That was when I realized that Grandma wasn’t touching me anymore. She was touching herself now. She had one hand massaging one breast and tweaking her nipple. Her other hand was between her legs. I couldn’t see what the other hand was doing but I do have a pretty good idea. Grandma closed her eyes and let out a soft moan.

In a flash Grandma was standing again and licking clean her very wet fingers. “Damn your mother and her stupid promises!” she said.

‘Wh-what promises?” I asked.

“Never-you-mind.” She answered “We’ll get it worked out soon enough.” And then gave me a quick wink. “Look at you! You’re as white as cotton! You definitely need some sun.” Get over here and I’ll put some lotion on you” she demanded as she went back to the lounges.

“WOW! That was a strange transition,” I thought. My cock was still rock hard but I did as I was told.

Grandma had me lie facedown and started applying lotion to my back. “Something you should know right away…” she started “Your Grandpa and I are nudists. We enjoy being naked and are in no way ashamed of our bodies. You might as well get used to it. You are going to be seeing us both naked…a lot. We have a lot of privacy here and a lot of our friends and guests are nudists as well.” Then she explained that she and Grandpa almost never wear any clothes at home and were only doing so for me. If I was comfortable with it, I could join them or not. If it was something that really bothered me, that I should let them know and they would limit their nudity. If they had any nudist friends over, I could stay in the house, take the car to town or join them. Even if I chose to join them it was up to me whether I wanted to be nude or not. “OK… roll over and I’ll lotion your front for you” Grandma said. “If you are thinking of joining us nude, you might want to work on that all-over tan.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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