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My Teacher, My Love Ch. 15

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Part 15 – Friendship, Family and Hope

I arrived at home just after 4pm with Melissa. I went straight up to my room and thankfully Amy had thoroughly cleaned our room. I realised on the way home that our clothes were all over the floor, the bed needed sorting, the bathroom probably needed a quick clean, but I was also thinking about the smell of sex that may linger as now I kept the window closed. So I had texted her as a warning, just in case. But the room looked so good and smelled fresh, she must have started before I sent the text. I showed Melissa around my room, browsing the books she asked to borrow a couple she had not read, she also commented how nice and clean it was. I had to stifle a laugh. Then I took her downstairs to meet Amy, and eventually our parents, once they had finished work. We entered the kitchen where Amy was just starting dinner.

“Want any help?” Amy turned and smiled nervously when she spotted Melissa, which made me slightly nervous. “Oh, and this is Melissa. Melissa this is Amy.”

“Nice to meet you Melissa, Sophie has told us a lot about you, most of it good. Will you be staying for dinner?”

“Nice to meet you Amy, dinner sounds wonderful, if you don’t mind? You and Sophie really know how to make a person welcome, thank you.” Amy gave Melissa a brief hug.

“You are very welcome. Would either of you like a drink?”

“I would like a soda if you have got one?”

“Sure, Sophie milk as normal?” I nodded.

“Thanks Amy. So do you need any help with dinner, I would like to help?”

“No, its ok, maybe set the table, I am keeping things simple tonight. Dad made a spare lasagne last week, so that’s warming up in the oven and I am just doing some vegetables and potatoes to go with it.”

“Lasagne is my favourite.” Amy smiled at me; I think it was as a thank you for the sex this morning. I wished she could thank me more personally, but this would have to do. So I started setting out plates and then thinking quickly I asked Melissa to get another chair from upstairs from my room. As soon as I heard her walking up the stairs. I quickly walked up to Amy and kissed her, briefly, but nice all the same before returning to the table. A bit sneaky I agree, but I always looked forward to getting home and kissing Amy, it’s what also made going home relaxing. Things remained cordial as my parents arrived home and then dinner was served. Amy talked discretely with Melissa while I spoke to mom and dad about work. When Amy was finished Melissa agreed to talk after dinner with all of us. Then mom and dad asked Amy about work and Melissa about school. Amy and I talked occasionally, but with no plan on how to act we just remained natural, the teacher student thing. When dinner was over, Melissa and I offered to clear up while mom, dad and Amy went to the living room. When the kitchen was clean I took Melissa to the living room, still holding her hand for support I sat her down with me on the two seater couch, whilst the mom, dad and Amy sat across from us.

“So Melissa, no pressure, but do you feel ready to talk?” Asked my mom.

“I am, I want to thank everyone here for making me feel so welcome in your wonderful home. I know Sophie has mentioned that I am pretty much alone most of the time. I can’t even remember when I last sat down to eat as a family. In one day you have shown what a family should truly be. I feel so jealous of what Sophie has always had and what Amy now has. Amy told me during dinner that she felt nervous the first time she arrived here, but that you all made her feel so welcome that she never wanted to leave. She reminded me that, if nothing else you would just listen if need be, and that when I was ready to discuss it, then it would be. But I feel so comfortable here, I’m ready to talk. Let’s begin.” Mom as usual started the conversation.

“Firstly thank you for being a friend to Sophie, she has missed so much of life by not having someone close, but now she has you, hopefully you can both discover what having real friends is all about.”

“I think I have already figured that out.” Said Melissa as she turned to me with a smile. I smiled back.

“Good. Sophie has explained that you have an unhappy home life. As I told Sophie I really do not like to speak badly about people, so I apologise because your mother is one of them. I know your mother and her reputation quite well, I have not really talked to her, but I have seen how bad she can be around people. I can only imagine what your step-dad is like, if he is willing to stick around with her. Now you have had a tough time with making friends because of your mother’s antics, she has a most terrible influence on people. We felt we should talk together and think up a way to help you. I believe it is in your best interest that your mother does not find out you are discussing this with us, with anyone for that matter. Your mother does not like to be crossed, and any interference in her life or anyone else that belongs to her, Gaziantep Elden Ödeme Alan Escort no matter how little she cares about them, will face her wrath. So whatever or whenever you want to talk, just come here, and it will remain private and confidential.”

“OK, I agree with everything you have just said and I realise that maybe I have put you all in a very tough position. And that if she were to find out about this, she could cause you all so much trouble, it means a lot that you are taking such a risk. I trust you all if you really can help, and I really do wish it could be easier, but I do so want to get away from her and I hope my dad can help do that.” She was crying now so I held her close, rubbing her back, trying to ease the pain she was feeling. Reminding her that she would see him soon, that we would try our best to help.

“Melissa, I have made contact with someone who knows where your father is.” Said dad, shocking everyone. It was amazing that he had not told us this already.

“But, that is great, where is he, will he come for me?” Dad seemed a bit saddened.

“Melissa, your father has been stuck between a rock and a hard place for a while now, when it concerns you or your mother, she wins every time, she just has such a hold over him, it is going to be extremely difficult to get him here or to even get you away from your mother. He is willing to fight for you, but is very afraid of what your mother will do. So please see this as a small positive, but not a solution as of yet. My friend is passing messages to your dad, and he gets in touch when he can, but only to my friend. He does not trust anybody else in this town, even you Melissa. He feels that you may have grown up like your mother. So he is still in hiding for the time being, but eventually he will meet you. My friend assures me, it will take some persuading but it will happen soon.”

“Oh thank you so much, I can’t believe you found him.” Melissa cried as she went to hug my dad. Then returned to sit next to me as she tried to compose herself. “So I just have to wait, and hope he wants to see me?”

“I am sure he will, this is all good news, let’s just hope he agrees and takes you away from your mum and step-dad forever.” I said happily.

“But that would mean we would not be friends anymore.” This saddened her.

“Firstly you will never, not be friends with me, whether you are here or there, we will always be friends. Secondly, once you are with your dad, he’ll help get you into a new school, where people will not know you, or your mother and you will be able to make new friends. This is going to happen for you Melissa, you need your dad to escape your mum. Don’t ever give up hope on your dad, OK.”

“Thank you so much Sophie.” And we hugged. I did ask if Melissa wanted to stay tonight, but she felt that her mum would question her if she didn’t come home. It was nearly 7pm by the time Melissa left; dad offered her a lift home, agreeing he would drop her off at the corner of her street. When dad returned we were still talking in the living room about dad’s statement.

“So dad, why did you not tell us earlier about Melissa’s dad?” Amy asked.

“Well at first I was not going to say anything, with him being so afraid to talk at the moment, I did not want to give Melissa too much hope, but I think she needed a little, I just hope she can keep her mother from knowing. Monica has so many connections and people that she knows, she is the queen of manipulation and getting people to do what they want. Part of me fears for Amy’s safety. But something that I heard just now, my friend just phoned to say that both Monica and Derek are under investigation for tax and benefit fraud.”

“What, oh my god, what about Melissa?” I asked.

“Well this is the same person who is in touch with her father, he says that he has been trying to find Melissa’s dad for months as he may have been around when this started and that also Melissa needs him after her parents are arrested. So do not tell this to Melissa, it is too much information for her not to lose it with her mother and if it was slipped out, they may run. So it is important this is kept secret, because I shouldn’t even know, but my colleague felt I could be trusted. So at the moment Melissa just has to keep quiet about this and believe that her dad will come when changes his mind. When in fact Melissa and her dad will meet once Monica and Derek are arrested. Should be less than a month, and Ray has agreed to move back once this happens, so that Melissa doesn’t have to leave school if she doesn’t want. So Sophie if you can keep all of that a secret from her, but also keep her distracted, try not to mention her father and if she talks about him, try and get her to think about other things.” I nodded, this was too much, but I knew what I needed, Amy. I got up from my seat and then took Amy’s hand as I dragged her from the room.

“Thanks dad, night and goodnight mom.” And with that we left and headed to our room. We entered and I just stripped out of my clothes and got into bed, I was faced away from Amy as she got in bed beside me. She moved close behind me, I could feel her breasts against my back first, until her whole naked body, spooned to the back of mine completely, holding me tightly.

“You have been given a lot of responsibility and as we discussed yesterday, you have had to deal with a lot in a week, especially someone us has only just reached full adulthood. Sophie, I know it is hard, but I will be by your side, and even though you hate lying and keeping secrets, this is too important not to hide and keep it from Melissa, like our relationship.”

“Part of me regrets trying to make friends with Melissa, I don’t like feeling that way, it is nice that she is my friend, but she is also a distraction. In a way, I feel I am using her and trying to help her is just a reason to give back what she gives me.”

“Life has a way of testing our courage and convictions. I believe in you Sophie, I love you just as much now as I did when we first kissed. The more I learn about you the more I learn about myself. You have given me a chance to live, to finally open my eyes to see what life has to offer. Giving me your love has been the greatest gift I have ever received, and I know that even though Melissa will not like that you are keeping such a secret from her and that because of that you don’t like yourself, when things happen and she gets her father back, she will truly understand why you did not tell her. You must not dwell on it too much Sophie, things happen for a reason and other things take us by surprise. When Melissa finally gets her father back in her life, she will be so happy and so think of not telling her as a way to not spoil the surprise, like birthday parties. If someone planned you a birthday party and did not tell you, then suddenly surprise, you would be glad they kept it a secret. So be happy that soon Melissa will be glad you did too.”

“Thank you Amy, for loving me and being my anchor. Your support and love means more to me than anything. Just holding me is all I need right now. Night my love.” I turned the best I could to kiss Amy on the lips.

“Night Sophie.” And with that we both began to fall asleep. I thought of seeing Melissa and trying to hide the surprise from her. I was worried but as Amy said, it is important, like our relationship, to keep certain things from the people we love.

I awoke to an empty bed; Amy was no where near, in neither sight nor sound. I looked at the clock, it was a little after 7am, I had slept for nearly 12 hours, I must really be drained. I got out of bed and headed to the shower. After the shower and brushing my teeth I dressed in my school uniform and headed downstairs for breakfast. Amy was sat at the table enjoying a bowl of cereal and chatting with mom and dad.

“Morning everyone. I missed you this morning.” I said to Amy, leaning down I kissed her lips.

“Do you want some breakfast sweetheart?” Asked Amy.

“No, its ok I’ll get it. Thank you anyway.” I said with little enthusiasm.

“What’s the matter, are you upset I never woke you?” She asked sadly.

“No Amy, nothing like that, I am just worried about meeting Melissa this morning. I still don’t know what is going to be said, I keep expecting her to ask me what I know and then I just blurt out that she will see her dad soon. But I also know that won’t and can’t happen, I am just a little weary that is all.”

“You need more faith in yourself Sophie, you have a good heart, and you will do the right thing, because that is all you know how to do.” Said Amy.

“Did I ever tell you how much I love you?”

“Not since last night, but I love to hear it said all the time by you.”

“I love you Amy.” And I kissed her again.

“I love you too Sophie. Now I must go, good luck this morning, and try not to worry.” She kissed me, and then left for work. I went to get some breakfast and sat to eat, having a general chat with mom and dad before they left. I was soon out the door heading towards Melissa’s house. Melissa was not there when I arrived and after 5 minutes of waiting I was a bit worried. So I decided to risk knocking at the door. After a few minutes of knocking I was ready to leave. I was about 6 houses away from Melissa’s house when I heard her shout my name.

“Hey Sophie, wait up?” I waited while she caught up to me. “I am sorry, I overslept, forgot to set the alarm, thanks for waking me, I can’t believe mum never bothered to wake me. She was sat at the kitchen table just talking on the phone; she didn’t even answer the door. So I just ignored her as I left. How are you this morning, I wanted to say thanks for last night, great news about my dad though, has your dad heard anything else.” This is what I was worried about, how do I answer without lying. At some point this morning I decided on two options, one was to lie, which I would do if I needed to, the other was to distract her slightly. I chose option two.

“Melissa, can I talk seriously with you about something?”

“Anytime Sophie.”

“Thank you, it is just I want to ask you something and I also want to tell you one of my secret’s as an act of trust in return.”

“What do you want to ask me?”

“I wanted to know whether you really, truly trust me, because I want to tell you something that is very important and about me personally, but I am afraid you will not like me anymore if I tell you.”

“I am pretty hurt that you need to ask that Sophie.”

“I am sorry Melissa, it is just I have never had a best friend before, and I love you, I think you and I will be best friends forever. It is just that Amy had a best friend that betrayed her and so I just wanted to tell you something, but firstly I just needed a little reassurance. Sorry I asked Melissa.”

“No need to be sorry Sophie, I love you too, for all your help, trust and support. I can’t believe how great you have been for me, I have never been so happy. I suppose if neither of us have much faith in people it is hard to know when it is truly the right time to tell each other our deepest secrets. So please believe me when I say that no matter what, I will not walk away from you Sophie, nor will whatever you tell me ever leave these lips. I have seen what talking about people behind there back does personally, how my mum has managed to alienate so many people and how much that has affected my life.”

“Thank you Melissa, that was all I needed to hear. Sorry again that I asked. But before I tell you I would like to ask you something? I know that it is exciting news, about your dad. But I want to ask that until anything else happens, that neither of us will mention him again until that time. I just feel that the less either of us mentions him, the better you will cope with the waiting, so please for me, could we not talk about it? I don’t know how to deal with what might or might not happen, so I will feel useless if you ask too many questions of which I may not know the answer.”

“I guess you are right, your dad did say to keep things quiet, so maybe it would be best not to mention it. And I am sure if you hear anything new then you will tell me?”

“Dad said he would not tell me anything, unless you were there too, so the next time my dad has news I am sure he will tell you before me, I gave him your mobile number, is that ok?”


“But don’t hang around the phone, like I said forget about it for the time being; just be happy someone knows where he is and that soon, you will be together.”

“Thanks for your support Sophie, and your family’s, it means a lot to me.” We hugged before we continued on towards school. “So no more mention of either of our dad’s, so do you feel ready to tell me your secret?”

“No, not really, but if your willing to trust me and believe in what I say, then I want you to know that I trust you too. Melissa?” I stopped and turned so I was directly looking at her, giving her my most serious look. “I have only told my family so far, but I wanted to confide in a friend too, I wanted to tell you. Melissa I am a lesbian.” I got the reaction that I expected, she looked scared and nervous, but after a moment she seemed to relax a little.

“How do you know?” We continued to walk to school as I answered her.

“Difficult to answer really, it just snuck up on me one day. Puberty hit me later than normal, but when it did I bloomed quickly. When I was younger I started looking at girls and wondering why I was so late, and then when my breasts started growing, I wondered how big they would get and how they compared to other girls. Then I waited for my hormones to kick in and to which boy I would like and maybe date. I did not have friends as you know, but I did listen to some of the girls talking in the classroom and changing rooms during P.E. They all seemed to be talking about boys constantly, and I just never saw the appeal. I thought that there was something wrong with me, because I had developed late, maybe I would not like boys for a while yet. So I started to look on the internet for answers. I even found pictures of naked men and a few sex videos. In the videos I tried to watch the men and check out there bodies, but my attention always turned towards the women they were with. During that time I suddenly realised that I was always looking at other girls, nothing dirty like when they were naked, but just around school. It was then that I realised that I liked girls, just one day the thought popped in my head. That was about a year ago, since then I have been on the internet studying everything about what I was feeling, and once I discovered the term gay and lesbian, I researched a lot, reading peoples testimonies about how they discovered they were gay and also how they had to act, how some were beaten up, some people have even committed suicide. But over the year I have been preparing myself for the future and that I liked females and not males like normal girls, and when I was finally ready I told my family.”

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