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My Twins and My Man

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I was 21 when I married Rick, my high school sweetheart, and we were blessed with twin daughters the following year. Our marriage was doomed from the start but we had our minds made up and we thought that we could overcome anything.

Six years later, I found myself living comfortably, but alone, with my two six year old princesses. Rick had met someone else and decided he needed a change. I, on the other hand, ended up a single mother on the verge of losing my mind. Rick spent little time with the girls until they were eleven. Once he moved out of state we lost all contact.

When the girls were just teenagers I met Brent but I held off on officially dating him until I was sure that he was suitable. The girls knew him only as my friend at first but eventually they figured everything out. They were happy to have him around but never really considered him a father figure. Had he come along earlier, things may have been different.

As the girls neared high school graduation, Brent and I decided that it was the right time for him to move in. I had lived in the two bedroom, brick home, that Rick and I bought shortly before the girls were born. It always felt empty after he left but it feels much more complete now.

Brent and I have a great relationship; we are both very open with our feelings, wants, and desires. I truly feel like we are the perfect couple although sometimes I wonder if I didn’t make a poor choice. Surely, the impact that he has had on my girls has been profound, but he has at times made me question my character, morals, and ethics. I can honestly say that I have enjoyed our adventure thus far but that doesn’t mean I did it without regrets or reservations.

The Twins

Kacie was born first and at 19 years old she stands at 5′ 5″ and is approximately 115 pounds. Kacie is the brainy type although she opted to go to Community College instead of leaving home. She aspires to be an accountant someday and is very active in her part-time job as a dance instructor at a local school.

Kalie was born second and she is about an inch taller and with that comes an additional five pounds. Kalie is a bit more of a rebel and has less direction. She works in retail and has no big dreams for her future. She is waiting to find the right guy and will no doubt be dependent on him in the future.

Both girls are absolutely beautiful. They have green eyes and long walnut hair. Although they are not identical twins, they are very similar in their appearance. Despite being referred to as ‘the twins’ by most of the people who know them, even a stranger is able to tell they shared the same womb.


Brent is extremely handsome with his dirty blonde hair and muscular build. I first encountered Brent online but after more than a month of emailing, texting, and eventually speaking on the phone we met in person. It took another six months for him to meet my girls and then two years before he moved in.

Our dating life was fairly normal and our sex life was out of this world. He knew exactly how to make me feel good and in exchange I was more than willing to give him anything and everything that he wanted. We set no limits in our sex lives and although that is just one small facet of a complex romantic relationship it was nevertheless very important.

Brent and I both loved to watch porn and he was always most interested in watching teens. He especially liked when they posed as babysitters. I didn’t mind watching that at all because I found it a big turn on as well. Watching a young emek escort woman with an older man was thrilling to me. In fact, my first sexual encounter was with a man quite a bit older than I. Brent and I would often begin our love-making after spending some time in front of the computer. He especially enjoyed when I gave him a hand-job or used my mouth while watching but he never let me down. I was always repaid with the most sensual, tender, and extremely pleasurable sex. Everything was just perfect.


Given that Kacie and I were busy during the day, Brent and Kailey spent a great deal of time together at home. I knew that he was attracted to my beautiful 19 year old daughter but I was sure that she was safe in his care. Although he was relatively new in their lives, and by no means family, he looked out for the girls and they always knew that he was there for them.

Kalie was the first of my girls to become sexually active and I knew exactly when it started. In fact, I knew before it started. Our open relationship led to some uncomfortable conversations at times but I would always bite my tongue and hear them out regardless of the situation. When Kacie told me that she had given her boyfriend a blow job I wasn’t shocked. Instead, we talked about safe sex. Shortly-there-after, she had her first time. Sparing the details that I didn’t need to know, she was very open with me and told me right away. Although I wished she had waited until I picked up the birth control pills her doctor ordered, I wasn’t too dismayed.

I knew that Kalie had relationships with a number of guys over a roughly one year period but I was content that she was careful and made wise decisions. I was a little surprised that she was as open with Brent as she was with me about her experiences but I wasn’t really bothered. I knew that they had grown close and she trusted him as much as I did.

One night, when the girls were out and Brent and I were alone, our lives took a rather unusual turn. We had amazing sex and were laying in bed when we began to discuss our fantasies. It was at that moment that he told me he would love to watch Kalie have sex with her boyfriend. Dumbfounded, I had no response for his comment. He sensed that I was uncomfortable, apologized, and shortly after we were asleep.

I woke up before Brent that Saturday morning and as I lay in bed I began to think about his strange comment. Kalie was having sex with her boyfriend already, would it hurt if Brent watched? What was I thinking? How would that even happen? It was out of the question and would simply remain a fantasy. His stupid fantasy, not mine. We spent the morning together, had breakfast, watched television, and there wasn’t a word of his twisted admission the previous night.

Craigslist Slut

I came home from work to find Kalie home alone. As was our ritual, we sat at the dining room table and talked mindlessly as we drank coffee. Kacie wouldn’t be home for awhile and neither would Brent. We had this quality time typically twice a week and I very much enjoyed our time together. We were just about to head out for ice cream when Kalie opened her laptop and said that she had something important she wanted to talk to me about. I had no idea what was coming.

I watched as she opened up Craigslist, clicked on ‘casual encounters’ followed by w4m and began to scroll down the page. She clicked on an ad that read, “Craigslist Slut.” She hadn’t said a word in awhile and was turning her laptop to give me a better angle from which eryaman escort to read:

*19yo slut looking for M to fulfill dads fantasy – fuck me while he watches, no strings attached – send full body pic with subject yes daddy*

I couldn’t believe what I was reading. Did she know about Brent’s confession? How? This was unreal!

“Mom,” she said, “Before you say anything I want you to hear me out, okay?”

She didn’t have to worry about me saying anything because there were no words to be spoken. I was in utter disbelief, speechless, shocked, and mortified.

“Brent and I have been talking and the other day he told me that I was beautiful and that his fantasy was to watch me have sex with Nick. Nick would never allow that so the only way it will work is if we do it this way.”

Still staring at the ad she had displayed on the screen I had nothing to say.

“I’ve already had at least twenty emails and I only posted this six hours ago. Some of the guys are really hot and I really want to do this.”

I finally found a word and it was NO! I couldn’t have my daughter meeting some man on the internet for sex. This would take some convincing and she knew it by the sternness in my voice and the look on my face.

“I haven’t told Brent about the ad,” she said. “I swear he has no idea, but I want to tell him tonight and I want the both of you to help me pick the right guy.”

I stood from my seat at the table and left for my bedroom. I closed the door and lay down on my bed with my face buried in my pillow. What have I done?

Several minutes passed before Kalie came to my door and asked if she could come in. I couldn’t say no to that so within a minute she was laying beside me. Neither of us said a word for the longest time. I broke the silence by simply saying okay. I had realized that Kalie wanted to do this, and Brent wanted to do this, and that it would be alright. I told her that I had only one condition – she had to pick the guy. Neither Brent nor I should have a say in the selection of a man.

Discussion Time

When Brent came home later that night I told him that we needed to talk. I told him that I wasn’t happy with him initiating the conversation with Kalie but that since she placed the ad online it would be okay if she did it just this once. He was thrilled!

Brent and Kalie decided on the day of the meeting while I was at work. I was surprised that they planned it for that very night. I was less than thrilled that they were going to do it in our own house – that seemed dangerous to me. They also told me that Kailey had picked the guy and that they already spoke on the phone. She showed me a picture of the man and he seemed normal enough. He was far less attractive than she would ever date but I would say he was average. He was 28 and ‘separated’ from his wife.

They described for me the plan, which was well-thought-out, and included a curve ball for me. I would be seated between Brent’s knees during the encounter. Yes, I would be attending to him while he watched my daughter have sex in the same room. I thought I bit off more than I could chew at that point but there was no turning back now.

At the Door

The three of us were in the living room for the longest time. Silence filled the room as we waited. I was sitting by Brent on the love-seat while Kalie paced back and forth focused on her cell phone the entire time.

As he presumably turned the corner and pulled his car in to be parked across the street from our house, etimesgut escort his headlights flickered against the back wall. I thought for sure that I was wrong as we waited for twenty, no thirty, seconds to tick by. Then he knocked.

Kalie looked at us with wide eyes, pigtails bouncing, as she hopped up and down. She ran to the door and reached for the knob. She turned back and Brent nodded before she opened the door. He stepped inside quickly and she gave him a hug. She introduced him as Eric, took his hand, and led him to the sofa directly facing us.

I couldn’t help but reach over and begin to rub on Brent’s hardening dick. Something came over me at that point. I had lost consciousness to a certain extent. I became my true self at that moment. I was about to take care of Brent like I had never before.

Eric plopped down on the couch and Kailey straddled his lap. She leaned in and began to kiss him passionately on the mouth. They hadn’t even said hello! She moved her hips back and forth slowly rubbing across his lap as they kissed. He reached for the bottom of her shirt and pulled it up over her head. There was no bra. I looked at my daughters naked back while unzipping Brent’s pants. I slid down in front of him, looked up, and met his eyes. I told him I loved him.

He was licking my daughters tits, biting on her perfect little nipples, and called her daddy’s slut. I slid Brent’s dick from his shorts and it was already rock hard. With my hand on his balls, I took the tip of his cock into my mouth. I slowly moved my tongue in a circular motion before taking it deeper in my mouth. It felt good. It felt right.

I heard the sounds of my daughter slurping on cock as I took Brent deeper in my mouth. I heard Eric moaning in delight while Brent lightly placed his hand on my head. I was wet with excitement and I slid my hand into my pants before placing one finger inside my pussy. I began to rub my clit as my little girl was about to ride the man just across the room.

There were no moans or groans as Kalie straddled him for the second time. Brent turned my head and I was forced to watch as she maneuvered his cock inside. She slid down slow and bounced up fast before moving at a much more regular pace. She kissed him while riding his cock and I returned to my man. I used my hands while I licked and sucked on his cock. It wasn’t long before he was about to explode. I knew it was time so I bobbed vigorously as his cock began to throb in my mouth. There were three gushes, each a bit smaller than the last, and it made its way down my throat. Squeezing his cock for every last drop I devoured it.

I laid my head on his thigh and looked at him while Kalie took her position between his legs on the floor. With his pants around his ankles, bunched up over his shoes, my daughter took his cum in her mouth as it shot at her face. He threw the used condom on the floor. She moaned while she ate his cum and he was quickly on his feet. Without as much as a goodbye, his pants were back up and he was out the door.

Kailey sat there, looking at the two of us, she had specks of his cum on her face. At that moment I hungered to have Brent fuck me. She walked over, kissed first him, then me, and said goodnight. I could smell the cum on my little girl. Brent watched her perfect little body as she rounded the corner. I stood and then I took his hand.

Hardly able to strip myself of my clothes I was flat on my back. My legs, bent at the knees, tingled as Brent entered me. He fucked me hard, and he fucked me fast, but that was alright. I had cried out twice in excitement as the most fantastic orgasm took hold of my body. I shook and I convulsed on my bed even after it ended. This was the best I had ever felt during any previous sexual engagement. This was fantastic.

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