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My Wife and I Ch. 02

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This story is based off and closely resembles a story written by another Literotica author named Cruelwarrior. The original story was titled “My Wife, My Lover Chapters 1&2.” I cannot encourage you enough to read both of his stories as if it weren’t for them, my series would not have been written. Again, I would like to thank him for giving me a jump point from which my stories were started. As they say, mimicry is the finest form of flattery. Enjoy.


We slept until morning, waking up fresh and relaxed. Eventually we got out of bed and dressed for her work outing. She in her loose, green, hippie skirt, a T-shirt and sandals. I got dressed in my green cargo pants with the legs rolled, grey T-shirt and flip-flops.

Naomi and I headed out to the outing, visiting with co-workers, walking through the zoo, and finally, the nature trail. We slowly make our way down the trail, stopping to enjoy the wildlife and have a drink. She fans herself with the collar of her shirt, as best as she could. I wink and kiss her. We joke around, walking a little longer, laughing and holding hands.

I pull her to me and kiss her deeply, telling her to follow me off the trail. She glances over my shoulder making sure no one’s around watching, and quickly follows. I find a nice soft spot in the grass, lay her down, and yank the skirt all the way up over her ass, revealing that was not wearing panties, and gaze down at her beautiful, pale skin. I spot her T-shirt and pull it off her body so that I have full access to entire body. I lowered my head to her little breasts and trabzon escort take as much of her tit in my mouth as I can, ravenously licking and sucking.

Her hands pull my face in to her breast, as she tries to stifle her increasingly louder moans. I move between each breast and slowly kiss my way down her body, over the bunched-up skirt. My mouth eventually reaches its destination, finding her sweet, wet pussy. My tongue works in and out of her, every drop being sucked up. I place her legs on my shoulders and bury my face in her pussy, sucking her clit, wanting to have even more of her juice.

I stop for a split second to quickly undress, lining up my cock to penetrate her glistening pussy lips. I lower myself to fiercely embrace her in a kiss, as I bury my entire length in her, causing her to gasp. I break our embrace to cover her breast with mouth and the other with my hand, not letting up on the pleasing and teasing she’s receiving. I slam in to her hard, and pull out slow, taking her just like she likes it.

We were unstoppable, slamming harder and faster against each other, like the zoo animals in heat. Her pussy starts to contract around me as I continue to slam in to her, scooting us a small distance across the ground. Unable to hold back any longer, she screams in orgasm, causing me to fill her with an orgasm of my own. As our breathing returns to normal and we calm down, we hear clapping and quickly look in the direction of the trail, spotting another young couple looking at us.

Embarrassed, and slightly excited, we quickly trabzon escort bayan cover ourselves. They cheer and walk away. We smile and laugh, but quickly get dressed anyway, and head for the van.

We get home around dinner time. We have a small meal, since the kids are away, and reminisce the days “activities.” Afterwards I go to the laundry room to pull clothes from the dryer and take them to our bedroom to be put away.

A little while later, Naomi calls me to her and tells me to close my eyes when I get out of the bedroom. I do as she says. She pulls me towards the dining room, telling me not to open my eyes. I do as she commands wondering what she has in store for me.

I fall in the chair she has pushed me in to, waiting excitedly for what’s about to happen. She lightly kisses me and whispering for me to open my eyes. I do as she commands and to my utter joy and surprise, she is perched naked, knees up, feet on top of the table, lust filling her eyes. She puts her hands behind my head, bringing my mouth towards her already wet pussy. “Eat,” is all she says.

I dive in, attacking her pussy full on, loving every bit. I love eating her pussy. I push her legs farther apart, hungrily opening her pussy to my mouth and tongue. Her hands pull me further in to her, covering me with her juice, devouring every drop. I scoop my hands under her ass and lift her up, renewing my attack on her clit. Her juices flow from her in to my mouth, exciting me even more. I swallow and suck up as much of her as I can.

Her profane screams become escort trabzon louder and more frequent, signaling orgasm tearing through her. I stop and wipe some of the flood of pussy from my face, letting her recover, but for only a moment. She sits up and we deeply embrace in hug and kiss, holding each other, neither wishing to let go. If this is only the beginning of this evening, we’re in for one hell of a night!

Breaking our embrace, I watch her cross the room, lightly wagging her sweet, sexy ass, trying to turn me back on. It works, but then again, I was never off. I smile moving directly behind her, pressing my barely covered erection against her ass. She suddenly turns, grabbing me and pushing me down on the love-seat, taking my lips in a deep, passionate kiss. She snake her way in to my boxers, fingers wrapping around my ready shaft. She smiles and ripping the hole in them bigger, places her hands on my shoulders, and climbs on top of me, wrapping her legs around my back. Once in position, she slams herself down on me, taking me all the way in on one push.

She lets out a gasp and begins grinding herself against me, harder and faster, lost in lust. I pick her up, turn her around, place her on her back against the seat cushions, and recklessly pound her pussy. She screams with painful, lustful pleasure as I tear in to her, refusing to hold back. Screams of pleasure and pain echo throughout the house, announcing her coming orgasm. I fuck her fast and hard, trying to cum with her. She opens her eyes, wildly looking at me before pulling my mouth to hers in another passionate embrace. She breaks the kiss, screaming even louder as I hungrily take her breast, like I took her hot pussy. I release a loud, deep groan as her pussy squeezes me, and we cum together, orgasm leaving us helplessly spent…

To Be Continued…

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