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My Wife Hands Me Over to My Dom Ch. 01

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I had been happily married for almost ten years when my wife, Susan, discovered I was having a gay affair with Carl. Our married life was good and loving, we had three little kids and I truly loved my wife both emotionally and sexually. It was just that I craved cock occasionally, too. After Susan got over the initial shock we sat down and talked. I confessed that I had loved cock since discovering it in college and especially craved being dominated by a strong man. She was shocked that my affair with Carl had been going on for over seven years. However, since it did not affect the way I fathered our children and loved her, she was willing to accept it, on one condition. She would be handing me over to Carl from now on. This is what happened the first time that she handed me over.

Carl is about 15 years older than me. He is the classic bull. I had been visiting him every week or so at his place where he would just dominate me. Carl also really gets off on humiliating me, in order to show me my place and to prove that he is so much more of a man than I am.

Yesterday was the first time that Susan handed me over to Carl. I still deliciously burn deep inside my stomach at the shame I felt when she handed me over for our meet.

We arrived at Carl’s house at 11 in the morning. It is the usual time that I would duck out of work for a longer lunch and spend the time with Carl. When Carl opened the door, I introduced Carl to Susan and vice versa.

“I am so glad that you could bring the Pussy Boi.” Carl said to my wife. “I think that it is healthier not to keep secrets in a marriage.”

“I agree totally.” Susan replied. “That is why I brought him to you personally this time. May I ask what you are going to do with him?” She asked as if I was not even there.

“Well,” said Carl, as he walked over to the dresser and pulled out a pair of frilly pink panties and a lacy baby doll gown, “First the Pussy aksaray escort Boi is going to strip down and don these. They are so much more appropriate for him. He will be spending at least the next half hour on the floor between my legs sucking me off. When I am good and ready and just can’t be put off any longer, I am going to bend him over the bed, remove his panties and fuck his ass like he deserves!”

I burned with shame as they continued to talk about my upcoming session, totally ignoring me. Susan giggled at a few of the things that Carl told her that he did to me in that past. Carl was very open with her and seemed to enjoy bragging to her about what he does to me. All this time my cock was about to rip through my jeans it was so hard!

My wife told Carl that she would be back in an hour and a half to pick me back up. “Don’t have too much fun!” she said with a smile as walking towards the exit.

“Why aren’t you already in your panties and gown!?” Carl yelled at me.

My wife clearly heard this and giggled as she walked out Carl’s front door! I had never been so humiliated in my whole life. The woman who I loved and was raising three kids with, now not only knew that I was bisexual, but also what a pussy I was.

I quickly put on the panties and baby doll as Carl took off his pants and sat in his favorite seat with his legs spread. I took my position on the floor between his legs while he put on some porn. I loved his cock and everything seemed to be at peace once it was in my mouth. I lovingly sucked on it, savoring its taste and understanding my place as his Pussy Boi. Susan was sexy and I loved having sex with her, but being dominated by Carl was just so raw. Deep down inside I knew that I would rather loose Susan, the mother of my children, than Carl’s cock! I was so shamed but glad that she was wise enough to let me keep seeing Carl!

I anadolu yakası escort put my whole heart into pleasing Carl’s cock. I would tease the head for a while and then deep thought him, feeling so much pride as his head entered my gullet. When my jaw started aching I would remove his cock and just suck on his nuts some. Carl loved this and let out moans of contentment every now and then.

Half an hour later I could tell that Carl was getting close to cumming. He stopped me and had me remove the panties and lean over the bed. Carl took his time lubing up my ass and sticking a finger and then two in and out of it some to loosen me up. He would slap me every now and then with his other hand and just squeeze a cheek or grab my nuts and give them tugs.

By the time I was ready for his cock Carl had backed away from the edge and was ready to seriously fuck my ass without the danger of cumming.

I never liked the pain of initial penetration but the feeling of that pain turning into a burning pleasure as my boi hole got used to him is a gift from the gods!

Carl proceeded to fuck the shit out of me literally. He grabbed my hips and would fuck me hard and fast. When he starts to tire he would slow down and pull almost all the way out before slowly sinking all the way back in until I could feel his hips crushing my ass cheeks. He loves flexing his muscle inside of me as I am so deeply impaled, and I loved clenching my asshole around his cock. He would luxuriate deeply impaled in my bowels and maybe slap the side of my ass or pinch a nipple or just choke me some. Anything to remind me that he owned my ass. I loved being reminded of my place under him.

I could tell that Carl was getting close to cumming after about 15 minutes into my ass pounding. However, Carl rarely cums in my ass. He loves to humiliate me by letting me know that he does not need me to ataköy escort cum.

Carl removed his cock from my ass and I immediately put the frilly pink panties back on. Once they were on I sat on the floor, slowly stroking my rock hard pantied cock. I leaned my head back, opened up my mouth as wide as I could and stuck my tongue out as far as it would go. Carl, stood over me dominantly stroking his cock and aiming it right at my open mouth. I felt the warm spurts of his seed hitting my outstretched tongue and understood to the center of my being how dependent I was on Carl and not him on me. I crave his cock from deep within and need him to put me in my place. He could care less and can cum from stroking himself off.

After he finished cumming, I swished his load around in my mouth and swallowed it down. I opened up and stuck my tongue back out so that he could see that I swallowed it all. I love swallowing Carl’s load, It tastes so good and I love to think that I am keeping a part of him inside of me when I leave. Thinking this, I erupt into the panties!

Carl laughs as he sees the wet spot on the front of my panties. “You know what to do!” He commands me, as I take off the panties and suck my huge load out of them. I must really be inferior to him because I hate eating my seed as much as I love eating his but I know that I must do this for him If I am to return next week.

Carl rinses off quickly in the shower and then I spend a little longer in the shower making sure my hole is clean. As I am drying off I hear the doorbell ring and know that it is my wife Susan, returned from lunch to pick me up. (My only lunch that day would be the seed lunch!)

“Your husband services my sexual needs so well.” I hear Carl telling my wife as I walk out of the bathroom fully dressed. “Make sure you bring him back to me next week at the same time for another session.”

“He seems to need it.” Susan replied, “As long as he continues to be a good husband and father, I am happy to bring him to you on a weekly basis.”

“Come on, Baby.” Susan said as she grabbed my hand and we made an exit.

“Tonight you are going to tell me everything that happened here.” She commanded as we entered the truck and drove away.

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