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My Wife is My Sex Instructor

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My wife and I met when I was 34 and she was 29. We both had been recently divorced after two years of marriage. Her husband was not great in bed and had been unfaithful. She had never had an orgasm. My wife had sex issues after the birth if our first child and the sum total of our sex life was her jerking me off to avoid fucking.

I owned a health club. My wife was one of the aerobics instructors with a great ass, long legs and rock hard stomach. We went out in groups for a while with members of the club and a few employees. I was hesitant to get involved with someone, especially an employee with three children under five years old. We talked a lot. The sexual tension grew. Eventually we agreed we needed to satisfy our needs for each other.

It’s over 30 years ago, but I clearly remember the beautiful silk and lace burgundy panties and matching bra she wore that day. Her toned and muscled body was so hot in her panties and bra. When I took her bra off I saw the most amazing nipples ever. They were so big and felt so good in my mouth.

I don’t remember how well I performed that night, but I do remember how special my wife is. She likes to call herself, “A Princess in the living room and a Whore in the bedroom.”

We fucked constantly. My memory serves me that I was able to please my wife by cumming two or three times each time we fucked. I never pulled out of her. I just kept fucking and got hard again quickly. The one thing that was missing was orgasms for my wife.

We moved to Florida and my wife made friends with her new aerobics instructor buddies. One of the girls told her about a massager at a local big box store that brought on tremendous orgasms. My wife had never had an orgasm in her entire life. That includes me. She immediately went to the store, bought the massager/vibrator and went home to try it. She had her first orgasm.

Eventually, I saw the vibrator and asked about it. She explained and we immediately started using it together. From that point on my goal was always to let my wife cum first. I used my fingers which she loved the most, my tongue and sometimes the vibrator.

I can remember walking out to the living room at night and saying, “You want to use the vibrator?”

She’d say, “Yes” with enthusiasm. We’d walk to the bedroom. She would leave her panties on, lie down on the bed and use the vibrator while I pinched and suck her big nipples. The joy of feeling her body go stiff and then shake in pleasure was so enjoyable. She frequently had two or three orgasms and always wanted my cock after she had the last one.

Always focusing on my wife’s orgasms first became a tremendous gift I gave myself. My wife loved to fuck and fuck bahis şirketleri all the time. She tried to educate herself on pleasing me. My life not only was constant sex, but it was sexual adventure.

One year, my wife and I went to a health club convention with one of our female employees. The female employee sat in front of us on the long plane ride. It was relatively dark in the cabin. My wife and I had an extra seat in our section between us. My wife was on the window and I was on the isle. She threw a blanket over my lab and placed her head on my lap. I thought she was tired. The next thing I knew she unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock. She sucked my cock like she never had before. Maybe it was her adventurous attitude. Maybe it was the commercial plane a mile in the air. I have no idea, but I had a massive cum load. My wife sat back up with a beautiful smile on her face and wiped her mouth with a tissue.

My wife was constantly in the lingerie shop buying garter belts, thigh high stockings and sexy panties and bras. She knows I love pretty silk panties and so does she. When she first started wearing thongs she fucked me wearing the thong, stockings and garter belt. I was in heaven.

That started a whole new trend of her wearing her panties to fuck me. Now it love fucking her from behind watching my cock slide in and out of her pussy with her panties still on her beautiful ass.

One time my wife started playing with my nipples. I’m not sure why, but at first it felt weird. She told me to relax. She said, “Do you realize the only purpose of nipples on a man is pleasure? Why don’t you try to relax and let me show you how good it can feel?”

That day was a great day. I love what my wife does to my nipples. If she wants me to cum while we’re fucking all she has to do is work my nipples the way she knows I love. I’m cumming in a matter of minutes.

My wife considers Key West to be a place of relaxation and sex. We went to Key West for five days. I brought a book on partner sex. It talked about prostate massage and mutual masturbation. Foreplay was a major part of the book. I told my wife that I wanted both of us to enjoy extended foreplay. I told her I was going to massage her with oil, play with her nipples and finally lick her pussy and suck on her clit. I wanted to attempt to do everything I could for her enjoyment and only put my cock in her after at least an hour of play time.

The first night went perfectly. She loved being pampered and having orgasms with her pleasure as my only goal. Eventually, I got my pussy and my wife was crazy for my cock. We did this for two nights in a row.

On the third night my wife said at dinner, “Tonight bahis firmalar it’s my turn to pamper you.” I immediately got hard. The anticipation of my wife controlling my pleasure for an extended play time was so exciting. We got to the hotel. I undressed except for my underwear and went up to kiss my wife.

She said, “Go lay down on the bed. I’ll be there in a minute to take care of you.”

My heart was pounding. It seemed like forever until she came over to the bed wearing brand new, very sexy panties and bra. She had the massage oil in her hands. She said, “Lay on your back.”

I did and she pulled my underwear off. I was hard already. She took the massage oil and allowed the oil to drip onto my cock and balls from about two feet above me. The sight and feel was amazing. She massaged my balls and cock so well. As she massaged my balls she intentionally moved her hands toward my ass.

She said, “Pull your legs up against your chest so I can have access to your prostate.”

I did exactly as told. We had read together about prostate massage, but she had never touched my ass hole. She moved from my balls to the area just below them and rubbed the spot. Eventually she allowed her hands to touch my ass hole and I went crazy. I was nervous, but excited.

She said, “Try to relax. I want to try to give you a special kind of dry cum. Let me play with you. Relax and enjoy it. If you think you might cum tell me and I’ll back off for a few seconds.”

She took one hand and started teasing the hot spot on my dick just below the head. With the other hand she massaged my ass hole. The feeling was stronger than anything I’ve ever felt. It was so intense I started to moan. The head board of the hotel bed had slats. I was holding on and going crazy. A wave of pleasure came over me. I felt like I was cumming, but no liquid squirted out. My whole body was exploding with pleasure, not just my cock. The pleasure never stopped. It would peak like an orgasm over and over and over. It was more pleasure than I ever felt before.

Eventually, the moaning got to my wife and she said, “I have to have some of that.” She mounted my dick and we fucked like never before. The dry cum seemed take away any desire for me to cum as we fucked. I felt like I could fuck all night.

Eventually, my wife said, “This has been an amazing night of fucking. Are you going to cum?”

I said, “I can cum if you want, but I can keep fucking as well.”

My wife said, “I want your cum. Please give me a big load.”

I actually had to mentally get in the mind set to cum. I fucked my wife real slow, mixed with faster strokes. Eventually, I did cum and my wife and I had a new formula for anytime kaçak bahis siteleri we wanted a long extended love session.

I love when my wife dresses real sexy. We go out each week. She is conservative around family, but can turn into a sex goddess for me. Remember, she likes to call herself “my whore”.

One night we were shopping for a sexy sweater to wear with some of her bra and cleavage showing. We found the perfect sweater, but also found a see through, white blouse. We left the department store to go to Victoria Secret to buy the perfect lacey bra to show off under the blouse. We also bought a pair of panties to wear with the bra.

I had talked to my wife about my love of panties before this day. I asked her if she would mind if I wore panties once in a while for fun. She was not real happy with the idea. I surprised her when I walked out to the kitchen one night wearing a pair of her silk leopard panties with aqua lace trim.

She quickly said, “Take those off. I like you with masculine underwear.” I took them off and forgot about wearing panties.

As we left the VS that night with the lace bra for her new blouse I said, “Someday, I’m going to buy a pair of panties in VS for myself.”

She said, “What are you waiting for?”

I was shocked. My wife was introducing me to more sexy play time. It got me so excited.

We went to dinner. I asked as we paid the bill if she would mind if we went back to VS so I could buy a pair of panties for myself.

She said, “Why waste the money. You can wear any of mine you want.”

I said, “Great, I’ll do that.”

When we got home I pulled out my wife’s panty box where she keeps her silk and lace panties for date night. I pulled out some of her ones that were not as skimpy as the current VS styles.

My wife was into picking panties with me. She said things like, “These would look good on you.”

Then she said, “Go try these on.”

I did and walked out to the kitchen wearing a pair of her panties. The silky material was thin and stretchy. I got hard as I put them on. You could see every vein in my cock. The head was very prominent.

My wife said, “You really look good in those panties.”

I said, “Thank you, let’s go fuck.”

We did fuck with passion and extra energy. We fucked nine out of the next ten days. Each day I wore different pair of my wife’s panties. One the ninth day my wife and I went to VS and purchased matching pink panties with white lace. We wore them to dinner together the following night. I was on fire all night and we came home to more energized sex.

My wife is my sex instructor. Just about the time I think things can’t possibly get any better she does something like ask me if I would like anal beads or gives me a new mesh thong at dinner and says, “Go put this on an throw away your boring underwear.”

I love my wife. She loves me and loves giving me tons of sexual pleasure.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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