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My X-Mas Vacation

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I traveled to a country in the Middle East (my father’s country of birth) for 21 days over Christmas and New Year.

The weather was fantastic 21C ~ 72F. The people over there are generally nice and warm; they are very modest in their clothing especially women who were covered entirely, except for the face. Usually they wear long black dresses with a black veil to cover their hair.

The only thing women are not modest about is breastfeeding.

The population of this country multiplies very quickly and has one of the highest birth rates in the world.

So, everywhere you go you hear and see babies and little kids. I learned that it is customary that the mother breastfeed her child till the age of 18-24 months.

Everywhere you go in public places you see women breastfeeding. Naked breasts everywhere. They feel that this is the primary function of the breast and that it is ok to do it in public. They do not even attempt to cover themselves in most cases, although they are covered from head to toe with their dresses and veils. It happens so very often that the woman is breastfeeding a toddler, who walks or crawls away from the breast to play or fetch a toy, she leaves her breast exposed until he returns to breastfeed again. This would leave her breast exposed for 1-2 minutes. The sight was marvelous.

In my opinion it was a very erotic to see a woman dressed with traditional black long dress hair covered and

the white flesh of a breast with brownish nipple peeking out of the dress. I was in heaven.

I had 3 experiences during my stay, which I am going to tell you about.

Chapter 1

During my stay, I rented a furnished apartment. It was luxurious and it cost half of what I would pay in a very good hotel. The people I know over there suggested that a local woman would come over once week to clean the apartment. They told me that she was a poor but honest woman and that whatever I leave in the apartment, is safe.

The first time she came I was out to do some sightseeing, and was let in, let out and paid by the concierge. When I came back, she was already gone and the apartment was very clean.

The next week when she came I was in the apartment, I decided to relax that day and do no sightseeing. The doorbell rang round 0900am; I was amazed to see a fairly good-looking woman, in her late twenties (29 I learned later). Her complexion was fair to dark, brown eyes and black hair. She was dressed in the traditional long black dress with the black veil covering her hair. The thing that attracted my attention was the toddler (13 months old) she had with her.

She introduced herself to me, saying she was the cleaning woman and that she apologizes that she had to bring her baby boy along, as the neighbors (where she usually leaves him) were not available. She could not leave him along with the other 2 kids to her old mother.

I said it is OK by me as long as she can finish the work and let her in (I speak the language very well, my father insisted that I do, to be able to communicate with my father’s side of the family).

She went into the bathroom to change and came out with a typical floral housecoat and went straight to work, with the toddler asleep in the Den.

I went into the other room made some phone calls, listened to music and prepared for my next day sightseeing.

By 1100a I heard the toddler crying, then there was a light knock on my door. It was her saying that she is going to take a break to attend to the kid. She added that she is going to prepare a tea for herself and asked if I would like some. I said I would like. She came back in 10 minutes with the kid behind her weeping and a tray with 2 cups of tea. She was then seated on the floor across the room 6 feet away from where I was and started sipping her tea.

Suddenly, she unbuttoned the first 3 buttons of her housecoat, pulled out her breast and proceeded to breastfeed the toddler.

She had very nice large breasts (36 DD almost, she would not know as rarely local female need a bra with the huge long black dress) with a beautiful large dark pink nipple and medium size aureole. I was fascinated with the sight. I kept looking at her and making small talk, trying to stir the conversation towards the breastfeeding issue. The situation was resolved by itself when she suddenly shouted (Aaayyyyyy).

I asked what was wrong. She answered that the boy bit the nipple with his teeth!

She then yanked the boy of her breast, she pulled out the other tit and put the boy to it to nurse, leaving the first exposed so that she can tend to the tender pink flesh of her nipple squeezing and rubbing it to relief the pain of the bite. The nipple started lactating and the milk was oozing.

I was going to faint. I wished that she would let me rub it for her.

I asked her if it was ok now. She smiled and said it should be fine and that she is used to it by now. She wiped her milk-wet fingers on her coat. She then returned the breast gaziantep escort bayan into the coat.

I summoned some courage to ask her if she had ever tasted her own milk, she simply said that she did only once. It was when the baby refused to nurse so she was squeezing it for him when few drops came on her fingers, she tasted to know if the taste was not good and that was the reason the baby would not nurse, it was tasteless like water, she said.

Here I was with her 6 feet away coat opened to the waist showing one breast exposed (kid sucking) and the cleavage from the other. I said that I wish I had the chance to taste breast milk, she asked if I was breastfed as a kid? And was astonished when I said that I was not, and that I never had the chance to taste from any woman.

I asked if her husband tastes her milk?

She beamed and said that he did from the first 2 kids, but he died 7 months into the pregnancy of the 3rd child, in a construction accident.

I was boiling. All that time the toddler was moving away from the breast and coming back to suck a little and then go away again…. So I had a full-unobstructed view of the breast oozing milk and the drops falling on her coat.

I did not know how to ask her, I wanted so much to taste her milk and touch her breasts.

I was very much concerned about the hygienic aspects, but I immediately dismissed the idea thinking that the baby is more fragile than I am and he looks very fine.

She asked why I am not drinking my tea, and if I did not like it? I said that it was OK but I wanted to taste her milk (OMG I said it) she was a little bit embarrassed and asked if I mean that I want her to add milk to my tea?

I said no I want to taste a woman’s milk. She turned red and said that if I want it so much she would squeeze me few drops in a spoon. I agreed and took one of the teaspoons, hold to her breast. She squeezed few drops and I took them to my mouth. It tasted nice a little bit on the sweet side but Very light and watery. I loved it.

She was looking at me and studying my reaction. She said it is strange how much content and happiness the look on my face showed.

I started to really get excited. I told her I wanted to nurse from her breast. She raised her eyebrows and said what do you mean? I said I am willing even to pay for the chance to taste the milk outright from her nipple.

She became very irate and uncomfortable. She waved her hand and shouted that she is not that kind of woman, who gives sexual favors for money. I immediately clarified that I never thought of her to be one.

All what I meant was that I need badly to nurse and on the other hand she was a widow with a modest income and that she can use the money. She said it is OK for a woman to accept money for breastfeeding a motherless baby (apparently a normal practice in that region, even considered to be a good religious deed), but not breastfeed a grown-up man.

I looked into her eyes and asked her if I am repulsive that much?! She smiled for the first time, and said No. After some small talk and me caressing her cheek, she pulled out the other breast and let me kneel down and take the nipple in my mouth. She told me to be careful and not to bite with my teeth. I had to lie on the floor and rest my arm and elbow on her thigh to be able to suck her breast comfortably. The milk started to flow in my mouth immediately I was in heaven.

Being so close to her very warm soft breasts and nursing on her tit was having its toll on my poor dick… it was fighting to get out of my pants. In my excitement I unzipped my pants and pulled my dick out.

Her eyes widened and asked What am I doing. Holding her breast in my hand and pulling away from the nipple to answer I said that this was too much for me and that I found her very attractive. She was very much disturbed and started to move. I calmed her down and promised that I won’t rape or harm her. I said that she could do only what she feels like doing. On top I am doubling the money I wanted to give her, and I only want to suck her tities harmlessly.

She calmed down, and let me suck for like 5 more minutes. Then she asked me if I would think less of her, or get the impression that she is a prostitute because of what she let me do. I shook my head and said Absolutely NOT.

She then astonished me completely by touching the head of my dick. Then she started squeezing my balls. She commented that my balls were huge and very hard, and that she can help relief the tension if I want. I nodded YES, still sucking her delicious milk.

Then she proceeded to pump me and in less than 2 minutes I delivered the goods. Her fingers were completely covered with my sperm. It is the first time I get a handjob where the woman was very careful not to spill my sperm and keep it in her hand. Not one drop fell on my pants or my body.

What happened next was mind blowing. She brought her finger to her mouth and licked few drops for taste.

This was the first time ever a woman does this with me in-spite of me begging several times.

She said that I taste a tiny bit salty and very creamy, unlike her husband who tasted very salty spicy and tangy.

I was completely spent so I attempted to move a bit, she told me not to move, stood up and went to the bathroom fetched a hot wet towel and came back. All that and both tits hanging out from the open coat .

She proceeded to clean me up very neatly. I thanked her very much, kissed her boobs and went into the other room.

After she finished the cleaning, by 0300pm, she went into the bathroom, changed into her black dress and came back to see if I am satisfied with work. I was very much satisfied. Then I paid her for the day work cleaning – the agreed amount, almost 8$, and gave her 50$ (a small fortune in the local currency) for the nice time. Her eyes filled with tears and she thanked me a lot.

I told that it is me who should be should be thanking her, and that I had wonderful time and that next week I shall be here if she considers to come again. Her bright smile was all what she answered and left.

Chapter 2

On Friday of that second week (the first encounter was on Tuesday of the same week) I went to the local outdoor market (the souk).

Friday is the official day-off in the region, as it is the holy day of the week. Almost all men over the age of 16 attend the midday prayers (as a tradition more than being religious). This prayer lasts almost 2-½ hrs.

The market was swamped with vendors and buyers of both sexes. Around noon most men went to the prayers and women mainly manned the stands. All of the women were in the traditional black, huge, long dresses with a bunch of little kids and toddlers running around. Many of the women were breastfeeding. You can see all sizes and shapes of delicious breasts on display.

I was browsing, when I came over a stand where a woman was selling oranges.

She was not exceptionally good looking. She was in her thirties a bit overweight; you can say a chubby woman (yummy). Her complexion was a bit dark (not black). She was calling to sell her merchandize.

When I approached her stand, I saw she was breastfeeding a toddler who was on her lap. She did not have the dress unbuttoned as usual, instead she was breastfeeding through a slit, one of 2 slits cut opened on the front of her dress.

We started negotiating the price (I was staling, they only cost the equivalent of 10 cents a pound) when her child abandoned the breast.

I was amazed to see a huge breast at least an (F) cup capped with a dark brown nipple the size of a big berry with a huge dark brown aureole. It was glistering with the child’s drool. I was dieing to get my hands, and mouth for that matters, on that huge tit.

I had to think very fast. I remembered what the cleaning woman told me about breastfeeding for money.

I told the vendor that I need someone to breastfeed (surrogate), for a generous amount of money and asked if she knew someone who would be interested. Her answer was, the (Souk) is full of breastfeeding mothers all willing and in need of the money, and that all I have to do is just pick one. After a small pause, she said she would be interested but she cannot leave the stand before she sells all the oranges.

I immediately said that I am buying all what she has if she agrees to surrogate breastfeed.

Then I asked how many ponds of oranges she had there. She answered almost 10 Kilos (almost 25 pounds). She then asked how much money do we usually pay the milkmaid (the name for the surrogate breastfeeding lady) I said we pay round 10 dollars (in local currency of course). She accepted.

I paid her the equivalent of two and half-dollars for the whole thing and she bagged the oranges for me in nylon bags.

It was a huge package to carry, she asked what am I going to do with it.

I said I have a white minivan parked outside the (Souk). She told me to go ahead carry some and she would follow with the rest after she pays the day rent of the stand. I carried 7 bags and went to the minivan.

Few minutes later she came over with her toddler and the remaining 3 bags. I put everything in the car and opened the door for her and her child; they went into the back seat.

As soon as she entered the car and before we move, she started asking questions. Was it a baby boy or girl, what happened to the mother, why is she not breastfeeding, do they live far away and if I am going to bring her back before sunset?

I had to answer and decided to be honest and straightforward with her. I told her that there was no baby and that it is me who needs her milk.

The woman was in shock and speechless for few seconds, and then started shouting. She asked me screaming if I took her for a street woman (an expression the locals use for a prostitute) and who the hell I was anyway, and how dare I ask for such a thing. She added that she was a straight, respectable married woman in spite of her poverty and that all what she wanted was to help in good faith and as a good deed the little motherless child. She finished by saying that she also needed the money but her dignity would not permit her to sell her body to get it.

I tried to calm her down, and said that I did not want to buy her body with money and that my intentions are good.

I was born to a local native father and a European mother, I was not breastfed and I need badly to taste the milk of a female and acquire the feeling.

She called me a crazy foreigner and asked if I was drunk. I said I am not drunk and asked if she smells alcohol on me, she said NO.

I said I am not going to pressure her and she can open the car and get out if she wants, I want no scandals, I wish no harm or distress to anyone, but I really needed the milk badly.

Then, she asked me if I would ask her back for the money I paid for the oranges if she left. My answer was of course not, and not to be ridiculous, I as willing to pay 4 times that money for her breast-milk.

After few minutes of hesitation, she asked what did I have in mind, not that she accepts the idea, she just wanted to know how crazy I could be.

My answer was that I figured we can drive to a quiet place at the outskirts of the city, she can feed me the milk then I drive her back to the (Souk) after I pay her of course, all that in 2 hours maximum.

Again she called me crazy foreigner.

After few minutes of hesitation and thinking, she said that she do it, only because I am a poor miserable man who had a cold foreign mother!!!!!!!!!!! I said thank you, anyway.

She asked if she can squeeze the milk out into a cup and I drink it. My answer was firm No, and that I wanted to suck it from her tit or no deal. She agreed half hearted and said OK I shall let you suck a tit but you give me the money first. I said the deal is for the two breasts, until they are empty or I am satisfied, whichever comes first.

She waved her hands and said that this was the food of her child and I am asking a lot for the equivalent of 10 dollars. I said I would increase the amount to the equivalent of 15 dollars. She did not answer and started looking out of the window. I asked if it was a deal and I should drive on. She nodded OK.

We reached the outskirts of the city, to a very quiet area. I moved to the back seat of the car next to her. She placed the child on the 3rd seat and turned around to face me.

She was not bad looking, but her personal tidiness was not the best. I reached out to her; she immediately backed and said not to touch her. She asked for the money, I handed it to her and she put it in a small wallet in her child’s clothing!!!

She reached into the slit on the front of her dress and pulled her left breast out. It was the biggest tit I ever laid eyes on.

I grabbed a “wet-one” tissue and attempted to clean her nipple. She jumped and said Do Not Touch and that she would do it herself.

I must tell you about her nipple, It was dark brown the size of a huge berry and looked actually like a berry. It was so porous as if it was made of thousands of small tiny dark brown beads brought together. It was surrounded by an aureole the size of a saucer.

She squeezed her beautiful huge tit and milk started oozing from all the pores on the nipple, on top and around. The sight and the contrast of the pale white milk on the dark brown nipple and the dark complexion gave me a huge hard on and I think that my heart missed a beat or two.

She motioned me to start nursing. I started sucking very slowly and the milk was flowing very gracefully. It tasted very creamy, heavy and sweet. I was sucking very gently not to cause her any pain. Suddenly, she laughed and said that at that pace we shall not finish before the next morning and that my sucking was weaker than her little baby’s. In fact it was tickling her. She told me to suck harder and be serious so that we can get going. All the time she was squeezing her tit in a milking movement from her chest towards the nipple and my mouth. I was getting hot and horny by the second.

I moved my right hand to hold her tit, she pushed my hand away and told me to keep my hands to myself.

I stopped sucking and said that I am not satisfied and that I insist to hold and the squeeze her tit, she started to argue, I was firm and said that if I am not satisfied we do not leave even till the next morning. She gave up, and let me touch and squeeze her breast. An electric spark shot through my spine and body at the first contact. Her tit was big, warm, very soft to the touch and full with tenderness.

She made me swear by Allah (God) that I shall not attempt to touch any other part of her body especially between her legs. Furthermore, I shall not make her touch my “thingy” –the exact expression she used- because she is a married woman and honors her husband and would only touch his.

After I had my fill from the left tit, and felt the milk thinning, I asked her to give me the right one to nurse on, but leave the left one out for me to watch. She refused completely. I did not want to argue further.

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