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Mystery Man Pt. 01

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Creampie Eating

Part One

I was in the middle of performing a leg hold, posing, while my friend Ami took a picture, or should I say a few hundred pictures in the hope that one of them would be suitable for all of my different social media accounts, when I saw him for the first time, he was around six foot tall, white but sporting a summer holiday tan, fairly broad, tempting deep brown eyes and a (in a not sure this is a compliment for a man way) really cute, almost innocent, look about him.

It was one of those moments that seemed to take a lot longer than it actually lasted for, maybe because I replayed it in my mind so many times since, or maybe because it took so long to develop that this starting point seemed so significant to me.

“I’ve got the perfect picture now Charlotte,” I was snapped out of my trance by Ami.

The mystery man had appeared behind Ami, seen me, looked a bit embarrassed and then continued left, away from my personal photographer. Except he wasn’t quite such a mystery, he had a Staff lanyard on, which told me he obviously worked at the university, although he looked young enough to have just graduated and could even have passed as a student himself.

I (Charlotte) was an undergraduate student at Manchester University studying Biology but I had joined a dance class with my friend Ami who was studying Economics. She lived in student halls, in the flat opposite me. We had met in Fresher’s Week and got on really well as we shared a number of interests. One of these was dancing and we had been doing rehearsals for the first term in preparation for our Christmas show. I was wearing festive red tights, a short pleated green tennis skirt and a red tank top that revealed my bare mid riff, flat stomach and pierced navel, with tinsel in my pig-tailed hair since this was a Christmas dance show.

I have been described as having a model physique with long slender legs, a perfect little arse, tiny waist, small breasts with perky nipples, high cheek bones and striking blue eyes. I have long, straight brunette hair that I usually wear down, apart from occasions such as this when I’m dancing. Unfortunately, despite people telling me this description of myself, I don’t have the self-confidence to go with it, certainly not with people I don’t know and it takes me a while to be comfortable with anyone.

One consequence of this was that I hadn’t made a big group of friends at university, I had a boyfriend from my hometown so I wasn’t interested in the approaches of pissed up rugby boys and I’d been making trips home nearly every other weekend.

Ami was my best friend at university and dancing was the only real interest I had outside of my studying at university. I was really looking forward to the performance tonight and I wanted to capture a picture of the moment so that at least on my social media it might look as though I’d achieved something in my first term at university. It was during this that I’d seen my mystery man.

Even though I had a boyfriend at the time, seeing him, as I was posing, stirred something inside of me. I could feel a fluttering, even though my glance had been so fleeting.

“There’s some good ones here,” said Ami as she ran through the camera roll.

I composed myself and asked her, “did you see that man as you were taking my photo? He was so cute.”

She hadn’t.

But I found myself feeling a way about someone that sparked something inside of me. Obviously I didn’t have a lot to go on with reference to who he actually was. I was in a big city, in a big university and a member of staff at the university where I was a student inadvertently crashed my photoshoot and made his way into my head.

The show went well and afterwards us dancers had arranged to go for a meal in a Thai restaurant. I wasn’t all that comfortable in a big groups such as this, there were about fifteen of us, and I’d find myself fading in the background and getting myself worked up about not seeming to be able to enter the conversation at the right time.

When we’d finished eating, one of the girls suggested we go to a nearby cocktail bar but I wanted to head back to my halls.

Ami tried to persuade me not to, “it’s nearly Christmas Charlotte, just come for one.”

“I don’t know,” I replied, “I’m getting the train home tomorrow morning.”

Then Ami convinced me, “you never know, Charlotte, your mystery man might be out as well.”

That was enough for me and with a glint in my eye, I agreed, “Okay, just the one though.”

Well, one drink soon became five and I was certainly feeling the effects. I was really starting to let myself go and I was getting on really well with the other girls.

As we made our way to the dance floor, we inevitably attracted the eyes of some men on their office Christmas party.

By this stage, there were ten girls aged between nineteen and twenty-one, drunk and members of a dance class on a night out. To most people, this wouldn’t have come as much of a surprise bahis siteleri but as I said earlier I hadn’t convinced myself of this at this stage.

Then my heart stopped, I caught a glimpse of my mystery man from earlier, I suddenly felt that same urge in my body from earlier. I had a boyfriend at home but he didn’t make me feel like this. I composed myself, full of Dutch courage I thought this might be my chance so I made my way to the bar he was facing, I thought I could get a drink and maybe catch his eye and I didn’t really know what would happen from there.

With a deep breath, I left the dance floor and approached the part of the bar he was standing at, heart in mouth, but then he turned his head. It wasn’t him, my face dropped and he must have wondered what was going on as my pre-prepared smile dropped to the floor. I re-directed myself to the ladies where I ran into Ami and explained to her what had happened.

“Never mind,” she said, “it’s great to see you out and you never know about the next place we go to after this.”

We re-joined our girls on the dance floor, Ceri, a tall girl from Wales with an amazing set of legs herself was dancing with two men in suits and she was teasing one of them by pulling him towards her by his tie, then pushing him back and doing the same with the other.

My friend Ami, who is shorter than me, blonde with blue eyes and amazing breasts joined her and it wasn’t long before they were both grinding up against the two men and kissing them. They all seemed to be getting really into it and I must admit I was a bit turned on by it myself just watching them.

As I’ve found to be the case anywhere with alcohol, men and dancing, it isn’t long before a woman on her own is approached by a drunk man and sure enough a young black man started dancing behind me and was gradually getting closer to me. I’ve never kissed a black man before and the sight of the other two girls engaged in passionate kissing resulted in a wicked thought running through my mind and I leaned back into him, his hands on my waist, making their way to my arse, he kissed me on my neck.

“What’s your name beautiful?” said the black man.

I love being kissed on my neck, the thought ran through my mind of turning round and kissing him then my boyfriend popped into my head.

I said to the black man, “Charlotte,” I replied with a soft groan, but then added, “sorry, I’ve got a boyfriend.”

He replied “I don’t care,” and placed his strong hands on my arse cheek feeling the full curve as he ran his hand over it.

I then said “I need the to use the ladies,” as I broke away from him and made my way there.

Once I’ve had a drink I do actually need to piss quite regularly, so this wasn’t a lie. When I came back though I was sure that I would seek him out again.

Was I really about to cheat on my boyfriend? Kissing isn’t cheating I told myself. That was all I was going to do when I got back on the dance floor. I was going to enjoy myself like the other girls and have a snog with someone who wasn’t my boyfriend.

That was all.

No sex.

I checked my phone and saw I had a message from my boyfriend.

“Work has been awful this week. Can’t wait to see u x Sam x”

That jolted me back to reality. I sent Ami a message to let her know I was leaving and got a taxi to take me back to my halls of residence.

As I got into bed, on my own, I reflected on what a night it had been: new friends, mystery man, so many possibilities for the new year but for now it was back to my hometown and back to my boyfriend. That last bit didn’t excite me much anymore. It was the thought of the mystery man that helped me get myself off as I slid my fingers down my body, touching my neck where it had been kissed, squeezing my hardened nipples before slipping my fingers into my wet cunt.

I was constantly being told I was attractive and had even been scouted to be a model. I’d done a test shoot for a photographer and everyone said how great I looked, my long legs would “really take me places in this industry” but I was far from convinced. I lacked self belief and despite being told I would be “fighting off the boys” I really wasn’t.

When people talked to me, I knew what I wanted to say but it just wouldn’t come out. My first term at university hadn’t been great but I’d built a really good friendship with Ami and my last night of term hinted at what I hoped would be a better future.

I’d met my boyfriend Sam a year before I went to university. He was older than me and really clever. He’d got into university on a scholarship for Maths but he couldn’t handle being away from home and he never really fitted in with his peers so he left after the first term – the equivalent time for me at the moment .

Sam came back to his hometown and got a job in the kitchen of the restaurant where I had a part-time job as a waitress. It wasn’t really a suitable job for someone as clever as him but as he was in the background canlı bahis siteleri it meant that at least he didn’t have to interact with customers and he was able to earn some money. I got to know him and as he was so very quiet, in a way this suited me because I didn’t have to worry about being tongue tied with him.

He read a lot in his breaks and I asked him about what he was reading and eventually we ended up as a couple.

Looking back on it, I’m amazed that either of us managed to get into this position of being in a relationship since we were both lacking in self confidence and weren’t very outgoing. Also, looks wise he wasn’t exactly my type – not particularly sporty but not overweight, he was the male equivalent of the ‘plain Jane.’

I overheard people making reference to him “punching” but he filled a hole, quite literally in fact as I lost my virginity to him and he was the only man I’d had sex with.

The sex wasn’t particularly exciting and I had to work hard to get myself off (with my own helping hand) at times but it met my needs at the time in terms of curiosity.

Apart from kissing he was the first person who fingered me, I’d wanked off, sucked his cock, he’d gone down on me and finally we’d had sex.

Beyond it being my first time, it wasn’t particularly memorable but I’d done it, it made me feel more womanly and since neither he nor I were in the position of attracting (or in my case getting) another partner it was regular sex.

I was at university but I was coming home nearly every other weekend, although with the preparation for the dance competition I hadn’t for the past three weeks. On my previous trips back home for the weekend we’d usually sit in some kind of near silence before we had our average sex.

But he was loyal to me, he was totally devoted and I was grateful for him but as I sat on the train home that Saturday morning after my first term at university, I wasn’t excited to see him again. As I sat and watched the world go by out of the window, listening to music on my headphones, I drifted off to sleep quite easily as I’d had a late night last night with the dance girls.

I woke up with a smile, having had one of those dreams that I wished was real. I dreamt that I was dancing with a man, who I thought was the black man, but as I turned around it was actually mystery man from before the dance show, the man who worked for the university who saw me posing for the picture taken by Ami from before the show.

I dreamt that he kissed me in the way I wish Sam would kiss me. In the dream, we ‘d agreed to go back to his but then…it was the tannoy announcing my stop. I was awake, I wasn’t going back to my mystery man, I was going to be reunited with my boyfriend who I was thinking I really didn’t want to be my boyfriend anymore.

I checked my phone and saw missed calls and text messages from my boyfriend asking me:

“How are you?”

“Can’t wait to see you again”

“So looking forward to spending Christmas with you”

I apologised, told him I’d been asleep, omitted the detail of dreaming about how another man was going to take me back to his, I’d suck his cock and let him fuck me for the rest of the night.

When I was back at my house, I found out why he was so keen to make sure I was coming back. The reason he’d had such an awful week at work was because he’d worked so many extra hours in the kitchen to earn more money because he had booked a luxurious hotel for the night. I felt awful that he’d done all this for me as I’d been dreaming of other men.

I looked at the hotel website and it looked incredible. I looked in my wardrobe to pick out my outfit and saw a short white dress that I’d worn to a family wedding in the summer. I thought about wearing tights but then I thought back to last night and how sexy the girls in Manchester looked on our night out with short skirts and no tights. I had a black thong that I checked didn’t show through the white dress because the dress was thick enough enough for it not to show. Because of this, I was brave enough not to wear a bra.

I’ve got small breasts but perky bullet nipples that go hard at the merest hint of a chill and as it was December, it was guaranteed to be cold but I was confident they wouldn’t show, so I went braless. I wore black heels and a black coat to cover my bare arms. I put on my silver necklace and earrings and sprayed my perfume.

I went downstairs with my overnight bag and did a twirl for my mum.

“You look amazing Charlotte, you have such an incredible figure. You definitely should have been a model. Those lovely long legs of yours and silky smooth long hair. I hope Sam knows just how lucky he is.”

I know your Mum has to say these things even if I’d worn a bin bag but the thoughts of last night and the eyes (and hands) that were on me definitely helped to grow my confidence.

There was a knock on the door and it was Sam to collect me. He made some awkward small talk with canlı bahis my Mum and my Dad as he also appeared. I could tell Sam had made an effort, he was smartly dressed and obviously this hotel and meal was expensive but I wasn’t attracted to him in the same way I was to mystery Man, who I was rapidly creating stories about in my fantasy world, the things I’d do to him and vice versa.

We got to the hotel, checked in, put our overnight bags in the room and headed downstairs again to eat at the restaurant. It was lovely and I could tell from the menu, very expensive.

It became clear quite early on that there was a wedding reception at the hotel as well. Guests came in and out of the main room, I caught a glimpse of the bride and her beautiful dress. The band started playing. As we were finishing our desserts, we could hear fireworks and we went outside to get a better view.

It was romantic but I was cold, I led back into Sam and I felt a pang of guilt but then I remembered that I hadn’t actually done anything last night and a dream about someone else isn’t cheating. We made our way back to our room and I thought he’s not so bad after all. I gave him a kiss in the lift up to the room and I could feel his erection grown through his suit trousers.

Our room was lovely and the bathroom had a big old fashioned bath and Sam that that he’d run one for me. As he was doing this I got some drinks from the mini-bar and poured us each a gin and tonic. I then realised that I’d left my handbag downstairs, it must have been when we were watching the fireworks. I went into the bathroom to tell Sam to find him stripped down to one of the hotel bathrobes. Being a gentleman he offered to get it for me but as I was still dressed I said it would be quicker for me to go now.

I was relieved to get down to the outdoor area and see my handbag exactly where I thought it must have been. I checked it still had my phone and purse in. With another sigh of my own relief, I then heard another type of sigh.

“Oh fuck that’s good,” moaned a grey haired man sitting on one of the benches.

“I want to give you a good blowjob but you’re going to have to be quieter,” replied one of the bridesmaids as she was kneeling in front of him sucking and pumping his cock.

It was December and it was cold, but this older man was putting Sam’s cock to shame.

The bridesmaid was still in her dress but squatting down in front of the lucky man. They were facing each other so I was out of their line of vision, side on.

They stopped, I froze, but they didn’t see me.

They’d stopped so that the grey haired man could pull down the bridesmaid’s dress to reveal a perfect set of breasts. Much bigger than my perky set of 34Bs.

I couldn’t see if she had a pierced navel as her dress wasn’t far enough down. I could see that her two perfect breasts were both pierced as they shimmered in the light. The couple kissed and then she returned to his cock. Sucking all the way down, she moved her head back and did a circle with her tongue over the tip of his cock, locking her eyes on his.

She then put her right hand on his cock and licked all the way down the shaft to his balls before working her way back up his cock and doing another circle.

The big cock, the pierced nipples, the perfect breasts and the amazing cock sucking action got me really turned on.

With my eyes fixed on the bridesmaid and the grey haired man I lent back on the bench, licked my fingers on my right hand and traced a line over my short white dress squeezing my rock hard nipples through the material, making my way to the hem where I realised I needn’t have licked my fingers as I was soaking wet.

I started to tease my clit, the view, the alcohol and thoughts of the night before filling my head. I then brought my left hand down but as I moved my leg forwards it knocked a glass causing it to skid along the concrete. I rapidly stood up and made my way inside not stopping to glance back at the bridesmaid and her man on the bench.

Flustered, I made my way back to my hotel room via the lift.

I couldn’t recall how long I’d been and I knew I needed to think of a story to account for my time to Sam.

Although I had regular sex with Sam, we didn’t talk about it much, so I wasn’t sure that I could discuss how turned on I was by watching a live blowjob.

I was only four floors up but we stopped on the second floor and two men appeared at the lift door, they both looked in their mid-thirties.

“Going down?” asked one of them.

“Yes,” I blurted out, still not thinking straight.

As they got in, I corrected myself, “sorry, I meant up, think I’ve had too much to drink.”

“Too late now,” one of the men replied, “and anyway we don’t mind accompanying a girl like you anyway.”

As I glanced at the men, one of them reminded me of the man outside getting his cock sucked by an expert. I was still being a bit turned on as well.

“Have you been at the wedding?” he asked me.

“Yes,” I replied, before correcting myself again, “no, I meant no, I just meant I’d seen the wedding fireworks,” as the words coming out of my mouth once again didn’t correlate with the thoughts in my head.

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