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Nasty Finale

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Denise was the best lay I ever had. Despite the fact that our relationship didn’t last, the sex was hot. Denise was hot; she was a short brunette with curly hair and all the right curves. I loved to grab onto her hips and fuck her for all I was worth. What made her all the hotter was her attitude about sex: Yes, PLEASE! She was the perfect kind of woman. She was knowledgeable about sex and an interactive partner who always wanted to get it on. She liked to experiment and do all kinds of unusual things. She had a leather skirt and a red bustier and that was one of the hottest things she ever wore. I couldn’t wait to sink my dick into her whenever I saw a glimpse of that leather skirt!

Our last night together started off like many of the rest. We went out on a date to our favorite neighborhood Italian place. Afterward we went back to her apartment. We had both stated our intent to each other to make it an early night since we had early mornings ahead of us but as soon as we got close to her place her hand instantly found its way to my inner thigh. That invariably got the ball rolling. We were kissing deeply by the time we got out of the car. The combination of kissing her soft, supple lips and pressing myself into her large, soft tits was enough to get my dick up and stirring.

When we hit her apartment we headed straight into the bedroom to her bed. The leather skirt was laid out across the back of her desk chair but I didn’t want to give up any time for her to put it on; I only wanted her clothes coming off. She unbuttoned her top and unsnapped her bra letting her ample breasts free to cascade off her chest. She looked fucking hot! The combination of her topless and the look of lust in her eyes was enough to get me fully riled up. I started rubbing my cock through my jeans and feeling its hard shaft against my leg. Denise took the cue and pushed me down onto her bed. She came over to me and started unbuttoning my pants and pulling my shirt up. Her hands went immediately to my dick. As soon as she touched it a jolt went through me. I was horny like a high school kid with the kind of “gotta-fuck-now” urgency that only comes from unbridled passion.

She slowly started rubbing my cock and it felt *SOOOOO* good. She and I had fucked enough kurtköy escort for her to know exactly what I liked. I like having my cock softly rubbed and she knew it. She took the time to drive me absolutely wild with desire. She ran the back of her hand down over the head and shaft and then lightly flicked the underside before running her index finger down around my balls. It sent shivers of pleasure throughout my body. My teeth started chattering from extreme arousal. That’s one of the signs that I’m reaching my pleasure limit and Denise knew it. She used the opportunity to lean over and lightly flick her tongue one the head of my dick while she was caressing my balls.

Her intense attention to my dick and balls made me shudder. In the course of her caressing she slyly slid her finger down to my asshole. She started lightly rubbing the tip of her finger in circles around it. The sudden change of tactics made me feel weak. I felt a new kind of fullness and intensity coming from my ass. Just as soon as she started on my ass she plunged my dick deep in her mouth. That really got me going. I started convulsing, just on the edge of coming. She had me right where she wanted me.

Just as quickly as she had started in on me she stopped and left me gasping, begging to be taken over the edge. She knew just when to stop and get me to give her some much-needed attention. She crawled up on the bed next to me and kissed me deeply. I sucked away at her tongue greedily as if to express what I wanted her to continue doing to me. She broke the embrace and traced a finger down to her delicious nipple as if to offer it up to me. I leaned over on my elbow and took her nipple in my mouth. I slid my hand up behind her neck and pulled her in closer to me.

I sucked ever so gently on her nipple, nibbling lightly with my teeth and just barely tugging on the savory little bud. Every so often I flicked the nipple with my tongue and twirled it around. Her soft moans told me I was giving her some significant pleasure. I slid my hand down from her neck to her other breast and circled her other nipple with my finger. The double stimulation sent her into a chain of sustained moans and sighs. It also gave me a chance to calm down from my ecstatic high.

After malatya escort some time of stimulating her nipple with my finger I led it down to her pussy which had become pleasantly wet. It was starting to ooze her musky nectar. I slipped a finger in between her pussy lips and started running it over her clit. The attention to her pussy made her coo softly and start to purr seductively. There’s almost nothing hotter than a woman in ecstasy. Once she passes into that zone where there’s nothing between her and the crashing orgasm she’s about to have it’s irresistible. Denise was right there. Her eyes were mostly closed and she was starting to writhe next to me, moaning and grunting as I sped up my work on her pussy and clit.

She started gritting her teeth and moaning in a very dedicated manner and I knew she was ready. I stuck two fingers inside her pussy and started really fucking her as hard as I could with my hand while I was sucking her nipple. She arched her back and gasped and then emitted a harsh, guttural scream that told me I had hit the jackpot. She came with a fury, her pussy clamping down on my hand as hard as they could. She tossed her hair wildly and writhed around in intense passion.

I laid back and admired my orgasmic handiwork. I think Denise had been expecting a fucking but I turned the tables on her and gave her a pretty intense orgasm with my hand and my mouth on her nipple. It also gave me a chance to relax a little and step back from my own intense arousal. Denise had previously brought me to the height of excitement and broke off just in time for me to come down and go to work on her.

With her own orgasm aftershocks subsiding, Denise turned her erotic attention back to me. I slid up on the bed and gave her full access to my crotch which she took advantage of. She went back to sucking my cock and caressing my balls. I quickly became aroused again and her fingers found their way back to my ass. Somehow, unbeknownst to me, she managed to grab her bottle of lube. She took her mouth off my cock and squeezed a little lube on her finger. She brought her finger back to my ass and started to gently press into me. It felt amazing!

The cool lube on her finger started warming up as she pressed it into my ass. kayseri escort I began to relax a little bit more. The feeling was intense and wonderful having her finger pressing into my ass. I told her not to stop and to keep it up. Then she started to move her finger around a little bit in my ass. I started squirming in delight! New waves of pleasure began to wash over me. She could tell I was really enjoying the anal attention so she pushed in further. She started slowly finger fucking my ass. I nearly lost my mind, reveling in the new sensations. It was so amazing! I got bold and asked her to fuck me a little harder. I think she knew that I was going to ask for it because as soon as I told her I wanted more she grabbed one of her favorite dildos from under the bed. She squirted a little lube on the head and aimed it directly at my willing ass.

Once the dildo started pushing into me I felt like I was on top of the world. Denise had a mischievous smile on her face. She was enjoying this almost as much as I was. She kept pushing the dildo into me while I was starting to moan seductively. I was losing myself in the full sensation of having the dildo in my ass. Once it was in me she started to fuck me with it. It was an amazing experience. I felt full and intense and relaxed all at the same time. My mind was spinning. To top it all off, Denise leaned over and started sucking my cock while she was fucking me with the dildo. The glint in her eyes told me she was enjoying having all the power over my erotic reactions. She relished the moments when I became powerless to my desires. At the moment I didn’t care what was going on; I only wanted to push that amazing feeling all the way to orgasm.

I began to tense up as the dildo fucking became too much to handle. Denise plunged my dick straight down her throat and sucked it for all she was worth. The combination of the dildo slamming my prostate and her excellent dick sucking pushed me right over the top and I came with an amazing intensity. My whole body contracted as I came, shooting my cum deep in Denise’s throat. At the same time my ass clenched around her thrusting dildo. She pulled it out of my ass and I fell back on the bed in a sweaty, exhausted heap. That was one of the most amazing, powerful orgasms of my life!

The relationship with Denise didn’t last. Even though the sex was wild and amazing, we both realized we weren’t really meant to be together outside the bedroom. But damn! That woman was hot in the sack!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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