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Neighborly Secrets Pt. 05 – Cocktail

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This is the fifth in the Rick and Diane series, and as with the previous stories, the two characters are in fact real people and this was inspired by actual events, but sadly (for both participants), it didn’t even come close to happening.

If you’ve read my previous stories, you’ll know where I place the responsibility for that – squarely on the very broad shoulders of the very good-looking “Rick,” who claimed on several occasions during our email discussions that not only was he interested in “Diane,” but that he had game, and was willing to put in the effort to make something happen with her.

That turned out to be untrue, even though Diane had on multiple occasions given him clear signs that she was at least open to expanding their relationship from being just friends, for example conveniently (and obviously, to all who witnessed it) walking her dog past the high school baseball field at times and stopping by to say hello when he was there coaching his team, or inviting him over in the evening to help with “emergencies” at her house, etc.

All I can say is, watching from the sidelines, his game, as it were, was lame.

One other thing for readers – in a couple of places in this story and previous ones, I reference Rick’s dick size, specifically relative to what Diane is “used to’ (e.g., her husband). I have no direct insight of how big Rick is, how big Diane’s husband is, or how good he is in bed, but just included it to try to spur Rick to action. In my own fantasies about Rick, I imagined him as a complete stud in bed, but maybe I was wrong.

And finally, this story pushes the boundaries of credulity, but I loved the idea of having the two of them meet (and fuck) in public, in a ridiculously high risk environment, and I really hoped the thought of it would turn Rick on enough that even if he found this unrealistic he would see the potential opportunity in connecting with her in a less risky place. Oh, well – at least Rick got some stories to enjoy in his house all alone at night.

This story is called Cocktail.


Late Saturday evening, middle of December. It’s cold out, but inside the Left Bank bar, it’s warm, as there’s been two weeks of rain and people have been going stir crazy in their houses. So a crowd has gathered and there’s a need to cut loose. Plus, there’s an intense Golden State Warriors game on, so the energy and volume are high, and there’s very little room to move in the bar area.

You’ve been there for a while, just hanging out with some friends, and you’ve had a couple of drinks when out of the corner of your eye you see Diane and a group of her friends walk in. Your eyes meet, very briefly, and you exchange a small and knowing smile. And although you’d been considering heading home, you start to think this evening might be looking up.

With some effort, she leads her friends into the mass of people, heading straight for the bar, and heading straight for you. As far as her friends know, she’s just heading for the bar to get a cocktail. She weaves her way through the crowd, and you play it cool and don’t make a big deal out of her being there, but as she approaches, you say, “Oh hey there, what a nice surprise to see you here” give her a kiss on the cheek and give her a brief hug.

It’s so crowded that your bodies are pretty much forced together by the crush of the crowd, and you feel that familiar electricity as she puts a hand on your chest, leans up to your ear and huskily says, “Hi there back – it’s nice to see you too. But seeing me may not be your last surprise of the evening…” And then she leads her friends past you and to the bar, as you try to figure out what she means, and you’re very happy about how crowded it is so no one can see the bulge growing in the front of your pants.

For the next half hour or so, you keep an eye on her as she talks with her friends, not wanting to be too obvious or too presumptuous, and not sure if you heard her properly. Meantime, you’re watching her from across the bar, trying to pay attention to your friends and pretending to be distracted by the basketball game while also completely captivated by how beautiful she is, and enjoying the memories of your last several meetings.

You smile to yourself as you watch her talk and laugh and drink with her friends while in between she steals glances your way Sakarya Escort as well. You’re not quite sure how she can turn you on so much from so far across the room when all these other people are in between and everyone is dressed in thick warm clothing, but somehow she does. And the glances she’s giving you are communicating to you – she’s hungry, she remembers the last time you met, she hasn’t been intimate or physical since then, and she wants you…

At halftime, she signals that she’s heading to the bar for another drink, and that you should meet her there. You excuse yourself from your friends, asking if anyone wants anything and hoping that they say no so you don’t have to hurry back – they’re all set, so you meet her at the bar. “Looks like you’re having a good time,” you say in her ear, because the noise level is so loud.

“It’s just nice to be out of that house,” she says back, brushing her lips against your ear as she whispers, “I just really needed a stiff cock…tail.” You’re not totally sure you heard the pause in there, but when she puts her hand down below the bar and rests it on the top of your thigh, you’re convinced you didn’t imagine it.

It’s so crowded and there are so many people around that there’s no danger of anyone seeing what she did, and you’re certainly not going to move, so you continue to talk quietly between yourselves, speaking closely to each other’s’ ears, breathing in the enticing smell of her perfume. You can tell that she’s had a couple of drinks and is feeling a little uninhibited by the way that her lips linger against your ear when she talks to you, feeling her heavy breath in your ear and on your neck. After a few minutes, with you still facing the bar, she turns to face you with her back to the bar, and slides her hand back to your thigh.

This time, though, with the way the two of you are facing, her hand has more freedom to explore, so as you continue to make small talk, all of a sudden you feel her hand slide up your thigh, to where the top of your pocket is, then along your belt toward your stomach (being mindful to keep it below the bar so the bartender can’t see), and when she reaches your belt buckle, she looks deeply in your eyes and mouths the words, “This ok?” not wanting to make you uncomfortable.

With an incredibly dry mouth, all you can do is nod your head back.

As she starts the slow slide of her hand on the front of your pants, she quickly learns how turned on you are, and she gently strokes you through your pants. Just then, a couple of her girlfriends come up, obviously kindof tipsy, and say, “You were supposed to get us drinks, we were wondering where you’d gone.”

While continuing to stroke you as casually as can be, she says “Oh, I was just catching up with Dick, I mean Rick – you guys know each other, right?” Without moving from your position – not only is it too crowded, but a bulldozer couldn’t move you away from her hand on the front of your pants – you give them both quick half hugs and then settle back into your position as they order drinks and then rejoin their other friends.

She doesn’t miss a beat, and is now expertly toying with the top of your zipper, starting to slide it down, looking at you hard to see if you’re going to signal her to stop. You definitely don’t. As the zipper inches down and reaches its lowest point, she expertly slides her small hand inside your pants, and you gasp at how good it feels, and you shift so she has complete access to you. She’s outside your boxers and it’s snug, because you’re so hard, so she can barely get her hand around your thick shaft, but she manages to do it and you’re gasping for air, unable to believe what she’s doing, here, in the middle of this crowd.

She holds you for a few minutes, squeezing you gently, and she whispers in your ear, “My god I always forget how big you are, I’m just so not used to this at all…these pants are pretty constraining, though, I might have to do something about that…” She releases you and you feel her hand slide out of your zipper, and although you’re uncertain about what she’s going to do next, she wastes no time, and slides her hand up to release your belt buckle.

It takes just seconds, and then she unsnaps the front of your pants, and you realize that she’s completely released you except for your boxers, and you remove one Sakarya Escort Bayan hand from the top of the bar and put it on the waist of your pants to make sure that they don’t slide down.

Again she slides her hands down the front of your stomach, and now with complete access, this time she slides her warm hands inside your boxers. You can’t believe this is happening, the crowd around you is swelling with energy and volume as the game intensifies, and because everyone is paying attention to the screen, no one cares at all that underneath the bar her hand is wrapped around your thick shaft which is swelling as well, and she’s slowly stroking you up and down, up and down, and you can’t believe how good it feels.

She reaches up to whisper in your ear, “My god, you’re so fucking big I can hardly stand it, so much bigger than what I’m used to, I can barely wrap my hand around you, I still can’t believe I fit you inside me…”

After a few minutes of her stroking you, you lean down and whisper in her ear, “That feels so good, I had no idea you were this daring.”

She huskily whispers back, “You’re still in for more surprises…”

“Well,” you whisper back, “if you don’t want me to come right now, you’ll be in for a surprise if you keep doing that…”

She smiles, and slows her stroking, saying, “So, should we put him away for now?”

“Sure,” you say back, “but I don’t want to be the only one who enjoys this – think we might switch positions, and switch roles?”

As you slyly zip yourself back up and re-buckle your pants, she turns around so she’s facing the bar, ordering another drink while asking with a sexy smile, “You mean you want to slide your fingers inside my panties?” she asks.

“No,” you respond as you turn around to face away from the bar and slide your hand to the front of her dress and lean down to whisper in her ear, “I want to slide my fingers inside you…”

Your fingers lift her dress up from the front until you can grab the hem, and when you do, you lift it up to her waist and slide your hands against her stomach then slowly slide down, into her panties, and all the way to the sweet spot between her legs. You’re surprised as always to remember that she’s practically hairless down there, but not surprised at all to find out that she’s wet…

Your fingers tease her from the outside, quickly finding that special spot that you know from previous experience she loves so much, and as you slide it back and forth between your two fingers, you feel her go a little bit weak in her knees, you watch as her eyes flutter a little bit, you hear her emit a low soft moan, and again you are very happy that the volume in the bar is so high and all eyes remain on the TV screen.

As you feel her get wetter, you stretch your arm and slide one finger then two inside her and she grips your arm so you won’t stop because it feels so good. No one is paying any attention to either of you at all, and the crowd is pressing against you both, so she slides her hand down your arm, and when she reaches your hand, she repositions herself, spreads her legs a bit wider and pushes your fingers deeper inside her, as far as they’ll reach.

As you slide them in and out, in and out, guided by her hand motion and knowing she knows what feels best, she quickens her motion, and you hear her breathing quicken, and you know with certainty that right there, in the bar, surrounded by dozens of people screaming at a basketball game on the TV, she’s about to come.

And then she does, gripping your hand so tightly so you won’t move it, and you can feel the waves passing through her, one after another after another, until minutes later when her breathing finally slows and she loosens her grip. “Oh my god oh my god oh my god” she whispers in your ear, “We have to go somewhere. Now. I need you so bad.”

You instantly start considering options. “My car?” you suggest.

“Too cold,” she says.

“My house?” you offer.

“Too far,” she replies.


“Gross!” she says, smiling, then adds “How daring do you feel?”

“Umm, as long as we don’t get caught for public nudity, I guess I feel pretty daring, what’d you have in mind?” you say.

“We’re not going to get caught, you big chicken, follow me,” she says, smiling and taking your hand and making her way towards Escort Sakarya the back of the bar, where there happened to be an empty seat in the middle of the crowd, because by now everyone is standing. The game was winding down, the volume in the bar was higher than it had been as people cheered on the Warriors, the focus in the bar was 100% on the screens, and you were starting to realize what she was going to do.

She turned around and said “Sit down” to you, and as you did, she whispered in your ear, “Pull your coat around your body and get yourself released from those pants, while I…” and with that, you watched as she looked quickly side to side to make sure no one was watching, and with one quick move hidden by her own long coat, she casually and effortlessly reached up under her dress and slid her panties down, removing them first from one ankle and then the next, and slipping them into her coat pocket.

You did what anyone else would do in that situation – you wrapped your coat around your body, unbuckled your belt, unsnapped and unzipped your pants, and reached into your boxers to release yourself, harder than ever, looking up at her to let her know you were ready. You watched as she turned around, quickly pulled her dress up from the back but with her long coat on no one could see anything, and then she backed up to you as you spread your coat just wide enough to expose yourself and at the same time lifted her coat up over your hardness and she positioned herself perfectly above you. With no hesitation she slipped over and onto you, completely engulfing your hardness, pulling your coat up next to her on both sides and then she rested there as the two of you looked around to make sure no one was looking, and that it just appeared that she was resting on your lap.

“Go Warriors!” she screamed as soon as she sat down, looking to all the rest of the bar crowd that she was fully engrossed by the game.

No one was looking. No one cared. She leaned back and whispered in your ear, “Seriously, I can’t believe how big you are and how incredibly good that feels – I haven’t had that feeling since, well, the last time we were together…” The game was now in its final moments, the crowd – including both her friends and your friends – were in a frenzy as the score went back and forth, one team leading, then the other. Everyone fully captivated by the activity on the screen, and all you could think about was how deep inside her you were.

And slowly she began to slide up and down, pushing you deeper and deeper inside her every time she sat down, and you did your part, too, gently thrusting upwards to help. Neither of you could moan or scream or even make more than small and subtle movements, but it didn’t matter.

The intensity of the game and the risk of the situation fueled you both, and she continued to slide up and down as the crowd started to count down the final seconds, and finally, as they starting chanting in unison “10…9…8…” the two of you were able to release some of what you were feeling by practically moaning each number along with them “7…6…5…” louder and louder you moaned, as she slid farther up and you thrust more deeply inside her, now with your hands on her hips inside under her coat lifting her up and then pulling her back down onto your hardness “4…3…”

Looking back over her shoulder at you with complete ecstasy in her eyes, she moaned, “Oh my god, you feel so good, you’re so big and hard, I’m coming again…”

“Me too,” you said, and as the crowd yelled “2…1…Warriors win, Warriors win!” you both screamed with complete ecstasy and enjoyment as you exploded deep inside her and released all of the energy that was centered in the spot where the two of you were connected, feeling electricity and lightning and the most intense feeling you could have imagined.

And as the crowd celebrated around you both, you took the final moment to breathe, the final moment to be that close, and then quickly you both stood up as if you too were celebrating, and as she slid her dress back down you re-zipped snapped and buckled your pants and belt you both high-fived the fans around you as if you’d been entirely focused on the game the whole time. And no one noticed a thing.

“Wow, I guess I should rejoin my friends,” she whispered in your ear, “Thank you for the heavenly cock..tail. That’s unquestionably the best and stiffest one I’ve ever had. I can’t wait for the next time…” And she walked back into the crowd, back to her friends, as you sat there stunned at what you’d just experienced, amazed yet again by her, and wondering when and where would be the next time.

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