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Neighbourly Surprise Ch. 06 Pt. 04

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Neighbourly Surprise Ch. 06 Part 4

By Learningfast

It soon became clear to both Beattie and Benny that her body was responding well to two major influences; the reduction of her waist and the widening of her vagina. After a month, the corset was closed at 26 inches on her waist. She had been wearing it every night and every morning until midday. Their evening rituals included a shower, the pampering of her skin with a moisturiser and the gradual tightening of the corset for an hour or more until, by bedtime, it was closing little by little. And then finally it closed tight on her by the 26th day. Their joke was “26 inches on the 26th day.” Beattie revelled in the experience and the new sensations she received by running her hands up and down her figure, especially the curve over her hips and into her new smaller waist.

“Come and look at yourself,” he said when it finally closed; and they went to the long mirror.

“Wow, that’s amazing and I can’t believe it’s me – my figure – my waist. It looks and feels so sexy,” she turned and gave Benny a big kiss whilst pressing herself against him, so that he could feel the hard boning of the corset, the smooth fabric and the exaggerated shape of his woman.

“By bedtime” usually meant soon after the corset was closed. They lay down and Benny ran his hands over her figure, concentrating on her breasts and waist and her flat belly. Her waist by this evening was 12 inches less than her hips measurement, and she was comfortable because the “training” had been gradual and not rushed. He knew that she would accept a smaller size of corset and secretly sent off an order for a 24-inch in identical materials and the same style.

More than anything in his life, Benny wanted to make love to this corseted woman. To be honest, he wanted to shag her to the limit of her consciousness and to exhaust himself in the process. But, of course, that was not possible in Beattie’s current condition. However, she had been wearing the No.2 dilator 24 hours a day inside her tight little panty girdle, removing it temporarily for showering each day. That No.2 entered and exited Beattie’s vagina with no effort after this month’s practicing. It was clear that the next was due any day soon.

He thought to himself, “And yet, there’s more than one way into a woman’s body,” and felt guilty at the thought because it sounded so crude.

Bettie had shown herself adept at deep throating him and he availed himself of that approach almost every night, and many mornings and any time of day at the weekend. For a month he had been emptying his prostate and vesicles into her throat and therefore into her stomach. In return, he had “gobbled” her and used the little vibrator to give her orgasms; sometimes more than one or two.

During the gobbling, it was Benny’s practice to insert the latest dilator and on this particular evening, he did the necessary preparation with the lube-gel, before pressing the No.3 into her labia to start. Then pressing a little more into her lubed-up vagina. The No.3 was 18mm [¾ inch] across and 12cm [almost 5 inches] in length. The procedure went well for about half its length and then Beattie made her “Ooh” sound of discomfort. Benny let the dilator out a short way before pressing again and it made a little more headway, but it was clear that this extra ¼ inch was not going to be so easy as the previous two sizes. He eased it out her and resumed his gobbling; her labia in his mouth and his tongue flicking her opening and the vibrator pressed against her clitoris. Any remaining discomfort was soon forgotten and Beattie kartal escort came to her delicious orgasm with a great sigh and “Aaaahh.” He knew that she was happy in that sense, at least.

This particular evening, Benny had other ideas. He leaned over to Beattie and whispered, “Lie over on your tummy. I’m going to try something new.”

She complied, twisting herself over in the tight corset, and Benny spread lube-gel over her entire between-legs area. Beattie didn’t know for sure what he was going to do but she imagined it was a new approach, a new angle, to the dilator in her vagina. She was mistaken.

Benny lay down on her back and allowed his erection to lie between the backs of her thighs. Slowly he edged his way up her body until the erection was resting between her buttocks; held firmly together as they were by the bottom edge of the corset. He reached down and pressed his erection downwards a little until, you’ve guessed it, he was at the anal opening – her shit-hole.

Slowly but deliberately he moved forward again and felt the bulb of his erection press into her sphincter. Beattie squirmed under him as if to say, “Wrong hole.”

“Relax Beattie, I’m trying to get inside you by a different route. I’ll be gentle, I promise,” he hoped that would reassure her.

Beattie had heard a lot about anal sex but had no experience and was nervous on various levels. First that it would hurt; second that some injury would happen; third that she would be full of shit because she hadn’t prepared herself for this intrusion. She’d heard that an enema was good before but also that some women ended up with fissures or haemorrhoids.

She made her usual “Mmmm” meaning “OK, let’s see.”

True to his word, Benny pressed forward little by little until his erect shaft was in the sphincter and she was as open as she needed to be. Pulling out and then pushing again, he was able to spread the lube a little further with each movement. Gradually, he was able to enter her rectum as far as he could reach, and could feel his testicles rubbing against her buttocks. Because of the corset, her buttocks could not be moved to the side, and presented him with a cushion barrier. He realised that full penetration to his full erection length would require her buttocks to be free for him to press them out of his way. “Sometime without the corset,” he thought to himself, although that was a disappointing idea given his desire and plans for her tight waist.

He soon discovered that Beattie’s rectum was full of shit but that didn’t deter him. He wanted everything, whatever that involved.

So far as he could, Benny shagged back and forth into her rectum with increasing speed and vigour. Beattie rested her head on her crossed arms and accepted his invasion, not knowing what to expect; nor quite what he would do as he got more excited.

And Benny did get more excited. His movements became more vigorous and his testicles began to press further up between her tightened buttocks. He was trying to get as much of his erection into her, whatever it took. Leaning up, he placed his hands on the bed, either side of her small waist, and pressed them together so as to hold her waist immobile as he shagged her rectum.

As he felt his climax approaching, Benny squeezed his arms together more against the sides of her waist, and bucked and thrust himself into her. He just wanted to empty himself into her bowel, as much and as soon as possible.

Beattie raised her head from her arms, waiting for some dreadful but erotic ending to kaynarca escort this pounding she was receiving. It felt as if Benny was thrusting his erection right up into her tight waist although she knew that was not possible. But he was pulling and pushing her organs around, and that is how it felt. She was pleased and surprised that the stretching of her anus was not excessive and she had a brief memory that some of her turds had been massive over the years: almost as thick as her wrist. So Benny’s penetration was not painful; just unexpected and new.

Benny came with a throat cry “Urrgh” and poured his fluids into her bowel. Then he collapsed on her and pinned her to the bed, with his hands holding her waist. Hi shit-covered erection gradually slipped from inside her and he prepared to lift himself to go to the bathroom as soon as possible.

“That was wonderful,” he said softly to her, “My amazing Beattie, thank you” and started to lift himself off her before the shit got spread around too much.

“My pleasure,” she joked but then with a stern tone, “I suppose this will be a regular event from now.”

Benny detected a sound of criticism in her voice, “I’m sorry if I hurt you, dear Beattie. Stop me if it’s not OK.”

“I’m joking. Take me this way any time you like. But next time let’s clean me out first. OK?” she giggled after her mock-seriousness.

Benny cleaned up and brought to the bed a dark coloured towel and a soapy face cloth; and some wet-wipes he kept in the bathroom. For a few minutes, he carefully cleaned Beattie and then helped her get to the toilet to empty her bladder. “Always a good move after bonking,” he said with a smile and received her “Mmmm” in return..

She completed her clean-up on the bidet and returned to their bed.

Before sleeping, they agreed to keep trying the bigger dilator; starting on the next day. For the first time, Beattie asked Benny to show her the full set of dilators and he hesitated before doing so,

“Now don’t you get alarmed, Madam,” he advised her with more mock seriousness, “we can stop at the size that suits us. OK, I mean the size that matches me,” and they smiled at each other.

There were four dilators in the set; increasing in width and by 10 mm in length for each one. Number 3, as they saw that day, was 18mm diameter. Number 4 was about 1¼ inches; 30mm. The instructions stated simply that the transition from No.3 to No.4 “…is not usually a problem for the majority of patients…”

Beattie looked at No.4 and held it with an expression of unbelief and some alarm.

“Really, do you think we can get to this?” she asked, looking into Benny’s eyes.

“Let’s see if we can – sometime. This is for you and your comfort as well as my pleasure. We’re in no hurry,” he reassured her.

Actually, he was in a desperate hurry to make love to this desirable woman in the best way he knew: with her legs wrapped round him, kissing his mouth and himself deep inside her vagina.

The packaging also offered a Number 5 of 42mm; that is well over 1½ inches. Benny thought it better not to draw Beattie’s attention to this but she saw it for herself.

“Oh my god,” she exclaimed, “That’s impossible. You’re not planning to get one of those; are you?”

“No, of course not,” he lied, and they smiled again.

The next day, as agreed, they tried again with No.3 and Benny knew that this dilator had a surprise. It contained a vibrator but he hadn’t told her about it.

So that any pressure inside Beattie’s abdomen was minimised, kozyatağı escort she emptied her bowel first and they tried without the corset. Sure enough, the dilator slowly pressed into place in her vagina. Full length and held in place by the little panty girdle.

“Just lie there for minute and get used to the feeling,” Benny suggested. After a minute, he reached down between her legs and pressed the little button, which turned on the vibrator. This was a simple device with no multi-function repertoire of vibrations; just a steady low frequency hum. It took Beattie by surprise.

“Oh, that’s nice. I wasn’t expecting this. Oooh yes; that’s nice,” she murmured with her eyes shut.

Benny got into his gobbling position, pulled down the tight little panty girdle just enough, and started to work on her labia with his mouth and her clitoris with the first little vibrator. The three sets of sensation were more than enough to bring Beattie towards her orgasm in quick time. Internally, the dilator was buzzing on her clit-root and up to her cervix; and causing her buttocks to clench and unclench. Benny’s usual gobbling and the external vibrator added more feelings and she came to a shattering orgasm in just a few minutes. She shot a jet of her own fluid [or was it urine?] into his face. She collapsed in the new knowledge that her body was opening up, in readiness for Benny’s occupation one day; and also that her own reactions were as positive as ever. The internal vibrator was switched off as well as the little one on her clitoris.

After a few minutes of recovery, they stood up and her corset was laced into place. After half an hour of repeated lacing and re-lacing, her waist again became 26 inches and Benny decided to repeat his anal pleasure of the previous night. Of course, this required him to remove the little panty girdle completely and there was no way to do that secretly; so Beattie knew immediately what he was planning. She went along with his movements and even more willingly since she knew that her rectum would be empty, most likely.

As Benny entered her rectum, he could feel the now-silent No.3 dilator still in position inside her vagina. It added to his sensations but he became aware that it was slowly slipping out of her; and she knew it also. At the right moment, Beattie put a hand down underneath herself and caught the little thing as it finally popped out of her body. And so they both gained pleasurable and new sensations that night, and that was just the start.

Afterwards, as they lay cleaned up and sleepy, Benny said, “We’ll keep that vibrator in you most of the time, every day and night. Do you agree? Like we did with the No.2. for some days and weeks, until you’re totally comfy with it.”

“Yes,” Beattie agreed, “Let’s put it back now. Let’s try it with me dressed like this.”

Her willingness and enthusiasm were more erotic encouragements for Benny and they repeated the insertion; this time with Beattie inside the corset, laced tightly. And it worked, very much to their surprise and pleasure. Then the tight little panty girdle was slipped up her legs and pulled high into place to keep the dilator in place.

“Can I switch this on, whenever I want?” Beattie asked, grinning and giggling.

“Of course you can. And can I do the same?” he giggled back at her.

“Yes, but give me warning, yeah? I’d like to know what’s coming,” and she kissed him.

And so they moved into the next phase of their friendship and of Beattie’s training. Benny had in mind another part to the process: if she could be corseted to 26 inches in 26 days, could she be made into 24 inches in 24 days? His plot gathered substance in his mind: to 22 inches in a further 22 days; to 20 inches in a further 20 days, and so on.

This lovely desirable woman could have a truly tiny waist in 24+22+20 = 66 days. Just over 2 months. “Wow,” he thought to himself, “I’ll start ordering tomorrow.”

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