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Nepotism Ch. 02

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One year earlier.

Evelyn looked at her reflection in the bedroom mirror. Can I really wear this? She asked herself as she turned and examined her ass in the skin tight leggings. A visible panty line cut across her buttocks and to her eyes looked unflattering. Commando? She thought and smiled at herself. Why not?

Without her underwear the leggings dove between the folds of her sex. She loved the feel as the cheeks of her ass cinched the material. She ran her hands over her large breasts pushing out the black tank top. “Sandy eat your heart out.” She exclaimed.

Harold was waiting in the kitchen jiggling his car keys as Evelyn entered. She turned to allow her husband to admire her look. “You’re really wearing that?” He questioned.

It wasn’t the response she had expected. “I don’t look like Sandy from Grease?”

“You like like you belong on a street corner.”

Evelyn let the comment pass, picking up her handbag and following her husband to the car. She really needed a drink.

She danced like she was in her teens. Harold’s insensitive words were forgotten with the flattery from her colleagues. The men especially. It felt good to be admired, to have their eyes on her, mentally undressing her. The alcohol flowed. Someone touched her ass on the dance floor. She drank vodka. She was kissed by a girl. The music blared, the lights strobed. Harold who? She drank beer, she hated beer. She flashed her breasts. She vomited out of the window of a cab. She hugged the bowl of her toilet and thanked god porcelain was cold. She didn’t get up the next day.

* * * * *


“Probably a good idea to wear a bra in front of the boy next time Eve.” Harold stated as Cain closed the door behind them.

Evelyn had been on a high, her self esteem soaring and then her husband said that. “What are you saying?”

He looked across at her as they walked to the car. “Well I mean look at them. They’re swinging around all over the place. You’re not in your twenties any more darl’.”

They entered the car and Harold began reversing out of the complex. “Same with the skirt. The lad doesn’t want to see his mother dressed like a slut.”

“It was a costume party Harold! Everyone was dressed up.” She let the slut comment go, not wanting to get into an argument.

“I’m just saying you’re too old to be dressed like that.”

“Oh Jesus Harold, I’m only forty nine!” Evelyn pleaded her case, being drawn into the argument anyway.

Her husband laughed. “Closer to fifty every day!”

She had no idea why he was doing this. Why he seemed to be going out of his way to antagonize her. The alert tone of a message on her phone came from her handbag and she reached down to retrieve it.

“Probably the fashion police. They want you to return what you stole.” Harold laughed to himself.

Evelyn rolled her eyes, the joke not really making any sense. She looked at the phone and the sender. It was the police in some form. A text from Cain and the message was exactly what she needed after her husbands comments. “You looked beautiful last night and better this morning. I cant wait to see you again. I love you.”

“Who was that?” Harold asked.

Evelyn placed the phone back in her handbag without responding to the message. “Cain.”

“What did he say? You leave something behind?”

Evelyn smiled as she looked out of the window and thought of her panties left on his pillow. Only my heart, she thought.

* * * * *

Cain left the shower and naked went straight to his phone to see if she’d texted back. Nothing. It had been hours and doubts were beginning to form. She had been reluctant at first. Maybe she was having regrets? Did I do something wrong? He ran everything through his mind. My God, he thought. I came inside her, what was I thinking? I didn’t think! He picked up his phone again and was about to call her when a text came through. “Dinner tonight?” His heart stopped racing. His cock began to swell.

Evelyn took another sip from her mug and looked at her phone on the kitchen counter. Harold turned a page of his newspaper and looked across to his wife. “Watched pot never boils!”

“Huh?” Evelyn replied.

“Cain. He’ll reply when he’s ready. He’s probably off with this girl of his.” He chuckled to himself. “Lucky him.”

Evelyn shook her head. Lucky him? She thought. You haven’t wanted to have sex for years, why would you be jealous of him? She picked up the phone and headed to her bedroom.

There was a book on her bedside table and she lay on the bed and began reading but found herself having to re-read entire paragraphs due to her lack of concentration. Her eyes kept diverting to the phone, her mind kept focusing on her son.

Cain was struggling to compose the text. He lay on his bed and was trying to write something poetic. A love letter to her. Something to show how he felt. Each time he read back the message he thought how stupid it all sounded. Trying to rhyme, what rhymes with Evelyn for fuck’s sake? He asked himself. Finally he realized it wasn’t needed. He was acting mecidiyeköy escort like a lovelorn schoolboy. She wouldn’t want that. No, the text this morning said it all. It told her all she needed to know. Time to be a man. “Of course I’ll come for dinner.” He typed before sending.

Evelyn snatched up the phone and opened the text. She smiled as she read his confirmation. It was silly how excited she felt. Her own son, someone she’d seen basically every day for eighteen years and yet the she couldn’t wait to be in his presence. It was different now though she admitted. He was different. She jumped when the phone vibrated in her hand as she daydreamed. She again opened the follow up text. “By the way, what are you wearing right now?”

Evelyn blushed. She wriggled down on the bed slightly and her jeans pulled between her legs, the seam pressing her sex. She thought of lying. Telling him she was in lingerie or naked. Instead she looked down at herself and told the truth. “Tight blue jeans and white t-shirt. You?”

Cain stroked his cock as he brought his mother’s underwear to his face. He thought of her in the hallway, bending over for him. He recalled his hand cupped over her vagina, her pissing in the street. His message tone rang beside him and hurriedly picked up the phone. He read the text and now wanted more, responding straight away. “Naked! What color are your panties?”

Evelyn read the message and genuinely didn’t know. A little hung over when she and Harold returned home she’d showered and changed without thought. She undid the button of her jeans and lowered the zip. The purple satin underwear were a favorite, so low cut she could see her pubic hair poking out the top. She ran a hand down the silky material and cupped her vagina, feeling her wetness seeping through. What if Harold comes in? She thought.

Zipping back up, Evelyn rose from the bed and walked into her ensuite. She locked the door behind her and lifted the toilet seat. Dropping her jeans to her ankles she sat on the toilet and dialed Cain’s number.

“Mom. Hello.”

“They’re purple baby!”

Cain sat up on his bed not expecting to be talking to her so soon. “Where are you? Where’s Dad?”

“I’m in the bathroom. You’re father’s in the other room. I just wanted to hear your voice.”

“Me too. I cant stop thinking about you.” Cain thought of his doubts that morning. “Mom I came inside you. Is that alright? Did I fuck up?”

Evelyn’s heart soared. That he was thinking of her, that he cared about her well-being. It possibly made her love him more. “Baby don’t worry about that. I’m safe.”

Cain wasn’t sure what she meant by “I’m safe” but the reassurance calmed him. “Purple you say?”

Evelyn smiled. She could see herself in the full length mirror. Her bare legs akimbo. The t-shirt rode down over her hips and she lifted the front up and over her breasts to reveal her flesh colored bra. “Yep. They’re satin with a black lace trim. I think you’d like them.”

Cain held his cock as he imagined the underwear. “I bet I would.”

“Do you want to know what I’m doing?” Evelyn asked.

“Tell me.”

“I’m sitting on the toilet. I have my jeans down at my ankles, my t-shirt is up over my boobs and I’m touching myself.”

Cain closed his eyes and put himself in his parents bathroom. He could see her. “Where are you touching Mom?”

Evelyn ran her fingers back and forth along her vulva through her panties. The satin getting wetter as she masturbated. Her breathing labored. “My…my pussy baby. Mommy’s touching her pussy.”

The words were ones he thought he’d never hear in a sentence. Never from her mouth. That beautiful mouth. He beat his cock as he imagined her. “I wish I was there Mom. Is your pussy wet?”

“It’s so wet baby. I’m rubbing it through my panties. They’re getting so wet.”

Cain put his phone on speaker and again picked up the underwear his mother had left him, pressing them to his nose while jacking off. “Can you cum in them Mom? I want you to cum in your panties.”

Evelyn concentrated her fingers on her clit, furiously massaging in a circle the now sodden region. “I’m gonna cum baby. Mommy’s gonna cum for you.”

Cain himself was on the verge of cumming. Listening to her heavy breathing through the speaker he again closed his eyes and it was as if she was next to him. They were masturbating together. “I have to cum Mom!”

“Yes baby cum for me. Cum for Mommy.”

Cain fell backwards onto his mattress. The spurts of semen spraying his chest, his stomach. His hand slid up over his cut head and coated his palm in cum. Down back along his length, now slick with sperm. Evelyn’s breathing stopped as she held it, no noise came from the phone but a slight rustle. And then her sigh. A muffled gasp as if she held her hand over her mouth to silence herself and then again the quiet. Moments passed as neither said a word, just happy to dwell in the afterglow.

“Did you hear me cum baby?” Evelyn whispered as she came down from her high.

Cain still held his nişantaşı escort cock. He remained hard. He would as long as he was speaking to her. “I heard it Mom. I wish I was there. I want to see those panties.”

Evelyn smiled. “I’ll see you tonight. It’s only a few hours honey.”

“I know. I’ll see you then. I love you.”

“You nearly done in there?” Harold called from the other side of the door.

Evelyn nearly jumped out of her skin when she heard his voice. How much had he heard she wondered? How long had he been there? “Oh just a minute.” She replied, hiding her phone in the back pocket of her jeans as she pulled them up. Evelyn flushed the toilet and washed her hands, finally opening the door to her husband, “You could have gone in the other bathroom!”

He grumbled something about her being hungover and closed the door behind him. Evelyn floated towards the kitchen to prepare a meal for her secret lover, giggling to herself to be more careful in the future.

* * * * *

“Twice in a week.” Harold commented as Cain entered the house.

“No Dad only once. I didn’t come this Thursday.” Cain replied as he pinched a carrot from the salad bowl on the kitchen bench. “Where’s Mom?”

“I don’t know, around. I thought you’d be sick of her by now, working with her all day!”

Cain faked a laugh. “Yeah you’re right.” He thought of her naked body on top of him that morning. “I probably see more of her than you do!” The double entendre was lost on his father and Cain felt good about getting one over him.

Evelyn walked into the kitchen and immediately met eyes with Cain. They played it cool. She approached him and her kiss was motherly. Cain inhaled her hair as their faces brushed and he wished he could hold her. Kiss her like she wanted to be kissed. Maybe it would happen, he told himself, there might be chances.

“So who is this girl you were telling us about?” Harold inquired. He was watching the television in the other room whilst at the dining table and didn’t look at Cain as he waited for a response. Cain wasn’t interested in looking at him either. His attention was directed towards the goddess in his vicinity. Evelyn had changed for dinner. Harold had commented when she re-appeared mid afternoon in another outfit as to whom she was trying to impress? Him or Cain? She’d fobbed him off saying she wasn’t dressing for any man, it was for herself but it was a lie. It was for Cain.

Cain couldn’t recall if he’d ever seen her wearing it but if he had he surely would’ve remembered. Fuchsia colored, the dress was above knee length and a-line. The top revealed a great deal of cleavage and being sleeveless, even some side boob. The fact she was bra-less was obvious. Standing in such close proximity in the kitchen, Cain could feel his penis harden just from the sight of her. Evelyn walked form cupboard to drawer preparing the dinner. She stopped in the middle of the floor and gazed across to Harold to be sure he wasn’t looking. Cain wondered what she had in mind and could only look on in wonder as she slowly raised the front of her dress to reveal her purple panties.

“Well?” Harold looked back from his seat at the table towards mother and son.

Evelyn quickly lowered her dress and joined Cain behind the island bench, their lower halves obscured from Harold’s view.

“Well what?” Cain asked, having completely forgotten his father’s question.

“The girl that sunk her fangs into your neck. I haven’t seen a hickey like that in years!” He began laughing to himself. “You used to give a hell of a hickey Eve!”

Cain looked towards his mother and she began to blush.

“Oh that.” Cain rubbed his neck. “Yeah it’s a girl I’ve been seeing. Can’t say much about it yet.”

“Well good for you buddy. You’ve been single for a while. You should bring her around to meet your mother.” He turned back to give his attention to the television and Cain looked at Evelyn.

“Actually she’s a lot like you Mom.” Cain stated.

Evelyn smiled and began separating the plates she’d retrieved from the cupboard. “Oh yeah?”

Cain moved in closer and looked over to his father. “Yeah, she’s beautiful just like you.” He hadn’t seemed to hear the comment although it wasn’t overt enough for him to question it.

Evelyn turned slightly to face her son and with one hand holding a plate on the bench top she again raised her dress. It was more than a subtle invitation and Cain reached out to press his hand against his mother’s pussy. Evelyn opened her mouth in response to his touch, her eyes closing as he cupped her, sliding a fingers length along her slit. Cain felt they were wet. Possibly still from earlier that day.

“Bloody government. You pay your taxes and this is what you end up with!” Harold stated.

Cain pulled his hand quickly away from between his mother’s legs as his father once again looked in their direction.

“Don’t ever vote Republican Cain. They do nothing for the worker,” he complained.

“O.k, O.k. No politics at the dinner table please men.” otele gelen escort Evelyn declared and headed to the walk-in pantry. Out of the view of her husband she turned to make sure Cain was watching and lifted up her dress. Taking hold of her panties she slid them down her legs and stepped out of them. Returning to Cain with them balled in her hand she passed her panties to her son. “Be a dear and set the table for me would you Cain?” She asked casually and as Cain slid the damp underwear into his front pocket he hoped his father wouldn’t notice the erection tenting out the front of his pants.

* * * * *

Cain thought of the cliche as he sat across from his mother in his usual position. Dropping a napkin to look up her skirt beneath the table, playing footsies. All options were out of the question with the glass see through table top. They ate dinner much as they always did, as they always had for his nineteen years. So many years wasted, he thought. Why did it take a topless photo of her to awaken this lust? It suddenly occurred to him he had a reason for his awakening. What was hers? What did it take for a mother to become sexually attracted to her son? He reminded himself to brooch the subject the first chance he got.

“Well since your mother made dinner Cain, you can do the dishes.” Harold declared as he leaned back in his chair.

“I always do!” Cain defended himself as he began to rise, taking his father’s plate and receiving his mother’s.

“I’ll help honey.” Evelyn stated and collected the remaining cutlery. Harold made his way to the living room and switched the television on again. The sound of a game show filtered through as mother and son began the tidy up.

“You know what I was thinking all through dinner?” Evelyn asked as she stood beside Cain at the sink.

“That you wished we didn’t have a glass topped table!” Cain immediately threw back at her.

She looked amazed at his mind reading skills. “How did you?”

“Mom, I was thinking the same thing.” He laughed.

Evelyn moved closer to him by the sink and their bodies touched. Their hands came together in the water and soap suds and their fingers entwined. Evelyn wrapped her fist around Cains index finger and masturbated it as if it were a small cock.

“Mom I want you so bad!”

Evelyn looked back into the living room and still holding Cain’s hand led him towards the pantry. With her back to the shelves she immediately lifted the front of her dress and Cain was quick to move in. His fingers combed down through her pubic hair and reached her vulva. Her labia slick with moisture, he slid his middle finger along it’s length and then entered. Evelyn arched her neck back and Cain lavished her skin with kisses from her collarbone to her jaw. Kissing along her chin he came to her mouth and she greeted him with tongue.

Evelyn pulled her son closer to her. His body pressed to her naked lower half. She lifted a leg and he caught it with his free hand only removing his other hand from her pussy when she began to lift her other leg. Cupping her beneath the ass, her vagina now pressing against his own groin he attempted to balance her on a lower shelf but the action sent bottles toppling. A can of peaches fell to the floor and landed with a crash. They began to laugh and Cain lifted a hand to cover his mother’s mouth.

“You making a cup of tea out there? It’s about that time.” Harold called from the family room and they knew they had to stop. Evelyn took hold of Cain’s hand and kissed his fingers. As he slowly backed out of the pantry and Evelyn’s dress fell back into place, she took his index finger into her mouth and sucked it like a counterfeit cock. His arm held out, she followed him out attached to his finger and only relinquished her hold half way across the kitchen.

Evelyn looked down at the erection, so noticeable in her son’s pants. The wet patch where she’d climbed upon him. The aching lust in his eyes. “He goes for a bike ride every Sunday morning.”

“I’ll be here!” Cain quickly replied.

* * * * *

There had been no further interaction between them. His father had been constantly present and only when he said goodbye later than usual did he again touch his mother. It wasn’t enough. He wanted to be with her constantly. Even with his first girlfriends he’d never been so smitten. To be forever on his mind, to be aroused at the thought of her body, her smile, her laugh. He needed her, he couldn’t live without his mother.

He lay in bed, the purple satin panties beside his head on the pillow. Their scent was strong and every once in a while he’d turn and press his nose into the gusset, the rear. His cock wouldn’t go down, with only the slightest of touches sending thoughts of her hand, her pussy, her mouth wrapped around him. The prospect of sleep seemed impossible and then the text came through. “Sleep well my beautiful boy. All my love, Mom.”

It was the soothing he needed. He closed his eyes and with the scent of her cunt around him, fell deeply asleep.

* * * * *

He couldn’t help himself. With a mere few strokes he came into his mother’s white cotton panties. Pulling the purple pair from his nose and mouth he looked across at the time on his phone. Only 8am. Evelyn had said his father would leave the house at 10am. Easing out of bed he headed for the shower; he was determined to be there the minute he was gone.

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