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Never Kiss and Tell

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OK, my senior year of high school looked so promising. I started senior year like everyone else thinking I had the world by the balls and things were only getting better. I got my first car; the underclass girls were all trying to date a senior guy. There was a hot new girl that seemed to take a liking to me. Judy was this cute junior who just transferred into our school. She was hot, blond hair blue eyes about 5 foot three inches. She had a nice set of C boobs, I know everyone wants double Ds, but these were full C cup and plenty big to me. She was so into dating a senior guy at school, since she was already 18 and didn’t want to date a younger immature guy. She had been held back a grade at some point when she was younger. Things were looking good; she had been the one to come after me and even asked me to take her to the first school dance of the year. I was really nervous and didn’t respond quickly. I never really had a date before and certainly never had a pretty girl ask me out. She must have thought I was going to say no or something. She then whispered in my ear if I took her she would give me a hand job after the dance. So, right then and there I knew I had to make her my girlfriend and looked forward to the dance coming up. I was not so popular, and really had no sexual experience, so I couldn’t pass this up, and she was hot.

The night of the dance could not come fast enough. I was a half hour early picking her up for the dance, because I was so excited. I got to her door and she answered wearing this really cute pink mini skirt and baby top white tee shirt with the word sexy written in pink over her boobs, and a pair of clear high heels. Her blond hair just touches her shoulders and kind of pointed to her boobs. She was dressed like a Brittney Spears video back up dancer. I was so turned on thinking this girl was going to jack me off after the dance. I was hoping not to pitch a tent right then and there.

We got in my car and headed to the school gym where the dance was held. We talked a little on the way. I was checking out her smooth naked legs as we drove and made small talk. Her little skirt had bunched up a bit when she sat down; I thought if I leaned just enough I could get a peak at her panties. I was so turned on looking I nearly crashed into another car that had slowed down in front of us to turn. I was really nervous she would be mad or scared I was driving crazy.

She just laughed and said any. “Anything got you distracted?”

I swallowed the big lump in my throat and said, “O, no nothing. Didn’t see that car was turning.”

She smiled at me and kind of turned towards me a bit. This bunched her skirt up a little more. I was now trying to look at the road and look at those legs again. Then she slowly took her hand from the arm rest and moves it to the hem of her skirt. I was so disappointed thinking she was about to fix her skirt to cover herself up, but she did not. She just let her fingers fiddle with the edge of the skirt. I tried to steal a peak, and she giggled.

“Are you sure nothing has got you distracted?” she said.

I did not reply, I was so turned on and also scared I was busted. I had not a clue what to say of do. Then she without warning she reached across the car and put her hand in my lap and rubbed my now rock hard dick through my kaki pants.

“It looks like you have something on your mind. Is there something you are thinking about?” she asked.

She is still lightly rubbing my dick through my pants. I am embarrassed I got a hard on from staring at her legs, but I am excited she is rubbing my dick. I am now just keeping my eye on the road; I am way too embarrassed to look at her. She then squeezes my dick ever so lightly 5 times. It feels so good.

“So you are going to introduce me to all your friends tonight. All, the seniors right?” she said.

I mumbled back to her, “Yeah yes.”

“You like me right? You did not just take me to the dance because of what I promised, right?”

“No, I like you.”

“Yeah, so you will introduce to everyone, promise.”

“Yeah, sure, whatever you want.”

She stopped rubbing my dick and sat back in her seat. We were close to the parking lot of the school. I was kind of disappointed that she stopped, but more happy cause I would have time for my hard on to go down. My boxer shorts felt so wet, I did not realize it, but I must have been really close to cumming, because all I could feel was precum all in more boxer shorts.

We got to the dance right on time. I was strutting in with this cute chick on my arm and feeling like a million bucks. As promised I started walking around the gym with Judy and introducing her to all my friends. She was so nice to everyone flashing this great smile with those pearly white teeth. She was down right charming and everyone seemed to like her. As I looked around seeing all the attention we were getting I noticed the underclassmen girls and guys all noticing the new girl was hanging with all the seniors and even had a senior boy take her to the dance. I felt like we were the stars of the night.

Judy then asked, “Who are those guys.”

She was looking at the football players and cheerleaders that were hanging by the DJ booth. I had not brought her over there since I was not really friends with any of the bahis şirketleri jocks or cheerleaders. However, I did have some classes with Steve one of the offensive linemen so I figured I could at least walk over and say what’s up real quick and introduce Judy to him. So we held hands and walked over. Thankfully Steve gave me a friendly smile and chin up nod. I walked over and shook his and hand and made the introductions. Steve was quite friendly to both of us acting like we were old friends or something. Then the whole team started saying hello to me and Judy. I suppose with a pretty girl on your arm you can get some attention. Even the cheerleaders came over and said hello to me and Judy. Some of the hottest girls and most popular guys and school all seem to want to be my friend. It was awesome. I didn’t want to over stay my welcome since things were going so well, I excused Judy and my self and headed to the dance floor for some slow dancing. I felt like all eyes were on us, it was great.

We danced for almost the whole time. I felt like I was high or something, because everything seemed like such a haze. Here I was center of attention with this pretty girl on my arm in front of the whole school, not a bad way to start senior year. I had not even thought about the hand job she promised, because I was to distracted being wrapped up in the moment. It felt like only 15 minutes went by when the DJ announced it would be the last dance, of course it was Donna Summer’s Last Dance. Seems like every DJ uses that one at the end of the night. We started heading for the doors and saying our goodbyes to everyone.

As soon as we walked out in the night air I started thinking about the hand job. Was she serious? Did she really mean it? I was thinking she must be serious after what she did earlier. I mean come on who does that?

When we got to the car I asked her, “If she wanted me to take her home or if we should drive around?”

“Drive around a little. You can show me around a little, I really do not know my way around. We only moved here about a week before school started.”

I asked her about her old school, but she didn’t seem to want to talk about it. So we just drove around a bit and I showed her some of the spots around school to hang out. I was feeling lucky so I then pointed out that we were passing the road to make out point. It was really just the back parking lot of the abandoned movie theater. Only place to get privacy. She smiled when I pointed the spot out, so I pulled in. I parked the car and looked around on the radio for a song. I must have been fumbling around for a while, because she put her hand on mine to stop me.

“That song is good, I, I like that one.”

I nervously leaned in for a kiss. Our mouths met and I started sticking my tongue in her mouth. She was licking my tongue with hers and it felt great. I tried to reach across to put my hand on her boob, but I bumped into the gear shift. I suppose it was quite a clumsy move. It made enough noise that we broke from our kiss. She was looking at me as I moved my hand onto her chest. Dam, her boob felt so great. We were looking each other in the eye as I explored her chest area. I felt a bit weird with her looking at me, so I leaned back in and started kissing her again. I was so turned on. I was really excited and horny from this already and the rubbing when I picked her up. She was more passive now and was letting me play with her chest. I wanted to feel her bare skin on my hand, so I got bold enough to reach my hand under her T shirt. I pushed up her bra so I could feel her nipple in my hand as we kissed. Her nipple was hard, really hard especially in contrast to the softness of her soft breast.

It was all so exciting. I felt like I was going to burst. I stopped kissing and lay back in my seat. I was breathing really heavy and was trying to catch my breathe. Judy paused for a moment and then leaned over to the driver’s side and kissed me again. Then I felt her hand on my thigh. She slid her hand to my crouch area. Finally she was rubbing my dick again over my pants. It was pure heaven. I was so excited. She was rubbing me a little harder and faster over my pants. I was breathing so hard my mouth was open so wide we could not kiss. She pulled her mouth away from mine. She fumbled with my zipper and I unbuttoned the pants and the same time. She reached in and fished out my dick. She got a grip on it and stroked me softly once, twice, and I started cumming all over the bottom of my shirt. Squirt after squirt of cum shot from dick like a fire hose.

She sat back in the passenger seat. She had a smile on her face. I was not sure if she was smiling and holding back a laugh or if she was smiling about us making out. I was really embarrassed to cum so quick, but I was so worked up. She did not say anything and I fumbled to zip up and button my pants back up. I saw the cum all over my shirt I was not sure what to do or say.

I told her, “Um that never really happens that fast. Never before, not like that. I, I just really like you.”

She smiled and put her hand over her up to her mouth. She told me, “Its ok I had fun.”

I did not know what to do with the cum or the whole situation so I just started the car. I drove us towards her house. We sat in silence except for the radio. bahis firmaları I really could no remember what song was on or how long it took us to get to her house, but not a word spoken. When we got to her house I stopped the car. I asked if it was ok if I did not walk her to the door cause of my shirt.

“No problem.” She said as she leaned in and kissed me on the cheek. “We should go out another time. I will see you at school on Monday.”

I was shocked she was so cool about the whole thing. She headed for the door and I waited for her to get in the door before pulling away. All in all not a bad night I guess it could of gone better, but I got some action from a little hot chick. My mind was racing with do I call me best friend Paul and tell him what happened or do I keep quiet. Never kiss and tell right? Also this was not a great story since it had a part that was a little embarrassing for me.

The next week at school was great. All friends were crazy jealous I had brought that cute girl to the dance. Everyone seemed to want to talk to me. Judy even came up to me in the hallway in the morning and gave me a kiss on the cheek in front of everyone in senior hall. Even some of the jocks were looking on. Then Steve and the quarter back of the football team Joe Main came over.

Joe asked, “Is Judy your girlfriend?”

I told him, “We just started dating. She is pretty cool”

“Yeah seems like it. You two should come to the party at my parent’s house. It’s in a couple weeks after our last home game.”

I accepted and then headed to home room. My best friend in the world Mark was waiting with a huge smile. As soon as I sat down, he started peppering me with questions about Judy and what happened after the dance, since I did call him. I didn’t want to be the type of guy to kiss and tell plus I did not anyone to over hear and it get back to Judy, so I just told things went good. We just made some small talk till the bell rang and we head to head to our first class. At the end of the day Judy asked for a ride home, I should have offered, but didn’t think of it. Of course I agreed. I drove her home and when we got to her house, I got out and walked her to the door. At the door we kissed for a few minutes. In fact I took her home every day from school and each day each time when I got her to the door we kissed and when we stopped I would say bye and head to my car, until Friday I asked her our for Saturday and told her about the party that was coming up. She was really happy and accepted.

Saturday night came and I picked up Judy and we headed to a movie. Some chick flick with Jennifer Aniston. I really didn’t care, she wanted to see it. I was hoping we could go to make out point afterwards so I just agreed to the first movie she mentioned. When it was over we headed to my car. I asked her if she wanted to go make out point and she just nodded said yes.

We got there this time and I asked her, “Do you think you would be more comfortable if we sat in the back seat.”

She said, “OK”

So we both hopped in the back. We started making out again. I was hoping things would go a little further. I got my hand under that shirt again and start feeling up her wonderful chest. I had slid her bra up so I could feel her soft skin on my hand. I was already rock hard. She pushed me back a bit and I was thinking she was stopping me. However she reached her hands under her shirt and reached for her back and unsnapped her bra. Then she kissed me again and I was got hand back under her shirt. Those boobs felt so great that all I could think about those boobs and getting jerked off or maybe even laid. I felt her hands around my neck and as we kissed I reached back for on of her hands and guided it to me crotch. She got the idea and started rubbing me again. I pulled back from our kiss and undid my pants. I slide them down along with my boxer shorts.

My dick was jumping all on its own I was so excited. Judy reached for it and started to jerk me off. After a few strokes she stopped and kissed me. We licked each others tongues. She leaned back again and stroked me a few more times. It felt so great feeling her soft tender hands squeeze on me and stroke it up and down. She stopped again and kissed me once more. This time I reached under her little skirt. She had her legs closed and I pushed my hand between her legs. She opened them up so my finger tips could touch her panties. I could feel how warm her soft pussy was though the front of her panties. It was so hot. I reached around the side of her panties and could feel her soft short girly pubic hair. I was looking for her hole to put my finger in. I reached slowly down further and further and found the warmest wet spot. I slid my finger in and it felt like warm silk. It was so soft, tender and warm. I fiddled with her pussy a little not really knowing what to do. I wanted to have sex with her so bad. At this point she was lying on the backseat and I was laying on my side. Half on her and half next to her with my finger in her little pussy. It was so tight to the touch. I wiggled my body between her legs. My pants were down to me knees, so I was having a little trouble trying to line myself up with her. As I did I had her panties to the side and as we were kissing I pushed my dick towards her pussy. I was not hitting kaçak bahis siteleri the hole; I was just rubbing my dick over her soft curly hair. I could feel the wetness on my dick. Then I reached down and tried to line myself up better. I got my dick right to her whole and start to push. She stopped kissing me and pushed me back little.

“O you are not ready yet?”

She responded by asking, “Can I just give you a hand job?”

I nodded yes. So I leaned back and sat in the seat. She scooted back and I got a glimpse of her pussy hair peaking through her little white panties. She was so fucking hot. You could barely see any pussy hair there; it was such a light shade of blond like her hair. It was only a second or two, but I remember that sight like I was staring for hours. She grabbed my dick with her hand and started stroking me again. It was so nice watching her little hand stroking my dick. She was not looking at my face; she was just staring at my dick. I felt my balls tensing up. I new I was close. All I could think about was cumming. I jumped my ass up off the seat and starting squirting over and over. She was still stoking me and my cock was feeling so sensitive. I had to reach my hand down and stop her from stroking anymore. She pulled her hand away from dick. She had some of my cum running all over her fingers and I could feel the warm cum running on my dick. She was looking at her hand and I could tell she was thinking of what to do with it. She wiped her hand on my pants and we both laughed.

We continued dating for a few weeks. I would take her home everyday after school and we would go out on the weekend’s one or sometimes even two times. Finally the night before the big party Judy invited me over. Her mom and dad would be out and they assumed she would be too since she had been out almost every weekend with me. I was pretty sure I knew what this meant. I was so excited. I nearly wrecked my car heading over to her house I was in such a rush. I got to her door and rang the bell. When she answered I knew I was right about thinking tonight was the big night.

Judy answered the door in a short pink T shirt that exposed her flat belly and cute little belly button. She was not wearing her trade mark short skirt; she was only wearing a pair of pink thongs. The front patch of the thong barely covered her short and curly pubic hair. I was standing dumbfounded at the door.

“Get in her quick before someone else sees me.”

I walked in and she closed the door behind me. She reached out and I held her hand. She led me down the hall to her bedroom. She sat on the bed and released my hand. She then lift up her top and exposed those sweet perky breasts. I could see her light red nipples were hard and pointing right at me.

She told me, “Take of your clothes.”

I striped as quick as I could until I reached my boxer shorts. I was a little nervous. I know she had jerked me off and all, but we were never really naked in front of each other in bright lights like we were her in her bedroom. She reached her hands to the waistband of my boxers and pulled them down. My dick was already hard and we had not even touched more then hands. She put her hand on it and squeezed it ever so softly three times. Then she leaned forward and licked the tip of it. She then kissed it right on pee hole a couple times. I was not sure if she was going to start blowing me like in porn movies or if this is how real girls did it. Then she opened her mouth and took the head of my dick in her mouth. Her warm wet mouth was great and then I felt her tongue licking the pee hole and all around the head. She then moved her head back and forth on it a few times. I almost came, so I pulled my dick back out of her mouth.

“O, you’re ready.” She said.

She lay back on the bed. She hooked her thumbs in the waistline of her panties and slides them down off her. When they reached her knees, she brought her knees up to her chest and then slid them completely off. As she leaned back I got my first real glimpse of her little but hole for a brief second. It was fucking hot. She opened her legs a bit and used her finger to tell me to move in. I got on the bed in between her legs and fumbled around with my dick looking to line it up with her pussy. I felt the hot wet hole with the head of my dick and pushed in ever so slowly. It was so warm and inviting. I felt myself shaking slightly as I started to pump my dick in her. She pulled my face close to hers and we started kissing. It was the single hottest thing that ever happened to me. I started pumping my dick into her while we kissed. Then I found it hard to breath as we made love and were kissing. I opened my mouth wide to try to suck in as much air as I could. I was still pumping when I felt my balls tighten up. I thought o shit, not so fast, but it was too late. I started cumming in her pussy. We had only been going at it for 5 or 6 minutes and I was cumming harder then ever before. I felt like my dick would not stop cumming in her. I felt it squirt over and over. My heart raced and I could swear it was as loud as a drum. I felt like ran a race I was so out of breath. She kissed me again, and I could feel myself calming down a bit. We licked each others tongues and kissed for a few minutes as my dick slowly became soft and slide out of her. My crotch area was soaked with her juices, and I could feel my dick was a little chilly as it slipped out of her. It was like being in a hot tub and then coming out of it you feel cold even if it’s not really that cold out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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