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Never Let You Go Ch. 04

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The morning couldn’t have started off worse, it was so unbearably cold, her car wouldn’t start and the snow plower had come through the apartment complex and pushed the snow behind her car so even if her car had started, she wouldn’t have been able to get out. Luckily, school was officially canceled for a snow day and she was now in no hurry to get her car ready and drivable. But she would have to get it fixed sometime today.

She didn’t have many people she trusted or asked for help. But she had Amy and Greg. She considered Amy family, better than her own, and knew she could rely on her friend for help if she ever needed it. After warming up a bit she called Amy, knowing she didn’t have to work today and asked if she and Greg could help her out. Greg was a construction worker, but he knew his way around a car too. She also needed man power to help shoveling the snow. Amy promised that once Greg got out of work they would come over and help. Jenna promised a nice dinner waiting afterwards for their help.

Jenna spent the day getting paperwork, assignments and projects graded for her class; using this day off to prep. She tried to stay on track but her thoughts kept wandering to the big stranger now living at Amy’s house. He had been so handsome. She knew she’d eventually have to see him again, but when? Would he come today? She hoped so. She kept thinking about the way his shirt hugged his form. His chest and arms had been so thick. She wanted badly to rub her hands up and down them.

Her thoughts wandered to his thickness elsewhere. A man that large must have a big cock. She wanted to know. She wanted to feel it, touch it, taste it. It had been a long time since she had been with someone. It had been a long time since she’d felt a man’s arms around her, lips on her skin, a warm tongue on her clit. She shook her head, slightly embarrassed at the thoughts she was having. She wasn’t a prude but she didn’t even know this guy. But for some reason she couldn’t get him out of her head. There was an instant attraction to him she couldn’t deny. She wondered if he had felt it the other night, too.

Probably not, she told herself. She didn’t think she was ugly, but enough years of being cheated on and emotional abuse from men had given her a negative self image. She never felt good enough, or pretty enough. She always doubted herself.

Jenna got a text saying they were headed over soon and that Max would be coming as well. Butterflies invaded her body, causing her to run to the bathroom and look at herself in the mirror. She needed to touch up her makeup and hair before he came over. She wanted to look perfect when he saw her. Just in case.

After fixing herself up and changing out of her sweats into a light grey sweater and jeans, she got to work boiling the spaghetti, cutting the fresh bread istanbul escort she had bought the night before, and put the olive mix in a nice glass dish. The sauce was from a can but with some added spices, garlic cloves and sugar, the sauce had a homemade taste to it. She mixed up a big salad with Italian dressing and added cheeses and black olives. She set her table with 4 plates and laid out the food on the table that was already prepared.

The noodles were still boiling when the knock came to her door. Amy entered without waiting for approval; they didn’t need to answer the doors for each other, they were past that stage in their friendship.

“Hey,” Amy yelled, kicking her shoes off against the doorway to get rid of the snow chunks and removing them. “The guys are working on getting your car out of that damn avalanche!” She laughed, un-wrapping her scarf and taking off her coat. She set them on the couch and walked into the kitchen. “Max is out there,” she smiled, raising an eyebrow at her friend. Jenna just smiled at her and nodded her head, trying to concentrate on the noodles. Amy tried to get her friend to talk about Max, but she was stubbornly silent. She decided to change the subject to the bitterly cold weather and helped Jenna finish setting the table.

A nice dinner like this was so typical of her; always wanting to thank others for their kindness, always giving so much, always showing gratitude. She would have cooked a dinner like this for them even if they hadn’t helped her. That was just the type of person Jenna was. Yet she was so alone. It hurt Amy to see her friend alone. She knew what an amazing person she was, how happy she would make someone. Finding a good man wasn’t easy though. Jenna was proof of that. She’d had her fair share of losers and terrible relationships. One day though, Amy knew Jenna would find a good guy that would appreciate her and take good care of her.

Like clockwork, when the food was ready, the men came inside from the cold. They undressed out of the wet gloves, boots and coats and came into the kitchen. Jenna watched Max carefully as he entered the house. His eyes scanned her home carefully, absorbing everything around him. She wondered what he thought. Did he like her place? Did he think it was cute? Did it look nice and clean? She suddenly felt paranoid it wasn’t clean enough.

Finally his eyes made their way to Jenna and she smiled at him. His eyes were big and dark; his beard seemed a little thicker than it was the other day. He kept his head turned down low and nodded at her, smiling. His hair was disheveled from his hat he had taken off. He looked so adorable, like a giant teddy bear. His eyes scanned her body quickly and met her face again. His eyes on her body excited Jenna. She hoped avcılar escort he liked what he saw. They stared at each other for a moment in silence.

Jenna looked away and told everyone to sit for dinner. She sat down herself and looked up at Max once again to find him still staring. She found herself getting a nervous flutter in her stomach. Why was he still staring? Did she look OK? What was he thinking about?

“Sit down,” Jenna giggled at Max, trying to make light of the intense stare he was boring into her. He blinked a few times, smiled, and sat down across from her.

“Thank you,” He mumbled, looking at the food. His eyes now scanned over the meal and his eyes widened, “wow, you can cook, huh?” he laughed, smiling at her.

“Mmmm, I have a few things I can cook, this is my favorite. Thank you guys so much for helping me with my car.” Jenna gushed, waiting for everyone to dig in before she helped herself. Greg started explaining what had been wrong with her car and that turned into their day at work on site, a few funny stories about their co workers and then a little history about Greg and Max when they were kids.

After dinner, they stayed at the table talking and joking. Max and Jenna began getting to know each other a little better; Max surprisingly became very talkative, asking Jenna a lot of questions about herself. He appeared to be intrigued with her life, Jenna thought, or maybe he’s just being polite. Jenna asked a few things about Max but didn’t get much information about him. He didn’t seem to want to talk about himself that much. Around nine, they made their way out and Jenna thanked them again for helping her out. “I owe you big time,” she said to Max, specifically, “Anything you need, let me know. I seriously owe you.” She smiled, and she genuinely meant that. The look on Max’s face when she said that was priceless. He looked grateful and excited at her comment. That made the butterflies flutter even more for her.

“I just might take you up on that then,” he replied, looking into her eyes. He stood there for a moment just looking at her, his hands wringing his winter cap. He appeared to not know what to do next. Jenna just stood and stared back, entranced by his gaze. “Bye.” He mumbled finally. Max followed Greg out the door, letting the screen close behind him.

Amy hugged her friend and muttered, “Mmmmmhmmmmm, big time,” giggling.

“Shut up,” Jenna laughed, “I’m trying here, don’t make me feel stupid, OK?” Amy quickly stopped smiling.

“Of course, see you later.” She hugged her friend again and followed after the guys.

Jenna cleaned up her kitchen and showered for bed. After her bedtime routine was done, she crawled in under the thick comforter. She pulled the blanket up to her chin, shivering a little from her wet hair. şirinevler escort Her hand trailed down her thin top, caressing her braless nipples. They were already hard from the cold. Her touch sent a small tingle below. The tingle would have felt so much better if it had been Max’s hand.

She had watched him eat, trying not to seem obvious; stealing glances here and there. He was even thicker up close than he was far away. Across from him at the table she had seen all the muscle definition through his thin sweater. She had seen his Pecs flexing naturally as he ate and lifted his cup. His neck was massive like a giant tree stump; she had imagined kissing it, trailing her tongue to his ear, kissing his lobe, making his body shiver.

His hands were the most appealing thing to her though. She was crazy about hands. The bigger the better, she liked the look of long, thick fingers, callused, hard skin, and short, bitten fingernails. Max had the hands of a hard worker, a strong man; she bet he could do amazing things with those hands, with his fingers.

Jenna’s hands moved lower, caressing her stomach muscles under her shirt. She had a nice flat tummy; she worked hard for her body and loved the feel of it at night when she was laying in bed. She tickled herself a little, imaging Max’s hand on her body. She slipped her left hand lower, caressing herself over her panties. She teased herself at first to get her juices flowing. She circled her clit with her middle finger, lightly. She stroked over her panties gently. Then when she felt she couldn’t take anymore teasing, she stuck her hand inside.

She trailed her finger down and dipped her finger in between her lips; her pussy was slick and wet. She dipped her finger in a little just to get her finger wet then began massaging her clit with her juices. The wetness on her clit made the sensation on the nerve endings stronger. She shuttered, dipping back into her folds for more juice. She slowly slipped her finger inside, rubbing her inner walls, pleasure rippling throughout her body.

She imagined Max beside her, his hand diving under the covers and into her panties. His finger inside her; massaging her. His thumb, gently rubbing her clit in circles, bringing her to the brink of pleasure. She felt the climax coming and thought of Max on top of her, his cock plunging into her tight pussy. His lips on her skin, his hands wrapped in her hair; Max moaning into her shoulder as he came with her. She whimpered slightly to herself, her muscles tightening around her finger as she came.

She arched her back slightly and turned her head to the side, biting down on her lip. Her orgasm had been a good one, with thoughts of Max in her head. It had been more intense than it had been in a while. She thought about what an orgasm would feel like if Max really was there. She turned over onto her side and suddenly felt very tired. She was always tired after masturbating. It was like an instant sleeping pill for her; it relaxed her so completely. She got comfortable and fell asleep quickly; completely unaware that he was sitting outside, having the same fantasies about her.

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