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New Experiences with a New Friend

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My boyfriend and I had just moved to LA and we hadn’t met many people yet but I had managed to hit it off with a girl my age I met on the beach. I remember when I first saw her she was sunbathing near me and had asked me if I knew where she could find some weed. And we were instantly friends after that.

She had a good amount of tattoos, I had a few but hers were out where they show a lot and I admired her for going for it. She was edgier than I was and it was exciting to be around her. I couldn’t help but notice how awesome her body was and I couldn’t help but be a little envious. I definitely had a nice body but always wished for rounder, fuller boobs. I always noticed the shape and size of other girls boobs and couldn’t help but feel almost turned on by ones that really seemed perfect. Needless to say hers were on point and I found my eyes wandering to her ample looking cleavage when we were on the beach that day.

Soon after, we were hanging out in the hot tub of the airbnb rental my boyfriend and I were staying at. My boyfriend was sleeping inside and Samantha and I had been staying up and drinking. We were a little buzzed and decided to head out to the hot tub. I had been working out and was feeling really good about my body lately, and the push up bikini top I chose made me almost forget about my lack of enthusiasm for that area of my body.

Sam went in the hot tub first and lowered her perfect seeming body into the water. She was wearing a halter bikini top with these cute matching bikini bottoms that exposed way more cheek than I’d be comfortable with but she looked so good and didn’t seem to worry about it at all. I got in the hot tub with her and we started drinking a little more and talking.

Every time Sam giggled I couldn’t help but notice her boobs bouncing slightly up and down causing the light to shine off of them in a sparkling way as they rose slightly out of the water escort bayan and then plunged back under. I thought she had noticed my lingering glance so I had said how much I liked her bikini top. She looked down and touched the straps as she thanked me and offered to let me borrow it.

“My boobs could never look that good in it though, I mean mine are alright but yours are literally perfect.” I said as I giggled.

A sly looking smile came over her face as she moved a little closer and told me that my boobs looked fine. We both laughed playfully and then she locked eyes with me and lightly touched the strap of my bikini top.

“Can I see?” She asked the question while still looking deep into my eyes and keeping her hand on the strap, a finger slipped beneath the strap and laid against my bare skin.

A surge of sexual excitement went through me and my mouth went a little dry. I was surprised at how excited I was getting and could feel my pussy starting to throb with little spasms of anticipation. I nodded yes slowly while keeping my eyes on her eyes.

She smiled the same sly smile and I felt her other hand now get a hold of the other strap. She ran her fingers down the front of the bikini top and pulled the cups to the sides. My nipples popped into view one after the other and I could feel them harden in an instant with the wet skin meeting the night air. I felt a strong surge of excitement shoot down my body again as I looked at Sam look at my naked chest soaked and in the openness of the outdoors.

“What are you even talking about? They’re not as big as mine but believe me your boobs look awesome. I always worry mine hang too low, look” Sam reached around the back of her neck and untied the halter strap.

The cups of my bikini top remained pushed to the sides with my boobs exposed and pushed together by the cups on either side. I felt my nipples get even bursa vip escort harder as I watched her boobs plunk down into the water. They were round and perfect, not huge but more than a handful with small, hard nipples. I felt the urge to touch them and I moved in a little closer to her.

I couldn’t help but smile as I asked her, “can I touch them?”

Instead of responding Sam smiled back and locked eyes with me as she brought her body closer and closer to mine. I broke my gaze with her to look down and watch her perfect boobs come closer and closer to mine, her nipples just as hard as mine at this point. I looked back up at her face and she put her mouth against mine. Almost at the same moment her back arched just enough to press her wet, naked chest against mine.

The feeling of a pair of boobs touching mine was such a foreign feeling but it was so exciting. She kept her mouth slightly open and I opened mine a little, her bottom lip hit just below mine and she lightly ran the tip of her tongue along my bottom lip. It was like she was asking if I wanted to do this too. My pussy was pulsing hard now and I accidentally let out a tiny moan.

That seemed like all the answer she needed because she kissed me harder and reached her tongue deeper into my mouth. My tongue met hers, so warm and somehow sweet. I moved my body slightly up and down so I could feel our hard nipples slip against each other under the water.

As we kissed, Sam put her hand on one of my boobs and slightly squeezed. I definitely let out a moan as her wet fingers searched for my nipple while her mouth explored mine. She found it and started tweaking and tugging lightly with her fingers. I let my hips slip down a little on the seat of the hot tub and leaned my head back to rest on the side of the hot tub.

Sam’s mouth moved from mine as she ran her tongue lightly down bursa elit escort to my neck and let her teeth run over my wet skin. I could feel the goosebumps immediately shoot up and she continued to work my nipple with her fingers. I reached up with both hands and cupped her soft chest. Her small hard nipples poked through my fingers as I squeezed her chest lightly. Her ample wet boobs poured out the sides of my hands as I tried to fit all that I could into a handful.

Her head dipped down even further as I held her boobs under the water I realized she was heading towards my chest so I arched my back up higher against the side of the hot tub. My nipple made contact with her cheek and slid over to her open, waiting mouth. Her tongue touched my nipple first. I felt it harden even more and she lightly touched her teeth onto it. I instinctively started tweaking and rubbing her nipples, feeling them harden more despite the hot water.

Sam must have been just as worked up as I was at this point because she whipped her head back up and kissed me hard moving herself into a straddling position over me under the water. She tugged my hair back a little as she worked her tongue hard against mine like she was hungry for me.

She pulled her face back to look at me, an excited grin on her face. I smiled back at her mirroring the excitement and disbelief we were both feeling. Still looking at me she bit her lower lip and slowly slid a finger into the side of my bikini bottom. Watching her face in excitement, I could feel the finger become joined by the rest of the hand as it slipped completely into my bikini bottom, cupping my crotch. The anticipation of having warm fingers resting just outside of my pussy lips, knowing they were about to penetrate between and slip inside. I felt a strong shiver of excitement and decided to be a little bit of a tease.

I stood up in the hot tub and felt the water run down my body. “Let’s go inside, I have a roomy shower.”

She let her hand slip back out and stood up too, smiling slyly she leaned in and whispered, “let’s go” as she let out a warm breath across my ear. Her teeth gave my ear lobe a gentle bite and she lead the way back to the house.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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