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New Horizons Pt. 03

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Meeting Tom and Eve had been a great experience for us both.

As a couple they were great company, and the sexual energy between us was the icing on the cake.

Both Mei and I agreed that we would like to explore more possibilities with them.

Our new lifestyle adventures had opened a new world to both of us, and one aspect that was a pleasant surprise for us both, was Mei’s willingness to experience more than one man at a time, and the pleasure I enjoyed from it.

For all our new experiences, we had yet to experience an mmf together. We both agreed we would love to try it, and decided to ask Tom and Eve, if Tom could join us to make it happen.

Eve replied to my WhatsApp message, saying that Tom would love to join us, and that she was looking forward to a similar arrangement in return.

I highlighted Eve’s terms to Mei, who agreed it was only fair, and I let Eve know that we were ready to move ahead.

Tom confirmed later in the evening that he could come over to our place the coming Saturday afternoon, which worked out well for us.

Relaxing on Friday night, Mei and I casually discussed our plans for the following afternoon.

Mei was booked in a wax first thing in the morning, and I mentioned I would pick out an outfit for her, while she was out.

The beaming smile in response, was enough to know that we were in for a great time.

The next morning while Mei was out, I set about selecting her outfit for the afternoon.

I was deciding between a slinky black micro dress, that would cling to her body and only just cover her ass, or a stocking set with see through lace bra, no panties, to show off her freshly waxed bare mound.

I settled on the black micro dress, knowing that without panties on, her bare ass and pussy would be covered by a few centimetres only, and that the smooth soft material on her body, would drive Mei wild.

Once Mei returned, I passed her the chosen outfit, and let her get ready, Tom would be arriving within the next hour.

Before long Tom buzzed our apartment intercom. Mei was still getting dressing, so I let him in, and passed him a beer, inviting him to grab a seat on the sofa while we waited for Mei.

Moments later Mei joined us in the living room.

Tom and I were both soaking up the gorgeous view in front of us.

With minimal make up, and her hair tied back, Mei looked incredible, her firm breasts well highlighted by the thin material of the dress, and the hem stopping just centimetres below her pussy.

I invited her to join us on the sofa, and she settled in between us, her dress riding up her bare thigh, the top of her smooth mound visible as she relaxed into the sofa.

I started kissing Mei, as Tom worked the straps of her dress off her shoulders, exposing her breasts and firm nipples.

Mei moaned into my mouth, as her hand searched out my jean buttons.

Tom had started working her breasts with his mouth, alternating each breast while lavishly sucking on them.

The swollen redness of each escort ankara nipple a clear sign of the effort and attention Mei was receiving from Tom’s hungry mouth.

Mei had succeeded in undoing my jeans, and I stood briefly to remove them, my hard cock bouncing to attention as I pushed my boxers and jeans to the side.

Removing my T Shirt I settled back on to the couch, Mei leaning over and taking my cock in her mouth.

Tom took the opportunity to undress and as he returned to the sofa, he gently eased Mei’s thighs apart, her freshly waxed pussy proudly on display as her dress bunched up around her hips.

I watched on in anticipation as Tom positioned his cock head against Mei’s pussy, knowing that he was about to open up my beautiful girlfriend with his long shaft.

Mei’s attention was firmly focused on working my cock head with her skilled mouth.

The combination of her lips and tongue was shooting waves of pleasure through me, and she let out a deep rolling moan as Tom entered her pussy.

Mei was now on all fours, sucking my cock, while Tom pounded her pussy from behind.

From the outset Tom was fucking her hard.

Each stroke hitting her limit, making her groan on my cock as she tried her best to focus on sucking me off.

I was loving the sight in front of me.

Mei’s silky dark hair masking her face as she lowered her head on to my cock, her firm peach shaped ass presented for Tom, who needed no second invitation, as he ploughed his rigid cock deep into her welcoming pussy.

Tom was close to cumming, and looking at me, I nodded, letting him know we were fine with him cumming inside Mei.

The momentary pause from Mei, while sucking my cock, was the sign that the first spurt of hot cum had hit inside her wet pussy.

Tom’s continued cumming, as he pumped his load inside Mei, the confirmation of Mei’s sexy purring as she worked my cock with her mouth, was the signing off on Tom’s orgasm.

The first time I had witnessed Mei taking a load in her pussy from another man, while she was actively working my cock.

Tom collapsed back on the sofa, his cum dripping out of Mei’s puffy and glistening pussy.

I pulled Mei’s mouth off my cock and guided her on top of me, her cum filled pussy easily taking my rock hard shaft as she sat on my cock, instantly moaning and digging her nails into my chest as she staring to aggressively ride my cock.

The heat, and slickness of Mei’s pussy was intoxicating, and her frenzied riding of my cock meant her orgasm was close, as was mine.

Mei almost shouted that she was about to cum, when her whole body started to shudder, and she stopped riding on my cock.

The sudden change in pace pushed me over the edge and I pumped my load inside of Mei, her pussy squeezing hard on to my cock as my cum mixed with what remained of Tom’s load.

Tom let out a whistle of appreciation followed by a round of applause.

Mei rolled off me and collapsed on to the sofa, her face blushing from the applause from Tom.

We ankara escortlar sat there catching our breath for a moment, Mei glowing from the post orgasm bliss and the absolute pounding her cum soaked pussy had received.

Tom was the first to speak, highlighting how Mei’s cum stained dress was all bunched up, and how it would look better on the floor.

Smiling, Mei stood up and made a show of pushing the dress down over her hips, and pushing it to the side as it hit the floor.

Tom made some room on the Sofa, and Mei sat down, now completely naked, her thighs coated in a mixture of cum from both Tom and myself.

Mei and Tom started making out.

Some light kissing and touching as their bodies started to join together again.

I made my way to the kitchen, grabbing a cold beer as I turned back towards the living room.

I noticed my phone had a WhatsApp message.

Taking a quick look, it was a video message from Eve, naked in the sauna, at the nearby gym, slowly rubbing her pussy.

She signed off asking if we were enjoying the afternoon.

I responded saying she looked amazing, and updated her with the earlier action.

She replied right away, she had finished at the gym and was about to go to her tennis game.

The sexy photo in her tennis outfit was an instant turn on, and I asked Eve to come over instead.

Her response soon arrived.

She would be there within fifteen minutes.

Signing off, I gave her our access code for the apartment, then went back to the sofa, where the action was well underway.

Mei was now straddling Tom, who’s hard cock was pressing against Mei’s ass, while Tom had his face burrowed on Mei’s firm breasts.

From her reaction, it was clear that Tom was sucking hard, something which was guaranteed to get Mei ready for more.

I was enjoying my beer, and offering words of encouragement to Tom, as he proceeded to leave a few deep love bites on Mei’s neck.

The loud continuous moans from Mei were enough to know she was loving the attention, and it was only a matter of time before she would be riding Tom’s cock.

Mei was reaching behind her back, taking Tom’s cock in her hand and starting to stroke him.

Long, purposeful strokes were deliberate in motion, and clearly intended to push Tom into taking further action.

Which is exactly what happened.

Pausing briefly from sucking and biting her breasts and neck, Tom told Mei to climb on to his cock, which she did right away.

The combined noise from them both, as she lowered her dripping pussy on to his hard shaft, filled the room, just as the door bell went.

I let Tom and Mei know that Eve was at the door.

A big smile flashed over Tom’s face and Mei started kissing him again, as I made my way to the door.

Letting Eve in, she quickly entered the room, and taking in the scene in the living room, of her husband being ridden hard by my girlfriend, and the fact that I was standing, naked and hard in front of her, sincan kaliteli escortlar she quickly dropped her gym bag and started kissing me.

Her tongue darting into my mouth, the urgency and passion noticeable with each moment our lips were entwined.

Eve was in a heightened state and ready for anything.

I quickly pulled down her tennis shorts, though keeping her tight tennis skirt on, I guided her towards the dining room table, pushing her forward and spreading her legs, as I placed my cock against her soaked pussy.

Eve asked me to fuck her, and without needing a second invitation, I pushed my cock deep inside her.

The instant warmth and slick juices coating my cock was the ultimate in pleasure, when matched with the vocal encouragement from Eve.

Eve’s tight, toned body was a delight to behold, and being deep inside her while pleasuring her, made my body feel alive with a sense of lust that I had rarely experienced.

Eve’s loud and vocal encouragement pushed me on as I momentarily forgot Mei and Tom were fucking each other on the sofa, just a few metres from us.

Looking at the sofa, Tom had put Mei on her back, spread her legs wide and open, and was drilling her deep.

Clearly she was orgasming as Tom relentlessly kept the tempo up, before letting out a deep moan and pausing, his body twitching as he unloaded his balls deep inside Mei.

This had caught Eve’s attention and reaching back to squeeze my thigh, she asked me to flood her pussy with cum.

Giving her ass cheeks a quick squeeze I increased my tempo before my cum started flowing deep inside Eve.

Again Eve was very vocal, asking me to keep filling her, as she pushed back hard on my cock.

As I emptied my balls inside Eve, Mei made her way over to us, and kissing me on the cheek she knelt below Eve and I, positioning herself between Eve’s legs, she pulled my cock from Eve’s pussy and started sucking hard on Eve’s swollen pussy, as my cum leaked out of Eve and down Mei’s throat.

Eve was shuddering from the attention of Mei’s mouth, and I took a moment to soak up the amazing scene in front of me.

Mei stopped eating Eve’s pussy just long enough for Eve to drop down to the floor, and place her head between Mei’s thighs.

Now both girls were eating each other out, taking their respective partners loads down their throat, from each other’s pussy.

Both Tom and I were loving the action, and our vocal encouragement plus applause, was letting the girls know just how much we were into it.

We watched the girls indulging in each other until they had satisfied their lust for pussy and cum, and they joined Tom and I on the sofa.

Both girls skin flushed and glowing from the action, their faces covered in a mix of pussy juice and cum, their smiles strong and wide.

We offered Tom and Eve some towels and the use of our spare bathroom as Mei and I headed to our ensuite to freshen up.

As Mei joined me in the shower, I admired her beautiful body, with love bites covering her breasts and neck, it was an arousing sight, which I would indulge in later that evening.

For now we washed up and saw our guests out the door, Eve looking as seductive as ever in her tennis outfit, with plans for our next adventure already under way.

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