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New Mom

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I loved my Mom.

I mean, I really loved my Mom.

Since a couple of months after my Father passed away, I have been the man of the family. I could see the frustration and tension in her face as she worked tirelessly to ease the pain of her loss. One night, I saw her crying and went to her. I placed my hands on her shoulders and began rubbing her shoulders and neck. She turned around, placed her hands on mine and lowered them to her breasts. The look of amazement and shock must have surprised her. She moved forward and moved her left arm around my neck as she used her right arm to reach down and grab at my growing groin. As she held my neck in her hand, she pulled my face to hers and buried her tongue in my mouth. That was how it all began.

Now she is gone also. I reach down into her casket and stroke her face. Her face is cold and unresponsive. Her desires are at rest now. My hand touches her lips. The lips that I once kissed are like stone. My hand wanders lower and I brush her right nipple. No movements, no catching of her breath. My hand lowers to her pubic mound. I fondle her through her death garment. These lips are unresponsive also. A tear breaks through and falls down my cheek.

“What are you doing?” I hear behind me as I am jerked back to reality. Turning around, Aunt Jane is standing in the door. Her hands are on her hips as she stares at me, almost through me.

“I…I was just remembering Mom.” I stammered unsure of what to say or expect. Embarrassed, I walk past her and out of the funeral home. I get in my car and breathe a big sigh, both at what I just experienced and the end of my loving relationship with Mom.

I get home and collapse in the recliner. Family is all around talking about anything that they can think of and anything they can get someone to listen to. It all seems so distant as I fall back into my memories of Mom. If she were here right now, we would sneak off into the back bedroom and…..

“Well, I see you made it back alright.” Aunt Jane says as she enters topkapı escort the room returning from the funeral home.

“Yeah, I made it back but I don’t think I’m going to be alright.” I told her matter of factly. I didn’t know how much she saw when I was touching Mom and, if she did, whom would she tell.

“Come here.” she said holding out her hands as if she wanted to hug me.

I got up and went to her. I reached out my arms also. We locked into a hug that felt good. Right now I needed a woman’s touch. I needed to feel warmth. In her arms I found the comfort that I knew from Mom. I was amazed that Aunt Jane could permeate this same warmth, as she did not have children. She was eight years younger than Mom and got caught up in building a career for herself. I knew that she and Mom talked and visited often which I didn’t mind because she was a very attractive woman.

“Don’t worry baby. I can be your Mom now.” she whispered in my ear.

Unsure of what that meant, I flinched a little but she tightened her grasp on me a little as if to assure me that she would not let me go. I grabbed her a little tighter also while I realized the sensations of her voluptuous body so close to mine. Aunt Jane’s breasts were pressing into my chest and her arms were around my shoulders rubbing my back. I moved my hand up her back and felt her bra clasps. I moved my hand down to her waist and felt the curves of her womanly figure. My manhood began to swell in my pants as a result of this closeness. Aunt Jane felt the throbbing in my pants press against her. She reached down and placed a hand at the small of my back. Pulling me even closer, my tool ground into her pelvis.

“Don’t worry baby,. I can be your Mom now.” she repeated almost silently in my ear.

“I, um, I don’t understand” I stammered.

“She told me all about your relationship. In fact, I encouraged her to enjoy herself given the fact that she had such a fine young man at her disposal. She loved you.” she reassured tuzla escort me.

Instinctively, I reached for her ass to pull her pelvis onto my now massive tool.

“You go to your room and wait for me. I’ll excuse myself to the bathroom so nobody will be suspicious and come see you.” she ordered.

Releasing her, I went straight to my room. Closing the door, I couldn’t get my clothes off fast enough. Now naked and an eight inch cock at full attention and in need of relief, I jump into the bed and pull the covers up to my waist. My cock makes a tent in the covers as I anticipate her return.

She enters the rooms and silently locks the door behind her. Stepping closer to the bed, she unbuttons her blouse and lets if fall to the carpet. Her 38D breasts are bulging out of her bra as she reaches behind her to release them. Now exposed, her nipples are erect and begging for my lips. She reaches to unzip her skirt and steps out of it as it falls beside the blouse. Her panties are beautiful lace and I can see they are wet in the crotch. She steps close to the bed and I reach up to remove her panties. Sliding down her legs, I catch the scent of her womanhood. My cock lurches under the covers at the prospect of sharing itself with this beautiful specimen of a woman. I drop her panties beside the bed and pull the covers back in invitation. She slides into the bed and into my arms.

I reach for her warm body and pull her close. I turn my head and kiss her. Our tongues dance together in a lustful rhythm. My hand probes her breasts as I feel her nipples standing from desire. Her body begins to move in response to my fingers circling her nipples. I pinch one and she flinches, kissing me harder and deeper. Our mouths have become one as I slide my hand down her abdomen towards her pubic mound. My fingers probe her outer lips as I feel her wetness. I tease her with my fingertips barely intruding into her love canal. She is feverishly kissing me as I begin to insert a finger in her wet cunt. pendik escort

“Oh yes.” she moans as her body trembles in response to my probing finger.

Her wetness swells in anticipation and excitement. I feel her hand move down and grab at my swollen cock. She begins a slow up and down movement as I move my hips in time with her tempestuous strokes. My cock is loving the attention but I want more.

I throw the covers back and reverse directions. Lying on my back, she moves on top of me as swallows my cock. Her pussy is open and inviting as I lap at it like a starving dog. Her aroma engulfs my senses as I tongue fuck her to her sucking rhythm. I use my hands to knead her ass as I feel her body shake with orgasm.

“Yes baby…..” she purrs before she continues sucking my red hot dick. My face is wet from her juices as I begin again on her swollen pussy. Her clit is hard as my tongue dances around it. Her body shakes again and I can feel my seed rising inside of me. I roll her off of me and reverse directions again. This time, I grab her ankles and raise her legs as high as I can get them as I aim my dick at her aching cunt.

“I’m gonna fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before.” I announce as I drive my cock past her swollen pussy lips. Her hips rise up to meet my thrust, which makes my cock hide deep within her.

“Oh Shit!” she squeals. “That dick feels so good.” she reassures me as I pump her cunt.

Each thrust is harder than the first as I see her tits dancing with the force of my pumping. Her eyes roll back as I see her grit her teeth. I pump harder and harder. My balls are banging into her asshole. She wraps her legs around my neck allowing me to grab her tits with my sweaty hands. I roll her nipples between my fingertips and pump even harder. Her body begins to quiver in another orgasm as I explode inside of her.

“Uhnn…..” I moan at my sweet release.

“That’s my baby.” she coos as she is engulfed with ecstasy. Her face is aglow as I drain my fluid inside of her. I collapse beside her as we hold each other in a sweaty embrace. Minutes later, she gets up from the bed.

“I’ve got to go clean up. You go on to sleep now. I’ll come check on you tomorrow baby.” she whispers as she kisses me on my cheek.

“O.K. Mom” I reply as I drift off to sleep.

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