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New Year’s Eve with Pauletta

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NOTE: This is my entry in the Literotica Winter Holiday Contest. I hope you enjoy it and vote accordingly and post your opinion after reading it.


The Purple Knight, by far the best gay bar in the world in Paul’s opinion, was preparing to put on a big New Year’s Eve bash for their regular patrons, and anybody else who wanted to join in the fun. He was really looking forward to it, and had already bought a new red micro-mini skirt and a pair of red crotchless panties and a matching padded bra. They would go well with his sheer pink blouse and red pumps with a matching purse, and he expected to be the belle of the ball. Paul is gay and, more than that, he is a drag queen who loves going to friendly venues, especially The Purple Knight, and picking up men for some hot and mutually enjoyable sex.

He realized his true nature by the time he was 18 years old and still in high school, cautiously eyeing the other nude boys in the shower after Physical Education classes and resisting the romantic attractions he sometimes felt toward them. Being fully aware of the unreasoning animosity toward people of his sexual orientation in the small town in the Bible Belt where he lived, Paul kept his wants and needs to himself until he finished high school. At the age of 19, he headed to San Francisco, where gay men like him are not only accepted but actually respected for their decisions to live life as they were meant to.

His life out of the closet didn’t begin with wearing women’s clothing, but Paul always liked the feel of panties on his ass and pubic area. His sex partners liked them also, especially when they peeled them off him, and he eventually went all out, with sexy skirts and blouses and sleazy lingerie from Frederick’s of Hollywood. He works on the order desk of a high-tech company, and all his coworkers and almost everybody else he encounters are aware of his sexual orientation but hardly anybody gives it much of a thought, considering it to be none of their concern. At work, he wears his shoulder-length blonde hair in a ponytail and attires himself in khaki pants and sport shirts and deck shoes.

When he goes out cruising, however, his hair swings loose, and he likes to try, with carefully-applied makeup and high heels and mini-skirts, to be as alluring as the sexiest women in a city known for its hotsies. The men, gay and straight, who have enjoyed sex with Paul, generally agree he succeeds much better than would have been expected.

He strolled into his favorite gay bar at ten o’clock on the night of December 31, and was greeted by his friends as Pauletta, which is the name he always uses when in drag. After hanging up his faux fur coat, worn against the wind and fog and chill of the San Francisco winter night, he joined them. The place was crowded, mostly with men, but with a few women who enjoy the company of gay men. Some of the men were essentially straight, but preferred sex with gay men, especially drag queens, for a variety of reasons, and they looked with lust at the sexy young blonde who sauntered in. There were other men who were clad in erotic feminine attire in The Purple Knight that night but, if a vote had been taken, Pauletta would almost certainly have been named as the sexiest of the celebrants there.

It was rather early, and the place was crowded, but still quiet, compared to what it would be like by midnight. There was music, of course, and some men dancing, almost immediately including Paul, who was whirled away by his good friend, Alex, who frequently calls himself Alexis, and who is a versatile gay man, sometimes preferring to be a top and sometimes a bottom.

“How are you doing, tonight, Pauletta? Are you looking for some action?” his friend asked.

“Oh, aren’t we all?” Paul was being somewhat noncommittal with Alex, because he had no way of knowing if his friend was in the mood to fuck with his cock or his ass or his mouth.

He found out soon enough when he felt a hand slipping under the skirt that barely reached his thighs and fondling his smooth ass cheeks. “Oh, you fresh thing,” Pauletta giggled, but he made no move to chase away the questing hand, even when it slipped through where the crotch had been omitted from his panties and started stroking smooth bare skin.

When not in drag, Paul usually wears ordinary nylon lingerie but, on occasions such as that night, he favors crotchless panties from Frederick’s of Hollywood. They were designed to make a woman’s pussy readily available without the need for her to take them off, and he wore them backward so men would have the same kind of easy access to his ass. All his friends knew about them, and Alex was letting Pauletta know he was a top that night, and interested in some fucking.

Paul was too, and he reached down and fondled Alex’s stiffening cock, which was long and thick, and just what he wanted. “Do you want to go to the men’s room?” he asked.

His partner grinned and nodded his head, and the two of them left the dance floor in the topkapı escort middle of the song and started in the direction of the rest rooms. Pauletta stopped and picked up his purse where he had left it with a friend. Everybody in the room knew their destination and why they were going there, and a few people grinned, but nobody thought it was worth mentioning. They were all aware of what went on in the men’s room besides the things that happen in rest rooms everywhere.

The Purple Knight has a great deal of ambience, but is not very large. However, the men’s rest room has better appointments than would be found in most large night clubs. It has four stalls but only one urinal, and is kept at a warm temperature because of what goes on in those stalls. Even for San Francisco, the bar is permissive, and provides a comfortable place for the sexual trysts of its patrons. It keeps them safe because, even in that most tolerant of cities, there are still a few people with mindsets like those in Paul’s home town, and it keeps patrons spending their money in the club rather than going elsewhere to indulge in those trysts.

That early, even on New Year’s Eve, only one of the stalls was occupied. From the positions of the feet of the men inside and from the grunts and sighs and other sounds, anybody could tell they were doing the same kind of thing as Paul and Alex had in mind. Once they were inside another stall and the door was locked, Pauletta kicked off his shoes and set his purse on the water tank of the commode. He reached into it and took out a small plastic bottle of Aqualube, one of several he had brought with him, and a condom in its plastic wrapper and handed those items to his partner. Waiting for the preparations to be completed, he stood with one bare foot on either side of the seat.

For Alex, the first thing to do, after letting his pants and underwear drop to the floor, was to roll the condom onto his hard cock and toss the wrapper into the toilet. The next thing was to lift Paul’s skirt out of the way and smooth it over his back. After that, he slipped his hands into the opening where Pauletta’s panties had no crotch and fondled the soft, bare skin of his ass.

“MY god, Pauletta,” he enthused. “Your butt is as smooth and soft as a young girl’s.”

“Thank you. I try to keep it that way.”

He tries very hard to keep it that way. Every night, he applies lotion to his legs and both sides of both ass cheeks, and he uses a depilatory on the nights before he goes out cruising. On the more sensitive areas, such as the insides of his cheeks, he uses an electric razor. Pauletta wants to do more than look like a hot and sexy woman; he wants to feel like one to anybody who touches him intimately.

Both the men in the rest room stall were having fun with Alex stroking Paul’s very effeminate ass, but they knew it would be a lot more fun for both of them after he started fucking his friend there. Using the fingers and thumb of one hand, he pried open the edges of Pauletta’s ass, and his other hand pressed the narrow neck of the bottle of lubricant into the small hole being created. He gave a squeeze, making Paul giggle when he felt the oily liquid gush into his ass, and he enjoyed the finger that spread it around even more. He reached back to spread his cheeks to help with the penetration he was anticipating.

Alex used the rest of the Aqualube on himself, dropped the empty bottle on the floor, and pressed the tip of his cock against the oily hole he and Pauletta were holding open. A firm thrust wedged the head through the tight ring of muscles and into the channel beyond. Both men sighed at the delightful sensations they were already receiving, and Alex pushed forward again, driving more than an inch of his hard cock into the beautiful pink place that was so eager for it.

The next thrust drove another inch into the tight hole, and he had enough of his shaft imbedded that he no longer needed to guide it. Alex placed his hands on Pauletta’s hips, enjoying the smooth feel of the silky fabric of his panties, and plunged his cock in deeper, eliciting a moan of bliss. His partner started squirming from the intense pleasure Alex was already giving him, making his ass an even better place to fuck.

The third time Pauletta felt the hard giver of pleasure surge into his ass was the best one so far, because the head and the shaft were starting to caress his prostate gland, what he thought of as his clit. His expressions of delight were repeated, but more loudly, when Alex drew his cock most of the way out and drove it in even more deeply, raking across Paul’s clit again. The happy young gay let go of his cheeks and placed his hands on the top of the water tank so he could push back to meet it the next time the big cock plowed into him.

When it did, and he fucked back to meet it, Alex’s thick shaft slid almost all the way into Pauletta, sending ripples of joy throbbing out from where it stretched the opening ümraniye escort and the attached channel and, best of all, from where its hardness massaged his clit. With the next thrust, the rest of the cock plunged into his ass, making Pauletta moan more loudly from the exquisite pleasure he was receiving. Alex left the hard cylinder embedded for almost a minute, letting his partner benefit from the bolts of joy that were rocketing through his body and to revel in the delights he was getting himself.

When he resumed moving, he drew back slowly until the head of his cock was at the ring of muscle surrounding Pauletta’s pleasure hole. He paused briefly before driving it all the way back inside and, when Paul felt the long, thick cock surging into his ass, he fucked back to meet it. The next stroke was the same, as was the one that followed and the many after that. As the slow, deep fucking went on, the movements of Pauletta’s body evolved from squirming in bliss to writhing, with his head tossing from side to side and up and down.

Alex grinned at the way his sexy partner was responding to having his ass crammed, and kept plowing away, loving everything about what he and his friend were doing. His hands caressed the soft, smooth fabric of the panties that covered Pauletta’s even softer and smoother hips and buttocks. Alex’s cock plunged all the way into Paul’s ass with every thrust, and he could feel his pubic hair brushing against the creamy smooth insides of his friend’s cheeks. Even the ruffles surrounding where the crotch of the panties would have been were a delight, as they brushed against his pubic area.

The most wonderful sensation of all, though, was what Pauletta’s internal muscles were doing to Alex’s cock. The lube was working perfectly; there was no friction, just a feeling of tightness and a constant massaging of the entire length of his shaft as it moved slowly in and out. Alex was taking his time, wanting the incredible pleasure to last as long as possible, but he could feel his climax building inside his body, like a geyser preparing to erupt.

Paul’s cock was just as hard as the one going in and out of his ass, and he felt his own climax building too. Using only his right hand, he pulled the front of his panties down so the waistband was under his balls He moved his left hand to the center of the water tank so he could continue to push back with it, and his right hand wrapped itself around his erection.

At the same pace as Alex’s cock was driving in and out of him, he started to stroke himself, knowing he would cum in a few minutes and shoot his semen into the toilet, as he usually did while in the men’s room of The Purple Knight. Paul would never think of asking a straight man to masturbate him at times like that but, knowing that the man behind him was also gay and sometimes a bottom, he wished Alex would volunteer to use his hand, because it would be more fun than using his own.

Although not a mind reader, Alex realized what was wanted and even expected of him. With his cock buried all the way inside Pauletta’s ass, he reached his right arm around to take hold of the other man’s erection and stroke it a few times. Once the rhythm was established, he resumed driving his own cock in and out of the tight, oily ass that was making him feel so welcome.

In less than a minute, the soft hand of Alex was on the verge of bringing his partner to a climax. It had been building up for some time, and when he did cum, Paul emitted a sigh of joy and shot a big gusher of semen into the toilet bowl. Alex continued stroking, with both his hand and his own cock into Paul’s ass until his friend was through cumming, and it was his turn. He brought his right hand back to the hip that was such a tactile joy and started ramming his cock in harder and faster, until he felt his climax erupting and squirted semen into his condom. He continued fucking Pauletta until his cumming was done, and both men stood in place, happy and satisfied with their orgasms.

Neither man considered his sexual adventures to be over for the night. After all, it was New Year’s Eve, and there was a widely held belief that whatever people were doing at the stroke of midnight, they would continue to do throughout the new year, and neither of them wanted to miss out on that. Alex’s cock became soft enough that he was able to carefully pull it from Pauletta’s ass, and he rolled the condom off and dropped it into the toilet. After wiping off his cock with toilet tissue and putting his clothing back on, he kissed Paul and returned to the barroom.

It wasn’t that simple for Pauletta. He pulled his panties down to his knees and, using toilet paper, carefully wiped the lubricant from his ass cheeks and thighs where some of it had dribbled. Expecting to do more fucking, he left whatever lubricant was still in his ass. After straightening out his clothing, he went to the sink, washed his hands and combed his hair, which had become somewhat yenibosna escort tousled from his frenetic movements. Once he considered himself presentable again, he returned to the main room of the bar.

Things had changed considerably since his brief sojourn in the rest room. The room was more crowded and the music seemed louder. The people on the small dance floor were less discreet, and hands were squeezing asses and some had even been pushed down the fronts of other men’s trousers.

At the booths along one wall, where the heaviest sexual action usually went on, some of the New Year’s Eve revelers had gone beyond that point. Paul noticed a considerable amount of bare skin, and he saw at least two men seated next to people who were bent over and whose heads were bobbing slowly up and down. Those two men were obviously getting their cocks sucked by somebody, but he couldn’t tell whether those giving head were women or men, and didn’t care one way or another.

Wanting their patrons to have as much fun as possible, the management runs a fairly permissive operation, but they were allowing even those easy-going limits to be exceeded that night. Pauletta had no objections. He was there, as everybody else was, to suck and fuck and be fucked and generally carouse, and he didn’t care if other celebrants saw him doing it. He was also there to have a couple of convivial drinks, so he pushed his way to the bar and ordered a glass of white wine.

Leaning against the bar and looking out at the crowd, Paul noted that many of the men who interested him were already coupled up. He expected this to soon change, but Pauletta wanted a stiff cock in his mouth or in his ass or both at once, which would be his preference. As he looked around again, he recognized Stan, a straight guy whom he had sucked off in the past, and wondered if he might be interested in a repeat performance. After finishing his drink and setting his glass on the bar, he went over to find out.

“Hi, Stan, he greeted the man who was leaning against the wall, somewhat out of the hurly-burly. “Do you want a blow job tonight?”

Stan looked around. “Hi Pauletta. Yeah, but isn’t this a bit public?”

“That doesn’t bother me. If you look around, it doesn’t seem to bother anybody else either.”

He looked around and saw that was true, and that his fellow revelers were getting more and more open with their sexual escapades, so Stan offered no objections when Paul knelt on the floor in front of him, pulled down the zipper on his pants and reached in to fondle his cock. It had been only partially erect, but the soft hands of the drag queen quickly turned it harder, especially when Stan looked at the pretty face and soft blonde hair of the man kneeling in front of him. In a few seconds, Pauletta’s mouth turned it rigid.

He started by licking the head, loving the warm, velvety texture, and continuing to apply his tongue in concentric circles until he was stroking under the ridge. For about a minute, Paul kept the end of Stan’s cock nestled between his lips, being sure to pay special attention to the slit at the end, until he slowly leaned forward, enveloping the shaft in his mouth.

Pauletta loved the way the girth spread his lips apart, and his tongue loved the smooth skin stretched over its hard roundness, as it laved the entire length inside his mouth. When the tip of Stan’s cock came up against the back of Paul’s mouth, he moved his head slightly, opened his throat and let the head ease even farther in, until his lips were pressed against the other man’s pubic hair. Pauletta let his face stay in that position for almost a minute, caressing the shaft with his tongue and looking up at Stan with his beautiful blue eyes.

It was fun relishing the hard shaft deep within his mouth and throat, but Paul knew it would be a lot more fun stroking with his lips until the cock jerked and spewed out a big gob of cum. In no hurry at all, even though there were people walking and dancing within a foot of where he was kneeling, Pauletta withdrew his mouth until the head was cozied in his lips again. His tongue caressed the smooth, warm surface for a few seconds before he leaned forward once more and enveloped the shaft until his lips were being tickled by pubic hair again.

Continuing to use slow strokes and take the stiff cock down his throat, Paul moved his face back and forth, reveling in all the sensations he was getting. He was not the only one having a good time with what he was doing. A few men were watching Pauletta sucking off the young man, and hoping they would have a turn with the sexy blonde’s talented mouth, while others were admiring the cock being sucked. Except for Paul, the person having the most fun was Stan. It was a visual delight for him to watch the other man’s blonde hair swinging to and fro and to watch his hard shaft sliding in and out of the pretty face with the blue eyes that looked at him adoringly, but the sensations of the lips and tongue making love to his shaft were infinitely better.

Stan’s body was writhing from the tremendous amount of fun he was having, and he knew he was about to climax. “I’m almost ready to cum, Pauletta,” he told the kneeling man. “Do you want me to shoot into your mouth?” It was strictly a courtesy, because he already knew what was wanted.

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