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New Zealand Miracle Ch. 02

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The last half hour was still a blur to Drake. He wasn’t quite sure what had just transpired but knew it was amazing. They were driving to a Hell’s Pizza back in her city and she was telling him everything he needed to know about what he was seeing. New Zealand had always been his life’s number one vacation spot he wanted to visit since he was little and watched “Hercules: The Legandary Journeys” and “Xena: Warrior Princess.” That desire to go grew even stronger when “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy came out. He knew it was going to be breath taking, be he had absolutely no idea how gorgeous it was really going to be. She was telling him names of all the different trees: the maidenhair, the smoke bush, the golden honey locust, the pin oak and dozens more. She linked the importance of the forest and nature to native Aotearoans, or Maori as they are actually called, such as herself. Many even say a prayer before cutting down any tree. It was all fascinating to him.

Then she started talking about the kiwi bird. He smiled, she finally mentioned something that he knew about and could chime in what he already knew. Then it was back to being oblvious about everything that was Aotearoa. He thought he knew a lot more about this place than he actually did, and now he was getting a crash course from an amazingly beautiful girl that actually lived there. The beginning of this trip couldn’t have been any more perfect and would consider this a great trip even if the rest of it was a disaster.

“Alright we’re here! Let’s get out, I’m starving,” and she bounced out of the car. Drake forgot that he had been hungry when he had gotten off the plane and his stomach gave him a solid, sudden reminder. He didn’t feel ashamed though; afterall, who would have been concentrating on his stomach when he was balls deep in this girl’s talented mouth? He hoisted himself out of the car and walked inside all the way staring at Alyssa’s ass. It was so amazingly sexy to him and he toyed with the idea of walking behind her and wrapping his arms around her stomach and bringing her ass back against his crotch, which was at about half mast now.

He let his old fashioned nature get the best of him and decided to let her control the speed on the first day. By the time she stopped walking, they were all the way inside. Drake looked up and got a kick out of the entire atmosphere. Seven of the pizzas were named after the seven deadly sins, the drinks were listed under nectar, and the desserts under ambrosia. He saw small thin cardboard coffins sitting on the glass top near the cash register and figured them to be to-go boxes. Looking around the establishment he saw lava lamps, wicked looking chandeliers, chairs that looked like they were on fire, and ghoulish looking wallpaper. This place really went balls out to enhance it’s atmosphere. When they got to the front of the line, Alyssa took charge and ordered a large Lust pizza, which Drake found ironic and fitting, with a single large Coke. She started to pull out some money but Drake was already handing the cash to the girl behind the register. Alyssa shot him a look and opened her mouth to speak but was cut off.

“No! Absolutely not. Chivalry is a big thing for me and I don’t believe in girls paying for food, movies, going to the zoo, or any of that. That’s something I’m not going to budge on so suck it up.” She closed her mouth with kind of wide eyes and then curled the left side of her lips into a wicked smile.

“Well, I guess I am just going to have to pay my half in other ways then.” She winked, grabbed the drink and two straws and strolled off to find a table. He was back to being rock solid and he looked at the girl behind the counter who was smiling knowingly at him. She opened her mouth a little and used her right index finger to push it back up and laughed. He immediately got the hint and shut his now gaping mouth and followed Alyssa to their table. He adjusted himself and sat down. “You know,” she said before taking a long drink, “I’m still not entirely sure I understand how you were able to get out here. I mean I got the premise but I’m not positive I can believe a story like that.”

“Listen it’s hard for me to fathom as well. I told you, one of my buddies that I played high school basketball with made it to the NBA, as a reserve mind you. His team was playing the Nuggets in Denver, which is only 450 miles from me, and he offered me a couple tickets if I wanted to go. So I drove up, used my discount to stay in one of our hotels, and went to the game. The halftime promotion was ‘Sink It To Win It.’ Make a half court shot and win an all-expenses paid, minus souvenirs and fast food, trip to anywhere in the world. They had been having qualifying shots all season and 3 out of the 40 people had made it. Except, apparently one of the contestants didn’t show up so they were looking for a replacement and called out a random seat number. The first one was a kid that was too young to participate, the second was a pregnant lady who declined, and the third one was me.

“So I went down to the court at halftime to get told the rules and what-not. I was going to shoot bakırköy escort last, which was fine, and I really wasn’t nervous because I was essentially playing with house money. Halftime came and the three of us were introduced to the crowd and everyone cheered; made me miss playing ball a lot actually. Anyways, the first two guys missed pretty terribly and it was my turn. I have a pretty good arm so I didn’t even take a running start, I cocked my arm back and threw it… and it slipped out of my hand and landed at the free throw line, fifteen feet short. It was dead on, but short.”

Alyssa laughed, “Damn! That sucks! Wait, if you missed, how did you win?”

“Well, as I was telling you before this was all fate to me. The odds of me getting selected to participate in a game that I was very good at, to go do something that I have always wanted to do, in the one game pro game I have attended in the last three years is so incredible huge that it just seemed like fate. So after the ball landed short, it took one bounce and landed in the hoop. There was a lot of commotion and the organizers of the event were discussing what happened and eventually ruled that since a bounce shot like that would count in the NBA that it would count for the contest. So even though I screwed up hardcore on the shot, fate made its message clear. So when they came to me and asked where I wanted to go, I immediately blurted out New Zealand. Truth be told I didn’t even think of you at the time, well maybe subconsciously, but I’ve always wanted to come here since I was a little kid. It was like I was not going to be denied. Being here with you is just like the cream cheese icing on the cake, and everybody knows that the cream cheese icing is the best part of the cake.”

Alyssa blushed a little bit and seemed to nervously looked around the restaurant. Thinking that he might have scared her a little bit with a cheesy line like that he blurted out, “But of course the icing wouldn’t be anything without the cake. You can’t just have the icing. The cake is what is important but the icing is just fun. I mean you can’t just have an icing cake. Well maybe you could bu,” Alyssa’s finger to his lips cut him off. She was shaking her head and smiling.

“It’s cute how you try to fix things when you get nervous, but it is really ok. I just never thought this would happen. When we met online and talked, I told you that I was comfortable with what was going on because we’d probably never meet each other even if one of us happened to want to. That it was no-strings attached fun. Ever since you told me you were coming down here I’ve just been trying to make sense of it all. I don’t want to think you came down here just for me because that would probably change things for me, but I trust you enough when you say that you really would have picked here even if you never had talked to me.”

“Sorry to put you in a bind like that Alyssa, but I definitely would have picked here regardless. I just figured even if nothing happened between us that you would be the best person to show me around if you were willing. If it would make you feel better that we didn’t have sex the rest of my tri…”

“Whoa whoa whoa, let’s not get crazy here,” she quickly and excitedly interjected. “if you are down here already and staying with me, I’m definitely going to have some fun and make him earn his keep.” Her foot had made its way up to his crotch and was it was undetectable to anyone that wasn’t crawling on the floor. “I can’t just let him get away with thinking he owns the place. I have to make sure I show him who the boss is around the house.” She leaned in and motioned for Drake to come closer and whispered, “Plus, I couldn’t live with myself if I had a monster like yours under my roof and I didn’t ride him all night long. I also want to see which one of us wears out first and try all those moves out that you teased me with. No, we are going to fuck like rabbits every night until one of us breaks.”

She pulled away and licked her lips while looking at Drake, whose eyes were as wide as monster truck tires, and she let out a loud laugh. She really started rubbing him deeply with her feet and he started to groan, “Oh, you are going to be so much fun to play with,” she hissed at him right as their order was being called out. “I’ll go get it. I don’t think you are in proper shape to go get it,” and she bounced up and headed towards the counter.

She was right, his cock was harder than he could ever remember it being and he wasn’t even sure he’d be able to stand up without either ripping his pants or breaking it off. “You know that you’re the biggest cock-tease that I’ve ever even heard of, let alone met, right?” She stopped dead in her tracks and turned around with a less than pleasant look on her face. She walked back to him with her face turning more into a scowl and got close to him and somehow screamed a whisper at him.

“Hey! You can call me those things later behind closed doors but never out in public! I don’t tolerate it and neither should your chivalry.” Her face instantly turned from looking like the beşiktaş escort gates of hell into looking like a smiling sweet innocent angel, “but yes I know. It’s one of my best attributes and puts me into control. You should be expecting more and more of it every day” She winked and twirled back around and properly walked to go get the pizza. When she returned, she did so with a massive looking pizza with more meat and meat types than he ever imagined could go on a pizza: Venison pepperoni, Salami, Ham, Bacon and Cabanossi.

They both dug in and Drake had to admit that this was the best damn pizza he had ever had. Being a football player and traveling the United States had given him plenty of samples of pizza, but this was by far the best. It had to be the venison pepperoni. With about a quarter of the pizza left, they both stopped eating and exchanged light chat about what they wanted to go see while he was down there. They came up with some tentative plans and then switched the subject to hobbies, movies, sports, anything and everything came into play, especially laughter.

After a while, something came to the forefront of Drake’s brain. He had been holding the urge to take a piss after the need arose after his orgasm in the parking garage and now seemed as good a time as any for the sole fact that he no longer had a huge bulge to display to all the patrons of the restaurant. He excused himself from the table and made his way to the men’s room. He opened the door and frowned when he saw both urinals taken and the regular sized bathroom stall was also closed; however, the handicapped stall was open. His bladder overruled his common courtesy and he quickly made his way to the stall, closed and latched it, and turned around.

Even the bathrooms here were nicer and cleaner than back in the States. The walls fit the theme of the entire pizza parlor and almost made him a little uneasy. The toilet was surprisingly normal and thank God for that; Drake didn’t think he could handle it looking like a skull or something like that. While he was looking around, he heard a couple flushes, sink being run and turned off and the bathroom door opening. He turned and scooted towards the toilet and unzipped and pull it out. He shrugged his shoulders, relaxed and nearly jumped out of his skin as his felt a small warm delicate hand wrap around his member from behind his right side.

“It’s a shame that he finally went soft,” Alyssa’s delicate voice drifted over his right shoulder as she started stroking his quickly growing cock,” I was trying to keep him hard this entire vacation. I apologize. I’ll do better I promise!” His urge to take a leak disappeared instantaneously. He closed his eyes and leaned his head back and let her gently but firmly stroke him to full length. “My my,” she whispered, “he feels even bigger when I can’t see him.” Her left arm wrapped around him and slid up his shirt to his chest, which brought her body tightly against him and sent energy through his entire being. He reached back to pull her closer and grabbed the flesh of her lower back.

Exposed flesh? She didn’t have her shirt on! His mind started going into overdrive imagining what she was finally going to look like when he turned around. Drake made up his mind and he reached up to grab the back collar of his shirt and he peeled it off of his body. His left hand went to cover hers and hold it while she roamed his body and his right hand covered hers on his shaft. She gave a light laugh while she started to pump him faster, “I guess you are up for anything aren’t you? Ooooooh we are going to have so much fun.” Both her hands moved towards his belt and started unbuckling it and unbuttoning his pants. When she yanked the belt off, she started to squat down as she tugged his pants down to his ankles.

Drake took this opportunity to spin around quickly and his cock smacked her directly on her left temple. Looking down on her somehow made his erection harder. She was a thing of beauty. Her shirt was off and she was wearing a revealing lacy sky blue bra that really showed off her breasts and didn’t leave much to the imagination. It some how pushed her tits together while separating and exposing her cleavage. She was still wearing her skin tight jeans that showed off her ass even more as she was squatting down. She looked up at him as he reached down and grabbed a handful of her hair. He roughly pulled her hair down making her head snap back and made her look up at the ceiling. Staring into her eyes, he could tell that she was excited, that she wanted this. There was no fear whatsoever and she trusted him in what he was doing and to show her a good time. He wasn’t going to disappoint her.

“Stick your tongue out you little cockslut,” he firmly barked at her. She complied by sticking her tongue out all the way and hovering it above her jaw. “I had a hard time believing that you were telling the truth all those months. A hot sexy nymphomaniac playing an online game and hooking up with a random stranger? I couldn’t believe it.” He started slapping the tip against her tongue which elicited an excited beylikdüzü escort moan from Alyssa. “I see that it was a good thing I didn’t believe cause it isn’t true.”

She turned her head slightly, as much as she could from the strong grip on her hair, and raised an eyebrow in obvious confusion. “Yes, you told me that you loved sex and were dirty and all of that, but you didn’t tell me that you lived for cock. That you can’t survive without it. That you were the biggest cockslut in the entire world and would do anything anywhere just to get some. So I’m going to punish you for lying and make you my own private whore.” Her eyes and face shifted from confusion to being filled completely with lust. She was obviously getting turned on from being talked to this way just like she said she would. He started to reward her by sliding his cock up and down her exposed tongue and saw her hands sneak down to her jeans and unbuttoned the clasp.

As soon as he saw her hand slip inside of her jeans, Drake roughly pulled her hair towards him and slipped his dick down her throat all the way to his balls in one quick motion. Alyssa screamed in pleasure around his manhood and was thankfully muffled by the meat in her mouth. He continued to pull her hair back and forth while getting a good rhythm with his thrusting hips. She stopped playing with herself long enough to reach back and unclasp her bra and let it slide off. Drake’s eyes were instantly drawn to the perfectly shaped breasts that were now visible to him. They had a very slight hint of sag but were full and firm. Her nipples were slightly bigger around than a quarter and were sticking out about a third of an inch and were just beckoning Drake’s mouth to them.

He somehow kept his composure and continued his pace of pulling all the way out until the tip was encircled by her lips and slamming it all the way back down; his balls slapping against her chin. Alyssa managed to keep her mouth in perfect position and her eyes trained on his as she stood up just enough to slide her jeans and sky blue thong down to her knees and then to her ankles, exposing her beautiful completely shaven pussy. Drake was biting his bottom lip and concentrating on not losing focus, which was hard because of how much she moaning every time he thrust.

On one of the outstrokes, Drake’s heart and Alyssa’s head both froze when the bathroom door opened and heard a man giving a smoker’s cough. Drake’s heart sank as he heard the stall door next to his open and close, this was probably the end of their fun. He suddenly felt two hands pushing his hips backwards and forcing him down onto the toilet. She scooted as she could between his legs and gave him a devilish wink and leaned down and took one of his nuts into her mouth and sucked hard. He wanted to groan so loud but he couldn’t give away his compromising position; Alyssa had to have known that. She had turned the tables on him and taken control of the situation. She switched back and forth between his balls and gave a couple licks up the length of his shaft between sucking. She would pump his shaft the whole time and look up at him smiling as best as she could.

About two or three minutes in, Drake was having a hard time keeping quiet and knew the guy in the next stall was going to take a long while, and as a result he shifted back on the seat nervously. Alyssa immediately pinched his nipple, which made him instinctually open his mouth in pain, then proceeded to take his cock all the way down her throat and sucked hard while squeezing his balls.. Drake snapped his teeth shut and let out a loud, painful grunt despite his efforts to stay quiet.

“I feel you mate! This pizza isn’t anybody’s friend after they eat it,” came a deep grumbling voice on the other side of the stall. Drake started to laugh at his response and Alyssa gave a wink to him and resumed bobbing her head up and down his shaft. An idea found a way into Drake’s head. If that guy thought that he was using the bathroom, then all the pressure was going to be on Alyssa to stay quiet. So when she finally let go of his dick to go lick his shaft, Drake stood up and grabbed her by her armpits and lifted her off the ground, out of her pile of clothes, all in one motion. He spun them around 180-degrees and got a great deal of satisfaction at her completely shocked reaction. He put her back on the ground and then grabbed her right knee and lifted it and placed her foot onto the toilet seat and bent her over slightly exposing her ass and shaven pussy. She looked over her left should with a look that said, “What are you doing?” He mouthed back to her, “Let’s see how quiet you can be.”

His left arm hooked around her waist and started rubbing her clit while his right hand reached and grabbed her wonderful right breast. It was so firm and yet so soft and a slight whimper escaped her lips. He positioned his cock between her legs and pushed forward so it was sticking out beneath her pussy. He leaned back and bent his legs to give his cock a more upwards angle and slid his dick up and down her slit. Alyssa’s breathing was becoming more labored as he teased her tit, pussy and clit. He rocked his hips back as far as he could and his cock popped up level with her hole. She whipped her head around and locked eyes with him, both of their eyes consumed with primal lust. She mouthed the words, “Fuck me hard,” and that was all the encouragement he needed.

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