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Nick And His Two Sisters Pt. 08

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Author’s note: For those of you still reading, I thank you so much. It gives me inspiration to keep writing more for you guys. As always thanks for the support. Make sure to leave a rating!



School that morning had went quickly. Nick had lunch to go to, with English class following after. He found Josh at the cheerleaders table, chatting to Hannah Peters. She was an alright looking, volleyball girl. Known for having the

Peachiest ass in the year. Nick could see exactly why some Freshmen liked to sit on the bleachers directly behind the defending team.

She had an ass that looked as though it could tear apart anything she wore. It had got him thinking about the topic they’d sat and discussed that morning. He couldn’t decided if he was an ass man or a boob man. He weighed up the pros and cons of each body part. He’d had an obsession with breasts from a young age and since he’d started having casual sex with his sister, all he wanted to do was to suckle on the ends of his big sisters tits.

However as he’d grown older, he’d developed a taste for a woman’s cheeks. Big or small, he loved them curvy and firm. Both his sisters were blessed with majestic behinds. There was something about the roundness and the magic that hid between and under each cheek.

He shook these thoughts from his mind when he’d realised he’d started to turn himself on in the middle of the canteen. He didn’t want to walk around school with his cock straining against his pants.

Matt had somehow talked Josh into talking to Hannah and for a second they’d thought he had actually managed to get her number. She wrote something down on a napkin and they assumed it was her digits. Josh returned to their table with the napkin scrunched in his hand.

“Did you get them?” Matt asked.

“Get what?”

“The digits!”

“Do I look like someone who’s just gotten Hannah Peters number?”

His face was a mix of anger and humiliation. For weeks now he’d been trying to find a date to the dance. He’d tried everything; From slipping love letters into people lockers, to sliding notes across desks during class and yet still, he couldn’t find himself a date.

Nick saw Jessie enter the canteen. She was with her giggly friends and they sauntered over to their designated table. She glanced over towards him and her friends giggled yet again.

“They haven’t gotten over last week have they?” Said Matt.

“I don’t think that’s why they’re giggling.” Nick smiled, knowingly.

“Then what are they giggling at?” Josh asked.

“I had a girl in my room a few days ago.”

“Really! Who?” Josh had already forgotten his recent rejection.


“You’re lying.” Matt could tell that he wasn’t but it was almost unbelievable all the same.

“She got caught in the storm and had nowhere to go. So I took her in.” Nick shrugged his shoulders, he’d never felt more proud of himself.

“Soooo… What happened?!”

Nick had them both on strings.

“Let’s just say, I’m busy this weekend.”

“He shoots, he scores!” Josh cheered

as he fist pumped the air.

“That’s amazing! What are you guys gonna do? A seat at the movie theatre? Book a table at the Diner? Or maybe… a romantic stroll around Balmont lake?” Matt set the scene with his hands spreading wide before himself.

“Well… I’m not sure yet.”

“When is the date?” Josh asked.

“I’m not sure.”

“You don’t even know when it is that you’re seeing her?” Matt had to clarify.

It had suddenly hit him. He didn’t even know what they were going to do. It was normally up to the guy to decide but he couldn’t think of anything. Now when he thought about it, being on a dinner date with The most beautiful girl in school really upset his stomach. He’d always been nervous around Jessie, even in class when she sat three feet away from him. He would would shake uncontrollably at the simplicity of offering her a pen.

“What am I gonna do?!” He panicked.

“Relax, you have all week to decide. Try and talk to her, see what she likes.” Matt prompted.

“Try get to know her in English class today.” Josh tapped his shoulder.

“I suppose. What if she doesn’t like anything that I like?”

“Then there’s plenty more fish in the sea my friend.” Matt had said it with the upmost sympathy.

Jessie did as she usually would in English class. She’d lean over and whisper a question to him. Then he’d lean over and whisper the answer. However this time it was Nick who leant over her desk first.

“I don’t suppose you still want to see me this weekend?” He rubbed at his neck.

Jessie lifted her eyes from her paper, then to the front of the class where their substitute teacher was reading a book about English literature.

“Of course I do.” She smiled.

“Oh… okay, good.” He said.

A few minutes had gone by before he’d found something else to say.

“What day are we doing it?”

“I’m free Saturday?” She whispered.

“Saturday is good.”

This felt odd. Jessie had bursa escort never even spoken to him before. Now he was discussing the details of their date. He couldn’t help but peak over at her whenever he could. Their eyes were like magnets, they found each other no matter what. Whenever they did, she would smile in a shy sort of way and he would smirk broadly.

He’d never felt this feeling before. Everything seemed to be sitting right for him at the moment. He’d patched things up with Jennifer. Jessica was speaking to him like she’d never done before and sex with Rebecca was becoming more and more passionate each time they did it.

Now he was in class and all he could think about was the woman in his life. He hadn’t had sex with Rebecca in a few days and that was playing on his mind a lot. He had went from being a virgin, to having sex regularly, almost everyday. It was quickly becoming an addiction, an addiction that he was not yet willing to give up.

Nick watched as Jessie ripped out a piece of paper from her jotter. She scribbled on it for a few seconds and then secretly passed him the scrunched up ball of paper under his desk. With his eyes on the teacher, Nick reached under the table to take the note from Jessie’s hand. At first he couldn’t locate where about it was.

His hand brushed up against hers. Her cold touch startled him. It reminded him of how he’d put his arm around her on his bed. The feeling of them touching each other. Skin against skin, it brought the hairs up on the back of his neck.

After taking the note from her hand, Nick slowly unraveled the paper. All he saw was a bunch of numbers. When she was smirking at him was when he realised. She had just given him her number.

He felt his heart beat loud in his chest. It was just like he’d envisioned in his dreams. The scenes he would play over and over in his head were all coming true. Nick walked Jessie to her next class. He’d hoped she’d kiss him on the cheek again, like she’d done before in his room. He craved the feeling of her lips on his skin one more time. He craved that butterfly feeling he got in the pit of his stomach.

But the kiss never came. After he walked Jessie to class, Nick couldn’t help but stare at the paper in his hands. These were the numbers that perfectly joined together to make up Jessie’s number. All he had to do was punch these numbers into his phone and she’d be on the end of the line. This was Jessie’s number he had in his hands! He clutch his fist shut over the paper as if it were a secret treasure. He stuffed it deep into his pocket before attending the last class of the day.

When the final bell of the day rung around the school halls, Nick made his way to the parking lot. It was Wednesday, Rebecca normally picked him up on Wednesdays. He searched around for her car but he could not see it anywhere.

He even checked in the spots that she usually parked in but she was not there either. It wasn’t until a small blue car pulled up by the side of the road and honked at him.

“Jessica?” He asked.

“Quick, get in. Before anybody recognises me.”

She wore her usual trendy clothes. Except what she wore over head. She had a straw hat on with dark shades over her eyes in order to hide her face. It was obvious to Nick as to why she didn’t want to be seen. Nick walked around to the other side of the car and got in.

“Embarrassed of me are you?”

“What? No it’s not that.” Oddly, Jessica kept twisting her neck to look behind her at the crowd of people that waited by the bus stop. There were a bunch of kids and some school teachers. Mr Harrison watched the car suspiciously.

“Who are you looking for?” He asked.

“What?… Er, doesn’t matter. Let’s get going.”

Jessica started the car and drove off. It became very apparent that she did not know these roads. She turned left when Rebecca usually turned right and sometimes she didn’t turn at all into the streets that she should have turned into.

“Where are we going?… The house is back that way?”

“We… my friend or should I say, my cousin. We are going shopping.” She smiled.


“You haven’t forgotten about your makeover have you?”

He didn’t like the look in her eye. She was extremely excited for someone who wouldn’t be buying anything for herself.

“I had forgotten about that.”

Nick had no idea that this was still on the cards. His anxiety now flared at the thought of going shopping with his extremely hot cousin Jessica.

“What if people see us shopping together? Won’t they think it’s odd?” He asked.

“Let people think what they want to think. I don’t care.”

“Funny you say that. Who were you hiding from? You certainly seemed to care if someone saw you back there.”

“It’s nothing, really. Just an old friend I don’t talk to anymore.”

Nick didn’t like the answer she’d given him. He knew there was more to it than that. But right now he had his mind on other things.

Jessica pulled into the parking lot at the mall. It took quite some time bursa eskort for them to find a suitable space but eventually they did. It took even longer for Jessica to park the car in the narrow space that she’d claimed. Finally, after long last, Jessica was satisfied with her parking and off they went into the mall.

“So where do you wanna start first?” She asked.

“I don’t know… why don’t you chose.”

“I think you could be doing with a haircut.” She brought a finger up to her lips as her other hand brushed through his messy hair.

“I like my hair.” He protested as he batted away her hands.

“It’s too long. You suit shorter hair. Plus, this way you can style it better.”

“I guess.” Was all he said.

Jessica took his hand and led him to the hairdressers. He’d never held hands with her before. He quite enjoyed the feeling of it as she pulled him away.

“Wait. Why aren’t we going to the barbers?” Nick pointed in the opposite direction.

“Because, the girls in this salon are way better than the smelly dudes at the barber shop.” She continued to drag him towards the beauty salon.

Once inside, Nick couldn’t help but look at all the woman in there. He was indeed the only man in the entire salon. Usually Nick would only be intimidated by other men. Who were more often than not, usually bigger and/or stronger than himself.

However, this was a different kind of intimidation. He didn’t feel threatened with pain or anger. This was more a fear that threatened judgment and public humiliation.

“What do we have here?” A tall slender looking woman asked as they walked in.

“This is my cousin, Nick. He’s gay and he’d like a hair cut.”

Nick shot Jessica a furious look. He even mouthed the words to her; ‘I’m not gay!’

Not that Nick thought that there was anything wrong with being gay, it was more due to the fact that he now felt as though he had a massive amount of pressure to play the role of gay, teenage, cousin.

“Hi, Nick. What can we do for you today?”

He’d opened his mouth to answer but Jessica had already beaten him to it.

“He wants to go short. No more locks, no more curls.” She smirked.

Nick knew better to not protest. The tall woman took him gently by the wrist and swirled him around into a chair. She wrapped the apron around him and went to work as soon as it covered his clothes.

After a round ten minutes or so, she wheeled him around again to face Jessica.

“Much better. You look so handsome!” She smiled.

“It’s a shame he’s gay. I wouldn’t mind a shot of him. If you know what I means girls.” One of the older woman commented as she cut a young woman’s hair.

The whole salon erupted with girly fits of laughter. He didn’t feel embarrassed, or nervous as such. All he could do was blush.

This felt silly. Where had his masculinity gone? He pulled Jessica closer to him and whispered in her ear.

“Can we possibly head to a… I dunno, a sports store preferably.” He whispered.

Jessica giggled along with all the ladies in the salon until she paid the woman with her fathers card. Next up they went to the clothing stores. She walked him around the aisles, picking up items as she went.

It had gotten to the point where clothes were draping over the edges of the basket that she held in her hands. He had one too. Nick had no idea she had such an intention of buying this many clothes.

“Jessie is going to love these.” She said as she picked up a multi-pack of Calvin Klein classics.

“I don’t think she will be seeing them anytime soon.” He mentioned.

“Don’t be silly. Most girls want to lose their cherry after the dance. That’s why they get so nervous about it.”

Nick hadn’t thought of this. Matt and Josh had touched on it briefly, but he was sure they had just been fantasising again.


“Really, what?” She asked.

“Girls want to have sex after the dance?”

“Duh? It’s like a high school tradition. Don’t tell me you haven’t thought about having sex with Jessie?”

“I haven’t even asked her to go with me yet.”

“What are you waiting for?” She almost yelled.

“I’m plan to call her tonight. Maybe I’ll do it then.”

“You can’t do it over the phone you dumb ass.

You need to ask her to her face. Girls respect that a lot more.”

“But if it’s a school tradition, that everyone knows about. I’ll be practically asking her if she wants to have sex with me!”

“Don’t you want to?” She asked.

“I dunno.”

“You don’t know? Haven’t you thought about her in that way?”

In truth, he hadn’t at all thought about Jessie in that sort ofway. He didn’t ever seem to look at her the same way in which he looked at his sisters or even sometimes Jessica.

“No… I’ve not.” He answered.

“Awww… you’re too sweet.”

“Don’t do that.” Again, he swatted away her hand that had come up to pinch his cheek.

“You seriously haven’t thought about it all?”


“Well gosh, Nick. What’s gonna happen when escort bursa you guys decided to you know… do it.”

Nick hadn’t thought of this to be a possibility.

Nick had never mentally undressed Jessie like he had with his siblings or Jessica for that matter. He now found himself doing just that. He pictured her first with a top on, then he tried to picture her topless. His cock urgently woke from its slumber.

Jessie never really wore any revealing clothing. She stuck to blouses and cardigans of fluorescent design. So it had been hard for him to mentally undress her. Though he’d seen enough red haired girls in porn to know what her tits must look like.

Jessica always noticed when men got erections and with Nick, it was incredibly easy to notice. She’d seen the outline of his cock while flaccid in his swim shorts and now she couldn’t tear her eyes of the massive bulge in his jeans.

She thought back to when she had seen him in the pool. She thought back to what had run through her head at the particular time. That she’d wanted to see it. To suck on it. To practice on it for her boyfriend. They’re dicks were an at obvious and similar length. She had tried to suck on her boyfriends but it had simply been too big. Again she wondered if he’d let her do it.

“You are a virgin, aren’t you?” She asked.

Nick didn’t know how to answer this question. He didn’t want her to think that he hadn’t lost it, because he had. The only problem was that he’d lost it to his sister and the question ‘Really, you have? Who with?’ Normally followed the answer, No.

“No… i’m not.” He said.

“Really? With who?”

“Some girl. You wouldn’t know her.”

“Some girl, huh? Well… what was it like?”

He felt uncomfortable discussing this with Jessica. Mainly because it wasn’t a topic they had ever covered before. She’d mentioned blowing her boyfriend and they’d both laughed at that. But this was serious talk. This was about him now.

“It was like sex… I don’t know. It was fun.”

“It was fun?” She laughed.


“Did she suck it?”

Nick now became aware that’s she’d noticed his erection in his pants. Her eyes were down on his crotch and she didn’t care to take them away from his fly region.

“Why are you asking me this?”

“Just curious.”

“Yes. She did.” He said, nervously.

It suddenly became apparent at how close she was to him.

“And how was that?”


“Did she manage to fit it in her mouth?”

It was almost as if she was in some sort of trance. Her feet were slowly shuffling towards him. They were standing in the middle of a quiet shoe aisle as close as they could possible be to each other. He could feel her shallow breath on his chin.

“She did okay, I dunno.”

Jessica snapped out of it. She’d realised she’d gotten so close to him. She couldn’t help but try and define the bulge that erected a tent in his pants.

“Is this because of your boyfriend?” He asked.

“What?… No?” Her bitchy tone was back.

She usually adopted this tone when she was on the defensive.

“You were just asking me some personal questions. So it’s only fair for me to ask you some.” He smirked.

Jessica didn’t like the way that he was looking at her. Not that it made her feel uncomfortable, more that she’d realised he’d figured her out. He’d sussed the game that she had tried to play.

“You were thinking about sucking my cock! Weren’t you!” He said it in a hushed voice but it had come out louder than expected.

All of a sudden, Jessica became aware of the presence of people around them.

“Will you shut up!”

She pushed him back into a door that swung open. He’d backed up all the way into a changing stall. Naturally, Jessica closed the door behind her and locked it.

“Will you be quiet!” She hissed.

“Oh, so all of a sudden we’ve to use our INSIDE VOICES.” He said, loudly.

“Nick!” She whispered again.

He could tell that she wasn’t annoyed. This was more of the type of teasing that he used on Jennifer.

“Okay, okay, maybe I was.” She whispered.

“It’s just that… I noticed your thing… in the pool the other day and I couldn’t help but notice it was around the same length as my boyfriends, that’s all.” She said it like it was no big deal.

But this was his very hot, cousin, announcing that she wanted to such his cock.

“You know what, forget it. Just try the clothes on.” She said this as she pushed the bundle of clothes into his chest.

“Aren’t you going to get out?” He asked shyly.

“Ugh, fine!”

Jessica left the stall to allow him to change in peace. Item and after item, Nick would try on each piece of clothing and then come out and show Jessica. She would give it a thumbs up or a thumbs down.

More often than not, he’d come out to see Jessica pointing her thumb down with an unapproved look. On the rare occasion, she would actually hold her thumb up and smile encouragingly at him.

They did this for a little while longer. Until he had to try on the Calvins. He had Calvin’s of his own but they were long worn out and had lost their whiteness. He slipped off his jeans and then his boxer shorts. His balls curled up after feeling the cold air inside the cubicle.

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