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Nick and Kay Ch. 01

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Nick didn’t notice Kay at first, beyond her being one of those friendly women who chatted with everyone. She worked in the same building where he’d just gotten a new job and he often spotted her passing through the reception area carrying assorted files or packages. One afternoon he was eating by himself in the building’s coffee shop when she asked if she could join him.

“There used to be a group of us who’d come here every day,” she said as she sat across from him. “Only Terry went on mat leave, Jen retired, and Lisa was never that sociable anyway.”

Nick hunched his shoulders. He wasn’t sure what to say. He’d always been shy. He watched her bite into a sandwich she’d brought from home. Through lunch she gave him a rundown on the changes to the area over the years. He learned she was thirty-three, and had been working for a property management firm for nearly a decade. She seemed to know everyone who came and went from the coffee shop.

On their way back into the main lobby she said, “Let’s do this again some time.”

“Yeah, sure.” Nick thought nothing more of it for the time being. Being nearly ten years older than him, Kay didn’t register as potential girlfriend material,not that he was looking.

A few days later, he went again to the coffee shop. She was already seated in a far corner and she waved for him to join her. “I know it sounds silly, but I can’t stand eating by myself in public,” she said. “I always feel like a wierdo.”

“Fair enough,” he said. When he first started lunching alone he’d felt self-conscious, so he understood. She dug into the salad she’d bought. Only now did he notice she was quite pretty, with large brown eyes fringed by long lashes. No mascara, either. Her only makeup was tinted lip gloss. She had a small, freckled nose and was pale without being pasty. Her dark brown hair was pulled into a loose ponytail that made her look younger than she was.

“So how old are you?” she asked.

“Twenty-three. Almost twenty-four.” He wasn’t sure why he felt that was important to point out apart from not wanting to come across as too young for her. Her ring finger was bare, he noticed, although she wore two rings on her other hand.

“Got a girlfriend?” She seemed to be asking more for conversation’s sake than because she was interested in him.

“Sort of. I don’t really label her as such, but I suppose she is.” Did a woman he sometimes shagged, and who occasionally cooked him breakfast count? It wasn’t like he wined and dined her or anything. “What about you?”

“Committed to being single.”

He detected no bitterness in her tone or in her smile, though he did eryaman escort bayan feel a tinge of disappointment, as if she were brushing him off.

“I was in love once. A long time ago. We were together for a bunch of years. Sometimes things don’t work out is all. I’m pretty happy with my life.” Conversation turned to gossip about some of Nick’s co-workers and then some road project the city was planning. He appreciated that she didn’t just prattle on about herself the way most women seemed to; she was a good person to lunch with. Most of his own co-workers were a clique who chattered only about what they’d watched on television, their assorted health problems, or home renos.

By the time the month was out, Nick and Kay were lunching together almost daily. One Friday evening as he was leaving for the day, she came up to him in the lobby. She seemed nervous. “Hey, are you busy this evening?”

He was supposed to call Mel and meet up with her later, but wasn’t in the mood for her. She’d been annoying him lately. “Not really, I was just on my way home.” He hesitated pushing his way out of the exit.

“I was wondering if you’d like to grab a bite with me. At that pizza place down the block I was telling you about.”

“Sure.” All he’d been planning on doing was heading home for a nap, but a change in routine was always good. After eating, they went for a sunset walk in the nearby park. He wasn’t sure whether he took her hand or she took his, but by the time they came out of the gates and onto the road again their fingers were locked.

“What time is it?” she asked. “I have to be home by ten.”

He didn’t ask why, although it sounded oddly like a curfew. She was a little old to be living with her parents, though. And she had said she was single, hadn’t she? Nor had she asked him about his own status lately. “Eight thirty.” They were passing along Pine Street, where it crossed Maple. His own place was less than a block away and he thought to himself, why not. “I live close by if you want to hang out for a bit.”

“I’d like that.”

He took her up to his ground floor apartment in the two-story walk-up. He was glad he’d tidied last night and had finished the dishes this morning before leaving for work. They took off their shoes and he offered her a drink.

“Just ginger ale is fine,” she insisted. “I’m not much of a drinker.”

He hoped she wasn’t just pretending the way Mel had pretended when he’d first met her. Mel turned out to be a borderline alcoholic. He’d never found drunk women at all attractive.

They sat on his sofa and chatted about the neighborhood, which she knew quite ankara escort well. Conversation slowed and they began kissing. Her body was slim and firm and he began wondering what she looked like naked. He placed his hand on her knee and reached under her dress. He wouldn’t sleep with her yet, he decided. She seemed like the sort who’d expect something from him if he did.

His fingers continued to crawl up between her thighs until they reached the soft fabric of her underpants. She parted her legs, making it easier for him to begin stroking her. He shifted to one end of the sofa, pushed up her flimsy cotton dress, and pulled down her white bikini briefs. She had a lovely body, slim and fit. Her stomach was perfectly flat. To his surprise, she was nearly clean-shaven down there apart from a dark, thin landing strip. Most women he’d been with either had a massive unruly bush, or a completely mowed lawn.

He looked up at her and quirked his brows. This was sexy as hell. “Who is this for?”

“Me,” she said, smiling. “I like to feel … you know.”

“It’s definitely that.” He kissed her mound, brushing his lips against the thin patch of remaining hair. She had a small, neat vagina, the inner labia tucked inside and only her clit, like the tip of a pinkie finger, poking out. He spread her apart with his thumbs and ran his tongue up her slash. She tasted sweet and slightly salty. He continued licking and she let out a soft moan.

Usually he avoided going down on a woman. This was the first time he was aroused by the act. She gently rocked her hips as he licked and sucked and prodded her folds with his tongue. It took her a while to come, but at last she did, holding in her breath and then letting out a deep sigh as her body went lax. He crawled up beside her and began kissing her.

“That was really nice,” she said in a whispery voice.

“Any time.” He kissed her and teased her swollen clit with his fingers. Before he could be tempted to shag her, he said, “You said you had to go soon?”

She bolted upright. “What time is it!”

He checked the clock on his wall. “About half past nine.”

“Yeah, I should go …” She sounded disappointed. He helped her back into her underpants and she straightened her dress. After she called for a taxi, he escorted her downstairs.

“Get home safe,” he said, kissing her once more. In the back of his mind he wondered whether she was married or had a live-in boyfriend she’d grown bored of. He didn’t like the idea of cuck-holding anyone, but he was definitely attracted to her.

“I’ll see you Monday?”

“See you Monday.” She sat in the taxi, sincan escort bayan closed the door, and blew a kiss out the window to him.

That Monday, they carried on as normal eating lunch in the coffee shop. Nick kept waiting for her to bring up Friday, but she didn’t. He felt relieved, but also a little disappointed. And then on Tuesday evening, she again asked him if he wanted to go grab a bite someplace. As with the previous Friday, he invited her up to his flat afterward. Again she was wearing a flowy dress, and again he went down on her. This time though, when he came back up to lie next to her, he removed his own clothing too. She grinned as he dutifully put on a condom and entered her.

“Oh, I haven’t done this for ages,” she groaned.

He believed her. She was nice and tight and she moved clumsily before matching the rhythm of his thrusts. He pushed her dress all the way off and cupped her small, firm breasts in his hands. He slipped his arms beneath her back and hooking his hands around her shoulders, he rammed into her. She lifted one of her legs to accommodate him. Damn, she feels nice, was all he could think. Strange how each woman felt different inside; his shaft was squeezed and caressed in all the right ways. He slowed his pace again and took long, slow strokes.

She stared straight into his eyes as he pulled nearly all the way out and then sank into her as deeply as he could go. Something about the moment was incredibly intimate. For once he wanted to take his time instead of rushing to come. He squeezed his arms around her body as he took one final thrust followed by release. He clung tightly to her as he spent his load and nestled his face in her hair. For several moments he lay still, unwilling to pull out just yet.

She traced her finger on his lips and kissed him. “I really needed that,” she said softly. “You have no idea.”

He grasped his shaft to ensure the condom wouldn’t slip off, and pulled out. He tossed it into a nearby wastebasket and settled next to her, running his hand along her bare, flat tummy. “Always happy to be of service.”

They lay for several minutes before getting dressed. “After all, it is a school night,” she said. “The latest I can get up and still make it in on time is seven thirty.”

This time she had driven to his place, so he walked her down to her car. He kissed her goodnight.

“Well, I’ll see you tomorrow,” she said, sounding nervous. He was tempted to follow her home, if only to find out whether she really was single or not. He shouldn’t care, though. What she did the rest of the time was her business. He was still shagging Mel, after all, and planned to hook up with her this weekend. Part of him liked the idea of the two of them having a secret affair behind the backs of their respective partners.

He pressed his lips to her cheek, taking in her sweet, earthy scent. “See you tomorrow.”

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