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Night Cap

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This is a real event, that happened in real life, to real people. These are the type of stories I have to offer you. If you enjoy the way I think / write perhaps you would consider reading more of my stories or viewing my pictures on the Lit Forum pages. My wife and I hope this story is as fun for you to read as it was for us to live out. Perhaps you will act out your version of this and we are more that happy to share in that erotic fantasy with you.

Saturday night my wife and I were at a party in Hartford. We started kissing while on the dance floor. By the time we reached the car our hands were moving almost as fast as our tongues. With a hour plus drive ahead of us we stopped for gas before getting on the highway. She was holding my arm, resting her hand on my thigh as I drove out of the station. I pulled into traffic, as I slowed to a stop at the light I pulled her face towards mine and kissed her. I kissed her soft and full as my fingers dropped from her face to her neck then tracing the edge of her blouse along her breasts. When the driver behind me kindly reminded me that the light had changed, I moved on. Of course, he was blowing his horn. What road rage? I had a hand full of 34C – nothing was going to upset me now. I waved him on.

The light was green, and after him, the street was empty so I stayed put. I increased the pressure of my hand and combed my fingers upwards along her scalp into her hair. With the soft moan from her lips vibrating against mine, I sucked her lower lip into mine. We traced each others tongue with our own, sucking and licking until one of us had to breath… I win again.

I drive past the on ramp and into the adjacent commuter parking lot. Not the best room I have ever used and thankfully, there are not many commuters at midnight. After I came to a stop in the remote, darkened corner of the lot, we start up where we had left off.

The only thing I enjoy more than undressing her is to watch her undress. Today is no exception. She undressed slowly watching for traffic. Worried about those things sane people worry about. I had no such concerns as my brains had moved from between my ears to between my legs. I waited for her to be done and I caressed her skin. I spoke of her beauty. I lightly kissed her face, her neck, the sides of her breast. I rested my hand on her stomach or thigh refusing to touch her anywhere that might relieve her. I wanted her body to scream for me. I wanted her body to insist. I was willing to wait as long as it took her body to take control.

I loved watching her nipples get hard against the gentle breeze from the air conditioner. Watching her body stiffen and relax as my hand or tongue came closer and closer to her core. Her güvenilir bahis body was arched out of the seat in a desperate plea for release… I denied her. I kept away from the heat rushing from between her legs. Her shaved lips red and wet begging me to suck them into my mouth. Her Clit asking me to suck it and hold it between my teeth. Pressure first. Then flick my tongue, circle my tongue around it. And then do all three at the same time until she comes. Suck her clit into my mouth, squeeze… hell bite that clit if that is what she needs. While holding the sucking pressure on her clit, I flick me tongue at first. Then circle the clit, then fuck her with my tongue.

She wanted that… but all she got was my breath on her pussy and thighs as I teased her.

I pushed my seat back and started to strip for her. I unbuttoned my shirt and pushed it off. I undid my belt, lowered the zipper, and pulled my pants down and off. She reached over and squeezed my dick and balls thru my underwear. My underwear wet and stretched from the clear liquid now covering my dick I pulled them down and off having to move my arms around hers, as she would not let go of my dick.

I looked over at her as we exchanged a short kiss. Her eyes glazed over with lust and passion she had one hand rubbing her pussy while her other hand was about to rip my dick from my body. I leaned into her pushing my weight against her while I kissed her and caressed her breast. Moving her off of me and back into the passenger side seat.

When she relaxed her grip on my dick enough for the blood supply to return to my brain – I opened the door and walked around the front of the car. I walked slowly through the headlights so that she could see my body… my dick sticking straight out from my body and bobbing from side to side while I walked… the muscles in my calves, thighs, and ass (all the parts she likes). When I reach her door, I open it and slide her forward against the dashboard. I slipped into the passenger seat and pulled her onto my lap.

We made love in a very slow and unhurried manner. As is our practice… women first. Tonight, I sat still while she took her time. My hands were either busy with her breasts and nipples or stroking up her thighs to gently join her in pulling or rubbing her pussy. I was waiting patiently for her to be finished before I took my turn. I was waiting patiently for a more active fuck when she started to come. She was bouncing and thrashing about like a woman possessed. I know these organisms lasted longer than the usual 15-30 seconds. I know this because I was not able to wait for her to be done. I wish I could say I was able to wait patiently before I came in side her, but I did not.

While güvenilir bahis siteleri she enjoys it when I come inside her while she is coming. To me, I’ld rather the party last longer. I prefer to help her reach a few orgasm with my dick making a few shallow moves then a deep move… maybe a finger in or on her ass. Whatever I can do to watch her body tense and arch is the mission of the moment. And when she had had enough she concentrates on me. And that is always fun.

After her breathing has slowed and her brain has regained control of her senses, I can feel the panic rise in her. She is not hurrying to find her clothes but she is no longer lost in the passion as she was before. I slide out of the car and cross in front of the car again posing to provide that much needed comic relief.

We are both naked. She is talking to me and wiping my semen from her pussy when I snap my seatbelt into position, pop the car into gear and drive out of the lot… onto the highway… and into the night. Of course her brain has a whole list of issues that she begins to share with me. The only article of clothing she was able to retrieve before I drove off was her blouse. I speak very little and with few words, I resolve the issue for her.

I tell her she is to remain undressed, blouse unbuttoned and open. Legs spread with her right foot on the dash. I grab her hand and place it on my cumm soaked dick. It begins to rise from its deflated state at her touch. I tell her to get my dick hard and keep it hard. That I am going to fuck her when I get her home. I am going to fuck her either in the driveway at home or along the roadside should she let that dick get soft.

For the next 30 minutes, she stroked my dick and kept it from getting soft. No easy feat as I had had my share of drinks at the party. I have never driven home so slowly. We were passed by cars, trucks and one bus along I-84 North towards home. No one seemed to notice us.

When I reached the house, I again got out of the car and this time I was acting out a more forceful fantasy. No longer was I planning to meet her needs. It was all about my needs. I reached in and grabbed her wrist as I pulled her from the car. She started to complain that the night air was chilly, but stopped when I spun her around. As I held her against me with my right hand across her ass.. I kissed her hard on the mouth while my other hand roughly pulled on her exposed nipple.

I could feel the damp night air around us when a car started down the road towards us. She heard it too. Her body tensed. As the headlights got closer to us, she began to squirm and push away from me. No use, the car is getting closer and is almost upon us when I spin her around again, iddaa siteleri this time pushing her facedown across the hood of the car. Her tender skin against the car takes her breath away. She resists.

My left hand between her shoulders holds her against the cold metal. My right hand has pushed its way between her legs and has made contact with her wet pussy. Still wet from our car ride and parking lot fun… soon to be wetter I think, as I push in between her legs.

Asking if she is ok. She replies that she needs me to fuck her hard and do it right now. Being a man who can follow the directions of a naked women spread out across the hood of my car… I do as asked. Rubbing my dick along her cunt lips until it has reached its fullness, I take a moment to review and appreciate the curves of her body and the way she is displayed on my car. Stepping behind her, I slowly enter her until I am fully encased inside her. I let the sensation of her warmth seep from my dick through the rest of me. I remain still focusing on who our bodies fit, mapping it out in my memory. Only then do I begin moving in and out. Shallow thrusts followed by deeper thrusts followed by long in and out thrusts followed by deep pounding, demanding, jabs. And back to shallow thrusts again while my dick recovers from the excitement.

When I feel I have recovered I begin the process again. Shallow thrusts and then I decide to just let the lust and passion go. In that decision I grab her shoulders with both hands and thrust into her at the same time. Taking her by surprise as she was expecting a more gradual assent to this type of assault. The combination of a downward pressure on her shoulders and another upward pressure from her pussy forces the air from her lungs. With a grunt she is shocked out of her quite rest on the hood. She is trying to raise her chest off the car in order to get her arms under her for both comfort and support when I push my dick into her again. She looses her balance and falls back onto the hood.

Moving even closer in-between her legs I re-grip her body and pound into her for as long and as hard as I can. I do not slow and ease on the pressure until I am near my own orgasm. Once there on the edge of bliss, I slow and concentrate on each spasm, each twitch, each wave of energy as it leaves my body and shoots into hers.

As my dick softens in her come-filled pussy, my brain moves back to its other home atop my shoulders. I notice the lawn needs to be mowed. I pause from gather my clothes, and giving thanks that the mosquitoes were not out tonight to watch my wife’s naked body walk across the driveway.

Watching her clutch her clothes to her chest while her ass wiggles into the garage bring a smile to my face. In the moon light, I trace a trail of cumm that has dripped from her pussy. What I night.

Following her path of cumm I enter the house… I wonder if I could encourage her into one more round? A night-cap perhaps.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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