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Night Sailing Ch. 05

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You waken to my hands gently massaging your back and a smile spreads over your face. You tell me how good it feels and roll over to kiss me. We kiss and hold each other for a while before you realize that we’re still moving forward.

“Hey! If you’re here, and I’m here, then who is steering?”

I laugh and you turn around. You can see that the tiller is secured in position by ropes tied to both sides of the cockpit rails. The sun is lower in the sky and you figure that you must have been asleep for a couple of hours. You also realize that you have been covered up a lightweight sheet, so that you wouldn’t burn in the hot sun. You look at me again and smile. “You take such good care of me,” you say. I just smile back at you. I return to the cockpit as you go below to resume your nap. The front hatchway is open and equipped with a fan, you lay beneath it on the front berth and the cool breeze washes over your naked body. You realize that you have never spent this amount of time naked, and you smile, realizing that you don’t care if you ever put clothes on again. You catch a glimpse of yourself in the full-length mirror on the door to the head, and smile. You can see your naked body, shaved pussy, and realize what a sexy beautiful woman you are. You lie down again and let the breeze from the fan play over you, and you fall into a relaxed deep sleep, and as you fall asleep you find that you are truly happy.

You wake to find the sun has set and the boat has stopped moving. You wrap a bed sheet around you and stand up, and then thinking better of it, you drop the sheet and make your way up to the cockpit. You can see that the boat is anchored, and can hear waves breaking in the near distance. You climb up on the foredeck, figuring to find me there, but I am nowhere to be found, you realize that you are alone on the boat, and you get frightened. You go back down below and start looking for clothes to put on, when you here the approach of a small outboard engine. You scramble to the hatch and stick your head out, and you can see that I am in a small rubber raft with a tiny outboard motor. You breathe a sigh of relief, and come back up on deck.

“I didn’t think you’d be up yet sweetie,” I tell you as you give me an angry look. “I just went to get some supplies.”

“I was scared when I woke up and you weren’t here. Don’t ever leave me again!”

“I won’t. Promise. I just didn’t want to wake you.”

I tie off the dinghy and climb aboard, bringing the supplies with üsküdar escort me. We go below and stow the food and wine, and you ask what time it is. I tell you that it is around 10:00 in the evening and that you were sleeping for around 7 hours.

“Sorry baby, I must have kept you awake too long last night.” I hope you can sleep tonight.” You just smile at me. I look at you and smile back, and you realize that you are still naked, but you like it that way, and besides, it’s too warm to put clothes on.

I prepare a light supper, as you take a shower. In the shower you clean the day’s suntan lotion off and take a razor to your pussy, making sure to stay smooth and slick for me. your hand lingers over your smooth pussy, a finger stroking your clit. you start to get yourself wet, but stop, figuring there will be time for more fun later. You towel off and moisturize yourself, looking in the mirror as you do so. You like the fact that you are now deeply tanned, and that there are no tan lines. You smile again at yourself in the mirror and come out to have supper.

I have the galley table set, a small lantern in the middle of the table and two chilled plates with fruits cheeses and bread and crackers. A bottle of white wine is in a bucket next to the table. You smile and sit down, saying, “I hope you don’t mind that I didn’t dress for dinner.” I just smile and tell you that you are as dressed as you need to be for tonight.

I watch you as you eat supper. I can’t take my eyes off of your beautiful tanned face and body. I can hardly eat as I watch you; you are magnificent. “I think you’ll like what I have planned for tomorrow, sweetie. We’ll be going ashore.”

You put a pout on your face. “I suppose that means I’ll have to put clothes on.” “Unfortunately, yes, but I bought you something to wear that I think you’ll like. You can see it tomorrow. There’s no reason to talk about clothing tonight.” I lean over the galley table and kiss you. You kiss me back and tell me that you’ll clear the table and that I should get ready for bed. Exhausted, I agree, and thank you with another kiss. I turn the radio on, tune it to some soft jazz, and go take a shower, washing the day’s salt and sweat off of me. The shower causes me to relax deeply. I towel off and climb into our berth. The mirror on the door of the head is angled in such a way that I can see you working in the galley. I cant take my eyes off your beautiful ass and as you turn tuzla escort to put things away, you see me smiling as I watch you. You pretend not to notice me, and “accidentally” drip some juices from your dinner plate on your breasts. You take a finger and wipe the juices from your nipples, and put the finger in your mouth. You can see the smile on my face and my stiffening cock. You smile and go back to work, listening to the music, the waves on the shore, and the water hitting the side of the boat. You turn once again to see if I’m still spying on you and are somewhat surprised to find me asleep, exhausted from the day of sailing.

After you have the galley ship shape, you decide that you are not ready for bed. You make yourself a cup of tea, and go up to the cockpit, still naked, and sit down for a while. To starboard, you can see the full moon over the ocean; it’s reflection close by the side of the boat. To port, you can make out the breakers; and you can hear them crashing on the shore, mixed with the soft jazz music from below. You notice for the first time that there is a town just beyond the beach, and that there have been no insects, mosquitoes, or other pests. You figure that we are to far out for them to get to the boat. The salt air is getting cooler, and your nipples stand up from the cold. You decide to go back below deck, and join me in bed, wondering what surprises I have in store for you, and as you go below, you smile, thinking up a little surprise for me.

You come down to find me still sleeping, and crawl into bed beside me. You lay there in the dark for a while, but since you took a long nap earlier, you aren’t tired. You see various closed bins around the berth and you get curious. You find a flashlight and start looking through the bins. In the first, you see some extra ropes… the second contains patches of sailcloth, and thread for the sails… the third… “DAMN, LOCKED!” The fourth has some old books and charts in it. Nothing really interesting… but you wonder what is locked in that third cabinet. You notice that I’m lying on my back and a smile spreads over your face… you have a plan to get that third cabinet open.

You get back into bed with me, and carefully move the sheet that covers me aside, so that I don’t wake up. You slowly slide down the bed until your head is even with my sleeping cock. You touch my cock with the tip of a finger to see if that will wake me… it doesn’t. You blow gently pendik escort on it… I remain sleeping. You take my cock gently in your hand and stroke it gently. I remain asleep but my erection starts to grow in your hand. You smile devilishly. You take my cock in your mouth and start to suck gently on the head… I stir and moan slightly… you continue to suck the head of my cock occasionally diving down and taking my whole shaft in your mouth. I finally start to wake up… in the dim light I see you sucking my cock and I smile but try to lay still, pretending to be asleep. You suck me harder, cupping my balls with one hand and stroking my cock with the other. I can pretend no longer and let out a soft low moan. You smile and continue to lick and suck me, and then you suddenly stop. “What’s in the locked cabinet?”

“Huh? Why are you stopping?”

You lick the sensitive spot under the head of my cock. “What’s in that locked cabinet?”

“Why are you asking me now? Cant it wait till later?”

Your mouth takes all of me in and you rake your teeth against my cock as you take it from your mouth. “Because I want to know now. If you want to cum, you better tell me.” You smile and tickle my balls with your tongue.

“No. there’s something in there I don’t want you to see yet.”

You lick my shaft from the base to the tip. “Show me.”

“No, it’s a surprise.”

You nibble the ridge around my cock head. “Show me now!” You dive on my shaft and use your tongue quickly as you take my cock from your mouth.

“Ok, ok, oh god you are so good. And so bad too. You win. I’ll give you the keys, just please don’t stop.” I reach over and come up with a set of keys. “Here. This one opens the cabinet. Now please….”

Your hand cups my balls gently as you suck hard on the head of my cock. Your other hand strokes me harder and harder. You can feel the cum rising in my balls. Your tongue rubs the spot under my cock head as you suck me. I try to force my cock deep into your mouth, but you just suck harder on me, drawing the cum out of me in large spurts. As I cum, you squeeze my balls gently, wanting every last drop from me. I convulse as you suck my cock, and finally, completely spent, I lay back, completely drained. I look down at you, and see a satisfied smile on your face. You move up and we hold each other, one of my hands cupping your breasts, the other resting between your legs. We fall asleep in this position, and you awake several hours later, keys still in your hand, and you smile, the taste of me still in your mouth. The light gets brighter as we lay there, and you realize that you still don’t know what is behind the cabinet door.

You get out of bed, and go to the cabinet with your prize, the keys that opens it.

You turn the key and open the cabinet door.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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