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Nikki’s Mom Ch. 02

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It was late the next morning when Angela awoke. She opened her eyes slowly, feeling like her head was gonna explode. There was a definite ache between her thighs. Suddenly, with realization dawning on her, she bolted upright on the bed, throwing the covers back.

She looked between her thighs and couldn’t help but notice the drying stain there. Nor could her nose not notice the strong scent of sex that waifed up from her pussy. It was then that everything came back to her. The pictures on her daughter’s laptop! Her reaction to them! Her drinking and something else. She gasped, looking around wildly for the zucchini.

It wasn’t there in the bed with her! Then another thought seemed to bore into her mind. Another picture seemed to take shape inside her fuzzy brain. It was the picture of her lifting up off the bed in orgasmic bliss; of her opening her eyes to find her daughter sitting next to her. Nikki with her skirt pulled up high, fingers working in and out of her pussy as she fucked her mother hard with the zucchini.

Angela began to cry. Big tears of shame ran down her face. How could she face Nikki? What would her daughter think of her? And did she actually say the words to her daughter that she faintly remembered screaming out as she came? Angela dragged herself from the bed and stumbled to the bathroom. The shower helped to ease the throbbing in her head, but her mind was still in turmoil.

When she walked into the kitchen, the smell of coffee drew her like a magnet. She found Nikki at the stove. The girl was dressed in just a pair of panties and a bra. Angela couldn’t help looking at her daughter as the scenes on her laptop went through her head. Nikki always seemed like such an innocent young lady. But the pictures that were on her laptop were far from innocent.

Nikki felt her mother behind her and tensed. Would she remember last night? Would she be angry? Would her mom lash out, berating the young girl, calling her a pervert and other names? Nikki held her breath.

“Is that coffee fresh? I could sure use a cup. I must have drunk a lot more than I thought last night. I had the weirdest dreams. Did you cover me up before you went to bed?”

Nikki almost breathed a sigh out loud. She didn’t dare turn and look at her mother. She knew that the look on her face would give her away. Earlier that morning, Nikki had gone into her mother’s room. The woman was still sleeping hard. She didn’t move when Nikki gently shook her, and Nikki couldn’t resist gently peeling back the covers to look once more at her mom’s naked cunt.

A shiver went through the young woman as she fought the desire to lean down and lick that hairy slit. It seemed to call to her, begging for more attention. But Nikki knew that this was not last night. Her mom would be over her drunken stupor and able to instantly awake if Nikki was to touch her there.

Nikki gave a nervous laugh. “Well you seemed to be out of it last night. I cleaned up the spilled drink on your night table. I covered you and went to bed after taking my shower.” Nikki still had not turned around to face her mom. She felt the woman lean against her as she reached up to retrieve a cup from the cupboard. Nikki could feel her mom’s tits press into her back. They seemed to send a shiver right to the young girl’s cunt.

Angela felt her daughter stiffen as she pressed her hard nipples into her back. Suddenly, Angela didn’t want to be coy. She leaned in close to her daughter’s ear. “Did you put the zucchini back in the frig? Or is it buried beneath your covers. What did you do to me last night Nikki? Did you actually do things to me or was it just a drunken dream? I need to know! And I want the truth!”

Nikki sighed, then without thinking, pressed herself back against her mother. She could feel those hard nipples pressing into her back. As Angela stepped back, Nikki turned around and looked at her. Neither woman spoke, but their eyes said volumes.

“WE need to talk mom! Not just about last night, but about a lot of things. You have always been my best friend. We could talk about anything! I don’t want that to ever change. Promise me that you won’t let that change!”

Angela looked at her daughter. Her eyes looked up and down the young girl’s body. Angela didn’t fail to notice that there was a distinct wet spot at the crotch of Nikki’s panties. “Nothing will change the way I feel about you honey! I promise!”

Nikki took the cup from her mom and poured it full of coffee. She poured herself a cup. Like her mom, she liked her coffee strong and black. No cream! No sugar! Then without a word, she led the woman into istanbul rus escort the den.

Angela sat down on the couch, with Nikki sitting about two feet away. Both women sat with one leg curled beneath them. It wasn’t planned, but this left both of them with their panties visible to each other.

“What do you remember about last night mom? Tell me everything. Don’t hold anything back. This is very important.”

Angela took a deep sip from her cup. The bitter yet delicious tasting brew seemed to help clear some of the cobwebs away. Then she looked at her daughter. Should she be totally honest with the girl? After a few heartbeats, she decided that she would be totally honest with her.

“Well, I was sitting here watching some dumb program on TV. I don’t know why, I decided to be nosey and see what you were up to on your laptop. They say that when you go looking for things, don’t be shocked when you find them.” She looked up and saw her daughter staring directly at her. Nikki took a sip from her cup but didn’t say a word.

“Well, I found some stories that you had copied. I started reading them. Nikki! Do you read erotic stories all the time? There were so many on your computer. And a lot of them were from one writer in particular. I opened up your email. I do have your password remember, and saw where the two of you have been writing back and forth.

At first I was shocked by the content. He is so much older than you are. And yet he didn’t seem like some dirty old man trying to seduce a naïve, young, inexperienced girl. He seemed to genuinely want to answer all your questions. I admit that some of the stories were strong enough to get me excited. I had to keep reminding myself that these were stories that my young daughter was reading.”

Angela took another sip from her coffee, looking at her daughter as she did. Nikki didn’t move when she saw her mother look down between her legs. She knew that she was growing wet. And that her mom could see it. Angela noticed that the small stain of wetness on her daughter’s panty had grown.

“Then I saw that you had sent him photos of yourself. I expected to see you showing poses of yourself dressed or at least wearing a bathing suit. What I saw shocked me. Nikki! You did a photo layout of yourself seducing him. From slowly undressing yourself, to using a zucchini in your mouth, your pussy and even in your asshole! I swear, there was even one where you looked like you were squirting at the camera!”

Angela took a gulp of her coffee, realizing that she had emptied the cup. She held it out and Nikki took it and went into the kitchen. When she came back both cups had been refilled. As she sat down, she noticed that her mother had a growing wet stain in her panty. Angela blushed, knowing that her daughter could see her own growing excitement.

Nikki looked at her mom as she sipped her coffee. “Did looking at me like that make you hot mom?” Angela almost choked as she gulped down a big swallow. “You told me that you had a few lesbian experiences when you were in college. Did seeing me exposed like that make you think about another woman mom? Did you think about me as that other woman?”

Nikki could see that her mother’s breathing had changed. Angela’s nipples were poking hard against her housecoat. And the small stain had grown bigger. Nikki looked directly into her mother’s eyes. She watched as her mother swallowed her mouthful of coffee. Coffee, that had just gone from being a very enjoyable drink to bitter water.

Angela looked at her daughter. Then blushing with her head downcast, she nodded her head. “I don’t know what came over me Nikki. I knew that I should have been disgusted and angry. But the more I went from picture to picture, the hotter I seemed to get. I started to see you not just as my daughter but as a wanton sexy young women. A young woman, that I wanted to know better. Intimately! I guess you must see me as some kind of pervert. A mother that has the hots for her own daughter.”

Nikki moved closer to her mom, putting her cup on the lamp table that was at the arm of the couch. She threw her hands around her mom and pulled her close hugging her tight. “Mom! You’re not some kind of pervert. You’re my mom! The sweetest, sexiest, hottest woman on the planet! Do you want to know what happened when I came into your room and found you? Are you sure that you really want to know everything that happened? I think that you will be totally shocked when you find out.”

As she talked to her mom, Nikki could feel her own tits pressed into the tits of her mom. She could kadıköy escort feel her cunt throbbing at the thought of telling her mother what she had done. Nikki could feel her mom trembling as she held her. She could also feel the way her heart was beating fast and how the woman was breathing harder. Reluctantly Nikki let her mom go and slumped back to look at her.

“We can let this go if you want to mom. Or I can tell you what happened. But I won’t hide anything or sugar coat it for you. I will tell you exactly what I thought and felt. And I will tell you what I did. Do you still want to know?”

Angela’s mind was whirling. She was excited! Scared! Exhilarated! Apprehensive! And totally unsure as to just how far she wanted this to go. After all, this was not some young woman like when she was back in college. This was her daughter! But what she was feeling at that exact moment was anything but motherly. Taking Nikki’s hands in hers, she looked at the girl. “Tell me everything.”

Nikki got up. Picking up the two cups, she walked into the kitchen. Angela didn’t move from her spot. When Nikki came back, Angela arched her eyebrows in a silent question. “I thought we would both need something a bit stronger than coffee.” Angela took the glass of scotch over ice and watched as Nikki sipped on a glass of wine. The young girl didn’t like strong alcohol.

As Nikki sat down with her leg tucked beneath her, Angela couldn’t help seeing that the small wet spot had now grown into a very obvious dark stain on her daughter’s panty crotch. Looking down quickly, Angela could see that she also sported a much bigger darker stain on her panties too.

Nikki took a sip from her glass and watched as her mom took a big gulp from hers. “I came in from class early. I just didn’t feel like being in school yesterday. And since I am acing my other courses, I figured that playing hooky wouldn’t hurt. When I opened the door I didn’t hear any of the usual noises. The stereo wasn’t on, neither was the TV. I figured you were sleeping.

Your door was open a crack so I pushed it open some more. You were lying on the bed with your housecoat open. You didn’t have a bra or a pair of panties on. That in itself was a bit odd. You never go around commando.” Nikki watched her mother blush.

“I walked closer to the bed and called out your name softly. Then I shook you. You were out of it. That was when I saw the overturned glass and smelled the scotch. You are very beautiful mom, and I admit that I took a few seconds to really look at you. That was when I saw the zucchini lying between your thighs.

It was still covered with your crème. Your pussy lips were swollen and covered in thick crème too. I saw my laptop lying next to you and when I turned it, I saw the pictures that I had taken and sent to the writer I talk to. I began to wonder if you had gotten hot looking at my pictures.

Your nipples were red and poking straight up in the air. Looking at you was getting to me. I remembered you telling me once that you had experienced girl/girl fun in college. That made me wonder if you were thinking about another woman while you fucked yourself? Then I started to think about you seeing me that way. I have had my own fantasies and some of them did have you in it.

I picked up the zucchini and very gently touched the tip of it to your pussy. It was still gapped open from earlier. And I could still see juice oozing out of it.”

Angela interrupted her daughter at this point. “Nikki. What would you have done if I had woke up?”

Nikki smiled at her mom. “I would have told you that I was removing it. That you had fallen asleep with it there and I was taking it to the kitchen so you wouldn’t roll over in your sleep and hurt yourself.” Both women smiled at each other.

“Mom, when I touched your pussy with it you moaned. You moaned and opened your legs wider. I began to slowly and gently rub it up and down your slit. All the time, watching your face for some sign that you were waking up. But you didn’t. Instead, you called out my name and opened your legs wider. I was getting horny. You have no idea the effect this was having on me.”

Angela squirmed in her seat. Giving a nervous laugh, she looked at her daughter. “Oh I can imagine! Probably the same kind of effect that looking at my daughter’s naked poses had on me!”

Nikki laughed. She watched as her mother took a big gulp from her glass. Nikki took another small sip.

“I started out just using the tip. I worked it slowly and gently in and out of your pussy. It seemed to make you a lot wetter. kartal escort Soon, the tip went to two inches. You squirmed and started to work your hips against it. By this time, I had my skirt pushed up, my fingers down in my panties. I was soaked. I fingered myself with two fingers while using my thumb to rub my hard clit.

I would have given anything to have leaned over and sucked one of your nipples. They seemed to be calling to me. I had to know what you tasted like. I pulled the zucchini from your pussy and you groaned in disappointment. First I smelled it. You smell so good when your hot mom. Then I tasted it. Oh mom! It was so sweet!

Soon I was sucking on that zucchini like it was a cock. I wanted to lean down and give your pussy a real going over with my tongue. But I knew that I wouldn’t be able to explain that if you woke up. I pushed the zucchini in about four inches and began to slowly fuck you with it. That was when you started calling out my name, telling me to fuck mommy.”

Angela didn’t know whether she wanted to cry from shame or hug her daughter out of love. So she did say those things! It wasn’t all a fantastic wet dream! She looked up at Nikki. She was breathing harder. “What did you do next?”

Nikki moved closer to her mom. Putting her hand on her mom’s knee she looked up into the woman’s face. “I started to give you more. I was pushing about 6 inches in and out of your pussy. But I was still going slow and gentle.” Nikki giggled.

“You have no idea how hard I wanted to fuck you! But I was afraid that if I did you would wake up. You were humping your ass up with each thrust of the zucchini. Oh mom it was so fuckin hot! Then I heard you calling my name again. Only this time it was enough to take us both over the edge.”

Angela looked down and saw that Nikki’s panties were glistening. The girl was dripping wet. She looked at her daughter as her hand slid closer to the young girl’s cunt. “What did I say Nikki? What did I tell you to do?”

Nikki slid her own hand along her mom’s thighs until they touched her wet panty. Angela gave a soft whimper. Nikki began to slowly stroke her fingers up and down, pushing into the indentation. “You said, “Fuck me baby! Fuck mommy! Fuck me hard!”

Angela gasped out loud. But she couldn’t tell if it was from what her daughter told her she had said, or if it was from the fact that Nikki’s fingers had slid beneath her panty and was stroking her naked pussy.

Breathlessly, she asked, “Did you do it? Did you do what mommy asked you to do?” Angela’s fingers had found her daughter’s cunt. She had pushed them beneath Nikki’s panty and was openly fingering the girl. Nikki groaned, pressing her hips down on those burrowing fingers. She was breathing just as fast as her mother was.

“Oh fuck that feels so fuckin’ good! No. I just kept working that zucchini in and out of your pussy. But I did push more of it up into you. You began to fuck it for real! You were humping your pussy up hard trying to bury the whole thing in your cunt. Suddenly you opened your eyes and looked at me.

You began calling my name, telling me you were Cumming. Oh mom you looked so hot! I really wanted to savage your pussy with that zucchini. I didn’t care if it hurt you. I wanted to fuck you so bad. You screamed out that you were Cumming and then you squirted your cum. I swear mom, it hit me on the tit. Then you seemed to pass out.

I pulled the zucchini from your pussy and took it to my room. I sucked it clean, wishing that I had the nerve to really suck your pussy. Then I fucked myself until I feel asleep. Oh mom! Mommy! I’m gonna cum! Don’t stop! Please don’t stop!”

Nikki was humping her pussy on her mother’s fingers. Angela had worked three long fingers up into her daughter’s dripping cunt. Nikki too was giving as good as she got. She had three of her fingers deep inside her mother’s cunt. And she was pulling back and shoving them hard, trying to drive them as deep in the woman as she could.

“Oh baby! Nikki! Mommy’s gonna cum too! Oh baby! I did get hot looking at you. And when I saw that zucchini stuck in your ass I lost it! I came so fuckin’ hard! I didn’t want to stop. I couldn’t stop! I lay there fucking myself until I passed out. And all the time it was you fucking me!”

Both women cried out their orgasms. They hugged each other; their fingers still inserted in each others cunts. Then slowly they parted. Looking at each other they began to giggle. The giggle turned into a laugh. Soon they were hugging and laughing almost hysterically. Then as if a switch had been thrown they stopped.

Angela looked at her daughter. “Where do we go from here Nikki?” Nikki looked at her mom and smiled. “Well, I would suggest a shower. It seems we both made a mess of things. And we will have to really clean this couch. Otherwise it will smell like pussy.” Laughing they got up and headed for the shower in her mother’s bathroom.

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