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Ninety Days Ch. 04

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Despite my extreme frustration, I slept soundly through the night. When I woke in the morning, Mistress was already gone. She had left a note for me on the dining room table instructing me to make the house spotless, devise a dinner menu for two and to call her at 5:00 pm to touch base. I had received notes like this from Mistress before and they usually foreshadowed an amazing evening of play. My heart leapt as I was certain that tonight would be the evening she let me orgasm.

I busied myself with the cleaning first and then took a cookbook down from the shelf and began creating our menu. Because I didn’t know what Mistress had in mind for the night I made sure to craft a menu that would be easy on my system though still delicious. Next, I created a shopping list and quickly left the house. Mistress called me on my cell phone while I was on my way to the store, asking me to buy flowers and making sure we had red tapers in the house. I affirmed both requests and my excitement grew. She knew I enjoyed romantic evenings and I began selecting the music for the night in my head, wanting everything about it to be perfect.

Shopping went quickly and easily and once back home again I began the preparations for the evening. I set the table for two, placing the flowers to the side of where we’d be sitting so we could enjoy them. I did the prep work for dinner and selected the music taking care to place them in the order that would meld best with what I imagined would be our night. As the time grew closer to 5:00 pm I could barely contain my excitement, feeling certain that Mistress had planned a very special night for the two of us to celebrate my first orgasm in four months.

At 5:00 pm I called her. “You’re prompt,” she said and I could hear the smile in her voice. I thanked her and she continued. “Tonight I want Amber to serve dinner, but she needs to be dressed appropriately and I’ll leave that up to you to decide. I should be home around 7:00 pm and I’d like dinner ready around 8:00 pm.” I made mental calculations in my head on timing and knew I had to start getting ready soon. I told her I understood and that I was really looking forward to the evening. She said, “I am too. Be sure to wear something sexy,” and then she said goodbye and hung up.

I took my time getting dressed and doing my makeup, struggled with which shoes to wear and which wig, but in the end believed I looked especially hot. I needed Mistress’s help with my corset and I hoped she’d indulge me by lacing it tight for me when she got home. Leaving that as the final thing to complete my attire for the evening, I started making dinner, happy and excited that tonight was nearly here.

Mistress arrived a little before 7:00 pm carrying with her a shopping bag. I smiled widely when I saw her and asked what was in the bag. “Oh, just some sexy new lingerie I thought might be nice for this evening,” she said, adding, “I hope you don’t mind that I put this on your credit card.” My cock immediately stiffened in the cage. She smiled at me, said the table looked beautiful and dinner smelled delightful and then wandered into the bedroom. I continued making our dinner, happy that she was pleased with things thus far and thinking that Mistress must want tonight to be very special for me since she knew I loved lingerie so much. I reflected on the fact that in our four months together, she had never purchased new lingerie for an evening and I was excited to feel it against her body later that night.

A few minutes later she called to me, asking me to come into the bedroom. She was wearing her new things and I simply stood there, stunned by how sexy and gorgeous she looked. She had put on makeup too, accenting her eyes and lips in a sexy manner that also caught my eye because she rarely wore makeup. “Mistress,” I stammered, “you look so incredibly beautiful.” She smiled, almost blushing, told me that I looked nice too and asked to my surprise, “Would you like to be let out of the cage now?” My erection was immediate and the torrential thoughts flowing through my mind in that moment could barely be contained. I nodded my head vigorously. She laughed and motioned with her finger for me to come near.

I pulled down my panties and exposed the cage. She snipped the plastic lock attached to my frenum and then removed her keys from her purse and unlocked the metal lock. She instructed me to remove the cage and wash up but not to play with myself as I did so. When I returned to the bedroom I was erect from the combination of my freedom, how sexy I felt and my excitement for the night. Mistress was slipping into a short, sexy black dress and had me zip her up. Then she reached for the corset and told me it was time to put this on. I put it around me, fastened the front and then braced myself as Mistress began lacing up the back. She cinched it impossibly tight, sculpting my shape into an hourglass that flattened my tummy, accented my hips and pushed my “breasts” türkçe alt yazılı porno higher and together. As she tied the laces in the back I commented that this perhaps the tightest she’d ever cinched me and I wasn’t sure how I’d sit down let alone eat anything. She let out a small laugh and said, “Oh, I’m sure somehow everything will work out.”

She glanced at her watch, noted that it was almost 8:00 pm and inquired about dinner. I told her it would be ready in about fifteen minutes and she dismissed me to continuing cooking, instructing me to apply another coat of lipstick so my mouth glistened in the candlelight. As I was in the bathroom carefully painting a thick coat of the sexy red varnish on, the doorbell rang. Mistress called from the other room that she would get it and I finished my application.

When I stepped out of the bathroom and looked down the hall, Mistress was at the door in a passionate embrace with a man I’d never seen before, their mouths pressed together and lips locked in desire. I started trembling and my heart was beating faster than it ever had before. Thoughts collided in my head as I tried to make sense of what I was seeing. Although my stomach was in knots, there was no denying my arousal and the pulsating rush of blood to my stiff cock. I stood there watching as the man’s hands wandered across Mistress’s body, from her ass to her breasts and all points in between. When they finally broke away from one another, they were both smiling widely and held hands as they entered the house proper. I ducked to the side, hoping I hadn’t been seen.

“Amber?” Mistress called from the living room. I froze, shaking, wondering how I was going to make it through this. I wasn’t ready to meet ‘our boy’ and I certainly hadn’t expected to meet him like this. I calmed myself and took a deep breath, trying to take comfort that he must only be stopping in for a drink and then our night would continue. Surely Mistress wouldn’t have handled it this way. I swallowed hard and walked into the living room where they were seated on the sofa next to each other. Mistress spoke. “Amber, bring us two glasses of wine and then you may continue making dinner.” Her look told me I was dismissed and I thanked her, bowing my head and smiling softly as I retired to the kitchen.

My hands were shaking as I fumbled with the corkscrew. I poured two glasses of Viognier that I thought would go especially well with the dinner I had prepared. I poured myself a glass as well, downing half of it in a single gulp.

When I returned to the living room, Mistress and the man were kissing again, her hand resting on his crotch while his was wandering up inside her skirt and it appeared he had found what he was looking. My erection raged in my sexy black panties as I sat the wine glasses down on the table beside them. They never looked up nor stopped their private attentions so I slipped back out of the room to the kitchen to finish making dinner. I was at a loss, not knowing if I should serve dinner, grab my wine and sit with them or wait until I had received instructions. I opted to wait for instructions and thankfully didn’t have to wait long.

Mistress called from the other room. “Amber, we’re ready for dinner when you are.” I wasn’t sure if that meant I needed to set another place or if it meant that I would be serving them dinner. I again decided to wait for instructions and brought dinner out on serving dishes. I carefully served each dish and as I was spooning the risotto onto Mistress’s plate she said, “Please fill our wine glasses again and then you may kneel here beside me.” I now understood my place.

After filling their glasses, I knelt beside Mistress and she softly squeezed my shoulder, an act I took to be pleasure with my manner this evening. As they chatted through dinner, throwing an occasional compliment my way for the deliciousness of the meal, my erection never abated. I was impossibly aroused and wanted to touch myself so badly. I heard the man ask for more wine and Mistress tapped my shoulder. I took it to be a signal that I was to serve him too, so I rose and went to the kitchen for the bottle, pausing on the way to finish the glass I had poured earlier. I returned, refilled the man’s glass and set the bottle on the table before returning to my kneeling position beside Mistress.

Mistress had taken her shoes off while I was away and had extended her leg and was now rubbing the man’s cock with her foot under the table. I could see from the massive bulge in his jeans that he was aroused and it caused a pang of desire to shoot through me, making my cock twitch. They had finished their meal and were simply chatting and I would have thought they had forgotten about me altogether except that Mistress’s hand continued to stroke my shoulder softly and absentmindedly.

They rose from the table, taking their wine glasses with them, he heading to the couch doeda porno while Mistress excused herself to use the bathroom. I wasn’t sure what I should do so I remained kneeling, waiting for instructions. As the man passed by me brushed up against me and I glanced up at him. He smiled kindly, which made me more comfortable, and I returned his smile bashfully. Mistress came out of the bathroom carrying her wine glass and handed it to me, saying “You must be thirsty.” Taking the glass from her I immediately felt that it was warm and knew it wasn’t wine in the glass. “Drink up,” she said with a smile on her face and I greedily swallowed down the glass of pee she had given me, savoring her taste and thanking her when I was done. “Once you are done clearing the dishes you can put some music on, then get the bondage chair out and position it in the middle of the parlor. I’ll also want cuffs, rope, my stinger, a large dildo, lube and towels, ok?” she asked. I offered immediate compliance, thanking her as I rose to do her bidding.

I worked quickly and efficiently, starting with music and then set about clearing the dishes. Once the kitchen was in order I got the other things together and took them into the parlor. Mistress and the man — ‘our boy’ I reminded myself — were petting each other and talking, she smiling widely and clearly charmed. As I organized the toys I thought it was odd that Mistress hadn’t introduced us yet but I took that to be merely a function of my service for the evening. Finishing up organizing things, I knelt beside the chair and waited for their attention.

Mistress came over to me, leaving our boy alone on the couch and instructed me to take my normal position bent over the chair. She secured my ankles and then my wrists to either side of the chair. She warmed my ass with a few preliminary hand spankings, making it nice and red. Our boy came into the room then and sat in the chair — the one usually reserved for Mistress I noted in my mind — and once he was comfortable he unbuckled his belt, unfastened his pants and pulled them down to his ankles. His cock sprang to immediate attention and I looked at it with longing. Mistress was right, he had a huge cock and it was beautiful. He began stroking it slowly while watching me. Subconsciously I licked my lips and he smiled.

The zing of the stinger through the air brought me back as the first throw struck my ass. I fought hard not to scream but as the second one hit I recoiled in pain. Our boy began stroking his cock a little faster, clearly enjoying the show. Mistress continued with perhaps a dozen more throws and my ass was on fire but my erection announcing my pleasure. As if signaled by Mistress, the boy stood up and placed his mammoth cock inches from my face. “Suck my balls,” he said and I was shocked that he would give me a command. I hesitated and Mistress must have sensed my confusion as she leaned forward and whispered to me, “Suck his balls, Marc, its ok.” I did as I was told, straining forward to find the orbs floating in his sack. His scrotum was shaved and soft and his skin felt warm and good in my mouth.

As I continued working his balls, desperate to get his cock in my mouth I felt Mistress’s hand on my ass and then the cool wetness of lube greasing my crack. She worked a latex gloved finger inside me, added more lube and then used two fingers, fucking me slowly. The feeling was amazing and I moaned lowly while sucking our boy’s other testicle into my mouth. Mistress left the room but came back a few seconds later. She must have retrieved the strap-on harness because the familiar feeling of penetration was the next sensation I felt. She eased into my ass, moving slowly and erotically, and unlike the prior night, I opened up for her immediately. Once fully inside, Mistress began a slow rocking and I moaned aloud, letting our boy’s balls slip from my mouth. He laughed and then used his hand to tilt his cock downward, placing the engorged head of his beautiful prick an inch from my mouth. Mistress continued fucking me, slowly and rhythmically and once again the familiar stirrings of an orgasm began deep within me. “Suck my cock,” he said. I needed no further encouragement and took him in my mouth. His cock was hot and silky smooth and I stretched my jaw wide to take all of him in. He began fucking my face in an alternate rhythm to Mistress’s cock in my ass. As he would push in, Mistress was pulling out and I felt like they had one cock running into my mouth and out my ass.

Mistress began pumping me harder and her moans of pleasure grew louder as she tightened her grip on both sides of my waist. Our boy must have been encouraged by this because he inched closer, placing his right hand on the back of my head and forced more of his cock down my throat. I was nearly gagging because he was so large and wondered to myself if I’d ever get used to his massive tool. Mistress began panting more loudly and her nails qiqitv.info dug into my flesh as I focused on not biting the gorgeous cock shoved in me.

It seemed all at once we were going to cum when Mistress first moaned and bucked, grinding into me in a familiar way I knew was her cumming. Then his cock began twitching and the urgency of his thrusts became greater as he slammed his torso into my face. His body tensed and he let out a low, guttural moan, saying “oh fuck” as the first blast of his seed filled my mouth. He shot three or four thick loads of cum into my mouth before pulling out and finishing himself off with his hand, shooting the final two streams on my face. I swallowed what he had given me and my tongue searched my lips for more. Nearly simultaneously, Mistress collapsed on my back, panting in exhausted contentment. My cock was twitching, the arousal tingling like I was covered with crawling insects. I was desperate for release and couldn’t believe that once again I’d been fucked to the point of cumming only to have it end before I could explode.

Despite how wonderfully well Mistress had fucked my ass and despite the complete turn-on of sucking our boy’s cock and swallowing his cum, I couldn’t orgasm before each of them had had their pleasure. Still, I twitched and whined, fucking the air, but it was no use. After Mistress regained her breath she lifted herself from me and slowly slid the dildo out of my ass. Our boy had by now returned to the chair and sat there quietly with a contented smile on his face. Mistress removed the strap-on harness, letting it drop to the floor, and slowly untied me. She whispered that I could use the restroom, touch up my makeup and get a drink, then return to her. She added that she didn’t want me touching myself while I was out of her sight.

I followed her instructions, first checking myself in the mirror and seeing our boy’s cum on my cheek, starting to dry. I wiped it off carefully with my finger, savoring its taste once again and then made sure my makeup was in order. I applied a fresh coat of lipstick and told myself in the mirror that I was such a whore. I laughed and then got a glass of wine before returning to the parlor.

Mistress was sitting in our boy’s lap, coaxing his cock back to fullness with her hand while they kissed. I knelt on the floor beside them and waited for further instructions, wanting to touch myself but not sure if I should. Without even looking at me, Mistress told me to masturbate but not to cum yet. I immediately took my cock in my hand and began slowly stroking it, knowing that if I went to fast I would cum within seconds.

Mistress and our boy continued their private interlude, seemingly oblivious to my presence. He had slipped his fingers inside her and she was responding with low whimpers, clearly enjoying his attentions. Her head tilted back slightly, away from him, and she moaned with pleasure, a quiet “yes, please” escaping her lips as he fingered her with greater pressure.

I watched with a mixture of extreme arousal and envy, wishing I could be pleasing her but knowing her desire for the evening was being fulfilled by another man. My cock grew harder and the tingling sensation increased. I was so very close to exploding and I wasn’t sure I could hold it back when it came. I moaned, “Oh, god” and Mistress responded sharply, “You may not cum yet” and so I released my cock and sat there trembling, wondering how I was going to survive.

The man removed his fingers from Mistress’s pussy and held it out to me. I quickly leaned forward and sucked her juices from his fingers, wishing that my mouth was upon her sex and my tongue buried deep inside her. Once his fingers were clean he took them back and then with both hands guided Mistress on to his hard cock. She moaned with pleasure as his cock slid into her and I quickly took my erection in hand and began stroking it. Once again I longed to be inside her but Mistress had made it clear a month ago that I would never have intercourse again and this moment confirmed my place as her chaste cuckold.

For the next fifteen minutes, Mistress swooned with pleasure as his cock slid in and out of her. Her hands were resting upon his shoulders as she bounced up and down on his swollen penis, enrapt with desire. They were both now panting in urgency and Mistress was nearly giggling as she rode his cock, their bodies entangled in a sweaty, sexy, intertwined position that made it obvious they had fucked many times before. I thought about this as I continued slowly stroking my cock, suspecting that Mistress may have been fucking him for quite some time and my arousal grew.

As they continued fucking, Mistress turned her head and looked at me. “You wish you could fuck me, don’t you” she said with a smile somewhere between sadistic and exact pleasure, “but you know you never will. Your cock will never be inside of anyone again.” I moaned and looked at her with pleading eyes. She took deep breaths, riding our boy and clearly enjoying herself. “Your cock is useless to me, but stroke it now while you can because soon that won’t happen anymore.” She panted, whispering to the boy to fuck her harder and he responded with moans of his own as his body tensed and flexed.

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