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No Knickers

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It has been a long time. I got married when I was 20, and we had seven good years, three bad ones and she was gone. That was a couple of years ago now, a bad period, I don’t recognise the person I was for a while, insular, confidence shattered, pessimistic. Then one day I signed up for a Facebook account, connected with friends I had persuaded myself I didn’t have and I re-entered the world.

One of my friends, a woman I had been friends with since college, persuaded me to go online, to join a dating agency, something I was reluctant to do. But she came round, and sat next to me and we filled out a profile. I enjoyed the evening and female company, I even thought to myself it was a shame she was married! As regards the profile, I didn’t think any more about it, I never logged in again.

I got on with my life, work was getting busy and I was performing better since I left my dark place. I worked as a manager for a car parts place, hard work and long hours, but a good bunch of people to work with. After a typically long day I got home and after a shower I sat down with a cool drink and decided to check my emails for once. The usual adverts and rubbish, I wondered why I bothered. I spotted an advert from the dating agency I had signed up for, to be honest I had forgotten all about it at that time. Lazily I opened it, blah blah, look at the new members in your area, sign up and blah blah. And then it said they would be running a singles night tomorrow, sign up, only a few places left. I thought about how nice it was to have some female companionship and before I really thought about it I had paid £20 and signed up.

The next night I was tired and after my shower I wasn’t sure I wanted to go, but I had a good shave and laid out a nice shirt. I stared at myself in the mirror. Surprised I realised the hard work was agreeing with me, I had a flat stomach, my shoulders and chest were broad and well muscled. Not bad for 35 year old man I laughed. I was lucky that I had always been ‘sufficient; in the underwear department, so I splashed on some aftershave and with a laugh put a dab on my old man. Damn that stings, why did I do that!

The singles night was in a function room of a local hotel, there was a bar, a dance floor, and some cheesy music. I was surprised how many people were in the room, about twice as many men as women, about 60 people in all, 40 men, twenty women. I felt completely out of place and didn’t know how any of this worked. Suddenly it all felt very artificial. I felt very self conscious, why would any woman be interested in a washed up 35 year old? That worked, I laughed at myself and with a shrug I walked across the room putting on a swagger, that will teach me to take myself seriously! At the bar I took a stool and ordered a whiskey, sat back and viewed the room. Everyone seemed to be hunting in pairs, and I mean hunting! I watched two guys, one was, well he was strutting, the other looked bored. They stalked their prey, two girls sitting at a table leaning together and talking, excluding the room. The swagger guy pulls out a chair, he sits on it backwards! I stifled a laugh, he looked such a twit. The girls giggled and one of them turned to look at him, an exaggerated coquettishness fluttering her eyelashes. Her friend bursts into laughter and a moment later so does she. I look to the left and a large woman in her fifties wearing stockings and a mini skirt is kissing a gangly young man who looks frankly terrified. I smile to myself again. This is more fun than I expected!

A woman, no a girl, maybe 20 years old pulled up to the bar next to me. Despite myself I found my eyes wondering down her body and something behind them went Bingo! She was slim, wearing a pink top, cotton I would guess but I’m a man so how would I know, which was figure hugging. Her top cut low enough that a little cleavage showed, the skin on her chest was smooth and almost glows. Her skin was the lovely fair colour, slightly pink of a naturally blonde. She had a black skirt waist high and tailored down over her thighs finishing an inch above her knees. Her lips were slightly open, her nose small, eyes blue with incredible eye lashes. Her every movement was lithe and easy. I looked away, shaking my head. She was lovely and would take her pick from any of the men in the room if that was what she wanted. I pictured her as someone in a car show who could buy the very best on offer, she wouldn’t pic the tired old off roader covered in mud (or at least stubble). I smiled into my drink again as my imagination fired up an image of the top of her stockings. I wonder if she was even wearing stockings?

“You smile a lot.” I heard her speak, watched her lips move out of bakırköy escort the corner of eyes. She had a nice voice, thank goodness she wasn’t squeaky! I carried on with my drink. “I said you smile a lot…” She turned to face me and I nearly choked as a splash of whiskey went the wrong way. Shit she was talking to me! I laughed out loud;

“Yeah I guess I do!” I sat up and faced her, consciously sitting up straight and sticking my chest out a bit. “Guess I find human courtship rituals amusing! There seems to be endless ways to embarrass yourself.” She laughed and I felt myself go red. “guess I just found another one!”

Her laughter seemed to be short circuited to my spine, I felt like a teenager with a huge crush once more. “Not a great crowd.” She said. “I’ve never been to one of these before, is it always like this?”

“Don’t ask me,” I laugh again, too much? “My first time too. I mean here… I mean to a singles night!”

“My friend was supposed to come with me, she uses these nights to pick up men. What she does with them once she’s picked them up….” She smiles, and looks me in the eye, “She often doesn’t put them down for hours!” I laughed, stopped and then laughed again. Perhaps all conversations in a singles night had that edge to them, how was I to know!

“She must be very strong?”

“Only when she hasn’t showered” She had a sense of humour too. It was getting late, I finished my whiskey.

“It was very nice to meet you, but I guess it’s time for me to go.” If I was ten years younger and ten years more arrogant I might have thought of making a fool of myself over her, but…. Guess I’m a bit older and wiser, girls like her always end up with douche bag boyfriends, nasty pieces of work that pretty girls seem to like. I smile and turn away.

“Really? Just like that, not even going to give me your phone number?” She sounds genuinely surprised; I guess she’s used to every man making a move on her. I smile to myself.

“Yep, got to go to work early tomorrow.” I turn and smile, “Good luck tonight pretty.”

“May. My name is May.” She stamps her foot, such a petulant thing to do, and a pretty pout to go with it! “Didn’t you come here to meet people? Well hello!” she glares at me and I manage to keep a straight face for a few moments before smiling again;

“Here you go,” I hand her one of my work cards that has my mobile number on it. I see her straight from the front for the first time and enjoy the sight. “It was nice meeting you May.” I walk out.

Next day I have forgotten what happened the previous night until I get a phonecall. It’s from a number I don’t recognise and a womans voice.

“Hello, it’s May. From last night.” I have to think a moment,

“Oh the pretty girl at the bar!”

“Ha, the girl you walked away from. You didn’t even tell me your name!”

“Hello May, I’m James. Look it’s really nice to talk to you, but I am busy at work, can we speak later?” I hear a dissatisfied noise on the end of the line, like a little girl who has been told she can’t have a new doll.

“OK. If you promise me something.” She sounds flirty. I’m still busy so hardly listening I quickly say OK.

“I’ll text you.” She hangs up.

Work is busy, I hear the phone go off but it’s an hour later that I have a moment to read the text.

“Well James, here’s your question, remember you promised to answer me truthfully.

Of the following, which do you find most sexy?

No knickers

School uniform


And I want to know why you find it sexy.

Don’t let me down!


Well that got serious quickly! I reply.

“No knickers in a summer dress is a nice combination of sweet and innocent with a sweet sweet surprise!”

I smiled at myself again, at the image in my mind, a nice glow for the afternoon at work. I obviously said the wrong thing because she didn’t text again. Ah well, it was a nice day dream. I finish late and lock up after everyone has finished. I look across the road and see May standing looking at me wearing a light summer dress, looking fantastic. I must have looked puzzled because she laughs and walks across the road towards me, hips swaying, the dress clinging to her slim thighs as she walks. She stands on tip toe and pecks me on the cheek before wrinkling her nose and standing back, after work I definitely need my shower!

“May! Hello!”

“Like what you see?” She gives a twirl, hands by her side. Phew she is lovely!

“I think you would make any man dream good dreams! You and that dress are a great combination! Wow!” She blushes and smiles.

“Well we need to get you showered, beşiktaş escort then perhaps you could take me out to dinner?” She gives a flirty smile before lowering her eyes demurely and peaking up under her lashes to see my reaction. “I booked a table at The County Hotel for eight, see you there? And have a good shower!” The County has a nice restaurant, I smile at her, my eyes wondering over her face,

“Sure, I’ll even wash behind my ears!”

I am a little early to the County and order a whiskey at the bar. Sure enough a few minutes late May comes in still wearing that dress. Every male eye in the place walks up and down her body, I feel a flush of pride as she comes up and takes my arm. “You smell better. Less like a Polecat crossed with a homeless Skunk! Actually quite nice!”

“Cheeky, we can’t all smell wonderful all the time. That was a compliment by the way, I’m choosing to ignore references to various rodents!”

We walk to the table and she holds my arm as we walk, pulling me against her. I am acutely aware of her breast against my arm, warm and so soft! The table we sit at has a bench seat on one side and a chair on the other side. May pulls me down on the bench seat next to her and leans forward and across me to move the table setting from in front of the chair to in front of me, instinctively I place a hand on her shoulder as she leans across, thrilling at the cool smooth skin. She looks at me as I touch her and smiles.

“So, you like my dress?” Her thigh against mine, the skirt of the dress coming to her knee under the table cloth.

“OK, you look amazing in it, so pretty.” She pouts.

“Only pretty?”

“Pretty sexy.” She smiles and leans over and kisses me, her lips wet, open for a moment, a brief taste of her sweetness before she blushes and smiling to herself turns away.

We order a starter of deep fried camembert and a blackcurrant jam, we chat about this and that, May is intelligent, nearly finished her degree in law, she is articulate and funny. I find myself watching her mouth as she talks, her lips, the way she smiles. Our main course comes and goes; just talking and looking at her is intensely pleasurable. She excuses herself before our dessert arrives to use the toilet. When she comes back her face is flushed, and she sits next to me closer than she needs to.

“I have a present for you.” She says looking straight ahead, her hand finds mine and pushes something into it, I lift it up above the table cloth to look at what she has given me. It’s her knickers! I quickly pull my hand back under the table cloth and we both start giggling furiously.

“May? Really? You aren’t wearing any?” She shushes me and blushes furiously.

“I’ve never done anything like this before! But…. I really like you….. and….” She stops mid flow and starts to giggle again, “Guess that makes me a sure thing?”

Dessert arrives a big chocolate and cream thing that has two spoons. I put a hand on Mays knee. She pulls her legs together tight. I start to pull my hand away, but May puts hers on mine on her knee. She takes a deep breath and her legs tremble and slowly she relaxes. She looks at me her face bright red,


My hand on her knee slowly pushes her dress up her thigh, her thighs close together but not clamped together, the muscles under her soft skin clenching and trembling at my touch. Her eyes seek out mine as my fingers move between her thighs and further up, her skirt pushed up under the table cloth. I brush her. Velvet softness, my fingers explore, remembering, gentle, gentle, opening her, her legs apart now, lips open and eyes half closed. I find the warm moistness of her sex, fingers move under her skirt, she grips my arm, her fingers digging in to the flesh as I find her sensitive place and move my fingers in a slow rhythm against her clit. Her hand convulses on my arm and gasps leaning forward against the table, legs gripping against my hand now. Her pupils dilated. I pull my hand out from between her legs, my fingers wet. Her hand is on my lap and I realise I’m very hard, her hand has found it, but she seems unsure.

“May? Can you walk? My place isn’t far if you…..” She smiles at me,

“I can walk, but my dress is wet! You made me cum. In public!” She gives me a mock glare, “Any way how can you walk with this?” She squeezes my erection.

“Shall I order a taxi then?” She giggles at me,

“So sure of yourself? One meal and little May is yours to do dirty things with?”

“Oh, I thought….


“I thought you were paying for the meal!” She punches me in the arm and smiles.

I go to the bar, pay for the meal beylikdüzü escort and order a taxi, it’s really nice gently cuddling and flirting with her while we wait for it. My hand falling to her bum a couple of times. We get dropped off at my house and I open the door, she follows me in, I flick the light switch and turn to her, she advances and is in my arms the door still open. I flick it with my foot as her hand pulls my shirt from my trousers and over my head. I kiss her my arms still wrapped in my shirt as I battle to get them free. I feel her hand on my belt and my flies. My hands free at last I lift her dress up over her thighs, and this time she is tangled in her clothes, my hands range over her body. She shakes the dress off and is dressed just in her bra. She goes back to my trousers as I undo her bra. My cock is hard and springs up hard and throbbing as she pushes my trousers down. Her small hands feel wonderful on my hard shaft. God, it’s been years and May is beautiful. Her pussy completely hairless, clean shaven and pink. Her breasts are small but beautifully formed, pink nipples standing up. She turns and leans forward over the stairs, her gorgeous bum sticking up in the air, her pussy, hungry and juicy. I needed no more invitation and run my shining cock up her thigh, finding her at once and then I was in her, feeling her cunt open to welcome me. She felt better than any woman I have ever had, I slid into her, deep. I am big enough that I have never had a woman take all of me, but I slid right up inside May as if her cunt was designed for my cock. She groans as I enter her, pushing herself back onto me as I push into her, and rocking back and forward. I thrust. Hard. I pull almost entirely out of her. I thrust again. Again. Her juices running down her thigh with each thrust. Her groans getting louder with each stroke. My hands on her hips, pulling her onto me, my balls hitting the back of her thighs, her wet pussy sucking at my cock making slurping noises with each thrust. We fuck hard, her cunt giving me sensations better than anything I have ever known, my cock is throbbing now and I start to pull out, but May reaches behind, “Cum in me!”.

My cock twitches hard and I feel white hot cum travel down the shaft to erupt deep inside her. I close my eyes and groan as I come jet after jet inside her, years worth of frustration and spunk. I slam into her a last time and we end up in a wet sticky mess on the stairs, our clothes on the floor, her pussy dripping cum. I hold her as her breathing starts to even out rejoicing in the sensation of her naked body against mine. I get up and lift her, carry her upstairs and place her on my bed. I look at her. Her long legs partially crossed, her cunt red and hungry, her flat stomach and lovely breasts. I realise I’m falling for her, and I realise my cock is stirring again. I lie on the bed next to her, her hand runs down my stomach and holds onto my growing cock. She kissed me pushing me onto my back and kisses her way down my chest, her lips brushing down my stomach, lips brushing up and down the hardening shaft of my cock, hands cradling my balls. My wife didn’t believe in oral sex, saying it was dirty. What May did to my cock wasn’t dirty, she sucked the last of the cum out of it, her lips and tongue working on it, sucking, licking. My cock was soon hard again. May rolled over on top of me, her small breasts feeling wonderful against my chest. My cock rubbing against her cunt I feel my hips questing to try and enter her as she kisses me. She sits up, sits on my cock where it’s flat against my stomach and rubs herself on it. I can see all of her, her whole gorgeous body in front of me. Her pussy leaving wet marks on my cock. She reaches between her legs and lifts my cock and puts it into her pussy, moving her hips to take it inside herself. She sits up and I watch as my cock disappears inside her, her fingers on my stomach clench and leave marks with her nails. She rocks backwards and forwards, not much movement, but she is rubbing her clit against my pubic hair as she moves and her hips are twitching and her breath is coming deep and snatching. I reach for her breasts and roll her nipples under my thumbs as she cums. I pull her forward so I can fuck her from underneath, my cock moving fast and hard, she gives a little scream and bites her bottom lip, eyes closed. I hold her bum in my hands, rocking her all the way deep inside. I pull her cheeks apart while I fuck her, my finger against her arsehole. She alternates screams and groans , her stomach muscles fluttering my cock explodes once more inside her.

We sleep in the sticky sheets all night and I woke up alone. I stayed in bed for a bit, it was with regret, great as the night had been, I was hoping for something more. I got up and walked to the bathroom. May looks out dressed in one of my shirts that comes down further than her dress had the previous night, my toothbrush sticking out of the corner of her mouth. She lifts the skirt up “Hello sleepy! Look no knickers!”

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