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No Relationship with a Coworker

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That was something I always heard and to be honest I never had the desire to do so either. Our company had a pretty strict policy regarding those types of things and H.R. had terminated a couple people through the years for sexual harassment. My job was too important to me to ever even think about it.

When the difficult times hit early in 2020 our company was forced to let some people go or lay them but most of us in my department just set up shop at our homes working on line. Most of my work was done on the computer as was the case with all of the people in my department and it didn’t take long for all of us to set up Zoom meetings so we could converse better. Another nice thing for me was working in shorts or sweats and a tee-shirt instead of dress slacks and shirts. Talk about being comfortable on the job?

Another advantage to working at home was the idea of saving wear and tear on my car and the money saved by not driving an hour into the city every day. The only driving I did was to the market about three miles from my apartment and that wasn’t very often.

About once a day four of us would get together in front of our computers and go over the plan of the day so we could all stay on the same page. There was Kyle, Brad, Bonnie and myself that worked in the same department, all of us long time members of the team and had much respect for each other and shared ideas and views on a daily basis. There were also some one on one text messages, a few emails and other video chats on other types of media.

Bonnie was the one who frequently rang me up on Skype to just chat, most times later in the day or evening. I didn’t mind since it was better than watching TV and having someone to just chat with and passed the time better. The only thing I felt a little uncomfortable with was the fact that Bonnie was married but it didn’t seem to bother her.

It was rather late in the evening this particular night when the familiar ring of Skype chimed on my computer. I was actually ready for bed and just took a shower. Still naked I grabbed that old bathrobe and went to see who was ringing me up. It was asyabahis yeni giriş Bonnie.

“Hi Bonnie. What’s up with you tonight”, I asked in surprise.

“Nothing. I’m just bored and hubby went to bed early. He had a rough day and wasn’t interested in conversation so I took a chance that you might.”

I was also surprised at the way she was dressed. The camera view was from the top of her head to just below her breasts and the v neck nightshirt she was wearing revealed those braless tits and hard nipples poking out against the thin material. I never realized she had such large tits but the way she dressed in the office was quite modest most of the time. It was hard to look her in the face right then and my dick was responding to the pleasant sight also.

“Well, you sure are looking good tonight Bonnie”, I stuttered. “A lot different than earlier in our group meeting.”

“Thank you John”, she giggled and blushed. “I don’t usually get a lot of compliments and that was nice of you. You look comfy too. Anything on under that robe,” she giggled again.

“Nope. Until you rang me up I was naked just out of the shower.”

“Mmm”, Bonnie purred then stretched out the neck of her nightshirt to expose one beautiful breast. “How does that look?”

“Oh my god! Absolutely awesome Bonnie”. My dick grew hard and I let my robe open enough so I could wrap my hand around it and stroke it a bit.

Bonnie couldn’t see what I was doing but she did notice the robe open to expose my chest. “Very nice John. I like a hairy chest on my men,” she said then lowered the cam slightly and peeled the shirt up over her head and off exposing both tits. “What do you think now?”

“I’ll show you what I think Bonnie,” I said as I turned my camera lower to show her my rock hard cock in my hand. I was slightly embarrassed at what I had just done and quickly moved the cam back up to my face. “Sorry about that Bonnie. That wasn’t appropriate of me.”

“No no. It’s fine. Let me watch you jack off John,” she added then dropped her cam some more, spread her legs a bit and began fingering her asyabahis güvenilirmi smooth pussy. “I need a good orgasm myself.”

As I lowered my cam a big drop of precum oozed from my cock and I heard her make some encouraging sounds and stroke her clit harder. “I’m gonna cum pretty quick Bonnie.”

“Me too John. Go for it. Let me see you squirt. Oh God, I’m gonna cum!”

Just then it happened. One, two, three big spurts of cum erupted onto my belly and I heard her let out a little muffled scream of pleasure too. Then the screen went blank. I was pleasured yet a little ashamed of myself for what I just did. I turned off the computer and went to bed.

The next day Bonnie was absent from our team meeting and I got very concerned. The other guys wondered about her also. I said maybe she went out for something and was not able to join us. That was my hope too.

Later that day around three o’clock I got a text from Bonnie. She said she was at the office and if I had time she needed some help there. That seemed odd because it was only Wednesday and we usually met in the office on Friday and that was only at a socially accepted distance. I texted back that I could be there in an hour or so.

Since most of the world was on lockdown the drive into the city was a breeze, no traffic at all. That’s the first time I ever made it to the office in under an hour. Fifty two minutes to be exact.

I scanned my card to enter the parking garage which was empty except for the security guy and Bonnie’s car. Again I scanned myself into the building, greeted the security guy, then used the stairs to go up the two flights of stairs to our office. The hallway was only dimly lit and our office was nearly dark except for a desk light above Bonnie’s desk. I slipped on a mask and I saw that she also was wearing one.

“Hi Bonnie. What did you want to see about?”

“About last night”, she said softly then spun around in her chair, opened her already unbuttoned blouse to expose those awesome tits, stood up and let her skirt fall to the floor. She then sat her fine ass on the desk, leaned asya bahis giriş back and opened wide for me.

Not another word was spoken as I dropped my pants to my ankles and gently slid my hard cock into her wet and glorious pussy. She felt wonderful and knew how to work that pussy on my cock. In less than two minutes she squirmed her ass about and cupped her hands over her mouth to muffle the screams. I kept fucking her harder than before. I was surprised at myself for not cumming so soon. I grabbed her hips to plow even deeper and she shook with sheer delight. I couldn’t hold it back and I came and came and came what seemed like an endless stream of cum into her.

I wanted to stay inside her forever but my knees were shaking so badly I thought they may collapse beneath me. I pulled back and as my cock slipped from her, a heavy stream of our juices oozed out onto the edge of the desk and onto the floor.

Again, not a word was said as we tidied up the mess then put our clothes on. After gaining our composure she and I went over some of the things that were discussed in the meeting the others and I had earlier in the day. She acted like nothing ever happened and made it clear to me that’s how it should be forever.

It was a one time only thing for me and I will always remember it.

To finalize the story, a couple days later I was on a call with Kyle and told him a lie about why Bonnie had missed our conference call. I said she was at the office and didn’t have her computer on. I told him I went to the office later to help her out with some problem she had come across.

“Oh yeah,” Kyle laughed. “Did you fuck her?”

“What,” I questioned in surprise. “Why did you ask that?”

“Well to be honest, Brad and myself and probably half of the others in the office have fucked her. Once!”

Well, I’ll be damned! We are all back in the office now and it seems like nothing has changed. Our little team of Kyle, Brad, Bonnie and myself are buzzing right along, business as usual. For a few days I felt rather strange being around her but it seems to me she has put it all behind her. One good fuck is all she wanted and she did get it as far as I’m concerned, but I do wonder who the next lucky guy is going to be to slipinto her hot and wonderful pussy.

No coworker relationships in the workplace just a little foolery now and then!! For Bonnie at least.

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