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No Thanks Ch. 03

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Adriana Chechik

Caspian sat listening to Arnold chatter on about an upcoming football game that the Pack held each year as he finished off the last of his pulled barbecue. Truth be told he wasn’t exactly listening intently; his mind coming up with the last little bits of his makeshift plan. He smiled inwardly, having finished up his heavy thinking, turning his attention back to Arnold.

“So we all go into teams of twelve,” he said pushing his plate away from himself. “That’s on both sides, you know, even numbers and all,” he added with a chuckle, lightly punching Caspian in the arm.

‘This asshole doesn’t think I know anything about sports.’ he told his wolf with a hint of annoyance.

‘You don’t.’

‘Fuck off.’ Caspian retorted with a laugh. ‘That’s not the point!. I could, he just assumed I didn’t right away.’ His wolf just chuckled at him and went quiet.

“Then we basically beat each other up till we have a winning side.” Arnold finished with a big smile on his face. He looked as if he was remembering previous games over the years, though Caspian probably wouldn’t be smiling thinking back over getting beat up for a ball.

“So what do you think?.” Arnold asked picking up his sweet tea and taking a drink. “You’ll be playing with us you know, you can’t say no,” he added with a smile but Caspian could tell he was serious.

‘They’re probably looking for a way to tire me out.’ he thought. ‘Lets make this a bit more fun.’

“Well, as long as I can be on your team and get all hot and sweaty with you, I’d be happy to play.” Caspian cooed as he reached across the table and lightly ran his fingers over Arnold’s hand causing him to nearly jump out of his seat and knock over his drink as he pulled his hand back.

Caspian giggled as he watched a very flustered Arnold rush to get napkins from the buffet line to clean up the spill, barely making eye contact with him as he got it all cleaned up. He kept looking around nervously, hoping nobody saw Caspian touch his hand.

‘Why did you do that?!’ his wolf asked.

‘Because it’s fun watching his squirm.’

‘I’ll admit, that was pretty funny to watch, but now he won’t even look at you!’

Minutes had passed since Arnold cleaned up the table and sat back down, unable to meet Caspian’s gaze. Something in his body language told him that Arnold liked him, as more than just a friend and but he belonged to his Alpha; he would never disrespect him that way. Caspian wasn’t mated to Blaze yet so, theoretically, he could do something about his attraction to Arnold, with little to no consequences but that would only be an issue if Blaze found out and Caspian sure wasn’t planning on telling. Till they properly mated, they were still free wolves, able to do anything or anyone they pleased until they completed their bond and changed their dynamic to the two of them; wolves can be very jealous creatures.

Arnold nervously ran his fingers through his shoulder length jet black hair, that seemed to take on a bluish tint in the sunlight. He pulled out a hair tie from his jean pocket and quickly tied it up in a messy bun. He still couldn’t make eye contact with Caspian, there was too much swirling in his mind to communicate.

A tall, buff blond hunk appeared on the patio calling out they were starting the football game and for everyone playing to ‘get their asses in gear.’ Arnold looked at Caspian sheepishly for the first time since he touched his hand and told them they should get going over. As they walked Caspian noticed Arnold glancing his way more than a few times and smiled inwardly; his instincts in men at least weren’t failing him. As they approached the area they had cut out and marked to resemble a football field, but on a much smaller scale, Arnold told Caspian to wait for a moment and went to talk to the blond hunk. Caspian took a seat on one of the several metal bleachers they had lined up along the field. A few moments later he came trotting back over with a sad expression and Caspian was sure he knew was coming.

“Hey, Thomas said we have both teams full right now, but it may change after the second game.” He looked at the ground relaying this message and Caspian was sure he was lying and avoiding eye contact because of it.

“Oh, that’s fine I guess, I um, I can just watch you all play.” Caspian couldn’t help the disappointment that crept into his voice. He was regretting his touching Arnold’s hand, no matter how fun it was to see him squirm because now he was trying to ditch him. If Arnold hadn’t liked him beyond friendship he doubted it would be taking this turn. Just as Arnold was turning around to join the others Caspian reached out and tugged his shirt sleeve to stop him.

“Look, Arnold, I’m sorry about, well, before on the patio,” he began, “I just thought that maybe we liked each other is all and I wanted to just show my interest, it’s not like we have mates here.” he joked with a small laugh. levent escort Caspian had to keep up the pretense that he knew nothing and this was one way to do that and frankly have a little fun before he became Blaze’s butt slut, er, ‘submissive king’.

“It’s…fine. I am too but its…complicated, very complicated. I can’t, we can’t and it’s not the right time or place to explain why. I will and things will make sense soon.” Arnold looked dejected as he spoke and Caspian could sense the pain within him. He really did like him, maybe even more than Caspian realized.

Caspian nodded and Arnold went off to the join the others. The bleachers soon began to fill up with the other wolves pouring in to watch the two teams battle it out and suddenly he was very grateful he wasn’t playing because they were completely brutal; punching, kicking, throwing, shoving and Caspian was wondering if he was watching football or battle royal. He started to notice their cuts and bruises, or in some cases wounds, were healing nearly as quickly as they happened and even though as werewolves they are able to heal very quickly they cannot heal that fast. Upon looking around he spotted a group of six sitting near the sidelines on the ground that comprised of three men and three women; witches and warlocks. Caspian looked closer and saw their magic as they channeled it into a healing ray of light to each player; something only another magic bearer could see. As he watched them, a witch with long blond hair cut her eyes to him and for a moment their eyes locked and she slowly bowed her head down in recognition of him and he returned the gesture; it was a mutual show of respect. She returned her gaze back to the game and their task at hand. Clearly, this was a violent football match where you could do whatever damage you liked to another player and you didn’t have to worry about it because you, your teammates and your rivals were being healed.

Soon the first game came to close with Arnold’s team taking the win. Caspian cheered with the others and decided to take a much-needed bathroom break before the second game began and made his way back up to the house. Inside he found the three bathrooms on the lower level were full, so he made his way up the stairs and found one just behind the kitchen. It was fairly large with a stunning walk in shower, granite vanity and a self flushing toilet. After he was finished using the bathroom, there was fast knocking on the door.

“Just a minute please!” Caspian called out as he finished washing his hands. He hurriedly wiped them on his jeans and reached for the door, unlocking it. Just as he opened it he was quickly pushed back inside, spinning around nearly colliding into the glass of the walk in shower. When he heard the door lock he quickly turned around to see Arnold standing in front of him, his chest heaving. He was covered in sweat, dirt, and grass with various blood stains on his clothing. His eyes were wild and filled with lust like Caspian had never seen before. As he moved closer his sweaty, manly smell assaulted Caspian’s senses, igniting his own desire. Arnold stopped in front of him and placed his thick hands on Caspian’s hips and pulled their bodies together. He leaned his tall 6ft1 frame down to Caspian’s 5ft5 one and pressed his lips roughly into his, demanding entrance with his tongue. Caspian eagerly obliged, allowing him in and their tongues dueled for supremacy, with Arnold’s as the winner. He soon felt Arnold’s erection pressing against his stomach and gasped into the kiss, bringing his hand to rub it through his jeans, feeling his own cock stirring. Arnold broke their kiss and they both took in deep breaths of air gazing into each others eyes. Arnold brushed Caspian’s bangs out of his eyes.

“Please,” Arnold said in a low voice filled with emotion, “I need to be with you right now if you’ll have me.”

“Yes.” Caspian breathed, giving himself over to Arnold. They hastily undressed each other and once their clothing was in a pile on the floor their eyes roamed over the others body.

Arnold was thickly built and without his clothing on, it was clear to see that his soft tummy still had hard muscle underneath. His golden skin still shining from his sweat and his manly smells filled the bathroom. He was covered all over in thick black fur with a perfect treasure trail leading to his thick cock and heavy balls. He was already at full mast, an impressive 8 inches that stood out proudly from his groin.

Caspian stood pale as snow against Arnold’s bronze exterior. His body was covered in a decent amount of strawberry blond fur, the thickest of it under his arms and above his cock. He preferred his natural body hair the way it was, unkempt and wild. His uncut cock had a slight downward curve, his ex once told his it reminded him of Gonzo’s nose from the Muppet’s, though not curved that extreme. His balls hung mahmutbey escort high from excitement, so he pushed them back down. He could feel his hole twitching in anticipation of Arnold’s thick cock invading his tight ring as he knew he couldn’t go without having him inside himself.

‘We shouldn’t do this! If Blaze finds out-‘

‘Right now I couldn’t give two fucks if Blaze is outside that door, we are doing this. Don’t tell me you aren’t excited, I can feel it.’

‘You’re right, but when the roof caves in…I told you so.’

‘Fine but for now, shut up.’ With a final huff Caspian’s wolf feel silent but still extremely close to the surface.

Arnold, shocking Caspian, dropped to his knees and took him into his mouth, gripping the base of his cock with his fist, pumping him back and forth as he sucked, nearly causing Caspian’s knees to buckle.

“Arnold!” Caspian gasped as one of his hands traveled to Arnold’s hair held the back of his head as he tried to stifle his moans. Arnold pulled back to the head of Caspian’s cock, swirling his tongue inside his foreskin, taking in the salty sweetness of his pre-cum. Caspian could feel his balls pulling up again and quickly pulled his cock from Arnold’s mouth, eliciting a groan. He shook his head as Arnold looked up at him questioningly, his eyes telling him he was too close.

“I don’t want to come yet,” he said as Arnold stood up, “I want to do that when you’re inside me.”

“Fuck!” Arnold growled pulling him into another hard kiss, his meaty hands kneading at Caspian’s plump ass cheeks. Caspian whimpered as he felt Arnold’s middle finger slide from the cleft of his ass down into his crack searching out his hole. Once he found purchase, he traced the tight ring with his finger, pushing in slightly. They broke their kiss as Arnold brought his finger up to Caspian’s mouth where he greedily sucked it in, watching the lust in Arnold’s eyes as he swirled is tongue around it and sucked. Once his finger was covered in his spit and saliva, he brought it back to Caspian’s hole, pushing it in just as he latched into the side of his neck. Caspian’s moan was loud, but he didn’t care, he moaned into Arnold’s neck as he thrust his finger in and out of his hot hole, holding onto the back of Arnold’s head. He felt another finger join the first and tensed up for a moment but quickly eased his muscles.

“I don’t have any lube,” Arnold said as he pulled his mouth from Caspian’s neck. “I can’t fuck you dry, it will hurt you too much.” His eyes showed his disappointment, his fingers stopping their work at Caspian’s hole.

Caspian quickly began searching under the vanity and in the shower, finding nothing but the bare necessities for toiletries and nothing that would work as a lubricant.

“I have to have you, Arnold, I can’t have some this far with you to not,” Caspian replied. He had to think of something. He looked down at his cock, then at Arnold’s and a lightbulb when off.

“I think I have a solution.” Caspian smiled as he took hold of his cock and pumped hastily. His excitement was already at its peak, it wouldn’t take long.

‘Just a few tugs…’

“Hold out your hand!” and when Arnold did so, Caspian directed his ejaculation at Arnold’s palm. Some shot past, splattering on Arnold’s chest and the floor, but most of it pooled into its desired location.

“There…lube.” Caspian panted lightly, resting his head against Arnold’s shoulder.

“You. are. so. fucking. hot.” Arnold said peppering kisses all over Caspian’s hair.

“Turn around for me.”

Caspian eagerly obliged getting into position with his hands flat on the shower glass, his feet spread wide and his back arched. He turned his head to the side to watch Arnold lube his rock hard member with his cum, taking some and pushing it into Caspian’s hole with his thumb, his soft member quickly rising back to full mast from the penetration.

“Please Arnold, take me, you won’t hurt me, please, fuck me!” Caspian practically screamed the words as his heart began to beat faster. He felt Arnold line his cock head up to his hole and pushed back onto his girth gasping as the head popped through his puckered ring.

“Oh. My. God.” Arnold gasped, placing his hands on Caspian’s hips.

“So tight and hot.”

“Mmmhmmmm” Caspian pushed himself back further taking in more of Arnold’s length till he felt his pubic hair against his ass cheeks. He waited for a few moments, adjusting to the sudden invader in his depths.

“Now Arnold.” Caspian moaned, “Fuck me.”

Arnold tightened his grip on Caspian’s hips and began pumping back and forth in haste. Caspian bit down on his bottom lip to muffle his moans of pleasure as Arnold pulled nearly all the way out, only to slam back in again over and over. From the angle they were in, Arnold was hitting his prostate perfectly with maltepe escort each thrust sending shock waves of intense pleasure through out his quivering body. He rocked himself in time to Arnold’s hips as Arnold layered himself over his back, nibbling and sucking at his right ear.

Arnold’s merciless fucking Caspian’s ass lasted for several minutes before his thrusting and his breathing became more erratic. Caspian knew he would cum any moment now.

“I’m gonna fucking cum, you want me to breed your ass don’t you boy?” Arnold grunted.

“God yes, seed me deep, feed my hungry fuck hole.” Caspian breathed in a low voice, his own orgasm building closer and closer.


Arnold went completely still, his cock pulsing and expanding inside Caspian as jet after jet of hot cum shot into his chasm. The sensation sent Caspian over the edge and without having to touch himself, he began to cover the shower glass in his cum, his hole contracting wildly around Arnold’s still hard cock, milking the rest of his seed out of him.

They both managed to quiet their moans to a minimum during their respective orgasms, which was a miracle in itself. After the initial afterglow faded away, Caspian felt Arnold pull out with a wet sounding pop and felt terribly empty as cool air flowed over his opened hole.

“Fuck…that was…amazing.” Arnold panted has he sat down on the toilet. “I haven’t had a fuck that good in a long time and your hole is phenomenal.”

“Thanks.” Caspian chuckled as he reached into the shower and turned it on full blast on hot to get it nice and steamy.

“Wanna join me cause I think we should defiantly get cleaned up. We both smell like ass and cum.”

“Yeah, your ass and cum.” Arnold laughed and he stood up. “Thank you Caspian, I know this was our only time together but it was really special to me.”

“It was special to me to Arnold.” Caspian smiled as Arnold stood up and embraced him. They stood like that for a few moments, just holding each other tight while the shower filled the room with steam. They finally broke their hug to get in, with Caspian turning it down to a less scalding temperature before they got under the water.

“Caspian…,” Arnold said as they were soaping up.


“My seed is still inside you.” It wasn’t a question, but a statement and Caspian couldn’t help the blush that crept into his cheeks, even under the hot spray of the water.

“I want to watch you push it out, right now.”

“Arnold, I can do that after you leave the bathroom!” Caspian was horrified, he had never done that in front of a man he had just laid with before.

“No, you will do it right now in front of me because I want to watch you do it and this being our only time together like this, it will give me another level of satisfaction.”

Caspian thought about arguing with him but decided it wouldn’t do any good. He faced away from Arnold and squatted down. He heard Arnold moving behind him, trying to get a better view. He began to push out, gas escaping first causing his face to turn beat red. It felt like it took forever to fully push out Arnold’s seed from his bowls, he had thoroughly filled him. When he was finally done, he stood up and turned around meeting Arnold’s extremely pleased grin.

“God, you’re a freak.” Caspian laughed as he looked down watching the last of Arnold’s seed wash down the drain. With a smile he began to lather up Arnold’s body with soap, taking special care to run his shoulders and thighs. Once he was clean, he returned the favor for Caspian.

After their shower, they quickly dried off, with Caspian using his towel to clean his cum off the shower glass. Once everything was in order, Arnold left the bathroom first, then Caspian a few moments later. As he made his way back outside heavy rain clouds had moved in and hovered menacingly over head. After checking his phone he realized they had been missing for about an hour.

‘Man I hope nobody noticed, especially Blaze.’ Caspian thought as he took his seat back in the bleachers. The game hadn’t even started back yet, most of the players had gone off to fuck their mates or anybody else they could find. The exertion and bloodiness of the sport did that to werewolves. He just hoped they had all been busy with their own fucking they hadn’t paid much attention to where he or Arnold had gone.

As he sat waiting a bad feeling crept into the pit of his stomach and as he looked around for Arnold, he was nowhere in sight.

‘Somethings wrong.’

‘We both feel it then.’


‘We need to find Arnold.’

Caspian slid off the bleachers and made his way back to the house, Arnold’s scent being the strongest there.

‘He’s inside, I can sense him but he’s not on the upper levels, he’s below.’

‘Below? Below what?’

‘The ground. There’s more to this house than meets the eye.’

‘Of course there is.’

With a sign Caspian made his way into the house just as the clouds above opened up in a heavy downpour. As he closed the sliding glass door behind him, the bad feeling in the pit of his stomach growing larger.

‘Here we go.’ Caspian thought as he made his way through the house in search of Arnold.

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