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Noises Through the Wall Pt. 05

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All characters in sexual situations are 18 or older. Thanks for reading!

Boy oh boy, was I sore the next day. Christopher had really done a number on my pussy. Well, I was the one riding him, so maybe I was responsible for smashing, stretching, and generally destroying my vagina. Either way, I planned to lay low for a little while after that. My son and I exchanged a few knowing glances over breakfast, and then I sent him and his father out into the world.

I wasn’t about to go near my dildo with my pussy still throbbing, so I caught up on a bunch of the chores I’d been ignoring recently. I cleaned. I went shopping. I even got out in the garden for a bit. There were so many weeds. My obsession with Christopher had crowded out so much of life. As I stood among the poppies, I took a deep breath. Despite the pain between my legs, or maybe because of it, life was good.

That night, I didn’t visit Christopher after Carl went to bed. I thought about it. I certainly wasn’t going to have sex with him with my pussy in tatters, but I could have given him a nice, motherly blowjob. But no, we could take a little break. It was a good moment for reflection. My frustration was gone and life had broadened back out beyond my out-of-control libido.

In the morning, Christopher gave me questioning looks, but had the sense not to ask why I hadn’t visited him the night before. He looked a little peeved as he hoisted his backpack and walked to the front door. “Bye, Mom. I’m going over to Gwen’s this afternoon. I might not be home for dinner.” He paused by the door to gauge my reaction.

“That’s fine, sweetie. Tell your girlfriend I said hi.” I gave him a cute little wave and he left.

“What was that all about?” Apparently, Carl wasn’t as clueless as he looked. He’d caught the tension between me and our son.

“Oh, you know how he is with Gwen.” What I said didn’t make any sense. How was he with Gwen? But it sounded like something Carl wouldn’t want to admit he knew nothing about.

“Oh, right.” He gave me a manly nod. Men are such dummies.

“Goodbye, dear.” I ushered him out the door. “Have a nice day at work.” And just like that I had the house to myself. I thought about going and finding my dildo, my pussy had somewhat recovered after two days without sex. But instead, I busied myself with my daily chores. There was so much to catch up on.

Christopher missed dinner just as he said he would. I made sure to give him a hug when he returned, and sure enough he smelled like sex. He’d been doing his girlfriend all afternoon. I was sure of it. Our momentous night must have driven his eighteen-year-old hormones into overdrive. I thought about visiting him that night. But now that we were on a break, I wanted to drive him a little crazy. He had been driving me up the wall. It only seemed fair to turn it the other way around.

Instead of visiting Christopher in the basement that evening, I was a good wife and seduced Carl. The good news is that he didn’t hurt my still-healing pussy at all. The bad news… You guessed it. I barely felt him. It’s quite possible that the dildo and my son had ruined sex with my husband in perpetuity. I gave Carl my most valiant fake orgasm that night, but I was relieved when the five-minute session ended.


The next morning, the tension with Christopher ratcheted up.

“I’m hanging out with Gwen at her place again today.” Christopher’s eyebrows knitted.

This was a challenge to me. tipobet365 yeni giriş I could feel it. I wondered if Gwen’s mother had caught her eighteen-year-old daughter doing it with Christopher. It’s not like they were all that quiet about it. I wondered where in Gwen’s house the teenagers smashed.

“Mom?” Christopher paused by the door again, backpack on. “I said I’m going to Gwen’s place after school.”

“That’s fine, honey.” I sipped my coffee.

“I’m just telling you, because…” He trotted back to me. “I don’t have to go over to Gwen’s,” he whispered. Christopher looked around for his father, but Carl was still upstairs. “We could hang out this afternoon.”

I wanted to do a touchdown dance, but smiled sweetly instead. Take that little Miss Perfect Girlfriend. I was running up the score on Gwen. That young woman, with the perfect, perky body couldn’t compete. “I’ll tell you what, Christopher. I have a volunteer meeting with the parks commission this afternoon. I’ll pick you up after school.”

“Isn’t he a little old for a school pickup?” Carl walked into the kitchen and made his way to the breadbox.

“I’m just spending a little time with my son, dear. That okay with you?” I took another sip of coffee and watched Christopher turn beet red.

“Yeah, I guess.” Carl was too busy with his bagel to notice Christopher’s discomfort. “When I was his age, I don’t think I missed any chance to spend time with a girl. But if he wants to ditch Gwen for his mother…” My husband shrugged.

My smile was so wide I thought my cheeks might burst. Even Carl, in his own way, was making the point that I’d beaten Gwen.

“See you after school.” I watched Christopher rush out the door, moving awkwardly with what I assumed was a painful boner.

I then sent Carl off to work and went about a chore-filled day. I was first in the pickup line when the bell rang. I spotted Christopher and waved. He had a stupid smile on his face. He kissed Gwen goodbye, and rushed over to my car. He hopped in the passenger seat and buckled up.

“Hi, Mom!” His big, dumb smile hadn’t left his face. If he wasn’t careful, Gwen might start to get suspicious. I could see her standing and watching us with her arms crossed. She didn’t seem pleased. As I pulled the car away from the curb, I gave her a little friendly wave. Just stealing your boyfriend for the afternoon.

“Hello, sweetie. How was your day?” I pulled the car out into traffic.

“I thought… um… I mean… after we did it, you didn’t come to my room the last two nights. I thought… that I’d done something wrong. Are you mad?” The words spilled out of Christopher.

“I’m sorry I put you through that.” I frowned at him and took my hand of the steering wheel to pat his knee. I wasn’t sorry. This afternoon was the payoff. “I was just really sore and needed a break from the whole thing.”

His face fell. “So, we’re on a break from all that stuff?”

“We were.” I squeezed his knee. “But I’m not so sore anymore, so…” I let my fingers trace up his thigh. Taking a quick peek, I could see he was hard in his shorts already.

“All the way?” Christopher looked so hopeful. “With a condom, I mean,” he added when I didn’t respond right away.

“We’ll see how it plays out.” I turned my car into the dirt road, and then made a quick turn into an old, secluded parking lot.

“What’s this?” He looked around in surprise.

“I thought it would be fun to make tipobet365 giriş a stop on our way home. This park’s closed because of a sinkhole. No one comes back here now.” My hand moved up to his dick and squeezed it through his shorts. I really was reliving my teenage years. I vividly remembered making out in abandoned parking lots all those years ago. “We haven’t ever kissed, sweetie. I mean, like we would if I was your girlfriend. You ever think about that?”

“Um… yeah.” He nodded, blushing again.

“Am I pretty enough to steal a kiss from you? Prettier than Gwen?” I leaned my face toward him, massaging his cock through his shorts.

“You’re prettier than Gwen, Mom.” He leaned in.

We were tentative at first. Our lips touched. We pecked a few times. But soon, my tongue was in his mouth, and he groped at my boobs through my sweater. We were making out like teenagers.

“Mind… if I… join… you?” I crawled over to him, and got between his legs on the floor, pulling his shorts and underwear off him. I settled on my knees on the floor mat and took his cock in both hands. “Let’s play a little game. I’m going to work you for a little while. If you can hold it for fifteen minutes, you get to put it in me again.” I knew this would be easy for him, but, of course, I wanted him to win. “If you cum in my mouth, no sex today. Deal?”

“Um… sure…” He clutched at the car’s seat as I went to work with a slow, sloppy blowjob.

After a few minutes, I felt his body go rigid.

“Mom, there’s some lady walking her dog.” He put his hand in my hair and pulled me off his cock.

“Does she see us?” I looked up at him, still pumping his dick with my hands. He had me so riled up, my brain hadn’t processed the danger we were in. Rather than panic, it felt delightfully wicked that some woman might get the surprise of the year if she got too nosy. Spit dripped down my chin, but I didn’t care.

“I… don’t think so.” Christopher looked like he was in a bit of a panic, bless his heart. He and Gwen probably didn’t do naughty things in public. I remembered that Carl and I messed around behind a restaurant once a long time ago. It wasn’t as exciting as this. Not by a long shot.

“What do you think she’d do if she saw us?” I lazily stroked him and looked around for the best place to have sex. It wasn’t quite fifteen minutes yet, but my son deserved his prize.

“She’d call the police.” Christopher looked down at me in wonder.

“Is she heading our way?” I pulled the condom I’d brought out of my purse. “We wouldn’t want her to see what happens next.” I undressed, dropping my clothes on the floor. These games Christopher and I played really made me reckless.

“She’s walking away. She didn’t see us.”

“Let’s move to the back.” I smacked Christopher’s bare but as he crawled into the backseat. I followed him and sat next to him. “It’s not roomy, but it will do.” I removed the condom from its foil and rolled it onto his dick. “Ready?” I crawled onto his lap. He still had on his shirt, so I tugged it over his head and tossed it on the floor with my clothes.

“I’m… ready.” Christopher swallowed like his throat was very dry. It was so cute.

“I’m still a little sore after last time, so I’m going to start slow.” I reached between my legs and guided him in. I wasn’t true to my words. Within a minute, I rode him hard. I hit my head on the car’s ceiling several times and eventually had to hug my son’s tipobet365 güvenilirmi shoulders and place my head next to his to keep from giving myself a concussion. Other than my head, nothing hurt this time. My pussy had adjusted to him.

If that dog walker had been a little later on her outing, she surely would have noticed the car rocking back and forth. I wondered if she’d take another route home. She didn’t.

Just as I was coming down from my second orgasm, I looked out the side window and locked eyes with a blonde woman walking her dog. Her mouth was a rictus of surprise as she stared at me. I didn’t recognize her, thank God. My hips never stopped. She didn’t know it, but this woman was witnessing a mother slowly outcompeting her son’s girlfriend. A rush of pride and ecstasy swept through me. Her dog tugged on the leash, and the woman quickly walked away. It won’t surprise you to learn that I had the most intense orgasm of my life moments later.

I rode Christopher so hard I thought I might break the backseat. The sun was setting by the time his telling low growl filled the car. “Go ahead, sweetie,” I whispered in his ear.

“Oh… ughhhh… Mom.” His hands gripped my ass tight. He pinned me down on him, halting the progress of my hips, and he unloaded. It was pure joy.

After some time, I pulled off him and gingerly sat next to him. I hoped I wasn’t dripping too much. At least I hadn’t had the flood again. “That was magical, Christopher.” I pulled off the condom and put it in the little baggie I’d brought in my purse.

“Yeah.” He was still breathing too hard to say much. The smile on his face spoke volumes. I cuddled up next to him and put my head on his shoulder, gently stroking his hard chest. That postcoital moment almost matched the sex in its perfection. We didn’t say anything. We didn’t have to. I never wanted that afternoon to end. But it was getting dark outside.

“Let’s get home. Your father shouldn’t come back to an empty house.” I sat up and bent to retrieve my clothes, but his hands were quickly on my hips.

Still without words, he put me on all fours in the backseat. He got behind me.

“Wait. I didn’t bring two condoms. And we have to… uuuugggghhhhhhh… get back to… ooooohhhhhhh.” In that position, he smacked up against my cervix again, harder than when I was on top. The pain returned to my pussy. “Wait… uh… uh… we should… ugh… ughhhhh.” The pain morphed into a brand-new pleasure. I had no more words of protest.

My son humped me like a bitch in the backseat of my car for a long time. He even took hold of my hair at one point, a trick I’m sure he learned with Gwen. I lost all track of space and time. I went from one howling climax to the next as night settled around us. Finally, he pulled out and sprayed my back and ass. I collapsed on the seat, a quivering, mewling mess.

As I regained my composure, I could hear him dressing next to me. I sat up and he handed me my clothes. We dressed in silence. When I felt fit enough to drive, I crawled back into the front seat and started the car.

“I’m sorry about the second time without a condom, Mom. You just looked too good.” Christopher climbed into the passenger seat. He was still smiling ear-to-ear. I didn’t detect much apology in his tone. That was okay. As long as he pulled out in time, there wasn’t really any harm. And, I couldn’t deny it, I’d loved knowing his bare cock was inside me.

“Don’t worry about it.” I pulled the car out of the parking lot. My back and butt were sticky with cum under my clothes. “What are we going to tell your father?”

“He knows you picked me up today. We’ll just say… we were hanging out.” Christopher shrugged and buckled up.

Hanging out indeed.

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