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Not Just Another Saturday Night

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I met my wife Jana in college, and we began dating almost immediately because of the intense sexual chemistry between us. While her face is a trifle on the plain side, she’s very sexy. I know when I say her face is rather plain that sounds unkind, but I find her imminently attractive. She has a hot body, athletic and toned, and she knows how to rock it. Just the way she carries herself bespeaks a woman utterly comfortable with her sexuality. I first noticed her on the dance floor of my fraternity house, and could she ever shake it! When she smiles her overbite is prominent and sexy, and her heavy-lidded eyes are smoky and seductive.

Jana was 20 when I met her, and even then she was rather aggressive sexually. She knew what she wanted and she had no problem expressing her wants. Jana enjoyed taking control of our lovemaking, sitting on my face and grinding her lush pussy on my tongue, or mounting me and bouncing on my cock like she was on some sort of ride. As skillfully as she shook her ass on the dance floor was exactly the way in which she could fuck me when on top.

We got married after our second year of law school, and for the last 7 years we’ve been practicing in our respective fields. During the day we’re upstanding members of the legal community in our city, but at night we go at it like rabbits.

And there are two things about my saucy wife that I’ve discovered over time. The first was when we were in college and I found her in bed with one of her sorority sisters. There was no mistaking what was going on, and as I stood there, rooted to the floor in utter shock, they just looked at me. Finally, Jana’s friend asked if she should leave. “No,” said Jana. “He can leave, watch, or join in.” The other girl had no objections, and being pretty much a pervert I did the only sensible thing I could think of and joined in.

The second thing is that a few years ago I began to suspect that Jana had deep, dark secret. There began a rather interesting change in how she was behaving around her younger brother, and though I thought I was just being a filthy-minded pervert, I couldn’t help but wonder.

Out of curiosity I began researching the prevalence of consensual incest between adult siblings, and one evening I carelessly left one of the browser windows open on my tablet. Jana saw it and playfully asked me what I was up to. Feeling brazen, I told her about my suspicions and she very casually told me that, yes, she and Josh were having sex on occasion, though his wife didn’t know anything about it.

I was absolutely floored…and aroused!

For a change, I took complete control of my wife and told her that she would have to be punished for such a transgression. Playing pussy bump a couple times a month with her old sorority sister was one thing, but letting her own brother get in her pants was something altogether different. I stripped her naked and forcefully bent her over the back of the couch. She made a pretense of protesting and struggling as I held her hands behind her, but when I sank my hardness into her she was positively soaked on the inside. She was as turned on as I was, and the sex that night was incendiary.

So we fell into a routine where Jana and I led fairly staid lives much of the time, but occasionally she would steal away with Josh to hook up, or if I was out of town she would invite her long-time college gal pal, Luanne, over for a lusty lesbo romp. Luanne’s husband doesn’t suspect a thing. Meanwhile, I faithfully keep her secrets, never quite sure if they fall under spousal or attorney-client privilege.

One warm Friday evening I returned from work to an empty house. Jana had texted me earlier in the day to say that she and Luanne were going to our lake cottage to spend the weekend together. I was disappointed because I was hoping to get in my wife’s pants for most of the weekend, but I’m an understanding husband.

The following morning I did a number of chores around the house that I’d been meaning to get to, then after lunch I went over to the club to play golf. I returned around 5:00 to discover that Jana’s mother had dropped in unexpectedly, though she explained that Jana had left her a message saying she could pick up a couple of items Jana was holding for her.

I’ve always gotten along well with Vera. She’s very attractive, especially for a woman nearing 60. She has a terrific figure, and an elegance that gives her an almost aristocratic air. Some people find her manner leans a little toward aloofness, but once you get to know her she can be very charming.

“Vera, how about if I make you a drink?” I offered.

“That sounds wonderful, darling,” and she asked for a vodka martini (see, “elegant”). I also made a drink for myself and we went out on the back porch to enjoy the late afternoon shade.

As Vera was telling me about her day in that soft lilt of hers, I found myself wondering how she would react to the knowledge that her son and daughter were having incestuous relations with one another. What would she say if she found out Jana was having ongoing lesbian sex with Luanne? Lefkoşa Escort I had a vision of some serious drama when Vera stopped talking.

“Bret, you look like you have a naughty secret!”

“What? What do you mean?” I could feel the color in my face rising, wondering if she really knew what I was thinking.

“The way you were looking at me just now. I could swear you were thinking something not quite related to my tennis game this afternoon.”

“No, it’s nothing, nothing at all. I was just listening to you. I’m sorry if my face gave another impression.”

“So the part of my story where Martians beamed me and my tennis partner up to their ship for lunch seemed perfectly normal to you?”

“Oh, well, I suppose you have me there. I guess I was just wondering what I was going to do for dinner and thought if you don’t have any plans maybe we could go out for a bite, just you and me.”

Hey, I’m a lawyer; I can think fast on my feet.

“That sounds lovely,” Vera said, her eyes sparkling at the suggestion. “Fred is on a fishing trip with some friends, so I am all alone this weekend.”

“Okay, let me call over to Crocetti’s and get us a table.”

I made the reservations for 6:00 so I could have enough time to shower and put on some fresh clothes. As I did that Vera made herself at home.

While getting dressed, I wondered how I was going to find some time to myself that evening. I had played an excellent game of golf and now I was going to take my mother-in-law out for some of the best Italian in town. The only real problem was that Vera’s appearance had put something of a crimp in my evening plans. I was pretty horny and hoping that after dinner and Vera went home I could get comfortable with a porno. Though I didn’t think Vera would be staying all that long, I was somewhat eager to get started because I wanted to hit the sack fairly early.

As I walked out through the screen door, I couldn’t help but notice the shapeliness of my mother-in-law’s legs as she sat in the chair and sipped her drink, but I quickly looked away, not wanting her to catch me admiring her form.

“All set?” I asked.

“All set,” Vera said, flashing her brilliant smile. “Lead on, dear sir!”

Once we were seated Vera ordered an excellent wine for us.

“Here’s to my favorite son-in-law,” she said after both our glasses had been filled and the waiter receded.

“I’m your only son-in-law, Vera.”

“Oh, that’s true enough, silly, but even if there were others I think you’d still be my favorite.”

This response came with what I thought was a flirtatious gleam in her eye. I’ve always thought Vera is a very attractive older woman, but I silently chastised myself for thinking such a thing about my mother-in-law, and tried to move my mind onto something else while Vera continued.

“You know, Bret,” she went on, “Fred is a wonderful man and I love him dearly, but we’ve been married a long time and once a man hits 60, he needs a little help in certain departments, if you get my drift.”

I felt the color rising in my face again. Vera always struck me as a rather straight-laced suburban wife, so this topic, which she had never raised with me before, seemed like the taste of forbidden fruit. But I like Vera, and if she felt the need to share certain confidences about her marriage I wanted to be supportive.

“Yes, I think I do. Has he tried pharmaceutical help?”

“He has a thing about that. It’s very threatening to his masculinity.”

“Oh, I understand. Guys in his generation are not always as open to those sorts of things.”

“Beverly, our next door neighbor, told me her husband takes the blue pill and it’s like they’re on a second honeymoon every week! It makes me jealous.”

Vera said that last part perhaps a little louder than she planned and a couple at a nearby table may have inadvertently heard her. I looked around furtively to see if anyone else was within earshot.

“Sorry,” she said with an embarrassed whisper. “I guess that was louder than I intended.” I waved it off nonchalantly. “One thing’s for sure,” she continued, “I know you make Jana plenty happy in that department.”

Now I was embarrassed.

“Well,” I said, trying to be cool, “I do my best.”

“Yes,” Vera replied, raising her glass to her lips and arching her one of her eyebrows in the same way that Jana does when she wants to make a salacious comment or suggestion. “That’s what I hear.”

That caused me to swallow hard and look around again.

“That’s what you hear?”

“Oh, don’t be a prig,” Vera said jokingly. “You don’t think mothers and their adult daughters have conversations like that?” Frankly I had no idea, and said so. “Then don’t be naïve, Bret,” she went on in a low tone as she leaned across the table, revealing her cleavage.

“Jesus!” I muttered, smiling with embarrassment. “I had no idea.”

“I know, I don’t look like the type of woman who talks and thinks like that. That’s what my friends say. But I can tell you, I’m a very sexual person, Girne Escort and while I’ve been repressed for a good many years, I’ve recently decided that it’s time to live a little.”

“I see,” I replied feeling the heat in my face rise another several degrees.

Dinner arrived in short order and we continued our conversation.

“Bret” Vera said between twists of her linguini, “I would like to ask you something and I want you to be absolutely honest with me. I promise I won’t get upset or tell Fred. I’m just curious.”

Oh, brother, I thought with dread. Here it comes. She’s going to ask me about any number of things we’ve been doing in our private life. For a long second I thought about what all Jana could have been telling her mother. Surely not anything specific or detailed. Grown women don’t discuss those things, do they? Especially not mother and daughter.

“I hope I’m not embarrassing you, Bret. I find it very refreshing to be able to approach these subjects openly and honestly. It’s certainly not how I was raised, and I know now that I clung to my hang-ups for far too long.”

“Well, I agree, Vera. It is very refreshing. Jana and I feel like a liberated couple so I don’t mind having these conversations. I mean, yes, it’s taking some getting used to, but I’m enjoying it. Frankness, openness, it’s all great.”

She reached across the table and squeezed my hand, smiling with pleasure.

“I’m so glad you feel that way, sweetie. Honestly, I am. And like I said, I won’t tell Fred or be upset by anything you tell me.”

“Okay, fire away,” I replied.

Vera paused for a moment.

“How to put this,” she said, taking a sip of her wine. “Is there something going on between Josh and Jana?”

I swallowed hard. Now that I didn’t expect. As our conversation progressed I began to see it as plausible, though highly unlikely, that Jana had told her mother about certain aspects of our love life, but it never entered my mind that she would confess to her mother about her incestuous affair with her brother. So here I was sitting at dinner with my mother-in-law and she wanted to know if her two adult children were having sex together. I don’t think that’s anywhere in the textbooks!

“My goodness, Vera!” I sputtered. “Whatever prompted you to ask that question?”

“It’s not anything either of them said, you understand. It’s just that something appears to have changed in their relationship in the past couple of years or so. I’ve been watching them closely. Josh was always something of an awkward boy when it came to dating and such, and his wife seems a bit of a prude. Now I’ve seen changes in both my children, and I keep coming back to the notion, however unbelievable it may seem, that they’re engaging in consensual incest. Tell me I’m wrong,” she said, though not in a pleading sort of way.

To be honest, it looked almost as if Vera was enjoying herself.

“Okay,” I said, after a long pause during which I stared straight into Vera’s sky blue eyes. “It’s true.”

Vera’s mouth dropped open and she had a hard time composing herself. Her emotions appeared to be a strange combination of shock and prurient interest.

“Good God!” she gasped. “How did this start?”

I reminded her of her promise not to get upset and not to tell her husband, Fred, my father-in-law. She quickly agreed once more to the conditions of the conversation, so I proceeded to give her the Cliff’s Notes version of how Jana and Josh began their affair. Resting her chin slightly on her right hand, her left hand was in her lap and I wondered if she might be touching herself through her shorts.

“And please, Vera, please do not tell Jana about this conversation. I think she’d have a heart attack if she knew what I’ve told you.”

“Of course, darling,” she responded with a smile, appearing to recover her color somewhat. “Not a word. But all you did was confirm my suspicions. It’s hard for children to put things past their mother. Still, I’m absolutely dizzy with all this. It’s nothing I would have imagined. How do you feel about it? “

I paused briefly, wondering what pose I should adopt for my mother-in-law’s benefit, but then threw caution to the wind.

“Well, you may as well know, I find it highly erotic.” Vera smiled a bit, and took another sip of her wine, which was disappearing fast.

“You think it’s erotic that your wife is sleeping with her brother?” Her question was posed more as curiosity than indignation.

“Actually, I do.”

“I think I’ve passed through a doorway into an alternate universe.”

Then she peppered with me questions about Josh and Jana. Vera’s eyes grew wider with each new spicy detail.

“Well,” she said after the long pause that followed my narrative. “This is certainly a lot to take in.”

“I think you’re handling it remarkably well, Vera.”

“Oh, well,” she responded with a sweet, breathless smile. “Kids these days!”

We both laughed and the rest of the meal seemed to go by in a blur. We tried to make conversation on routine Magosa Escort matters, but it was difficult for Vera, who seemed to come back in her mind over and over to the vision of Josh and Jana as lovers.

As we drove back to the house Vera placed her hand softly on my forearm.

“Bret, could I ask you a favor?”

“Sure, fire away,” I said.

“With Fred out of town I don’t like staying in that big house all by myself. Would you mind if I stayed over at your house?”

“Not at all, Vera. You’re always welcome. Take your pick of the guest rooms. Both are made up and ready. And I didn’t have any plans for the evening, so don’t worry about a thing.”

I thought I heard Vera mumble something that sounded like, “That must be a first.” But when I asked her to repeat it, she said, “What? Oh, nothing, dear, nothing at all,” and the hint of a smile seemed to cross her lips.

When we arrived back at the house I showed Vera where she could find everything she needed, from towels and washcloths to a spare robe and nightgown belonging to Jana. She said she was going to shower before bed, so I said good night and retreated to my bedroom to read before turning in myself.

As I lay in bed it was acutely challenging to concentrate on what I was reading. So many different memories and emotions from the evening tugged at my attention. Just thinking about Luanne and Jana and the things they must be doing made me hard, and I thought about giving myself a few quick strokes in order to promote drowsiness, but for some reason I hesitated, not quite feeling right about jerking off with my mother-in-law down the hall.

And what about Vera?

I’d always looked upon her as a very proper suburban wife, something out of a John Cheever story, with a friendly, but guarded, sometimes frosty, demeanor. Her sentences were always well-formed and only rarely did she use slang of even the mildest kind. I thought she might be a bit on the frigid side, but what could Vera possibly be thinking at this moment, lying in bed down the hall, her mind spinning with the revelation that her son and daughter engaged in incest?

If anything, Vera seemed a few degrees too cool for someone confronted with something like that. Frankly, I found it arousing. Vera remains a beautiful woman with a terrific figure, and I found myself imagining what it would be like to get her into bed. For a few moments I thought about jerking off to my comely mother-in-law, but self-control got the better of me and I drifted off to sleep.

I don’t think I was asleep for very long when I felt something stirring me. It was Vera sitting down on my side of the bed. She was wearing Jana’s purple silk robe and her normally perfect hair was only slightly tousled.

“I’m sorry to wake you,” she said softly and with a bit of a smile. “I’m having trouble sleeping and needed to talk.”

“That’s quite alright,” I said groggily. “What’s bothering you?” (As if I didn’t know!)

Being around Vera certainly elevated my own speech habits. I felt a little sheepish that I was only wearing boxer shorts. Somehow being seen by my mother-in-law without a shirt on was a trifle disconcerting, but I let it pass.

“Well,” she said with a sigh. “I just wanted to again express my appreciation for your honesty at dinner. I know I was asking you to disclose a lot, but it was weighing on my mind.”

“That’s no problem, Vera. I figured you had a reason to be suspicious so honesty seemed like the best route.”

“Oh, I agree.” She paused for a moment, trying to choose her words carefully. “It’s frankly rather invigorating, how your generation approaches sexual matters. I think Fred and I were raised rather conservatively.”

“Well,” I said, trying to be engaging but not quite sure where this was going. “You have to go with what works for you.”

“Yes, indeed…” she said, seeming to trail off in mid-sentence. “Still, I’m so glad we could talk about it. I’ve always liked you, Bret, and I feel like it’s bringing us closer as friends. Isn’t that great?”

“It certainly is,” I replied sincerely.

Vera put her hand on my bare shoulder and let it linger there.

“Can I ask you a favor?”


“I’m feeling a bit lonely this evening. Would it be presumptuous to ask if I could sleep in here with you tonight?”

Without pausing to think of the implications of what she asked, I blurted out, “Sure. Make yourself comfortable.”

“You’re sure it’s okay?”

“Vera, you’re welcome in my bed anytime!”

She burst out laughing and moved her hand back to my shoulder. Then suddenly she ran it through the hair on my chest.

“You silly boy! I suppose it would look rather naughty if anyone found out.”

“Your secret is safe with me, pretty lady.”

“You think I’m pretty?” she asked, a bit startled by my statement.


“That’s so sweet of you. You are a darling.”

She leaned over and kissed me on the forehead, then moved to get up, I assumed to walk around to the other side of the bed. Then she stopped and turned around.

With one graceful motion she let the robe drop from her shoulders and land in a pile at her feet. She was completely naked, but she covered her pussy with her left hand and concealed her breasts with her right forearm. It was much more provocative and sexy than if she had not tried to cover herself.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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