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Not So Old Wives Tale Pt. 01

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Carly Winston was hot, horny and so eager for her husband to get home. She needed to be fucked, long and hard, god, she was so horny, she could smell her own lust rising off her body. She looked at the clock, she decided to give her husband a welcome home from work. She wrote down a note, and pinned it to the door, it read, “Dear hubby, I’m so fucking hot, wet and horny, come upstairs baby, see me all hot and ready for you, peel off my red thong panties, then fuck me, fuck me long, fuck me hard, and blow your balls deep inside me!”

Since he would be home in 5 minutes, she was sure that no one else would read that note. She hurried upstairs, stripped naked, donned her red thong panties. Looking around, she saw her sleeping mask. She felt the lust, she had used it when they had last fucked 2 days ago, the lack of seeing what he was doing, just feeling it, added a spicy shot to it, and she decided that would be a lot of fun.

Downstairs, the phone rang, but she had the ringer turned down, so she did not hear it. Her husband was calling to tell her that he was caught at the office, since he was in charge he had to catch up on the reports that needed to be dealt with quickly, and she shouldn’t expect him for another couple of hours. He left her a message and then got back to work.

When she heard the downstairs door open, she slipped on the sleeping mask. Her pussy gushed, she was going to get the hard fucking she craved. She stood in the middle of the bedroom, her legs spread, her ass cocked up, and waited for her husband’s cock to come and get her.

Hal McMannas, their neighbor, had just stopped by to ask Carly’s husband Kevin if they could go golfing on Sunday. He saw the note, read it, and his cock soared up. Oh fuck, he’d wanted to fuck the very delectable Carly since she and Kevin had become his neighbors. Watching her on the patio for tanning, wearing a very skimpy bikini, her body oiled up and glistening, really got his motor going. He envied Rod, having a hot, sexy wife like that to fuck every night.

He relieved the pressure by giving his wife Sheryl long, hard fucks, remembering the sight of Carly turned him into a midnight stallion, and Sheryl’s shrieks of pleasure would fill their bedroom. Rod would bone her eager cunt, fantasizing that Carly’s body was squirming beneath him, Carly’s cunt was wrapped around his cock, milking at him, and it was Carly’s shrieks of pleasure that were filling the bedroom. That would take him over, he’d growl like a tiger, and his cock would go off like a fire hose, slamming his cock in as deep as he could go, painting his wife’s pussy with a flood, inundating her cervix with his built up load of thick cream.

Sheryl was visiting her mother, it had been 3 days, and every day, Carly had been out on her patio, sunbathing in that skimpy bikini. Hal worked from home as an IT consultant, and the window of his home office gave him an open, unobstructed view of the patio, and let him drink in the vision.

His cock was rock hard, yesterday, Carly had given him a show. Unaware that he was watching from the window, once on the patio, she had looked around, satisfied that she seemed alone, she’d stripped off her skimpy bikini. Rod’s pole grew to its full afyon seks hikayeleri 9 inches, god, her body was spectacular. He saw the faint tan lines that her bikini had covered. He couldn’t look away as her hands spread suntan oil, giving the paler skin of her ass an extra coating, stretching grandly, then laying down on the chaise lounger. The sight of her naked backside, her sexy ass cheeks gleaming with oil, he had fished out his prick and stroked off to the sight. Imagining what her body looked like in the grip of passion, the sounds of joy and delight as she was fucked, and the feel of her hot cunt, cumming all over his cock made his prick erupt, and he’d gushed out his pent up load, his body shaking.

He looked over at the telephone and saw the “message waiting” light flashing. He went over, saw Kevin’s work office number, and lifted the receiver. He grinned when he heard Kevin’s voice saying that he was caught at work, and he’d be home in a couple of hours. He deleted the message and the last call display, he took the note off the door, folded it, and tucked it into his shirt pocket. Remembering the sight of Carly naked, and with Kevin stuck at work, the idea of fucking Carly really took control of him, and he decided to take the risk. He bounded up the stairs, and he could see the door to the bedroom ajar. He turned in, and stopped dead, his cock rose up like a jack in the box, holy fuck.

There she was, almost naked except for that tiny red thong panties, her eyes were covered with a sleeping mask. She was facing a large mirror, and he could see her reflection, her big grapefruit sized melons, the slight tummy swell, which he found incredibly erotic, and the nicely curved hips, a neatly trimmed nest of hair as blonde as the hair on her head, long sleek legs, oh fuck, he was so hard, it was almost painful. Oh man, her eyes are covered, what a huge stroke of luck.

When he stepped into the bedroom, Carly, in the grip of her red hot lust, cooed, “Oh baby, so glad you’re home, my hot little cunt has been burning for you baby! Give me that nice big cock, strip off my panties, and then ram your big cock into me!”

Hal couldn’t let this opportunity go, he was naked in just a few moments, then he glided up behind her. His hands reached out, and he slipped his fingers into the waistband of her panties and skimmed them down. His heart was pounding, holy fuck, her panties were drenched, the juices were dripping down her thighs. She wiggled her ass back at him, urging him on.

“Oh please baby, I’m burning up, don’t tease me, babe, fuck me, right now!”

Knowing he couldn’t say anything, he gave a growl of need, as he stepped up behind her. He bent his legs slightly, to line up his cock head with the wet, dripping hole. He straightened his legs up, and pushed up hard, his cock penetrated, and he impaled the very delectable Carly, his cock screwing up into the furnace-like heat. Hal growled, oh man, Carly’s cunt was a tight grip of pleasure, and he grunted loudly as he buried his prick to the balls.

Carly let out a low, keening wail of pleasure as Hal’s cock took her, oh yeah, she could feel the big, swollen head spreading her open. She tightened her inner muscles down, to feel his cock, and give him the hottest, tightest hole he’d ever had the pleasure of fucking. She’d learned how to do the Kegel exercises, to keep her pelvic floor muscles in tone. Not only did her husband love the tightness, but she had also found that by doing her exercises every day, she’d been able to cum better, it was easier, she came a lot more, and the intensity made her body burst with pleasure. Before she’d cum now and again during fucking, now, she’d always get at least one orgasm out.

Hal looked over her shoulder, and he could see the mirror reflection, bliss racing across her face, he reached around, grabbed one of her tits while her other hand gripped her hip, and pulled her up against his chest. Seeing her body shaking as he pounded her extra tight snatch drove him on, and he really laid his burly, throbbing cock into her, fuck, what a grip. The tightness of her squeezing cunt was like doing a virgin, Hal envied Kevin, having a tight, gripping cunt like Carly’s, hot and waiting for him every night.

Carly was on that ride, fuck, she loved getting reamed, the cock felt harder, and longer than ever, at least she thought it did when it first impaled her. The pounding of her creamy pussy, and the roaring lust it fired through her body overwhelmed any rational thought, focusing her attention on her throbbing cunt, oh fuck, felt so good. She eagerly accepted the hard filling thrusts into her welcoming pink hole. Carly was ridden hard, but that just inflamed her lust even more, her squeals, cries, and groans of pleasure filled the bedroom, as that pile driver of a cock kept slamming her pink hole, and she was just a mass of writhing lust, she was eager to feel his hot, creamy load blasting against her cervix.

“Oh yeah baby, ram me, I want your load, fuck my cunt like I’m some 18-year-old virgin, with the tightest snatch you’ve ever driven into, use my fuckhole like I’m your slut, and fill up your slut with a hot load of your spunk!”

Carly loved it, she could hear the wet squelch of her dripping, horny cunt being pounded by the surging cock, and the grunts, moans, and cries of mingled ecstasy filling the bedroom as she was unknowingly writhing on the end of Hal’s cock, her neighbor’s prick was sweeping her towards orgasm.

She felt the hot tingles of pleasure filling her, making her clit twitch wildly, and she growled, “Oh fuck, gonna cum baby, gonna cum, cum with me honey, cream all over my cunt, yes, yes, FUCK MEEEEEE!”

Her voice rose to a shriek, and Hal’s cock swelled, steel hard, piercing her cervix, and he grunted and growled as he felt his load streak up his shaft. He slammed in as deep as possible, and let the spasms take him over.

Carly’s shrieks and squeals of pleasure rose up, as she was skewered so deep, and she felt his hot rush, hosing down her womb with the hot splatter as thick globs of cum were pumped into her eager, gripping heat. She felt her tight walls eagerly massaging his cock, sucking out his load, fuck, she had needed it so much.

As Hal’s orgasm ebbed, he realized what a delicate situation he was in. She was expecting to see her husband, what the hell was going to happen when she removed her sleeping mask?

He felt his cock being freed, as Carly pulled herself off his cock. Good luck was with him, she made no move to pull off the mask, as she growled, “Now baby, fuck my mouth, I need another gush of hot cream.”

On her knees, she eagerly opened her mouth and Hal just as eagerly presented his cock to her. She licked and sucked all around the head, her taste buds tingling as she eagerly sampled the leftover cum slicking up his cock head. He was quickly brought back up to full glory, then Carly drove her mouth down, taking him in until she relaxed her throat muscles, and felt his cock head snake down her throat.

Hal grunted, oh fuck, he’d never been deep throated. His wife Sheryl was very good at giving blowjobs, but her gag reflex would not let her swallow every inch, she could only take in 6 of his 9 inches, and even then, she had to bob back quickly on every out-stroke, to not set it off. Carly was very proficient, he felt his cock nestled deep, she started to make swallowing motions around his cock.

She released him for a second, and growled, “Okay honey, you know what I like, grab my head, hold me in place while you plunder my mouth, fuck it just like you fucked my cunt, and give me a juicy splatter of your sweet cream!”

She wrapped her lips around his cock head, mouth open to receive his prick. She felt his hands grip her head and his entry as he pushed in smoothly, letting his cock slide down her throat, pulling back and driving in again.

Hal growled, her mouth was gushing with saliva, bathing his cock in hot wet heaven of sucking and licking pleasure. She was sucking and slurping all over his prick, her tongue swirling around his shaft, constantly urging him on to work up a second load. it took a while, but Carly kept the hot tongue action going, and he finally felt the rise of his cum.

Carly felt his cock swell, inching just a bit further down her throat. She grabbed his balls, gently squeezing them, and his cock responded, she felt a squirt fired straight down her throat, he pulled back, and let the rest of his load spray her mouth. She moaned around his cock, his cum tasted extra good today, the best she’d ever tasted. She eagerly sucked at him, wanting every bit of cum he could pump into her.

When he pulled out, she led him to the bed, so she could cuddle with him in the afterglow. She turned on her side, and cooed, “Spoon me, honey.”

Hal did so, luck stayed with him, as she left her mask in place and just lay her head down on the pillow. He listened to her soft sighs of pleasure, and they changed over to the deeper, slower breathing of sleep. He waited, listening attentively, then carefully disengaged his body. She sighed in her sleep but did not awaken.

Hal realized how fucking lucky he’d been, he’d better get the hell out of there. Dressing quickly, he was at the bedroom door, stepping out into the hallway, when he heard the downstairs door open. He had a rush of panic, looking around, he chose a door, and slipped in. It was obviously a guest room, double bed, table and chair, nightstand. He felt relieved, he had a feeling that this would not be Kevin’s destination. He kept the door open just a crack, heard the footsteps coming up, saw Kevin walking down the hall, then turn into the bedroom. He heard Kevin say, “Holy fuck!” he grinned, knowing what he was looking at.

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