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Not Your Typical Friends w/Benefits

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John hated this part of being a husband and new father…the waiting. After each pregnancy, his wife was ‘off-limits’ until the doctor gave her the go ahead for sex again. It was always a six week time period. Actually, it was always longer. His wife wasn’t exactly keen on having sex towards the end of the pregnancy. She didn’t feel up for it, it was too difficult, and she was always tired or her back hurt. John understood that, but it didn’t make the lack of sex any less enjoyable. He needed the release. He needed to feel her soft skin on his. He needed to feel his erect cock inside of her… pulsating, throbbing, and relieving the pressure in his balls. But here he was, over two months into the ‘no sex zone’. The end was in sight, only a few more weeks, but those weeks would go on like an eternity. John needed that feeling again. John needed to fuck something…someone. But, he wouldn’t do anything behind his wife’s back. She was the mother to all his children. She put up with him. He figured he would just have to wait out these last few weeks and hope beyond hope that it wouldn’t be extended.

Sarah knew this was hard for John. She couldn’t change it; she was just not able to have sex. It would hurt too much. She would love to have some way to let John get that sex fix he needed, but how. The two of them were rather down to earth, not mile-high clubbers by any means. Who could be with three children now? She still hated that John had to suffer.

So, it was quite fortuitous when one of members of a ladies group she was a part of called to discuss a few things for the group. During the discussion, Janet asked how things were going at the house with the larger family. Sarah didn’t know how she got to the subject of John and his lack of bedroom fun, but before she knew it, she was spilling all sorts of details to Janet. Janet was about 30 years older than Sarah and John. Often she would surprise folks when they found out she was in her 70s. She looked good for her age. She had been a widow for many years and would often imagine getting into bed with some of the married men that she knew. However, she knew those would always be fantasies for those lonely nights. Although, as Sarah continued to talk about John, Janet got the idea in her head and felt it all the way down into her much neglected pussy, that maybe just maybe one of those fantasies may come to fruition.

After several minutes of explaining things, Sarah stopped and started to apologize to Janet for going on and on about their troubles. Janet didn’t in the least mind, and in fact, she jumped at the chance to help out Sarah and John, hopefully, by jumping onto John’s erect cock, among other things she has always wanted to try. Janet knew she would have to bring up her idea in a delicate way. She didn’t want to offend Sarah. But, she also needed something rubbing her pussy’s lips besides that one vibrator she bought several years ago.

“Sarah, I know it isn’t my place, but are you open to any suggestions?” asked Janet.

“This is the third time John has had to wait for me to be ‘back in business’. I know that he is getting more and more desperate for any release he could find. Why do you ask?” responded Sarah.

“Well, I don’t want to mention anything that would upset you, and it may sound a little selfish, but I would enjoy helping out you and John, primarily John.” Janet said with a little hesitation but a lot of hope.

There were several seconds of quiet, and Janet was starting to think that she shouldn’t have brought up the subject. Then Sarah said, “what exactly did Janet have in mind?”

Janet began by talking about how lonely she had been all these years since she first became a widow, and described some of the fantasies that she wanted to experience. After Janet finished, Sarah was onboard. It would kill two birds with one stone. She would be able to give John what she couldn’t give him, through Janet. And Janet would get to live out at least one of her fantasies. The two ladies continued to discuss a few more of the specifics. When they were finished, they said their goodbyes and started getting things ready for John and his surprise.

When he got home from work that evening, Sarah had dinner ready at the table. As usual, the noise at the table with three small ones was never ending, but after everyone was done and the kids were in bed, Sarah knew it was time to tell John about what he would be doing the next evening and where. Sarah and Janet had decided to keep some of the suspense for John by only giving some of the specifics. Sarah started off by letting John know that she had made plans for him tomorrow after work. He was to go to the following address, as she handed him a small piece of paper. She and the children would be fine. The two oldest were going to spend the day and night at their grandparents house. That way, Sarah would only have to tend to the youngest. Sarah also told him that he is expected to go straight to the address from work, not to come home. There he would find the ‘release’ that he had been wanting for these two plus months. John was a bit surprised silivri escort by this and asked exactly what Sarah meant. She didn’t provide any specifics other than saying, the afternoon and evening were set aside for a friend’s fantasies and hopefully some of his too. She could tell that she gotten his attention when she looked down and started to see the tent in his pants.

That night was quite restless for John. Who could the mystery woman be? Did he have any fantasies that he would like to fulfill? Of course he did. He just figured that Sarah wouldn’t be up for them, so he never mentioned them to her. If he thought the night was restless, the next day at work was unbearable. Thankfully, he had a job in front of a computer, because his cock was hard and rigid the entire workday and he thought it best that no one else saw how aroused he was. All the blood down there also made it quite difficult to think about anything other than when the workday was over and he could get out of the office and on his way to the address on that small piece of paper.

It felt like an eternity. Heck, it didn’t just feel like an eternity, it was an eternity. But at last, the workday was through. John was in his car before his computer had completely shutdown. He programmed the address into his car’s GPS and got the trip started. He hoped that he wouldn’t hit any of the rush hour traffic or any car accidents. The GPS had John getting to the address in 45 minutes. He and more importantly, his cock couldn’t wait an additional minute.

Janet was getting more nervous by the minute. Sarah had let her know that John would most likely get to her house by 5. That meant that in less than an hour, she would be starting an evening and night that she had fantasized about for years. She was a little scared that when John would see who he was visiting, that he might not be as agreeable to spending time in bed with her.

Everything was set. The bedroom was immaculate with clean sheets. She didn’t know how her pussy would take the first real cock in it in years, so she had purchased some lubrication at the grocery. Thank heavens for self-checkout lanes. She couldn’t have dared to have the cashier see what she was purchasing. Janet had already changed her panties twice because they continued to get wet. Once again she was back in her bedroom, taking off the wet panties and putting on a new dry pair. She didn’t have the sexiest of panties, but no one would call them granny panties, either. She should have gotten some lacey lingerie, but it was too late for that now. Either John would like what he was getting and how it was dressed or this would be the biggest embarrassment of her life. She started to get a little light-headed, so she quickly laid down so she should compose herself.

It was a good thing that John had the GPS. He was able to miss two fender benders. It was just one of those days, he guessed. Finally, he was turning onto Janet’s street. Another few minutes and he would be at her door waiting to see who answered. At that exact time, Janet was looking out the window of her bedroom on the second story of her house knowing that at any minute, she hoped, John would pull into her driveway.

Janet’s heart jumped when John’s car pulled into the driveway. She watched as he parked his car and sat there for just a moment. She so enjoyed watching him getting out of his car and walking quickly to her front door. She jumped as the doorbell rang. She barely kept up with her feet as she quickly got downstairs and unlocked the door.

Janet opened the door slowly and found John’s eyes right away. She wanted to see if his first impression was of excitement or something else.

John smiled as soon as he recognized Janet. He had met Janet several times and liked her. He didn’t know a lot about her, but had wondered how someone who seemed delightful was a widow for so long. Both of them hesitated before speaking. And when they did, they stammered over the other’s words. After laughing for a minute, Janet invited John into the house. She closed the door behind him and turned around as John slowly put his hands and arms around her, holding her close, feeling her chest move as she inhaled and exhaled. Janet could already feel John’s cock start rubbing against her body.

Janet whispered to John, “I’ve fantasized about you for quite a long time. I hope you are not disappointed in seeing me.”

John didn’t say a word, but slowly began to kiss Janet’s neck as his hands began to roam. First his hands caressed and grabbed at her backside. He continued to hold her as close as he could as his hands found their way to her waist. He slowly loosened his embrace so that he could passionately kiss her and then move his lips down to her chest. First kissing through her blouse and then he started to undo the buttons to give him access to her nipples. After each nipple was kissed and lightly licked, Janet took John’s hand and slowly guided him up the stairs to her bedroom.

Janet closed the door and asked John to remove her clothes. She then removed şirinevler escort his. Both of them just stared at each other’s nude bodies. Janet couldn’t believe how hard, erect and long John’s cock was. It was then she realized that she had never really been sexually satisfied before. Now, she was going to have a nearly seven inch, throbbing cock inside of her. She wanted his cock inside of her now, but she also wanted to try a few other of her fantasies. She had never tasted a cock before. She didn’t know if she could or not. She wasn’t expecting something so big. But she still wanted to give it a try.

She asked John to lie down on the bed. She started at his toes…erotically kissing and occasionally licking as she moved further up his right leg until she found her fingertips and mouth at his balls and cock. She already saw the pre-cum on the tip, and began to play with it between two fingers. Her tongue reached out began to tease John’s balls, causing them to react…rolling around inside of his scrotum, his cock twitching with each small touch of Janet’s fingers and tongue. She had heard of teabagging and had even seen it done once in a movie, but now she finally got the chance to try it. The moaning from John as her mouth tugged on his balls and her tongue swirled around let her know that whatever she was doing, she was doing it right. Janet moved back and forth from his left nut to his right and back again. She then moved to licking up and down John’s erect cock. Pre-cum began to dribble down his shaft. The taste of it sped up Janet’s heart rate. She still didn’t know if she could take his whole cock in her mouth, but she was going to at least give it one try. But before she could, her dripping pussy wanted some attention. She asked John if he wanted her on top or bottom…knowing that both would happen at some point that evening.

John slowly moved Janet onto her back, sucking her nipples as hard as he could, driving Janet’s body into shaking with pleasure. Once completely on her back, John spread her legs and began teasing her inner thighs with his hand and light kisses. Janet’s back would arch from time to time as the feelings she was experiencing would overwhelm her. Her breathing began to get deeper and faster as John’s fingers began to play with her pussy’s lips and clitoris. Occasionally her hips would buck up against John’s hands.

After more than five minutes of teasing, John pulled back the foreskin on his cock and began to bounce it against her entryway. Janet was grabbing at the sheets trying to control all the feelings that were surging through her body. Then, at once, John placed his tip at the edge of her pussy, ever so slowly entered Janet. He stopped when only the head of cock was in her. Waiting there for a minute, she couldn’t take it anymore, Janet begged for his whole cock.

In between breaths, Janet said “Please, get all of it in me! I need it now!”

With one quick thrust, John pushed all seven inches into Janet. Falling on her, he grabbed around her body and began thrusting quickly. He had waited as long as he could. Both expected this evening to go on for several hours, so getting to this first wave of ecstasy so quickly was fine with each of them. Janet couldn’t believe all the feelings she was experiencing. She loved being taken so quickly and so forcefully. She felt completely taken. All she desired was that the evening would never end. John took Janet’s left nipple into his mouth as he continued to thrust in and out of her pussy. He could tell that he wouldn’t last too much longer. As he came to his climax, his mouth let go of her breast and his thrusts became even deeper until the first of several spurts of cum shot into her waiting pussy.

Both of them laid quietly, without any movement for several minutes. John’s cock started to slide out of Janet, which caused her to moan in displeasure. She wanted more. She needed more. But, she would have to wait. John slid off of Janet allowing her to move her hands down to her pussy, lightly stroking the cum. She had gotten her first taste of sex in years and now she wanted to start round two. She asked, “What fantasies do you have that I could help you with tonight?”

“There are so many things I’ve thought about wanting to try, but I know that Sarah would never be interested,” answered John.

“I’m up for anything you want to try, as long as you are interested in fulfilling my fantasies too”, Janet said.

John climbed back on top of Janet and began kissing, licking, and sucking both of her tits. When he wasn’t mouth on tit, his hands were either mauling the other breast or fingering her pussy. Janet just laid there enjoying the attention and wondered what John may be thinking of next. Just before both of her tits became too sore, John straddled her body, positioned his semi-hard member between her two breasts, and sandwiched the two together. First, he started off slowly, moving his cock back and forth between Janet’s breasts. As time passed, he would speed up and slow down while occasionally tugging at her tits. şişli escort Soon, John’s cock was at full attention once again. He leaned down to Janet’s ear and whispered “which hole wants it more, your mouth or your pussy”?

“I can’t wait any longer. I need to suck it now,” she replied.

John moved up her body and pointed the tip of his cock at Janet’s open mouth. He slowly lowered his hips as her tongue licked his foreskin. Just as his cock twitched, she raised her head and took the first two inches into her mouth. She started by sucking while moving more of his cock into her mouth, essentially pulling his foreskin back as she sucked, while her tongue darted back and forth hitting every nerve John’s cock had. As he fucked her mouth, his balls hung low and would bounce on her chin, only increasing the pleasure he was experiencing. Janet gagged only twice as John continued to increase his speed and the amount of his cock he forced into her mouth. During one of the few times that his cock completely exited her mouth, Janet pleaded, “Let me be on top this time. I want to ride you like the bull you are.”

John climbed off and laid down on the bed as Janet got to her knees and sucked his cock for a few more minutes, while roughly pulling and playing with his nipples. Quickly, she straddled John and guided his cock to her entrance. She stopped just as his tip met her opening and then without warning, let her knees give way and her entire frame fell onto him, impaling herself with all of his seven inches. Both of them grunted with pain and pleasure at the same time.

John softly padded Janet’s ass at first. After a few long thrusts, he pulled her down onto body, her breasts smashed up against his chest, and spanked each asscheek several times in between deep thrusts of is cock into her pussy. With each swat of her ass, Janet whimpered with pain and enjoyment. John pushed Janet back up so she was back to riding like the cowgirl she wanted to be. While her ass still stung, John began grabbing and mauling her tits once again as they bounced up and down with each thrust. Neither of them knew how long they might last, but each was enjoying every ounce of their second fuck session. Janet knew that she wouldn’t make it all the way to an orgasm without some additional attention to her clit. As John continued bouncing her up and down and occasionally pulling at a tit, she guided her left hand to her entryway and began rubbing, softly at first, her clit, irritating it more and more with each minute that passed.

Although, neither of them were young, both were fucking as if they were teenagers. Janet began to feel something that she had never felt before. Her body was losing all of its control. Only her pussy was in control and she could feel it getting to a point of no return. She begged John to take her body more forcefully. She needed absolutely every inch of John to finish her off and make her orgasm. John was more than willing to pull Janet down to him, thrusting at a speed he had never tried with his wife, Sarah.

All at once, Janet was screaming as she climaxed. Knowing what he had just done for her, John came a second time inside of her. It was several minutes before Janet’s body stopped shaking and her breathing started to slow. Her whole body blanketed John as both of them nearly fell asleep with exhaustion. Both of them knew that if they wanted to fulfill any other fantasies that evening, they would have to take some time to recover.

Janet slowly got off of John’s body and told him to just lay there and rest. She would go and get something to eat and drink and be right back. John didn’t need any convincing. He found himself slowly being awakened from a short nap with Janet teabagging him for a second time. He thought to himself, this is a hell of lot better than an alarm clock. Janet stopped just as his cock started to come back to life. Both of them spent the next hour resting, eating and drinking, and talking about anything else they wanted to try before their evening had come to an end.

Janet had more than satisfied all of her fantasies. She was curious about anal sex, but knew that she would never be able to cross that line. So, she didn’t bring it up. John didn’t know if he had anymore in him. Oh, if he were only younger. Before John spoke up, Janet said “I can’t let you go without feeling you inside of me one more time. Is there something else we can try?” John started getting aroused again as he smiled at Janet. He stood up and pulled Janet to his embrace. After passionately kissing her, he slowly turned her around and bent her over onto the bed. Once her arms and face were on the bed, he began fingering her as his cock reached its full length again. John inserted his cock into her pussy as he reached around Janet and cupped her breasts. With each thrust his hands would pull on her breasts, giving him more leverage and making Janet whimper. There were no small thrusts; each one could be the last. John couldn’t remember the last time he had cum three times in one day. He could hear Janet moaning into the pillow under her head. More importantly, he could feel the walls of her vagina clinching around his cock for one last milking. Somehow, before both of them collapsed on the bed, John moved his hands to Janet’s hips for a few final strokes as he rammed harder and harder into her. Both of their bodies gave way as they fell onto the bed, John cumming a final time.

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