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Big Tits

Note from the author:

As this my debut erotic story, I wanted to let readers know that this is likely my one and only true story. Names have been changed, and certain details dramatized for reading enjoyment, but generally, my sexual needs and fetishes are so much a product of this experience. While my future stories will be improved by your criticism, before you comment I humbly request you consider – this happened. I’m not fragile, but if you’re expecting a happy ending, read something else.


Dana grabbed my long, dark hair and pulled my mouth against her cunt. Her scent was all over me, my face and hands, my thigh from where she was grinding against my leg as we kissed…

Her pussy was waxed. I’d seen that before, but not up close. It felt beautiful on my lips and nose and tongue.

My pussy was… natural. Dana told me several times that weekend that she was going to take me to SoHo for a wax, so we could eat each other out the classy way. We hadn’t been able to leave her dorm room long enough, though. The need to devour each other was too strong.

I ran my tongue along her lips and then circled her clit, the way she showed me. Every time I’d eat her pussy, I’d remember her kissing my mound, the throbbing pulse in my throat, the heat in my cheeks as I lay there, mortified and groaning with unearned euphoria.

As my tongue darted in and out of her sour slit, she pushed my head down further. I didn’t like it when she made me lick her asshole. I’d been revolted by anything involving the anus since I was a child. And I was having a difficult time with it, but Dana loved it, so my tongue flicked and circled her dark ring.

“Rub my clit with your thumb,” she said. “Yes, that’s it. No, keep tonguing my asshole. Push your tongue… oooh, good girl. Theeeere you go, baby. Come on, E. Make me cum. Make me cum with that slut mouth.”

Dana came with a wail. She usually did. She was very loud during sex, even encouraged me to yell as I was cumming – I’d just moan a little, and my body would tremble, and that was usually it. I’m sure it was very unappealing to a showboat like Dana, so I tried to be loud for her. And even though she had a single, that entire weekend, I was sure security would knock at any moment. Just because they hadn’t yet didn’t mean they wouldn’t.

Sitting up, Dana grabbed me by the neck, pulled me to her, and licked my mouth with her tongue. “Fuck, you’re a quick study,” she said, panting as she drew back.

“I had a good teacher,” I said.

“Pussy is better than cock, right? Cock is so…” At this she made a choking sound, as if gagging on one. “But pussy is all mmmmmm. Now get up here, I want to taste the mess I caused in that soaking cunt of yours.” She reached her fingers between my legs and shoved two of them into my sloppy vagina. “Theeeeeere. That’s a dirty, dirty girl. Getting all wet munching box. What would your parents say?”

My breath picked up instantly, my cheeks warming. “You don’t have to do that.”

Dana paused. “Again?”

“I can just finish myself.”

She pulled her fingers out of me, glistening with my arousal, and shoved them in her mouth with a shrug. “Your call.”

Then she pushed me down onto the bed, and threw a lithe, toned leg over to straddle me, her tacky pussy lips sticking to the skin beneath my navel. She laced her fingers through mine and held them above my head as she kissed my collar bone, my neck, my mouth.

“You sure you don’t want me to kiss your clit until you cum?”

I smiled up at her. “I’ll be fine.”

“Hurry up, then. There’s this boutique down the street that has crotchless designer panties, and I want to see your tiny twat sticking out of them.” Dana smacked my thigh and hopped from the bed.

“Oh,” I said, sitting up to my knees, my naked bum back on my heels. “I don’t know. I really can’t afford New York shopping.”

Dana wiggled her bum as she crossed the single to her dresser. “Oh, please. Daddy is paying. Daddy always pays.” She opened the drawer and pulled out a bra. “Well? Get to it. Show me how you make yourself cum.”

A vice compressed my chest as she stared at me with those intense hazel eyes. I bit my lip. “Well… it might be more fun in crotchless panties,” I said.

“That’s my little nympho. Throw on those shorts I bought you, the blue ones. No panties or bra for you. I want all the guys to look at you and envy me.”

I did exactly as she asked, of course. Dana was… how do I put this? Dana was loaded. Beyond loaded. The heiress to a food company fortune, she and every one of her other siblings was given an airplane for their 18th birthdays. And Dana’s perspective on the world was one that the rest of us don’t understand. While she had empathy for some things, and plenty of compassion in the realm of human decency, she was demanding and critical in the way of people that don’t have to consider the feelings of others.

And she decided she wanted me. And Dana gets what she wants.

By the time I was dressed, which felt like türbanlı seks hikayeleri a bit of a misnomer given how much of my ass was hanging out of those shorts, Dana was tapping her Louboutins in the doorway, holding the door for me. As I walked by, she hooked my waistband and pressed me slowly against the open door. Her tongue entered my mouth as her lips closed over mine, and her long, penetrating kiss made my knees weaken. Those long, fake lashed and intense eyes stared at me when she lifted her mouth away.

“I love you,” she said. “You know that.”

I swallowed hard. “I… love you, too.”

She smiled. “As long as we’re clear.” She pinched my chin and grinned. “God, you’re so CUTE! Come on. Panty time.”

As she lead me down the hallway to the elevator, I beamed behind her.

Was I in love? Of course, I was. Wasn’t I? You didn’t pick Dana Chambers, she picked you. At that very moment, I was probably the luckiest girl in Manhattan.

When my train arrived in New York the day before, it had been miserably hot. And humid. And Dana’s dorm single didn’t have air, so when she pulled my clothes off that afternoon, I had been sweaty and embarrassed and dying for a shower. Dana hadn’t cared. It was clothes off and straight to bed to see what I’d remember from her training session a month earlier in Boston. Apparently, I’d remembered very well as she came in only a minute. Maybe a minute and a half. We had been sweating and kissing for hours with the windows open before the storm came through, and we’d fallen asleep naked and wrapped around each other.

Ugh, Boston. I missed Boston already. New York was too big.

So, we exited the high-rise dorm building into cool, sticky air. Dana didn’t need her massive sunglasses with the skies still overcast and dark, but she wore them anyway. I felt her hand slip into my back pocket. And truly, Dana was shorter in stature than me, maybe a bit leaner as she was training to be a contemporary dancer, but she had the swagger of a total boss and the grace of a gazelle. My physical skills were more of the swimming and video game variety, which I’m happy to say were beautiful decisions that allowed me to keep my curves.

Those curves were a bit less optimal in my present, braless state. Dana didn’t have to worry about that. She had B-cups at best. Ha, I remember the night she first kissed me, she kept feeling up my chest and telling me she wanted my tits. Took me a while to realize she meant it literally. Walking down the street, though, she was right. Men for sure, some women, the attention was on my cans. And maybe I’m projecting, but I’m pretty sure Dana’s hand in my back pocket had the effect she wanted. At the end of each encounter, every one of those people knew who I belonged to.

What can I say about that? I think I was blushing for a solid half hour, but the security of Dana’s hand on my bum made all the difference.

We reached the store, and fuck me, I had never seen so much gold. Gold everything. Gold glasses, gold clutches, gold spangled bras and panties. Thank goodness we steered away from that stuff. The staff must have sensed money walking into the store, because we were greeted with obsequious courtesy within seconds. Dana simply handed the woman her daddy’s credit card and flashed her driver’s license. “We’re not to be disturbed,” she said.

Dana guided me to the rear of the store to the ‘sexy’ section – yes, there was even a gold vibrator. The woman we had met up front closed a curtain behind us, and we had the entire rear of the store to ourselves. Dana’s hand remained on my back as we moved from table to table, looking at all the lingerie. She’d sometimes reach up and touch my cheek and pull me in for a lingering, toe-curling kiss.

Yes, love was the right word. I was in love. I was sure.

So when we got into the changing room, she took great pleasure in undressing me, what little there was to undress. Lest you think upscale stores play by different rules, first all – they obviously do – but second of all, there was definitely a no-try policy on underwear. Dana did not. Give. A shit. After I was naked, she had me undress her, and she stood in front of me.

Looking at ourselves in the mirror, my face hovering above her left shoulder, she lifted my hands to her breasts and held them fast.

“Fuck, we’re hot,” she said. To which I smiled.

We tried on robes and nighties and dozens of pairs of panties, and the one she chose for me I could never have assembled myself. It was black. There were a lot of strings and ties. And it was 100% crotchless. But I had to admit, just looking at myself in the mirror sent tingles through my body.

I don’t usually appreciate the way I look. But something had been happening to me. This was my second summer lifeguarding (when I wasn’t visiting my rich girlfriend in NYC, that is), and people were treating me differently. I had a massive crush on the head guard the previous year, and he would hardly look at me. This particular summer when I showed up for my first day, he dropped his sunglasses and openly stared. I was mystifying. I felt I looked the way I did when I graduated, but after a year of college in the city, maybe I was just more confident. Or maybe it was because my hips and boobs finally rounded out. Let’s go with that.

“See,” said Dana, trailing her fingers delicately along my spine. “I told you your cunt would look magnificent like that.”

“Okay,” I said, “it does look pretty good.”

“Very munchable.” Dana stepped back. The pink silk nighty she’d tried-on was hanging level with her dangling labia. “Well? Don’t you have something to finish?”

I looked at her and tilted my head.

“We’re not leaving this store until you cum.”

“Oh, no, I…”

“You said…” She pointed a finger. “…that you would finish yourself off in crotchless panties. Well?”

“That’s not literally what I said.”



“Masturbate, now.” She leaned against one of the mirrors. “I want to watch you make yourself cum.”

I bit my lip. My pussy already lubricating itself, I could feel how slippery I was as I rubbed my legs together.

Dana rolled her eyes. “Fine. You want me to do it with you?”

I nodded, furiously.

“Too bad. But I’m getting wet watching you already. Look.” Dana spread her legs wide, splayed her pussy lips, dipped a finger in so I could see the long, clear string chaining her finger to her intimate opening. “Do it, baby. Make yourself cum.”

My hand crept down my tummy over the cords of those elaborate panties, and Dana watched me, her eyes lit with an internal fire. There was easily enough of my own arousal to sweep up and over my clit. I watched Dana lick her lips as I began to work.

“Yeah,” she whispered. “You like this, you fucking slut? You like when I get hot watching you? I love it. I love how embarrassed you are.”

A gentle moan escaped my lips, this humiliation, exactly what my Dana wanted, tipped off a tiny orgasm.

“Did you just cum, you fucking nympho?”

“No,” I lied, my jaw slackening beneath pink cheeks as I watched her watching me with hunger. I could have stopped. That little orgasm counted… but that’s not what she wanted, so I kept going.

The sloppy, wet sound my fingers made as I drove them inside myself sent a shiver through my body, and I swept more lube out of my slimy crease and circled my clit faster.

Her nipples were hard, as were mine. I stared at her little chest as I cupped my breast and pinched my little pink erection. “I want to suck on your tits,” I whispered, breathing harder.

“No, no, no,” she said, pinching herself to match me. “This is about you getting off.”

“Let me lick you,” I said. “I’ll get off, I promise.”

“You’ll forget about yourself,” she said. “But I want you to cum knowing how fucking hot you are, how insanely horny you make me.” She stepped across the little room, her hands inches from her bald twat. “Stop looking at me. Look at yourself.”

Dana lowered herself to her knees before me. My cunt quivered awaiting what I thought was coming. In the mirror, I could see her dark little asshole, watched her reach behind herself and press a finger inside.

“Oh, that’s hot,” I said, my hips bucking. I may not have cared for ass play at that time in my life, but I loved watching Dana masturbate her asshole.

“Stop looking at me,” she commanded. Her nighty slipped off her shoulders, and the hemline fell to obscure her activities. “Look how gorgeous you are, with a princess like me worshipping your hairy, sopping cut.”

She was beginning to moan. Fuck, she was loud! “We’re going to get caught!” I hissed, but I didn’t stop finger fucking myself.

“Oh, E,” she said as she kissed inside my thighs. At that point, I couldn’t help but lean back against my mirror and moan loudly as well. “I fucking love your beautiful pussy.” She pressed her cheek up against my leg, her nose tickling my outer lips, and sniffed deeply. “God, oh fuck, oh God you smell amazing. I want to smell your dripping pussy when you cum. Now look at yourself. Watch a princess sniff your pussy while you’re cumming.”

I felt it rising in me, I was getting close, my throat closing as I worked my clit. Dana took another deep inhale. And as she knelt before me, her nose working its way into my twat, an orgasm soared through my body. I planted one hand on the mirror to steady myself as I gasped for air.

As the tremors subsided, Dana grinned up at me and then wiggled her tongue up into my intimate opening. I shivered as I looked down at her, and she laughed.

“I knew you could do it, sweetheart,” she said. “You naughty, naughty girl.” After placing a delicate suckling kiss on my still-hard clit, she climbed my body to reach her feet, tilted my chin up with her thumb, and peppered my throat with kisses.

“Mmmm, was that good?” I asked, humming as she nuzzled my neck.

She lifted her head and said, “I’m hungry. You wanna go eat?”

My eyes flashed to the fitting room door. Despite my moaning and absolutely zero sound proofing, no one had come.

“Um, we should probably put some clothes on,” I said. Dana did just that, and I followed, the smell of sex hanging heavy in the air.

Dana looked at the mess of clothing we left on the floor. “You want to buy any of this?”

“We kind of have to, right?”

“Fuck no,” she said. “But I’ll take care of it.”

She pushed out of the dressing room, crossed the lingerie section and yanked the curtain aside. “You need a bigger selection,” she said to the service woman who looked beat red and the face and wouldn’t meet Dana’s eyes. I understood the feeling, my eyes mostly fixed on my shoes.

“Will you be, uh, making a purchase today, madam?”

Dana hummed and pointed. “That,” she said. “What’s the length on that waist chain, with the sapphire on the little padlock?”

“The kamarband,” said the woman. “The twenty four carat or the fourteen?”

“Do I look like I’d put my girl in fourteen carats?”

My eyes snapped up. “What’s this now?”

The woman cleared her throat. “That’s sixty inches. It should drape perfectly around any waist under twenty-eight inches.”

“Perfect,” she said. “Put it on my card.”

“That’ll be four-thousand two…”

“Doesn’t matter,” said Dana.


She placed her finger over my lips. “My girl gets the best. And a sapphire will bring out those gorgeous blues of yours.”

“She’s right,” said the woman, curling the kamarband into an elaborate white box. “Sapphires will be perfect on you. I do have a selection of teardrop earrings…”

Dana lifted a hand, and the woman shut up instantly. The rest of the transaction was somewhat lost on me as I was still trying to process. The woman held out a the tiny bag to me. “Oh,” I said. “Thanks.”

We stepped outside the store, and Dana cooly dropped her shades again.

I turned on her right away. “Babe, are you sure.”

Dana smiled. “Are you going to put it on?”

“But. I’m wearing a tee shirt. And like, we’re in the city. What if I get mugged?”

“Sweetheart, this is the Village, not Harlem. And if you…” She reached forward to tie the bottom of my shirt into a high knot beneath my braless breasts. Clearly she was not going to be deterred, so I fished the little box from the bag, and Dana looped the kamarband twice around my waist, snapping the little padlock charm in place. “Now THAT is hot.”

“You think they all go together?”

“To anyone that matters? They’re going to see a twenty-four carat gold waist chain with a big ass rock on it and Zhivago short shorts on a fine piece of ass. Your tee shirt and Chucks are ironic. They’ll respect the shit out of that.”

I leaned forward then and kissed her, soft but deep. Then Dana turned her head, and my eyes tracked to the curb where two men in suits had stopped to watch us.

“Enjoying the show?” she asked.

The taller of the two men said, “Just let us know if you need any help.”

“I’ve got this one under control, boys,” said Dana, grinning as she snatched my hand and led me down the sidewalk. I looked down, smiling.

Once we were well away, I said, “Let me buy you lunch.”

“Can you afford that?” she asked.

“If we pick some place cheap, I can,” I said with a hopeful smirk.

Pinching her chin, Dana said, “Actually, you want to do New York right? There’s a greasy spoon up by the park. I haven’t had waffles in a long time.”

The restaurant didn’t disappoint. It wasn’t too busy, but we were ignored until a woman with a thick NYC accent yelled, “Sit where ya’ want! You think this is Tiffany’s?”

“Where do you want to sit?” asked Dana.

I shook my head. “So, the woman at the store was expected to bow and scrape, but you don’t bat an eye at that waitress.”

“This is very much a when-in-Rome situation,” said Dana.

“You impress me all the time,” I said.

“I should. I’m amazing.” Dana smiled, and place her hand on the small of my back as we crossed to a booth.

True to her word, Dana ordered waffles with bacon. I did the same. Plus orange juice. We talked about dance for a while, how long she would be at the NYU summer program before returning to Boston for fall semester. Dance was competitive, and no amount of family money was going to make Dana a premier dancer if she didn’t have the skill for it. Dana worked hard. At everything. I’ve always admired that about her.

“What are you going to do if you don’t make it? As a dancer?” I asked, sipping my juice. “I don’t see you teaching.”

“You know that’s just generic concentrate, right?”

I took another sip.

Dana sighed. “I guess I’ll go back home and let my mother set me up with some king of finance from her country club. Could be a shit show, though. My friend, Annie, said half those guys don’t know how to fuck.”

My heart skipped a beat. “Oh. You wouldn’t… I mean… Would you want me to meet your family or anything?”

She frowned. “Why?”

“Because… isn’t that what girlfriends do?”

Dana’s mouth formed a little bow, and she grabbed my hand with both of hers. “E, you know I love you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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