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Now I Lay Her Down to Sleep Ch. 02

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This is part 2 of a 4 part story. Reading the first part of the story will give you a better background, though this story can be enjoyed on its own. I hope you enjoy.


The last few days passed since my first sleepover with Chelsey. I looked forward to my next adventure with her. I had only seen Chelsey a few minutes here and there in passing by these last few days. I was lucky enough to see her beautiful smile each day, however.

When I woke this morning I found a note from Chelsey. It read, “Off work today. I would like to watch a movie with you tonight.”

I spent the day at work daydreaming about the possibilities tonight had in store for us. It was Tuesday night and there was nothing worth watching on television so I turned on the stereo and listened to music while I waited for the return of my roommate.

It was 9 o’clock when Chelsey came strolling in. She had an extra pep in her step. She smiled at me and said,”Hi!” As she strolled through the room towards her bedroom. I enjoyed watching the wiggle in her walk. Her tight stretch jeans clung to her butt cheeks and flexed with each step she took.

I threw a small head pillow over my lap and made myself comfortable on the end of the couch. A few minutes later Chelsey entered the room.

“I rented a movie for us to watch. My friend Katie said it was awesome.”

I asked, “What is the name?”

“It is called ‘Lustful’. It is about a woman who…well I don’t want to give the plot away.” She said as she blushed.

“Well okay” I said laughing.

She walked over and sat down in the middle of the couch. She crossed her legs wrapping each ankle under her knees on the couch as she faced me. I could not help but scan her beautiful body and take a glance between her legs. I could only see her soccer shorts hug her crotch, but the visual was good enough for me.

She began blushing again as she spoke. “I had the most awesome dream a few nights ago. The night I slept in your bed. I was hoping to have another dream like that again but I haven’t the last few nights.”

I smiled as I asked “What did you dream about hon?”

Her face turned bright red. She paused a few moments before she said, “I don’t remember the exact dream anymore but it was fun. It made me smile the next morning.”

“Well, I am glad you had a nice dream. I love your smile so I hope you have some more good dreams.”

“Me too. Now let’s watch this movie.” She exclaimed as she turned towards the television and lay down on my lap again.

My hands gravitated towards her back. My fingers began rubbing her back as the movie began. A few minutes into the movie she placed her hands under her head. Her hands put pressure against my crotch, causing a reaction. I hoped she did not notice the pressure pushing back against the pillow.

The movie was beginning a bedroom scene with a woman and her husband. It was getting steamy. I wondered why she had picked to watch this movie with me. Was she trying to give me a hint? Was that also why she had mentioned her dream?

I moved my hand under her shirt and rubbed the halkalı escort smooth skin of her back softly. She wiggled and whispered, “That tickles.”

I continued, applying more pressure this time. I was happy she did not reject my hands under her shirt. She was not wearing a bra again. Her right hand slid down and rested against my right upper thigh. I could feel my blood flowing again with the touch of her hand.

Half way into the movie, I pulled my hand from beneath her shirt and placed it on her upper stomach. My wrist just so happened to rest against the bottom of her breasts. I fully expected her to readjust, but she lay still.

I began running my left hand through her hair that lay on her back. Her shoulders are scrunched together and her head lifted back.

“That feels so good. It is so relaxing.” She commented.

Her comment reassured her comfort with me touching her. The female in the movie was swooning another man. I had a feeling she was working toward an extramarital affair. There was plenty of romance happening on the screen.

Chelsey’s right hand moved over top of my right hand and stay lying there. Her knuckles intertwined with mine. With each breath I could now feel her breasts pressing against the back of my arm. My mind was going into overdrive.

Towards the end of the movie I could hear Chelsey breathing heavier. I leaned forward and looked at her face. Her eyes were closed and she was sleeping.

I shook her shoulder trying to wake her when the movie ended. She did not wake after a few attempts. I realized she must be a deep sleeper. Lifting her head and shoulders slightly, I slid out from underneath her. I stood back and took survey of her pretty body. An idea flashed in my mind. I quickly grabbed my camera and snapped a picture of her sleeping body.

Satisfied that I now had a quick reference of her beauty always available, I leaned in and lifted her limp body off the couch and carried her into my room. I carefully scooted her to the far side of the bed. Her shirt was riding up her body, lying against her midriff. I turned off the television and lights then stripped down to my boxers.

I climbed in bed and pulled the sheet over top our bodies. I turned towards Chelsey and placed my hand on her stomach as she lie on her back. My left hand ran across her warm skin and crept towards her chest, pushing her shirt up along the way. Her nipples hardened upon the touch of my hand.

I leaned in and placed my lips over her left nipple and began sucking as my left hand cupped the breast. She took a deep breath and released a soft moan as my lips slid to the tip of her nipple. I was feeling bold and horny. My tongue circled her rock hard nipple causing her to moan again.

I heard her legs shift and felt her left leg press against my body. Her left arm lay between he body and mine. The heater kicked on. I could feel the warm air hit our bodies.

My lips moved up to the nape of her neck. I softly planted kisses on her neck and jawline. She taksim escort moaned upon the touch of my lips on her skin. Her natural scent smelled delicious. Her head tilted slightly in my direction. I was encouraged when I noticed her breathing was becoming shorter and heavier.

I slid my middle and pointer fingers down her ribs causing her skin to form goose bumps. The fingers slid beneath her untied soccer shorts and traced her hip bone before sliding toward her mound. Swarms of heat radiated from her box.

My lips moved to her mouth as my fingers slid between her legs. She spread her legs wider, giving me greater access to her vagina. I pressed my lips gently against her mouth and kissed her lower lip. Her lips puckered slightly.

I could feel the wet warmth of her inner lips against my top lip. I pulled away before kissing her once more. The second kiss was deeper and more aggressive. I sucked on her bottom lip, tasting her cherry lip gloss.

The tips of my two fingers traced her outer labia causing her to moan against my lips and raise her knees a bit. I felt her body adjust. I paused for a minute not wanting to wake her, yet.

My fingers traveled further inside and caressed her groin. Her breathing sharpened as my fingers traveled up the inside of her slit. Wetness collected on my fingers. I spread the wetness around the tip of her hardened clitoris. She exhaled a low grunt. I kissed the lobe of her ear and whispered, “You are so beautiful”.She whispered something back that was inaudible.

My fingers slowly slid up and down her slit moving further inside with each stroke. Her hips were beginning to gyrate with each stroke of my fingers. I decided to move my lips back to her breasts, alternating between kisses and licks.

My dick was rock hard. I wanted to feel her inner walls around me in the worst way. My plan was to progress slowly with each night together though.

I pulled my fingers out from between her pussy and dragged her juices up the skin of her mound, over her landing strip of hair. I wanted her to wonder if this was more than a dream when she’d awaken.

I decided to push further and see how far I could go in her sleep state. My hand reached down and took her left hand in mine. I slid her hand inside my boxers and carefully wrapped her fingers around my hard manhood. I felt her fingers grip a couple of times before holding it slightly. She whispered something inaudible once more.

My two fingers returned to her pussy. The very touch of my fingers earned a moan. I spread her lips and slid one finger inside her pussy. Her hips bucked towards finger, pushing it a little deeper than I had intended. She moaned, “Yes”.

I was not sure if she had awoken so I froze. After a few moments of inactivity I resumed sliding my finger in and out of her walls. I could feel her muscles grasp my finger. Her warm juices began to flow over my finger. Her pussy was tight around my finger.

Her hand began to slide up and down my throbbing dick. I was sure she was awake, though her eyes remained closed. My şişli escort finger was now easily sliding in and out of her inner walls. My pace was slow and methodical. Her hips were rolling to my pace, almost lifting off the bed. Her slow stroking was pure heavenly torture. I was so excited I could feel my climax building.

I decided I had better stop before she was fully awake. I slowly slid my finger out of her wanting vagina and slid my slick finger over her clit. I pulled my finger away and heard her exclaim, “No. Don’t stop!”

I put my hand to my side and felt her body move. I quickly closed my eyes as she turned toward me. I felt her lean toward me and press her lips against my mouth and plant a passionate kiss on my lips. My eyes shot open the same time as her eyes. She immediately pulled her head back. Her facial expression was one of shock and surprise.

“Oh my God. I am so sorry!”, she exclaimed. “I don’t know what I was doing.”

She lay her head down and realized her hand was wrapped around my hard dick. She quickly pulled her hand out of my boxers and backed towards the wall.

She continued with a shocking tone, “I am really sorry. I must have been dreaming. I don’t know what I was doing. Please forgive me.”

I quickly wiped my wet finger on my boxers and tried to calm her. “It is alright Chelsey. I am not offended. You must have been acting out your dream. Many people do that.”

“How did I get in your bed?”

I didn’t know how to reply at first. I quickly quipped, “You must have climbed into my bed. You fell asleep during the movie and I woke you. You went into your bed and I came in here.”

“Wow. I am so embarrassed. I should probably go back into my bed.” she stated as she started to move.

I stopped her and said, “Stay. We will count tonight as your one night to sleep with me for the week.”

“Are you sure? What if I act out my dream again?”

I smiled and put my hand on her hip. “Yes I am sure. Come here and cuddle with me. You can lay toward the wall so your hands will be facing away from me.”

“Okay. Thank you so much for understanding. I hope I didn’t arouse you too much.”

I wondered if she noticed how wet she was. I wasn’t sure if she was truly asleep the whole time or if she was covering for herself once I saw her eyes open. Either way, I was happy she decided to stay in bed with me.

I cuddled up against her, knowing my hard penis was pressing against her butt. I wrapped my arm around her stomach and held her close to me. I made sure my breathing was on the back of her ear. I felt her shudder a few times before we fell asleep for the night.

In the morning I heard her move around and started to awaken. I felt her soft lips plant a kiss on my lips as she crawled over me and stepped off the bed. I wasn’t sure what the kiss meant, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

I was off work for the day so I rolled over in bed and went back to sleep. I was awoken an hour later by the sound of a low buzz. I listened attentively, trying to figure out where the buzzing was coming from and what it was.

I rolled out of bed, put on a pair of shorts, and exited my bedroom. Walking through the living room, I followed the buzzing to the door of her bedroom. I smiled upon realization of the buzzing noise. Pressing my ear to the door, I heard a faint moan. I returned to my bedroom and joined her in masturbation.

To be continued…

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